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By Jim O'Leary

An e-mail newsletter for and about Waverly people, used with permission in the HLW Herald and on this web site.

Aug. 9, 2004

Ye Towne Gossip

The children are going barefoot these days.

James Demarais of Marysville is now driving a new Ford sedan.

P. H. Gagnon (Phineas) has been appointed agent for the Middleville Insurance Company for Marysville.

Napoleon Gagnon was over to Maple Lake Sunday visiting relatives.

Miss Joanna Berkner and Agnes Jensen, who are students at the Teachers College in St. Cloud, were home over the weekend.

The Robert Vollmer car of Winsted, and a Ford car driven by Paul Poehl of near Waverly, collided at the crossroads near the M.P. Campbell farm between Winsted and Watertown Tuesday night. The left front wheel and fender of the Vollmer car was broken off, while the Ford had its two front wheels taken off, and the front of the car was smashed up.

It isn't often that bridesmaids at a wedding are in attendance at the Golden wedding of the same couple, but that happened at Green Isle last Sunday. The bride of 1876, Mrs. Martin Lee, and the two bridesmaids, Mrs. John O'Meara and Mrs. Frank Cosgrove, all of Green Isle, appeared to be just as jolly and light-hearted as they were 50 years ago.

Robert Berkner was home from the University Sunday.

John Reardon of Minneapolis visited in Waverly on Monday.

An 83-acre farm at Montgomery was sold last week for $207 an acre.

Clarence Strub and Adam Berkner visited with Art Hahn at Belle Plaine Thursday.

William H. and Miss Mayme Boland visited with relatives in Minneapolis Sunday.

Martin J. Gritz is erecting a new barn on his farm in Marysville which will add to the convenience and efficiency of the place.

D.W. Flannigan and G.A. Berkner attended the gun shoot at Fort Snelling last Sunday. Mr. Flannigan was high man with a score of 48 out of 50.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Robasse, who moved to Minneapolis last fall, are returning to Waverly this week and will make their home in the Jacob Kuchenmeister house in the south part of town.

John Holtby, John Pietrek and Charles Nolan left last Monday for North Dakota where they will repair elevators this summer for the Cargill Elevator Company of Minneapolis.

Miss Adelaide Quinn has arrived here from Great Falls, Mont., where she has lived for several years. Miss Quinn will remain here for a short visit before setting out on a voyage to Europe where she will visit England, France, Germany and Romania. In the latter country, she expects to visit with a sister of Mrs. G. E. Doerfler of Marysville.

Ben Smith, who has been in Montana for the past month, returned home Tuesday.

News from St. Mary's School

The result of the movie "Oliver Twist" to the school treasury was $43.15. This was clear of expenses amounting to $20.30. The school thanks all who patronized the picture, as well as the girls who made and sold the candy. Thanks also to Mr. George Berkner for the free use of The Luna Theater and other services.

The senior class play for this year has been chosen: "Dummy" by Rose Farquhar. Miss Sarah Foley of Minneapolis will coach the play, which will be performed May 25.

The cast for the play is as follows:

Professor Montgomery Walton, an absent-minded professor afflicted with "theories," will be played by Harold Ogle.

Mary Fitzpatrick will play the wife of the professor, who is a man-hater.

Elerine Le Page will play his daughter, Margaret Walton, who is hungering for romance.

Chester Ogle will play Jim Cameron, Mrs. Walton's nephew.

Marion Casey will play Curtis Blair, who is the "dummy."

Kenneth Malone will play Alaska, a detective of mixed ancestry.

George Galvin will play Samuel Hedges, who works hard to make easy money.

Mildred LePage will play Dorothy Burke, Hedges' confederate.

Eva Henk will play Sylvia, a maid in the Walton home.

[Sadly, the only member of the cast still among us is Father Marion Casey.]

Canning company pays dividend

The stockholders of the Northland Canning Company, owners of the new canning plant at Cokato, met on Tuesday of last week. The stockholders must feel most gratified. Though the plant has been in operation for the first time last summer, its business was so successful that a dividend of 7 percent was ordered paid. Directors and officers were elected.

[As you know the Northland Canning Company evolved into the giant Green Giant Company. Many, many Waverlyites worked there over the years.]


In the class of 1926, Delano High School will graduate 10 students this year, Buffalo 53 and Howard Lake 20.

The senior class of Saint Mary's High School was entertained at a four-course dinner Saturday evening at 8:30 p.m. at the home of Eva Henk.

The dining room was beautifully decorated in maroon and gold, the class colors. A gold ship bearing the class motto "Semper fidelis," symbolizing the sea of life on which they will so soon journey, was anchored as the centerpiece. After the dinner, the guests were entertained at the Sonora Inn, where they spent the evening in dancing.

Those present were: Misses Elerine and Mildred LePage, Mary Fitzpatrick, Marion Casey, Harold and Chester Ogle and Kenneth Malone.

• • •

May 1926 was a very good month in a very good year. It seems like only yesterday.

Do you know what? In this short life, it was only yesterday.

Quote for the week from Geoffrey Clayton of Capetown, South Africa:

"To be holy, all it takes is to do the next right thing. We generally know what that is."

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