HLWW School District 2687 Board Minutes

MONDAY, APRIL 19, 1999


The Regular April 19, 1999 School Board Meeting of Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687 was called to order at 7:00 p.m., by Chairperson James Raymond.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call was taken with the following members present: Gene Lorentz, Mary Pettit, James Raymond, Michael Steckelberg, Charles Weber, Randy Heuer, Leo Weber, Ken Zimmerman, and Jim Fowler. Members absent: Carol Fury and Richard Lammers . Also present were: Superintendent Hoheisel; Principals Day, Millerbernd and Wessman.

Following the addition of agenda items 7a. (Targeted Services Grant) and 7b. (Temperature Control Contract), L. Weber made a motion to approve the agenda for the April 19, 1999 Regular School Board Meeting of Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687; second by Lorentz; carried unanimously.

Pettit made a motion to approve the Minutes of the March 15, 1999 Regular School Board Meeting of Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687; second by Fowler; carried unanimously.

Pettit made a motion to approve the April bills; second by C. Weber; passed unanimously.

Lorentz made a motion to approve the April Treasurer's Report; second by Zimmerman; passed unanimously.

Elementary Principal Julie Millerbernd reported on the following up coming events:

- The recent edition of the Laker News is ready to be distributed. (Each Board Member received a copy.)

- April 22 is Earth Day and elementary students will take part in a tree planting demonstration by the Ag. Department students and their instructor, Jim Weninger.

- April 22 elementary students will take part in the statewide tornado drill.

- Basic tests will be given this week.

- Several classes will be going on field trips before the end of the school year.

- Plans are underway for summer school.

- Third graders from Howard Lake and Winsted will tour Humphrey Elementary in preparation for the next school year.

High School Principal Mike Day reported on the following:

- The band/choir trip to New Orleans went very well and the students represented the school very well.

- Students from the National Honor Society have returned from their trip to Florida.

- As in the past, high school seniors with good records will be allowed special senior privileges for the month of May.

- Thank you to the FFA for placing picnic benches in the courtyard outside the school on the northwest side of the high school.

- The annual FFA Banquet was well attended (175). A slide show of the year's projects/activities/events was given.

- Several high school students participated in the 'Arrive Alive' DUI presentation by the Minnesota State Highway Patrol.

- More than thirty 9th graders participated in the job shadowing project.

- Registration for next years classes is underway and going well. College calculus will be added to college credit courses offered.

- Students will take part in a statewide tornado drill.

- The spring play, 'Charley's Aunt' will be performed April 22, 23, 24 at 7:00 p.m.

- Upcoming events include: May 1 - Prom; May 12 - seniors at the Chanhassen; May 13 - Spring Band Concert; May 17 - All Sports Banquet; May 19 - Spring Choir Concert; and May 20 - Jr. High Spring Concert; May 30 - Graduation.

Elementary Principal Dean Wessman reported on the following:

- Students in the Junkyard Band from Franklin Elementary of Minneapolis came and performed for our elementary students.

- Humphrey now has four student teachers from Crown College in various classrooms.

- The PTA awarded the top selling class for the spring fundraiser a $50 prize.

- Thank you, Mr. Paul Fobbe, for picking up the pizzas for the Accelerated Reader party.

- Sixth graders will be presenting their exhibits at Humphrey Elem. and on May 7th at the Humphrey Museum.

- Fourth through sixth grade girls are invited to participate in the Girl Power Party at the high school on Apr. 23. The program is coordinated by Shirley Olson,Community Collaborative facilitator.

- The D.A.R.E. helicopter will be at Humphrey Elem. on Tues., April 20.

- Humphrey Elem. 4th & 5th graders will present a spring musical, "I Need a Vacation" on May 6.

- May 4th will be the D.A.R.E. graduation.

- Iowa Basic Tests are being given this week.

- End of year field trips are scheduled.

Curriculum Coordinator, Dean Wessman, reported that teachers continue working on Graduation Standards, even with the legislative discussion and pending changes. He and Principal Millerbernd attended an informative reading workshop.

