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Andrea Vargo

Andrea was editor of Howard Lake-Waverly Herald from fall 1996 to fall 2000.


Laughter can ease the pain, 8/28/00

Things I learned at the county fair, 8/14/00

Taking life for granted lately?, 7/3/00

A snake in the hand is better than . . . ., 6/12/00

Never forget a face, just names, 4/24/00

Motor vehicles and horseback riders don't mix - use caution at all times, 4/17/00

Building a house, part 6 (Roofing and siding look good), 3/27/00

Come get your missing keys, 3/27/00

Hair we come again: in color, 1/24/00

Poor waitstaff ruins night out, 1/3/00

Building a house, part 5 (Spending Christmas in the barn), 12/20/99

Building a house, part 4 (She loves me like a rock, or lump of clay), 10/11/99

Building a house, part 3 (Mini-Biff, cats, and Velcro), 9/13/99

Building a house, part 2 (the fractured tibia), 8/16/99

Building a house, part 1, 8/9/99

Survival of the fittest, 7/12/99

Can you guess what this will cost you? 3/29/99

An Olympic afterthought, 3/2/98

Firefighters don't get enough credit, 10/20/97

Tales of tractor terror, 9/97 (Farm Horizons)

How many outlets do you need?, 4/7/97

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