Sue Fink

Sue Fink and her husband, Tom, run a dairy farm in the Maple Plain area. Her columns draw on her experience as a mother, grandmother, novice farmer, and observer of the ridiculous.

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Remembering Yvonne Fink, 2/25/02

Window washing ­ a homeowner's hazard, 12/3/01

The bright side of the hot weather, 8/27/01

The end of a lifestyle, 7/16/01

An Easter milk bath, 4/30/01

Is ironing a thing of the past?, 3/12/01

Excuses, excuses, 2/5/01

I'm the parent, you're the child, 12/11/00

The wonderful world of spiders, 11/13/00

Long, fall walks on the farm, 10/9/00

Is that your final answer?, 9/1//00

An alarming, but learning experience, 8/21/00

Red, wet, and blue for the Fourth of July, 7/3/00

Have you ever worn a uniform? , 6/5/00

Walk a mile or two in my shoes, 5/15/00

Slip, slidin' away, ain't it grand?, 4/24/00

A perfect place for bright lights, 4/3/00

Paul McCartney: Don't call this 'rocker' old yet, 3/13/00

Spotted ballerinas in the barn, 2/21/00

Still in search of the lost baby, 1/31/00

Another 'non-fishing' experience, 1/10/00

The dieting can wait 'til next year, 12/20/99

Chivalry alive on Highway 12, 12/6/99

Too much beauty to capture in pictures, 11/8/99

I'm not strange, he's strange, 10/25/99

Free-range to kitchen range?, 10/4/99

Hey, let's be careful out there, 9/20/99

Here's why fish eat their young, 9/6/99

Leave weight loss to the experts, 8/16/99

Tawanda! I'm behind the wheel 8/2/99

Yes, sir, that's my ebay . . ., 7/12/99

Memories of Memorial Day, 6/7/99

Tale of the big, bad, bald, troll, 5/24/99

Oh, happy day - Oh, lucky me, 5/17/99

Richard Simmons, beware!, 5/10/99

Little farm hands are at it again, 5/3/99

This king has 'run' of the farm, 4/26/99

The 500 hats of Thomas Fink, 4/19/99

Catch that leprechaun . . ., 4/12/99

Three chicks and a hen take to the air, 4/5/99

The new cows on the block, 3/15/99

Slip slidin' away to the barn, 2/22/99

A christening of its own kind, 2/8/99

Don't step on my steel-toed shoes, 1/18/99

Music makes them sell, sell, 1/4/99

Bring on the goodies and more, 12/21/98

Abracadabra, No. 16 is gone, 12/14/98

A soggy day at Finks' farm, 11/23/98

A rose by any other name? 11/9/98

What will it be this Christmas?, 11/9/98

My nemesis ­ TV roulette, 11/2/98

Know what I'm saying here?, 10/26/98

All 'wrapped up' in Halloween, 10/19/98

At least, the remote still works, 9/21/98

It's Saturday at the auction, 8/24/98

A truly impossible mission, 8/17/98

Give my regrets to Martha, 8/10/98

Party 'til the people show up, 8/3/98

Please pass the ear plugs, 7/27/98

What's that ripping sound?, 7/13/98

Dairy princess time again, 7/6/98

Frankly, it's just darn good, 6/29/98

Channel changing roulette, 6/22/98

Another memorable year, 6/15/98

The writing is on the wall, 6/8/98

Five down and one to go, 6/1/98

Presence means more than presents, 5/25/98

Remembering is a trivial pursuit, 5/18/98

Beware of UFOs while baling, 5/11/98

Watch out, she's at it again, 4/27/98

No itsy bitsy spider for me, 4/20/98

My favorite cow?, 4/13/98

A reminder of what we have, 4/6/98

Tractor-pulling time again, 3/30/98

Mom, Dad, are we there yet?, 3/23/98

Waiting on the season opener, 3/16/98

I'm a tractor-driving mama, 3/9/98

'Frequent flyer' doesn't apply, 3/2/98

Always there to greet us, 2/23/98

The joy of driver's training, 2/16/98

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