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HLWW School District 2687 Board Minutes


Tuesday, May 22, 2001 8:00 P.M.


The Regular School Board Meeting of the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687 was called to order at 8:00 p.m. on May 22, 2001. After the Pledge of Allegiance, roll was taken with members present: James Fowler, Randy Heuer, Kirk Jensen, Eugene Lorentz, James Raymond, Charles Weber, Leo Weber, Ken Zimmerman. Richard Lammers was absent. Also present were Superintendent Riley Hoheisel, Principals Mike Day, Julie Millerbernd and Dean Wessman, and Board Secretary Vivian Mahlstedt.

After Chair Lorentz opened the floor to consider approving the agenda, Superintendent Hoheisel added an item to Item 8, a letter of resignation from Britta Barth. Heuer moved to approve the agenda of the May 22, 2001 agenda, with added item; Raymond seconded; passed unanimously.

Zimmermann moved to approve the minutes of the April 10, 2001 Special School Board meeting of the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted School Board; C. Weber seconded; passed unanimously.

Raymond moved to approve the minutes of the April 16, 2001 Regular School Board meeting of the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted School Board; L. Weber seconded; passed unanimously.

Raymond moved to approve the May bills; Fowler seconded; passed unanimously.

Zimmermann moved to approve the May Treasurer's report; L. Weber seconded; passed unanimously.

The Board reviewed current enrollment.

Principal Wessman reported:

Students and staff at Humphrey have participated in an anger management program with a therapist from Monticello this year, and will continue next year. They learned what can be done to help students manage conflict.

The 6th grade band and choir concert was May 15, and the 5th grade performed their musical on May 10.

The 4th grade Woitella family fishing expo was held May 16.

May 24 will be track and field day at Humphrey.

Enrichment Learning Class Day will be May 30.

The lock-in for students who met their yearly Accelerated Reading goal will be June 1.

6th grade graduation will be June 6.

Summer school will take place 6/18 - 6/28; 7/9-7/19.

Wessman will report in June on math and ag curriculum work.

The district's goal has been to have at least 80% of students taking basic skills tests to achieve passing grades. That goal was accomplished in all three test areas this past round. He noted that the writing test scores were below state average, however.

Summer school is being planned for those who haven't completed grad standards, and also for basic skills preparation.

A staff development day will be held on June7 with Lani Brown, Curriculum Director from Delano, talking about how to help improve writing scores. They will also review the past year and prepare for next.

He requested 11/20/01 and 6/7/02 as Staff Development days for the coming school year, and asked that the Board formally approve his request.

Principal Mike Day reported:

Star Students of the month (April) are Carl Simmons, Travis McIlree, Dennis Young, Adam Boehlke and Brett Gilbert.

Students of the Quarter are Jeff Jagodzinski, Stephanie Colley, Leah Jensen, Candice Berg, Jackie Hubbell, Erica Jacobson, Debbie Lorentz, Jason Bakeberg and Amber Cardinal.

He congratulated Ms. Mucha and Dale Decker on the Athletic Banquet; 181 meals were served. Andy Gagnon and Amy Kozitka were named Athletes of the Year.

The senior high band concert was May 16, and the choir concert will be May 23; junior high band and choir concert will be May 24.

Prom was held May 5 and seemed to go over well with students. The After Prom party was also very good. He thanked Ms. Carpenter and all the volunteers who helped.

Baccalaureate will be May 30.

He invited everyone to attend graduation on June 3.

He reiterated the good results on basic math and reading tests, and congratulated 8th grader Dan Claussen for achieving a perfect score on both tests.

Principal Julie Millerbernd reported:

Summer School will be taught by Teresa Diers, Sue Napper and Karen Borrell.

Her staff is working on Title 1 and other grants.

The Quest Theme for May is service to others and, related to that, Howard Lake Elementary collected 139,245 pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House.

Third graders will visit the nursing homes in Howard Lake and Winsted on May 25.

The morning kindergarten classes will visit the Sean and Linda Groos farm on May 25, where students will see animals, machinery and farm operations.

Track and Field Day will be May 30 and will feature an Olympics theme.

Kindergarten Spring Sing will be May 25 and June 1.

On June 1, 1st grade parents will visit school come for tea with their students.

The awards programs will be on June 5 (Howard Lake) and June 6 (Winsted).

Communications: Hoheisel shared an editorial from St. Paul Pioneer Press regarding Property Tax Reform; also McLeod County census figures.

Requests from the Public: Bob Sherman voiced concerns about articles in the paper regarding the proposed new school. He referred to the tax impact figures, which were further clarified by Fowler and other board members.

Sherman also cautioned the Board to not assume the State will come through with the $6 million promised for consolidation. Hoheisel replied that he had worked with the State Department a number of times on this, and that they would also be certain to get such commitments in writing as part of the bond referendum process.

