HLWW School District 2687 Board Minutes

Monday, August 24, 2015
HLWW HS Media Center
The August 24, 2015 School Board Work Session meeting of the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687 was called to order at 6:00 p.m.. by Chairperson Wiech. After the pledge of allegiance, roll was taken with the following members present: Wiech, Heuer, Tintes, Bush, Diers, Bravinder and Kocher. Also present were Superintendent Brad Sellner, Principals Jason Mix, Jim Schimelpfenig, and Jennifer Olson, and Board Secretary Marilyn Greeley.
(Item IV) Wiech asked to add and item at the end to close the meeting to discuss negotiation strategies; and Diers asked to add an agenda item under new business-Tech Ed Office.
Tintes motioned to approve the agenda with the additions; Heuer seconded; passed unanimously.
(Item V, Subd. A) Superintendent Sellner said Michelle Johnson, Food Service Director, is here to answer questions about breakfast and food service. Bush reported many schools in the metro have free breakfast. Johnson said we need to be 50% free and reduced to qualify for those programs. Johnson said she was not able to connect with the Department of Ed, but she will keep trying. Bush said some people don’t apply for free and reduced because of the stigma. Johnson said it could be possible. Sellner reported we have gone to great lengths to take care of things. Bush asked if we can set aside the food that was served that day but not used and have a soup kitchen pick it up or contact the local churches to pick it up. Sellner reported we do have a sharing table set up for those students who don’t want something on their tray and others can take it. Bravinder asked what is getting wasted. Johnson said at the end of the day there are some times that there are some fruits and vegetables that are wasted because they are now required to take a fruit and vegetable. Johnson also said we get as close as we can to reduce the amount of waste, and we keep what we can. Johnson said we do our best to keep track of what they eat and how many to help plan for the amount we need to make. Bush said you would think there are people in the community who would sign a paper saying we aren’t liable. Johnson said we have to go by the guidelines of the department of health. Bravinder asked if we serve something in the afternoons. Sellner said that is something we will start this fall. Johnson said there are rules in place for what we can sell. Heuer asked if there is something that the board can do to help. Johnson said most of the time we are informed of a class or group of students that are out of the district. Johnson said we work with the Department of Health to save what we can. Sellner reported one of the superintendent groups he belongs to one of ten schools has free breakfast, however I don’t know what the prices are. Sellner indicated many schools have increased prices to the federal minimum; however we are just increasing it slowly.
(Item V, Subd. B) Kelli Westling, Assessment Coordinator, reviewed the 2014-15 assessment results. Diers asked if something has changed that would affect the testing score. Westling indicated the standards are more rigorous. Diers said we have so many students on the honor roll and they aren’t passing the other tests. Sellner reported that is a shift in education that is changing everywhere; we aren’t different than any other school. Schimelpfenig said when we met and I explained in length the proficiencies, and we are constantly looking at what we can do to improve. Bush asked how much poverty affects testing. Westling said this is one snap shot; there is a cap on how much we test kids. Sellner reported we haven’t just concentrated on a test, we aren’t just teaching one thing. Sellner reported if we increase by three percent, which would bring us to the top 10 schools. Schimelpfenig reported at the middle school our teacher teams are looking at the results and identifying who is exceeding and who isn’t, and put them into a tier group; 1-passing, 2-teachers are doing extra in the classrooms, or 3-receiving interventions. Westling also indicated those students can move in and out of intervention help.
(Item V, Subd. C) Jim Schimelpfenig, Middle School Principal, reviewed the teacher evaluation changes. Schimelpfenig reported this plan was approved by the teacher group, and the district will need to approve it at the September meeting.
(Item V, Subd. D) Bush expressed concern about the fact the work session is so formal; it should be open to the public to bring ideas and have a brainstorming session. Wiech said everyone has the opportunity to place items on the agenda. Bush said he would like more discussion on things. Tintes said in the past the discussion has been at the committee meetings, we need to have some structure or we will be here for three or four hours. Wiech also indicated the agenda gives people time to prepare. Sellner said we have had work session in the past for items needing discussion and those who are presenting things that we are going to ask for approval. Sellner also indicated we have opportunities for citizens to come and comment at every board meeting. Bush said it’s more of a superintendent’s meeting. Bravinder said it’s his job to make sure he has the agenda put together and that others are doing their job; open forum is good, but if you don’t have an agenda you have chaos. Bush said he isn’t saying eliminate the agenda. Tintes said looking back seven years ago to now there has been progression, give it some more time. Diers said the board hires a CEO to manage things. Bush said he likes to give them homework. Heuer said I think that is important, but we need to be careful not to give them too much assignments, they need to educate. Wiech said we need an agenda to stay organized. Bush said don’t you think there needs to be a response from every member. Heuer said not everyone has to speak to every subject. Wiech indicated if someone contacts Superintendent Sellner to put something on the agenda, it’s on the agenda.
(Item V, Subd. E) Superintendent Sellner asked if anyone had any additional ideas for building names for the old middle school.
(Item V, Subd. F) Diers motion to building an office for the tech ed department; Bush seconded; the board discussed the motion. Diers rescinded his motion, Bush seconded. Heuer indicated the staff member should meet with Principal Mix and Superintendent Sellner.
(Item VI, Subd. A) Principal Olson gave a report.
Principal Schimelpfenig gave a report
(Item VI, Subd. B) Superintendent Sellner gave a report
Diers reported Wright Tech Center was looking into the solar project but has since dropped it because of a permit issue.
Kocher thanked Superintendent Sellner for allowing a student to work on an Eagle Scout badge and coordinating student help with moving items into the new middle school.
(Item VI, Subd. C) Upcoming Board Member Event Appearances:
• New Teacher Workshop Day – August 27 (morning) Heuer
• Kindergarten Orientation - August 31 - 5-6:30 p.m. – Heuer-Waverly
• Winsted Elementary Open House – September 1 - 5-7 p.m.
• Humphrey Elementary Open House – September 1 - 5-7 p.m. Heuer,
• District Staff Development Day – September 2 & 3 (morning)
• Middle School Open House – September 2 - 4:30-7:30 p.m. Bravinder,
• High School Open House – September 2 - -5-7 p.m. Bush,
• First Day of School – September 8 (morning)
• Support Staff Awards – St. Cloud – September 30 (evening) Bravinder
(Item VI, Subd. D) There were no new items to discuss.
(Item VII) Next Meeting Dates:
• Regular Board Meeting - Monday September 14, 2015 6 p.m. HLWW HS Media Center
• Work Session Meeting - Monday September 28, 2015 6 p.m. HLWW HS Media Center
(Item VIII) Items for next meeting
Regular Meeting:
• Leave/Resignations
• Employment Recommendation
• Recognition’s
• First Reading of Policies
• Second Reading of Policies
• MAWSECO Project Update
• Approve Treasurer Report
• Certify Proposed 2015 Payable 2016 Property Levy
• Approve World’s Best Workforce Report
• Other
Work Session:
• Department Reports
Tintes motioned to close the regular meeting at 8:16 p.m.; Bravinder seconded; passed unanimously.
Kocher motioned to open the closed meeting at 8:21 p.m. to discuss negotiation strategies; Diers seconded; passed unanimously.
Kocher motioned to close the closed meeting at 8:45 p.m.; Bravinder seconded; passed unanimously.
Diers motioned to adjourn at 8:46 p.m.; Tintes seconded; passed unanimously.
Respectfully submitted,
Michelle Heuer, Clerk
Published in the Herald Journal Sept. 21, 2015.

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