HLWW School District 2687 Board Minutes





The regular school board meeting of Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687 was called to order at 8:00 p.m. by Chairperson James Raymond. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call was taken. Members present: Fury, Fowler, Heuer, Lammers, Lorentz, Pettit, C. Weber, L. Weber, Steckelberg, Raymond, Zimmerman. Also present: Superintendent Hoheisel, Principals Millerbernd, Day and Wessman and Board Secretary Judi Salonek.

Motion by Steckelberg, second by Lorentz to approve the agenda, passed unanimously.

Lorentz moved to approve the minutes of the January 20, 1998 meeting, second by Weber, carried unanimously.

Zimmermann moved to approve the bills for payment, second by Weber, carried unanimously.

The February Treasurer's Report was approved on a motion by Weber, second by Lorentz, carried unanimously.

Principals' Reports:

Elementary Principal Dean Wessman reported on the following:

*The music awards banquet.

*The upcoming area-wide music festival.

*The Deep Portage adventure was a success.

*Phase II Grad Standards training for K-5 teachers.

*Spelling Bee was held.

Elementary Principal Julie Millerbernd reported on the following:

*February is "I Love to Read Month."

*100th day Celebration was held February 10th.

*Total Entertainment reading reward incentive program.

*PTA fundraiser kick-off.

*Spring Musical March 12th at 1:30 and 7 p.m.

High School Principal Mike Day reported on the following:

*The State Convention he attended.

*He toured the Wayzata schools regarding Block Scheduling.

*The Parent-Teacher Conferences 2/5 were well attended.

*10th graders toured Wright Technical Center.

*"Pennies for Patients" Leukemia fundraiser was just completed.

*Scheduling of students should be completed by mid-March.

*The Honors Breakfasts will be held next week.

*FFA newsletter compiled by FFA students.

There were no requests from the public.

Supt. Hoheisel updated the board on the Combination Committees, Building & Grounds, Long Range Facilities Planning. The Task Force has scheduled a tour of the current facilities. Their next meeting will be 2/24 and demographer will be there with a presentation.

The second readings of the following policies were heard: Policy JEB - Entrance Age, JFCI - Chemical Misuse, JFCG - Tobacco - Free Environment, JFCIB - Drug-Free Workplace/Drug-Free School, JFCIA - Mood-Altering Chemicals/Sexual Harassment, JFCJA -Assault Discipline Policy, JHAA - Football Insurance, JHCA - Physical Examinations of Students, JHCE - Accident Policy and Procedure, KMD - Wednesday Night Activities, KM - Equal Access to Facilities Secondary Schools. Motion by Lorentz, second by Weber to adopt the policies, motion carried unanimously.

The first reading of the following policies were heard: JEE - Student Attendance, JFCJ - School Weapons Policy, LHA - Student Sex Nondiscrimination, LHAB - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Nondiscrimination Policy.

Margaret Marketon, Community Education Director, reported on the School Age Child Care Program. She mentioned there has been positive feedback from the parents. They will be doing a survey of interest and satisfaction and the need for a summer program. Fury mentioned the program could be promoted in the elementary newsletters to parents. Presently it has been in the Outreach publications.

Mike Day, HS Principal, reported on scheduling alternatives such as the block schedule. A cross-section of teachers checked out area schools. Most teachers and administrators who they visited favor block scheduling.

Supt. Hoheisel gave a preliminary report on the 1998-99 Capital Outlay and Debt Redemption budgets.

Motion by Lammers, second by Pettit to accept the resignation of Head Softball Coach Julie Zarembinski. Motion carried unanimously.

Pettit moved to accept the list of Spring Coaching Staff. Motion seconded by Steckelberg and carried unanimously.

Lammers moved to approve the Seniority List. Weber seconded the motion, carried unanimously.

The Board acknowledged a student teaching agreement with Augsberg College for a student teacher.

Fury and Raymond will head a committee for the Superintendent's Evaluation Process. The evaluations should be returned to the secretary as soon as possible and before the next board meeting.

The board recognized Ellie Dahlberg for her donation of a book SNAKES. Catherine Jackson for being selected Banker of the Year. Dave Metcalf and the One Act Play cast and crew. Chris Starr and the Music Listening Team of Joana Padden, Jessie Munson, and Alisha Painschab. The following elementary students were recognized for performing their winning compostions at the MEME Composition Recital during the MN Music Educators Mid-Winter Clinic: Bria Day, Rachel Kittock, Dan Clausen, David Youngren, Liz Davis, and Sarah Jacobsen. Motion by Fury, second by Steckelberg to recognize these people. Motion carried unanimously.

Superintendent's Reports:

*The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 16, 1998 at 8 p.m. in Winsted.

*The district received the 1997 Exemplary Program Award for district-wide excellence in music education from the MN Music Educators Association.

*Members Zimmerman and Pettit will continue to represent the Board at Booster Mtgs.

*The Wright County Collaborative continues to work together with the public. The first monies have been received by Wright County.

*Members Weber, Zimmerman, and Lorentz will attend the MSBA Day at the Capitol.

*The Wellness Program officially will kick-off 2/23.

*The Superintendent is working on a draft of the 1998-99 school calendar for the March meeting.

*The E-Rate application is being completed to reduce long-distance telepone rates.

*A survey was taken of seniors and their parents regarding the time of graduation. It was decided to maintain the same time for the graduation ceremony.

*The Superintendent will be attending the National Convention for Superintendents.

Member Lammers reported that a tentative settlement has been reached with the WTC.

Elementary Principal Wessman reported that another Goals 2000 grant has been awarded to the district in the amount of $5868.

The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m. on a motion by Lammers, second by Steckelberg, carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Steckelberg, Clerk

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