HLWW School District 2687 Board Minutes

REGULAR MEETINGMonday, October 11, 2021HLWW HS Media Center
The October 11, 2021 Regular School Board meeting of the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687 was called to order at 6:00 pm. by Chairperson Heuer. After the pledge of allegiance, roll was taken with the following members present: Heuer, Koch, Peterson, Marketon, Scheuch and Puncochar; absent: Bravinder. Also present were Superintendent Brad Sellner, Principals Jason Mix, Jim Schimelpfenig, and Jennifer Olson, and Board Secretary Marilyn Greeley.
(Item IV) Scheuch recommended approval of the agenda; Puncochar seconded; passed unanimously.
(Item VI) Scheuch recommended approval of the consent agenda; Peterson seconded; passed unanimously.
The consent agenda included meeting minutes, payment of bills, resignations, leave requests, employment recommendations, lane changes, second reading and approval of the policies, communications and recognitions.
(Item VII, Subd. B) Scheuch recommended approval of the quarterly treasurer report; Peterson seconded; passed unanimously.
(Item VII, Subd. D) Puncochar recommended approval of Dangers Farm site resolution; Scheuch seconded; those in favor: Peterson, Koch, Marketon, Scheuch, Puncochar and Heuer; opposed: none; Bravinder absent; passed unanimously.
(Item VII, Subd. F) Peterson recommended approval of Kubasch Excavating for Winsted Elementary, Jon’s Lawn Care for Humphrey Elementary and Andy’s Lawn & Snow for the high school/middle school/bus garage site for snow removal services for the 2021-22 season; Koch seconded; passed unanimously.
(Item VII, Subd. G) Marketon recommended approval for the overnight student trip for the High School band and choir to San Antonio, Texas March 23-28, 2022; Peterson seconded; passed unanimously.
(Item VII, Subd. I) Puncochar recommended approval of the resolution accepting donations; Scheuch seconded; those in favor: Marketon, Scheuch, Puncochar, Koch, Peterson and Heuer; those opposed: none; passed unanimously.
(Item VII, Subd. K) Puncochar recommended approval of the items for the work session; Koch seconded; passed unanimously.
(Item VIII, Subd. A) Marketon recommended to raise the substitute rate through Christmas break to $150; Peterson seconded; Koch abstained; those in favor: Puncochar, Scheuch, Marketon, Peterson and Heuer; opposed: none; passed by majority.
(Item IX) Next Meeting Dates:
Work Session Meeting-October 25, 2021 6pm HLWW HS Media Center
Regular Board Meeting-November 8, 2021 6pm HLWW HS Media Center
For the full report, visit the district website at www.hlww.k12.mn.us/board-meeting-minutes or view a copy in the district office.
(Item XI) Scheuch motioned to close the regular meeting at 7:20 pm; Peterson seconded; passed unanimously.
Puncochar motioned to open the closed meeting at 7:27 pm to discuss negotiation strategies; Koch seconded; passed unanimously.
The board discussed negotiation strategies.
Koch motioned to close the closed meeting; 8:15 pm; Puncochar seconded; passed unanimously.
Heuer adjourned the meeting at 8:16 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Kelsey Puncochar, Clerk
Published in the Herald Journal, Nov. 19, 2021.

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