Sherman asked if it's a 2-step process, to consolidate the districts and to approve new school building. He was told that both districts would vote about consolidating, and the school issue would be separate.

Kent Confeld presented a check for $2512 and said the contributions should now total $5507, all as a result of fund raising efforts for the Drama Department. Zimmermann thanked him for spearheading the fundraising efforts.

Hoheisel updated the Board on the Buildings and Grounds Committee discussion regarding improvements to the auditorium that will be funded by this money.

He also thanked Confeld for his efforts. Confeld thanked the community, stating that their aim is to complete improvements in time for the Community Theatre.

(Item 1) Hoheisel said the Buildings and Grounds Committee is prepared to recommend projects, but suggested that they be reviewed during the budget discussion.

(Item 2) Lorentz updated the board on the proposed school site, saying that Mr. and Mrs. Fiecke are reviewing a Purchase Agreement at this time.

(Item 3) Hoheisel updated the board on the Ag Partnership, stating that he recently visited with University of Minnesota department members and that he believes the U of M continues to be very interested in our partnership and vision. He said he will be meeting with Project Coordinator Colette Thorson this week and that he is preparing to write an additional $350,000 grant.

He is also considering refinements with the architect and will submit this information to the legislature. Lorentz asked for volunteers to assist in proceeding on this project; L. Weber, Zimmermann and Raymond volunteered, and Lorentz said he would be available also to help.

(Item 4) Hoheisel aked Community Education Director Margaret Marketon to present her portion of the proposed 2001-02 budget. She highlighted budgets for ECFE, which will remain the same as last year, youth activities, and Adult Basic Ed. She said that morning SAC will be written into the budget with a 2001 federal grant.

Hoheisel reviewed the remaining proposed 2001-02 budget, starting with debt service. He said that HLWW is debt-free, and noted no change to the transportation or food service budgets. He projected a deficit in food service, however, and suggested considering an increase in lunch prices. He will prepare definite figures for the school board so they can decide if lunch prices should be raised.

For capital outlay, he highlighted technology and textbook budgets and recommended approval of a resolution to borrow $100,000 at a 5.13% rate and 5 year amortization. Fowler stated the purpose of the loan is to afford the improvements for which there is no ready cash; it is for a municipal lease that can free up dollars needed and is approved by the MSBA. It requires a semi annual payment. L. Weber stated that the money will be spent on repairs to the buildings. Heuer asked if any local lending facility offers a similar lease program; Fowler answered no.

Lorentz read the resolution to authorize the execution of the governmental lease-purchase agreement; Heuer moved to adopt it, and L. Weber seconded.

The resolution passed on a voice vote of all eight in favor; Lammers was absent. Zimmermann thanked Fowler for finding this funding method.

Hoheisel explained budget cut recommendations, including a shift of gifted education and music teaching, which will result in the non-renewal of Ms. Fran Roux's contract. Wessman said further that gifted ed will be accomplished by a new concept of cluster grouping, which will be more effective for students. Day talked about proposed changes at the secondary level, including increasing activity fees to grades 7 & 8, $25, family maximum $60; grades 9-12, $30, $75 maximum. Game admission will be increased to $3.00 for students, and admission will be charged for concerts.

These changes are in line with other schools in the Central Minnesota Conference.

Lorentz explained the proposal to offer 30% of current teaching salary to 30-year teachers, paid out over a 4 year period; the offer will cease 6/18/01. He said a Resolution will be forthcoming from the attorney, and that any teachers who may be interested will need to decide their action very quickly due to PERA requirements.

Hoheisel referred to the Resolution to non renew the music contract for Ms. Roux, saying that once it was completed, the district could then immediately offer a .41 music position to her. (Her ESL position would be determined in the fall based on student need.) Raymond moved to adopt the resolution; L. Weber seconded; passed by voice vote of eight in favor. Lammers was absent. Zimmermann moved to approve the .41 music position; L. Weber seconded; passed unanimously.

Heuer moved to approve the capital outlay budget; L. Weber seconded; passed unanimously.

(Item 5) Zimmermann moved to adopt the resolution granting seasonal layoff; L. Weber seconded; passed by voice vote of eight in favor; Lammers was absent.

(Item 6) Zimmerman moved to adopt the resolution authorizing membership in the Minnesota State High School League for 2001-02; Raymond seconded; passed by voice vote of eight in favor; Lammers was absent.

(Item 7) Fowler moved to authorize membership in the Minnesota Academic Excellence Foundation for 2001-02; Zimmermann seconded; passed unanimously.

