HLWW School District 2687 Board Minutes



MONDAY, APRIL 20, 1998 , 8:00 P.M.


The Regular April School Board Meeting of Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687 was called to order at 8:00 p.m. by Chairperson James Raymond. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call was taken with the following members present: Fowler, Zimmerman, C. Weber, Lorentz, Heuer, C. Fury, L. Weber, Steckelberg, Pettit, Raymond. Members absent: R. Lammers. Also present were: Superintendent Hoheisel; Principals Millerbernd, Day and Wessman; and Board Secretary Bonnie Nylin.

The agenda was approved on a motion by L. Weber; seconded by Steckelberg; passed unanimously.

Heuer made a motion to approve the Minutes of the March 16, 1998 Regular School Board Meeting of Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687; second by Fowler; passed unanimously.

April bills were approved on a motion by Pettit; seconded by Lorentz; passed unanimously

The April Treasurer's Report was approved on a motion by Zimmerman; seconded by L. Weber; passed unanimously.

Principals' Reports:

High School Principal Day reported on the following:

* Many students and staff joined Fred Nus in celebrating his 80th birthday on April 7, 1998.

* The horticultural team from HL-W-W placed 1st in the Regional Competition.

* Various band and choir groups will be performing in other schools during April and May. Other schools will be performing at HL-W-W, also. A band from Manitoba, Canada, will perform on May 11th.

* High school juniors and seniors are being encouraged to attend the Post Prom Party.

* Senior privileges begin the first week of May. Seniors must have a permission slip signed by the parents authorizing them to leave campus during noon hour.

* On April 17th, 8th graders from St. James Lutheran and 6th graders from Humphrey Elementary attended HL-W-W for a tour and orientation.

* The Wright Tech. Center schedule will be the same for 1998-99 as it was this year.

* The 7th period college English class participated in an Essay Contest sponsored by TDS Telecom. Katie Fitzpatrick won the contest and will receive a scholarship.

* The spring play, Arsenic and Old Lace, will be performed on April 30, May1 & 2.

Humphrey Elementary Principal Wessman distributed an outline of current and upcoming events and schedules. Highlights include:

* Parents of 5th graders attended a Deep Portage orientation.

* 4th grade teacher, Joan Johnson conducted another successful Rainforest. Approximately 150 people participated.

* Ag. instructor, Jim Weninger, along with his students, will show students at Humphrey Elementary how to plant trees on Earth Day, April 22.

* April 23, Humphrey Elementary, along with the other schools, will conduct a Tornado Drill.

* Paraprofessional Week begins April 27th.

* On May 7th, the 4th and 5th grades will perform their spring musical, directed by Dawn Kalvig, Virginia Lewis and Joan Johnson.

Elementary Principal Millerbernd reported on the following:

* Winsted Elementary and Howard Lake Elementary have completed Iowa Tests.

* As part of the Festival of Nations, Howard Lake Elementary will celebrate Mexico ( Cinco De Mayo) on May 5th and Winsted Elementary will celebrate Japan on May 6th.

* Due to increased Kindergarten for 1998-99, p.m. classes will be added.

* In observance of Earth Day, Jim Weninger and students will demonstrate how to plant a tree for elementary students at Winsted and Howard Lake.

There were no requests from the public.

Committee Reports:

Buildings and Grounds - the following report was given by Mr. Hoheisel.:

* The fire marshal's order is nearly completed. The electrician performed the majority of what was required. Total cost - approximately $10,000.

* Projected summer projects budget is $35,000 and will include: shifting of rooms at Humphrey Elementary; replacing sidewalk with paving blocks (to be done by students under Mr. Weninger's supervision); new wall in east entry area allowing for additional lockers; replacing of floor tile in east entry area; replacing of carpet, painting of shelves and beginning of furniture replacement cycle in the high school Media Center.

* The addition at WTC is underway with a projected completion date of Fall 1998.

* Storage area for skis has been completed.

* Replacement of cabinets in some Howard Lake Elementary rooms continues.

* Two classrooms in Winsted and one room in Waverly will receive new flooring.

* The omnidirectional antennae has been put up and is in use.

Task Force Update: Jim Fowler commented on the overview Board Members received relative to the latest Task Force Meeting. Of the 15 members, 14 task force members are in agreement that the district needs a new high school that would house the 9th-12th grades. The Task Force will also be addressing the other grade level needs across the district. Task force members propose to meet with Lester Prairie school officials/businessmen/community members to update them of the district's plans. Bob Buresh of the Minnesota Dept. of Children, Families and Learning will attend the next Task Force Meeting in May.

Lorentz made a motion to approve Task Force members meeting with Lester Prairie representatives; second by Zimmerman; passed unanimously.

The Task Force has good direction and is moving ahead. Co-chairpersons of the Task Force are Jack Littfin and Joe Campbell.

Lorentz made a motion to approve the second reading of the following policies AC, ACA, ACB, JEE, JFCJ; second by C. Weber. Fury commented that perhaps policy AC should be tabled in order to clarify "coordinator." Lorentz amended his motion to approve the above mentioned policies with the exception of policy AC, which will be tabled. Steckelberg seconded the amended motion; passed unanimously.

The Board heard the first reading of the following policies: JECB, JG.