Chairperson Raymond called for requests from the public. Hearing none, the meeting continued.

Superintendent Hoheisel updated the School Board relative to Buildings and Grounds preliminary budget and current miscellaneous projects underway in the auditorium.

Jim Raymond reported that the HL-W-W School Board would be meeting with the Lester Prairie Board tonight at 8:00 p.m. (following the Regular School Board Meeting) to discuss potential cooperative ventures, including consolidation between Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2787 and Lester Prairie ISD #424.

Raymond also updated the Board relative to site evaluation discussions that took place during the last meeting of the Site Task Force group. The next Site Task Force Meeting is scheduled for Wed., April 21.

Chuck Strand presented the Curriculum Report on Special Education. Steckelberg made a motion to accept the Report and Lorentz seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Steckelberg made a motion to approve the Gifted and Talented Report that had been tabled at the March 15 School Board Meeting; second by Pettit; carried unanimously.

Supt. Hoheisel reviewed the preliminary budgets for 1999-2000 with the exception of the General Fund (problems with TIES prevented data transfer). Community Ed. Director Margaret Marketon will attend the May Board Meeting to address any questions the Board may have relative to the Community Ed. Budget. All budgets must be Board approved on or before the June Regular School Board Meeting.

The Board discussed where to place snow make-up days on the proposed 1999-2000 School Calendar. Further discussion is required and C. Weber made a motion to table approval of the 1999-2000 School Calendar until the May School Board Meeting; second by Heuer; carried unanimously.

Lorentz made a motion to approve hiring Teresa Diers as an ESL instructor (2 hours/day, Monday - Thursday, $20/hour) and Steve Smock as the head custodian at the Howard Lake Building (6:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m., Step 5, $11.44/hr.); second by Heuer; passed unanimously.

Heuer made a motion to accept resignation letters from High School Counselor Don Baumann and Elementary Music Instructor Virginia Lewis (who has been on a one year leave of absence); second by Fowler; passed unanimously.

Lorentz made a motion to approve the request submitted for the Targeted Services Grant. The Grant would provide funding for summer school classes for at risk students. The Grant would also need to be signed by ALC, Buffalo, approving the grant fund disbursement. Pettit seconded the motion; passed unanimously.

Boiler controls at the Howard Lake building will be checked this year. Heuer made a motion to approve the Temperature Control Contract with Climate Makers; second by Zimmerman; passed unanimously.

Pettit made a motion to recognize Band Instructor Charles Roux and the Laker Boosters for the great job they did in organizing and promoting the "Prom Again" event on February 27; second by Steckelberg; passed unanimously.

Mr. Hoheisel gave the following Superintendent's Report:

- The next Regular School Board Meeting will be held on May 17, 1999, 8:00 p.m., in the HL-W-W High School Media Center.

- Special legislation relative to the 1995 Unreserved Operating Fund Balance is incorporated into the Omnibus Bill in the House and it will be included as an amendment in the Senate.

- Technology update included information regarding the installation of two-way ITV capabilities by the end of the summer.

- The Howard Lake Business Association Meeting will hold their April 21, 1999, luncheon at the school. HL-W-W hosts the luncheon, annually.

- The Employee Recognition Dinner (April 15) went very well. Mary Pettit did a great job of organizing and Jim Raymond did a great job emceeing the event again this year. Thanks Mary and Jim!

- After investigating the possibility of changing to a stand-alone system for accounting and student attendance purposes, it appears that to continue services with TIES would be the most beneficial and least costly.

- No action has been taken on the Superintendent's Evaluation, as of this time.

- The Booster Club has inquired about purchasing a trailer for school use. The trailer would be used to haul those items that can not be accommodated on the bus when students travel to various events.

Committee Reports:

- The next Labor Management Committee meeting is scheduled for 4/20/99. Randy Heuer will attend as the Board representative.

With no further business to discuss, Lorentz made a motion to adjourn the regular meeting; second by Heuer; carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Steckelberg, Clerk

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