(Item 8) Heuer moved to accept the letters of resignation from Girls Varsity Basketball Coach Dawn Kliche, Early Childhood Special Ed Teacher Kate Fasching, Special Education teacher Britta Barth, and Food Service worker Mary Jane Fern, especially thanking Mary Jane for her years of service. L. Weber seconded; passed unanimously.

(Item 9) Hoheisel recommended hiring Gil Heim as Custodial Supervisor, Maintenance and evening Head Custodian. Zimmermann moved to approve Heim's employment; Fowler seconded; passed unanimously. Hoheisel also said he will soon try to add 6 hours/daily of a cleaner/sweeper, hoping to hire someone in late June.

(Item 10) Hoheisel said the proposed 2001-02 school calendar had been tabled last month to allow time to reconsider snow make-up days. He said that the proposed schedule corresponds with Wright Technical Center and therefore recommended no change. He said the board also needed to consider 2 staff development days (11/20/01 and 6/7/02) and that graduation would be on 6/2. Zimmermann moved to approve the calendar with the graduation change and 2 staff development days. Heuer asked about the number of student contact days, confirming that they would be the same as the current year. He also asked if the June staff development day is effective; Wessman responded that it's a good time to wrap up the past year and to begin a preparation process for the next year, so he feels it's positive. C. Weber seconded; passed unanimously.

(Item 11) Chair Lorentz read the following recognitions:

The Board recognizes HLWW FFA students for achievement at the recent State Convention, including: Tony Bakeberg, Pat Lorentz, Charlie Streich, Tiffany Olson, Andrew Sorsoleil, State Degrees; Eric Sawatzke, Tom Bobrowske, Pat Bakeberg, Tony Bakeberg, Pat Lorentz, Brett Butterfass medals in parliamentary procedure; Tony Bakeberg, Tiffany Olson, Pat Lorentz, Pat Bakeberg, Andrew Sorsoleil, proficiency awards.

The Board recognizes HLWW students named to Boys and Girls State by the American Legion Posts of Howard Lake and Waverly: Howard Lake, Brad Wynnemar and alternate Rob Oliva; Belinda Painschab and alternate Candice Berg; Waverly, Matt Painschab and Beth Borrell, and alternate Jacinda Kloss.

The Board recognizes HLWW Students of Excellence Andy Gagnon, Amy Kozitka, Crystal Lachermeier, and Kelly Sawatzke. One-hundred-sixty-five students are chosen from among 42 high schools in central Minnesota and are honored with parents and teachers at a banquet sponsored by Resource Training and Solutions. Congratulations to these students for achieving this recognition.

The Board recognizes the Knowledge Bowl team and their advisor, Rita Grimm, for winning a trip to state competition out of the 600 teams across the state that compete. The HLWW team of Artyom Anikyev, Ben Doroff, Mike Jackson, Florian Melmer and Sarah Williams finished in 18th place out of 24 teams at the state level.

The Board recognizes chaperones for the HLWW Band and Choir trip to New York in April: Louise Arlien, Laura Hagelin, Paula Bergquist, Dan Schaible, Tom Peterson, Chuck Rud, Fran Roux. The trip would not have been possible without their help and support.

The Board recognizes sophomore HLWW David Pettit on being selected for Minnesota All State Men's Choir. David will spend a week in August at camp at Gustavus Adolphus, and sing at Orchestra Hall next year. Andy Sawatzke was chosen as an alternate for the Choir. Over 1000 students audition for three state choirs, of which 240 are selected.

The Board recognizes HLWW teacher Duane Lichy for successfully completing the application process to secure rebates on District telecommunications access. L. Weber moved to approve the recognitions as read; Zimmermann seconded; passed unanimously.

Superintendent Hoheisel reported:

­ The Howard Lake Business Association held their April meeting at the school and about 30 people attended. The principals and other staff presented information on current programs.

­ Employee appreciation event seemed to have been well received.

­ Legislative update status is unknown at this time, but most assume there will be a special session that will effect education funding.

­ The district is moving forward on the TAG Grant for connectivity; bids are currently being taken.

­ Highlighted the Ag brochure that had been prepared by the Ag Department and mailed to everyone in the District. The Fine Arts Department will prepare a similar flyer in the fall.

­ Pairing for Gymnastics with Maple Lake is currently under consideration.

Committee reports:

Lorentz stated that paraprofessional mediation will be June 5; the next teacher negotiations meeting is June 12 at 7:00 p.m.

Hoheisel said that the previous curtailment agreement with the power company had been that they would not require shut-down when school is in session.

He apologized to the public for the short notice we received on the recent power-down, but said that Xcel said it had been an exceptionally high-demand day.

Raymond moved to adjourn the meeting; Zimmermann seconded; passed unanimously and adjourned at 9:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Richard Lammers, Clerk

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