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June 14, 2004

A runner by any other name

Although I won't reveal her age, every year my wife runs in a race, with a team of six, in the category of "ultra senior women" (the over sixty crowd). The name of her team is Rosita's Runners. Rosita's Restaurant is their sponsor, which pays their entrance fee and furnishes the tank tops with "Rosita's Restaurant" on them.

Every year down here in south Texas, we have what we call a Beach to Bay Relay Marathon. That means that thousands of demented people go out like mad dogs and Englishmen into the noonday sun to run over 26 miles.

Wait! They don't do it one at a time but, in groups of six, so they run as a team. The baton they hand off to the runner for the next leg is a Popsicle stick.

They make up men's teams, women's teams, family teams, and teams of all ages and occupations. They usually meet a few times before the race. Most people aren't serious runners, but just people out for a good time. It's our favorite Corpus Christi event.

The names they choose for these teams are the subject of this essay.

I want to award prizes for the cleverest names. I combed the 2004 Runner's Guide for my awards, looking over the 1,200 teams entered.

And among the men's teams, the winners are:

Federal heat ( a team of FBI agents from San Antonio); Citgo Refined Runners (from the Citgo refinery); Sons of the Beaches; Wild Turkeys; A Dozen Huevos; Migra Eluders; San Antonio Leftovers; I Rock and I Ran (an Army team); and Fly N Die.

Running on Empty; American Hunks; Here for Beer; Chiromaniacs (a team of chiropractors); Huffin and Puffin; the replacements; Haze Gray and Underway (a team of sailors); Gun Runners; Enforcers (a team of policemen); Penguins; Return of the Couch Potatoes; Hijos de la Playa; Dallas 6 Pack; and Team Cowpoke.

We Need a Sponsor; Barely Movin; Bone Heads; Katz Meow (a team from the synagogue); Too Drunk to Run; Hitchhikers; Gasping for Air; The Frisbee Cult; Smile Team (from a dentist's office); Doce Pies; Slow Motion replay; and Half Dozen Cousins (a family team).

Procrastinators; The Ryan Express (six Ryans); Afterburners (an Air Force team); Flaming Idiots; New Humans; Suckin Wind; Who's Watching the Kids; and Road Rash.

Road Rage; Texas Pride (this is the brand name of a beer); Bacardi Party; The Chefs (this team came from Watertown, Mass. I wish I had met them.); Disorganized; Lead Dogs; 6 Krispy Screamers; Beer Run; Twisted Sixters; and Laredo Longnecks.

Agony of Da Feet; Breakin Wind; Do Not resuscitate; The righteous Runners; Six Buddahs (a team from St. Paul, Minn.); Liars club; We Got the Runs; Sore Losers; Team Huff and Puff; This Was Her Idea; What Were We Thinking; Will Run 4 Food; Six Scents; and Runaway bulls.

The Bone Collectors; The Drunk Turtles; Bodies By Beer; Liquid Courage; Wimberley Roadkill (from Wimberley, Tex.); The Ground Pounders; Yee Haw; Over the Hill Gang; Winded Whales; Mom's Swedish Jogging Team.

Here are some women's team names:

Whoa Men; Bitch to Bay; Running Divas; Fast Friends; You Go Girls; C Us Roar; Molasses; Kahiki Wahines; Suzy's Way; Windbreakers; Beauties and Beasts.

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