HLWW School District 2687 Board Minutes


Monday, August 18, 2008

HLWW Board Room

The August 18, 2008 Regular School Board meeting of the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687 was called to order at 7:06pm by Chairman Schaible. After the pledge of allegiance; roll was taken with the following members present: Schaible, Weber, Weibel, Heuer, Custer, and Doering; absent: Wiech. Also present were Superintendent George Ladd, Principals Mike Day, Brad Sellner, and Jennifer Olson; Financial Consultant Bill Holmgren, and Board Secretary Marilyn Greeley.

(Item IV) Schaible reported under the consent agenda adding the hiring of Randy Quistorff as the high school PE and Health teacher; and the resignation of Jennifer Buckley; also additional staff under the fall coaching assignments and changing Item I to a resolution.

Weber motioned to approve the agenda with the additions; Custer seconded; passed unanimously.

(Item V) There were no questions or comments from visitors.

(Item VI) Weber read the following recognitions:

The School Board recognizes the FFA volunteers who helped once again with the Wright-County-Fair clean-up. Thank you for your dedication and hard work during a very hot summer.

The School Board recognizes Lena Guggemos and Julia Fleischacker who were recently crowned Winsted Ambassadors this past Sunday. Congratulations Lena and Julia and best of luck in the future.

The School Board recognizes Mr. Weninger and the summer FFA program for all the trees they have planted and watered this summer. Thank you for your time and dedication to the school district.

The School Board recognizes the following students who helped assemble the back to school packets so that they could be mailed to our student families : Crystal Jones, Doreen Lorentz, Laura Pettit, Katie Pettit, Brooke Hoese, Kayla Remer, Christine Bobrowske, Pal Nassiri, Kim Juncewski, Trevor Christensen, Nathan Stenberg, Crystal Greeley, and Heidi Greeley. Thank you all very much for your help.

Heuer motioned to approve the recognitions as read; Doering seconded; passed unanimously.

(Item VII) Schaible reminded the board about the resignation from Jennifer Buckley, and the new hire of Randy Quistorff.

Custer motioned to approve the consent agenda which included the July 21, 2008 Regular Board meeting minutes; August 4, 2008 Wok Session minutes; August bills; resignation of Jennifer Buckely as an elementary para, Jacob Stalboerger as PE/Health at the high school; retirement of Adrian Duske from bus driving; employment of Randy Quistorff – PE/Health at the high school replacing Merrill Skinner; Rachelle Schmitt – DCD at the Middle School replacing a position vacated by a resignation; and Kim Looman –MS English because of a vacancy due to shifting staff at the middle school; Weber seconded; passed unanimously.

(Item VIII, Subd. A) Julie Warner, Director of Wright Tech Center, gave a presentation regarding the building project. Warner also indicated the increase our district would see would be between $500 and $1,000.

Weber motioned to approve the resolution authorizing the board chair and clerk to sign the addendum of the joint powers agreement with the Wright Tech Center; Weibel seconded; those in favor: Heuer, Weibel, Weber, Custer, Doering and Schaible; absent: Wiech; none opposed; passed unanimously.

(Item VIII, Subd. B) Bill Holmgren, financial consultant from SMS, reviewed the treasurers report. The board discussed the new report design and commented they would like to see both reports.

Gene Housladen, asked what was going to happen to the food and fuel budget of the district. Holmgren stated that the district has built in an increase into the budgets. Heuer also stated that the district has contracted pricing for milk, bread and fuel to help keep costs down. Doering indicated that the cuts which were made did work and the district spent $400,000 less this year than last year.

Heuer motioned to approve the treasurers report; Custer seconded; passed unanimously.

(Item VIII, Subd. C) Doering reviewed the fund six expenditures. Doering motioned to approve the fund six expenses; Weibel seconded; passed unanimously.

(Item VIII, Subd. D) Schaible reported there is an additional request from Athletic Director Dale Decker for an additional C squad volleyball coach and a 9th grade football coach. Ladd indicated the additional coaches would be paid from the additional athletic fees that are collected.

Doering motioned to approve the fall coaching list with the additional volleyball and football coaches as recommended by Athletic Director Dale Decker; Custer seconded; passed unanimously.

(Item VIII, Subd. E) Heuer gave a brief reported from the middle school building committee. Heuer reported there will be information at the open houses. Doering also indicated there will be a community informational meeting in September. Ladd asked how the board wanted to handle responding to the e-mails that are sent. The board agreed to respond to their own e-mails.

Andrew Remer, a parent in the district said he was unaware of any long term building plan, and suggested that the board should communicate more often what the district needs are.

Doering reported the community meeting will be September 16th at the high school.

(Item VIII, Subd. F) Weibel motioned to approve the resolution calling the bond election; Weber seconded; those in favor: Doering, Custer, Weber, Weibel, Heuer, and Schaible; absent: Wiech; opposed: none; passed unanimously.

(Item VIII, Subd. G) Weber motioned to approve the resolution calling the general school board election; Custer seconded; those in favor: Heuer, Weibel, Weber, Doering, Custer and Schaible; absent: Wiech; opposed: none; passed unanimously.

(Item VIII, Subd. H) Custer motioned to approve the resolution calling the special school board election; Doering commented the two seats that are open are because of two resignations from the board; Doering seconded; those in favor: Custer, Doering, Weber, Weibel, Heuer, and Schaible; absent: Wiech; opposed: none; passed unanimously.

(Item VIII, Subd. I) Weber motioned to approve the resolution to authorize Superintendent Ladd to sign on behalf of the district at the closing of the bus garage property; Weibel seconded; those in favor: Weber, Weibel, Heuer, Doering, Custer, and Schaible; absent: Wiech; opposed: none; passed unanimously.

(Item IX, Subd. A) Principal Day reported:

* We are still hiring some staff
* Start times are 7:55am to 2:35pm
* Building looks great

Principal Sellner reported:

* The 5th grade is moving to the middle school; and middle school teachers have moved through the main section of the building
* Student schedules went out Friday
* School times are from 8am to 2:45pm.

Principal Olson reported:

* Letters were sent out last week for class assignments
* Open house will be Thursday from 5-7pm
* Carol Sideen will be working on a volunteer reading program

(Item IX, Subd. B) Each board member gave an update on their committees.

Custer reported Community Ed will be meeting Thursday; the wellness/insurance committee and the rates came in very high and we will have a representative speaking at the staff meeting on Thursday.

Weber reported bus driver negotiations are coming up soon.

Heuer reported Laker Pride will have representatives at open houses.

Schaible reported Wright Tech Center builds a house every year and sells it; they are also discussing a levy to build a new section for the automotive program.

(Item IX, Subd. C) Superintendent Ladd report:

* No work session is needed at this time
* Karrie Ingebretson is our new Special Education Coordinator replacing Allyson Kuehn
* Enclosed is the staff back to school information
* SEE is putting on a levy workshop on September 12th
* The middle school boiler passed inspection

(Item X) Next Meeting Dates:

* Work Session Meeting –the board agreed a work session was not needed at this time
* Regular Board Meeting – Monday September 15, 2008 7pm HLWW Board Room

(Item XI) Items for Work session

· Potential bond resolution determination

Items for regular board meeting

· First reading of policies

· Second reading of policies

· Leave/Resignations

· Employment Recommendation

· Recognitions

· Certify proposed 2008 payable 2009 property levy

· Systems accountability report

· Gene Hausladen asked to speak about no child left behind

Doering motioned to adjourn at 8:35 pm; Custer seconded; passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Charles Weber, clerk