Steckelberg made a motion to approve the 1998-99 school calendar; second by Zimmerman. Heuer commented that final approval of calendar should be tabled until the Meet and Confer Committee approved the calendar. Decision was made to table final approval.

L. Weber made a motion to approve the resignation of paraprofessional, Kevin White; second by Lorentz; passed unanimously.

Lorentz made a motion to approve the Wright-Hennepin Roundup Requests as submitted by Principals Wessman and Millerbernd; second by Zimmerman; passed unanimously.

Superintendent Hoheisel reviewed preliminary 1998-99 budgets. Transportation Budget is being revised and Margaret Marketon is working on the Community Ed. Budget.

Due to staffing uncertainties for the 1998-99 school year, the following non tenured staff termination resolutions were voted on: Lorentz made a motion to approve a Resolution to Terminate elementary teacher, Andrew Grover; second by Pettit; passed on a roll call vote with all board members voting in favor. L. Weber made a motion to approve a Resolution to Terminate elementary teacher, Teresa Diers; second by Fury; passed on a roll call vote with all board members voting in favor. Fowler made a motion to approve a Resolution to Terminate ESL instructor, Dorothy Harrelson; second by Zimmerman; passed on a roll call vote with all board members voting in favor.

Lorentz made a motion to approve the payroll experience position allowance for Payroll Manager, Joni Busch; second by Fury; passed unanimously.

Lorentz made a motion to approve a fourth quarter contract for ESL instructor, Dorothy Harrelson; second by Fury; passed unanimously.

Steckelberg made a motion to approve the leave request submitted by elementary music instructor, Virginia Lewis, for the 1998-99 school year; second by C. Weber; passed unanimously.

The following were recognized on a motion by C. Weber; seconded by L. Weber and passed unanimously:

* The Howard Lake Herald was recognized for their excellent coverage relative to the tornado damage in St. Peter, MN.

* Adrian Duske was recognized for taking the time to drive band students to Warren, MN.

* Margaret Marketon, Stacey Horsch and Dianne Youngdahl were recognized for the excellent job they did in organizing and putting on the Spring Carnival for the community.

* The Howard Lake Lions were recognized for their generous contribution of $400 to provide transportation for a clean up crew of students, parents and staff to go to St. Peter, as well as the $500 they donated to the St. Peter aid relief fund.

* Knowledge Bowl team members and coach, Rita Grimm, were recognized for winning the honor to compete at the regional level.

* The members of the nursery/landscape team, Sarah Fowler, Stephanie Salonek, Mary Bakeberg and Alicia Painschab were recognized for placing first in the nursery/landscape contest at Stillwater High School.

* Gloria Wheeler and Wendy Duske were recognized for their part in obtaining computers and printers for the Youth Center.

* Dean Gutzke, Craig Levang and Curt Levang were recognized for their part in obtaining computer donations from Starkey Laboratories.

* The students, staff and parents who traveled to St. Peter as part of the clean up crew were recognized for their willingness to work hard and help others.

The next Regular School Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 19, 1998, at 8:00 p.m. in the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted High School Media Center.

Superintendent's Report:

* Mike Day and Margaret Marketon are to be thanked for their hard work in submitting a Wright County Collaboration Grant application in the amount of $37,500. The grant will provide funds for a part-time facilitator to oversee activities for youth and families.

* Due to legislation, administrators continue to have reservations about providing special education services on site for non public schools.

* For the fourth year, HL-W-W Schools hosted the Howard Lake Business Assoc. Meeting on April 15. This has been a very positive way to keep the business community updated on school issues.

* Special Ed. Instructor, Shelly Geurts, has applied and received a PIC 5 grant again this summer.

* The Employee Recognition Dinner is Thurs., April 23 - be sure to sign up.

* The National Convention for Superintendents in California was definitely worth the trip and the time. It was a fantastic learning experience with the central theme being, "Good things happen when you set high standards." Our district is committed to that and it is suggested that principals, Day and Wessman, and two teachers visit an exemplary program in San Diego, CA, to glean ideas that will improve our standards in reading, writing and math. Perhaps a Board Member should also attend.

* HL-W-W school-to-work coordinator, Charlie Bush, is working with Gary Wilkes of Wright Tech. Center relative to the school-to-work program and graduation standards.

* Because Principal Day is spending hours a day dealing with discipline issues, Mr. Hoheisel recommended that Dale Decker be assigned additional duties of an administrative nature to deal with some of these disciplinary issues. The Teachers' Association has agreed with the recommendation and Mr. Decker will be compensated with a stipend for his additional duties.

* The Food Service audit has just been completed

* Gary Wilkes will replace Carl Montzka as the WTC Director.

Committee Reports:

*Zimmerman reported on the Booster Club Meeting - Boosters need more people.

*Fury updated the Board relative to MAWSECO.

*Pettit reported that Laker Pride will meet again in May to address the open enrollment issue.

*Steckelberg reported that DCAC has met and that Mr. Wessman and the committee are doing a great job!

Other business:

* Superintendent Evaluation forms need to be turned in.

* Additional classroom space is going to be needed for the 1998-99 school year.

With no further business, L. Weber made a motion to adjourn; second by Steckelberg; passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 9:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Steckelberg, Clerk

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