HLWW School District 2687 Board Minutes

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
HLWW Board Room
The May 10, 2011 Regular School Board meeting of the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687 was called to order at 6:03 p.m.. by Chairman Schaible. After the pledge of allegiance, roll was taken with the following members present: Schaible, Heuer, Wiech, Tintes, Kocher, Weber, and Weibel. Also present were Principals Mike Day, Jennifer Olson and Jim Schimelpfenig; Superintendent Brad Sellner, SMS Financial Consultant Bill Menozzi, and Board Secretary Marilyn Greeley.
(Item IV) Heuer motioned to approve the agenda; Wiech seconded; passed unanimously.
(Item V) There were no questions or comments from visitors.
(Item VI) Heuer motioned to approve the consent agenda which included the April 11, 2011 Regular Board Meeting Minutes, May bills, enrollment, the retirement effective May 31, 2011 and re-employment effective June 1, 2011 of Mary Robinson as high school athletic director secretary, the hire of Carol Meyerson as 7-8th grade science teacher, the following communications: Elementary Laker News, thank you cards from Glessing and Dahlin, and America’s farmers Grow Rural Education program, and the following recognitions:
The School Board recognizes the following students: Matt Marketon, Jett Leaf and Heather Lehner, for being selected as the KDUZ All Area Team members. Congratulations!
The School Board recognizes Sarah Marketon for being one of eighteen students who earned an internship and will travel to Ethiopia this summer to work at the International Livestock Research Institute. Congratulations Sarah, and best of luck this summer.
The School Board recognizes the graduating class of 2011. Thank you for your contributions to the school district throughout your educational experience here at HLWW Schools. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors whatever they may be.
The School Board recognizes the 2011 prom and after prom volunteers who helped with this years prom. Thank you to everyone one who helped to make this a wonderful experience for all those who attended.
The School Board recognizes Dura Supreme for donating $1,500 to the district. Thank you for your generosity and support of our schools.
The School Board recognizes Phil Schrupp for donating a boat shell to be used as a prop for the drama department or prom. Thank you for your donation. Our schools have much to be proud of when it comes to the help you have given.
The School Board recognizes the class of 2011’s valedictorian Rebecca Groos and salutatorian Kaylee Erickson. Congratulations to both of you on this most prestigious honor. We wish you all the best as you meet your future goals, whatever they may be.
The School Board recognizes HLWW Students of Excellence: Students of Excellence are: Rebecca Groos, Sabrina Kieser, Kaylee Erickson and Brooke Hoese. One-hundred-sixty-four students were chosen from among 42 high schools in central Minnesota and were honored at the 24th annual Students of Excellence Banquet with parents and teachers sponsored by Resource Training and Solutions. Congratulations to these students for achieving this recognition.
The School Board recognizes the following students of the month who were chosen for the month of March by the teachers and staff of HLWW Middle School: Brandon Landreth, Sydney Miller, Laura Steffer, Connor Sherod, and Annella Lammers. They also received a certificate and have their pictures displayed on the Middle School bulletin board.
The School Board recognizes the following students: Matthew Cornelius, Tanner Hackmann, Alexis Meuleners, Elizabeth Meuleners, Isabelle Roufs, Lillian Shank, Heather Leukema, Katrina Schanus, Hannah Scherping, Kylee Sherod, Jordyn Tuchtenhagen, Lacey Babatz, Gavin Dalbec, Izzy Mielke, Matthew Montgomery, Emily Roufs, Emma Smith, Lexie Stapel, and Elaina St. George. These students attended the Celebration of Young Musicians held at Rockford High School, April 30, 2011. Students prepared five choral pieces ahead of time, and participated in sessions on junkyard percussion, folk dance, and singing games in addition to their choral experience.
The School Board recognizes Gracie Mallack, Marissa Radtke, Bethany Groos, and Amber Gunderson for achieving over 200 points in the Elementary Accelerated Reader program. These students were treated to a lunch off campus with Superintendent Sellner and Principal Olson. Congratulations on your high achievement and keep reading!
Wiech seconded; passed unanimously.
(Item VII, Subd. A) Heuer motioned to approve the weight room coach beginning this summer; Wiech seconded; passed unanimously.
(Item VII, Subd. B) Wiech motioned to approve the treasurer’s report; Heuer seconded; passed unanimously.
(Item VII, Subd. C) Weibel motioned to increase student lunch prices by five cents K-12; Tintes seconded; passed unanimously.
(Item VII, Subd. D) Superintendent Sellner reported he included the information so members were aware that the issuance of aid anticipated certificates process will be starting at the June board meeting.
(Item VII, Subd. E) Schaible asked the board members to review the levy timeline, and suggested having a small committee to meet and discuss a possible and bring information back to the next meeting.
(Item VII, Subd. F) Wiech motioned to approve the purchase of a mini-van at the Superintendents discretion; Heuer seconded; those in favor: Tintes, Wiech, Heuer, Kocher, Weibel, and Schaible; opposed: Weber; passed by majority.
(Item VII, Subd. G) Wiech motioned to approve the AIM Resource contract; Weber seconded; passed unanimously.
(Item VII, Subd. H) Tintes motioned to approve the lowest roofing bid with Laraway Roofing with some revisions providing it does not exceed the next lowest bid of $63,355; Wiech seconded; passed unanimously.
(Item VII, Subd. I) Wiech motioned to approve the Parent Involvement Compact; Weibel seconded; passed unanimously.
(Item VII, Subd. J) Heuer motioned to approve the K-6 reading curriculum; Tintes seconded; passed unanimously.
(Item VII, Subd. K) Superintendent Sellner gave a brief presentation on IObservation. Sellner reviewed information from a survey given to teachers in the district about observations. Sellner said the district will be moving forward with the IObservation program and noted that funds were already budgeted for it. Sellner asked the board to consider placing a teacher on special assignment to act as an administrator when the Elementary Principal is at the other elementary building site. The board discussed this information. Sellner said he would bring a formal request to the board at a later date.
(Item VII, Subd. L) The Policy Committee recommends the first reading on the Wellness Policy.
(Item VIII, Subd. A) Principal Olson gave a brief report.
Principal Day gave a brief report.
Principal Schimelpfenig gave a brief report.
(Item VIII, Subd. B) Each board member gave a brief committee report.
(Item VIII, Subd. C) Superintendent Sellner gave a brief report.
(Item IX) Next Meeting Dates:
• Work Session Meeting -Monday June 23, 2011, 5:30 p.m. Board Room
• Regular Board Meeting - Monday June 13, 2011 6 p.m. Board Room
(Item X) Items for Work session
• Approve bids for city project
• Approve banking RFP
• Second reading of wellness policy
Items for regular board meeting
• First reading of policies
• Leave/Resignations/retirements
• Employment Recommendation
• Recognitions
• Resolution to call for the sale of aid anticipation certificates
• Request estimates for fuel, snow plowing, and commodities (milk and bread)
• Year End Curriculum Reports
• Other
Weibel motioned to adjourn at 8:40 p.m.; Wiech seconded; passed unanimously.
Respectfully Submitted,
Charles Weber, Clerk
Published in the Herald Journal June 20, 2011

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