HLWW School District 2687 Board Minutes

Monday, August 29, 2016
HLWW HS Media Center
The August 29, 2016 School Board Work Session meeting of the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687 was called to order at 6:02 p.m.. by Chairperson Wiech. After the pledge of allegiance, roll was taken with the following members present: Wiech, Heuer, Lasiuk, Bush, Bravinder, Diers and Detlefsen. Also present were Superintendent Brad Sellner, Principals Jason Mix, Jim Schimelpfenig, and Board Secretary Marilyn Greeley.
(Item IV) Diers motioned to approve the agenda; Detlefsen seconded; passed unanimously.
(Item V, Subd. A) Superintendent Sellner provided an update to the School Board as to the present status of negotiations and mediation with SEIU, which is representing the School District’s transportation employees.
(Item V, Subd. B) Superintendent Sellner reported he asked Mr. Berning to the meeting to review the process of identifying students who may need assistance paying for activity fees. Heuer said he did a great job of presenting at the activity night, the opportunities on how students can get help with activity fees. Berning reviewed the process for students and parents.
(Item V, Subd. C) Heuer reported the After Prom Committee wanted to know if the school board thought it was important to keep going or not. Heuer reported they are having difficulty finding committee members. The consensus of the board was the After Prom Committee is good thing.
(Item V, Subd. D) Superintendent Sellner reported the Department of Ed approved the Q Comp plan over the summer.
(Item V, Subd. E) Superintendent Sellner reported the question came up a while ago if members can receive a stipend. Sellner indicated we checked with the auditors and the said that each person needs to sign off on what they turn in; via electronic or by paper.
(Item V, Subd. F) The board members viewed the STEP Program video.
(Item V, Subd. G) The board discussed switching to the use of Chromebooks. The consensus of the board members was to switch to using Chromebooks.
(Item V, Subd. H) Discussion on the Superintendent goals is moved to the closed session.
(Item VI, Subd. A) Principal Mix gave a report.
Principal Schimelpfenig gave a report.
(Item VI, Subd. B) Superintendent Sellner gave a report.
(Item VI, Subd. C) Upcoming Board Member Event Appearances:
Winsted Elementary Open House – August 30 – 5-7 p.m. Heuer
Humphrey Elementary Open House – August 30 – 5-7 p.m. – Detlefsen
Middle School Open House – August 31 – 4:30-7:30 p.m. Heuer, Bush, Bravinder
High School Open House – August 31 – 5-7 p.m. Heuer, Bush, Lasiuk
District Staff Development Day – August 30 (morning-7:15-9:15a.m..) – Detlefsen
First Day of School – September 6-(morning)
Support Staff Awards – St. Cloud – September 28 (evening)-Bravinder
(Item VI, Subd. D) There were no new items from board members.
(Item VII) Next Meeting Dates:
• Regular Board Meeting - Monday September 12, 2016 6 p.m. HLWW HS Media Center
• Work Session Meeting - Monday September 26, 2016 6 p.m. HLWW HS Media Center
(Item VIII) Items for next meeting
Regular Meeting:
• Recognition’s
• Leave/Resignations/Retirements
• Employment Recommendations
• Approve First Reading of Policies
• Approve Superintendent Goals
• Select School Board Member Building Reps
• Certify Proposed 2016 Payable 2017 Property Levy
Work Session:
• Discuss World’s Best Work Force
• Discuss State Assessments
Bush asked if those running for school board would say what their goals are. The board agreed those board members running for school board could state their goals at the September work session.
(Item IX) Detlefsen motioned to close the meeting at 7:20 p.m.; Heuer seconded; passed unanimously.
The board discussed the Superintendent goals.
Bravinder motioned to close the closed meeting at 8:14 p.m.; Detlefsen seconded; passed unanimously.
Heuer motioned to adjourn at 8:16 p.m.; Bravinder seconded; passed unanimously.
Respectfully submitted,
Michelle Heuer, Clerk
Published in the Herald Journal Sept. 19, 2016.

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