HLWW School District 2687 Board Minutes

Sept. 18, 2000

The September 18, 2000 Regular School Board Meeting of the Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687 was called to order at 8:00 p.m. by Board Chair Eugene Lorentz.

After the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call was taken with members present: James Fowler, Randy Heuer, Kirk Jensen, Eugene Lorentz, James Raymond, Charles Weber, Leo Weber, Ken Zimmerman.

Also present were Superintendent Riley Hoheisel, Principals Mike Day, Julie Millerbernd and Dean Wessman, and Board Secretary Vivian Mahlstedt.

Chair Lorentz opened the floor to approve the agenda. Superintendent Hoheisel made two additions; fall coaching (10A) and Adult Basic Ed Resolution (10B).

Lammers moved to approve the agenda of the September 18, 2000 Regular School Board meeting, including the two additions; Heuer seconded; passed unanimously.

Lorentz opened the floor to consider August minutes. Heuer stated a wording change to Item 6: ". . .amend the motion to include wording to eliminate an early release." and moved to approve the minutes of the August 21, 2000 Regular School Board meeting with this correction; Zimmerman seconded; passed unanimously.

Hoheisel made two corrections to September bills, deletion of check numbers 8956 and 9021. He also asked that approval be given for partial payment of $7000 to LeRoy Schauer for cabinetry work. Heuer moved to approve the September bills; Raymond seconded; passed unanimously.

Raymond moved to approve the September Treasurer's report; L. Weber seconded; passed unanimously.

Hoheisel reviewed the enrollment report and suggested the Board discuss further along with the Laker Pride discussion.

Principal Julie Millerbernd reported:

­ The start of the school year has been very positive and successful; she publicly thanked Dan Boeson, Dale Decker and Bus Drivers for smooth-running transportation.

­ Open Houses in Howard Lake and Winsted were well attended; close to 90% of parents attended.

­ The new lunch cashier system is working well.

­ They will have two student teachers from Crown College, starting 10/11 for 5 weeks.

­ Teachers are developing their professional goals for the year.

­ A grant that provides an art teacher (quarterly) was received again this year.

Principal Wessman reported:

­ Good start to the year enjoyed also at Humphrey.

­ 5th Graders are selling Happenings Books as a fundraiser.

­ $4000 was raised for Deep Portage by selling pop at the County Fair.

­ He publicly thanked the Mike Wren family for donating the basketball chute for the playground.

Principal Mike Day reported:

­ Smooth start of school year, thanks to staff and students.

­ One student teacher in High School this year, who will work with Mr. Montgomery.

­ He showed the new Student Handbooks to the Board, saying they seem to be working well for students for their calendars, assignments, hall passes, school rules, etc. He thanked the Howard Lake and Waverly Lions and the Howard Lake Legion for sponsoring the handbooks. He also thanked Mary Robinson and Dale Decker for developing the handbook idea and bringing them to completion. Each student received a book free of charge at the beginning of the year. If a student loses their book, however, they must pay $5.00 to replace it. Homecoming will be 9/25-29; coronation 9/25, parade 9/29.

­ Honors breakfasts scheduled: Jr. High 9/27, Sr. High 9/28.

­ Mid Quarters will be due 10/4.

­ The new system for attendance record keeping will be implemented soon; training scheduled for October.

­ He is monitoring attendance at Wright Technical Center as attendance has decreased this year. He will analyze contributing factors to see what action, if any, needs to be taken in the future.

Communications included a notice of Minnesota School Boards Association fall area meetings, and their Board Member recognition program.

There were no requests from the Public.

(Item 1) Lammers moved to approve Kirk Jensen to fill the board vacancy opened when Mike Steckelberg moved out of the District; Heuer seconded; passed unanimously.

(Item 2) Hoheisel reviewed buildings and grounds improvements updates, including completion of the east sidewalk and the imminent completion of T1 connection in the Howard Lake building.

(Item 3) Raymond read the Task Force site recommendation and moved to accept it; Zimmerman seconded. He also thanked the task force for their work. L. Weber also thanked the task force but expressed disappointment that the district hasn't proceeded with the centrally located school yet.

Heuer suggested the motion be clarified; that it is only to accept the recommendation, not to make the final decision. He moved to amend the motion so that it is clear that the Board is approving the recommendation. Zimmerman seconded; passed unanimously. A vote followed on whether to accept the recommendation of the Task Force as presented; it passed with a unanimous vote of 9 for and none against.

Heuer moved to schedule a joint public meeting with Victor Township at a mutually convenient date and place; Lammers seconded; passed unanimously.

Hoheisel will contact the Victor Township Board to determine the meeting date and place.

Gerry Smith suggested that Victor Township residents be included in discussions, and he also strongly recommended getting students involved, possibly through Civics classes or other means.

Jack Littfin cautioned against "polling" students or residents, as the necessary up-front information was gathered originally.

A student in attendance said he thought it was a good idea to ask students their opinions.

(Item 4) Hoheisel stated that two grants have been submitted for the Ag Partnership plan, one for $25,000 and one for $10,000 to the Department of Children, Families and Learning. In the next couple months, two more will be written. The grants include funding for a coordinator, development time, etc. and are needed to move the ag farm concept forward. He is continuing on this project, including interviewing potential teachers.

(Item 5) Zimmerman moved to approve the Grant Writer Contract with Graham Writing, Inc. L. Weber seconded; passed unanimously.

(Item 6) Heuer moved to accept letters of resignation from paraprofessionals Michelle Runyon and Patty Diers; Raymond seconded; passed unanimously.

(Item 7) Lammers moved to approve the employment recommendations including one addition from Hoheisel of Custodial Cleaner Sweeper Cindy Hausladen to the open 8 hour position. L. Weber seconded the recommendations; passed unanimously. Hoheisel stated that we will now advertise to fill the 4 hour position.

(Item 8) Wessman began his review of the Systems Accountability Report (SAR) by reading the DCAC member names and thanking them for participating in this committee. He reviewed the report, highlighting the Executive Summary. The goal is to have this published in October. Fowler moved to accept the report as presented; Raymond seconded; passed unanimously.

(Item 9) Heuer moved to approve the purchase of a 2000 Windstar van and to take bids on the old food service van; C. Weber seconded; passed unanimously.

(Item 10) Zimmerman moved to approve requested lane changes for Britta Barth, Karen Borrell, Angela Granrud, Kathryn Pettit, Sandi Pomije and Karen Ready; Lammers seconded; passed unanimously. (Hoheisel noted that Pat Wesloh's name had been included in the agenda in error, and that she had not requested a lane change.) Lammers seconded; passed unanimously.

(Item 10a) The fall coaching list has been revised to include an additional football coach. C. Weber moved to approve the change; Heuer seconded; passed unanimously.

(Item 10b) Hoheisel reviewed the Adult Basic Education contract, stating that our school district has been a member for a number of years. Heuer moved to approve the contract; Fowler seconded; passed with unanimous voice vote.

(Item 11) Hoheisel recommended that the proposed levy be approved minus the $11,000 entry as it does not apply. Hearings will be in December. He noted Page 17, line 7, Other Debt Service -this is the first levy when the District will be debt free, which puts us in an extremely unique and positive situation. Raymond moved to approve the proposed 2000-01 levy; C. Weber seconded; passed unanimously.

(Item 12) Chair Lorentz read the following recognitions:

The Board recognizes Dawn Kalvig and the Elementary Music Students for their participation in the 2000 Minnesota Elementary Music Composition Contest. Howard Lake and Humphrey Elementary students took top honors in the state receiving the most awards of any single school district. This is a state-wide contest, not divided by school size so our students competed with students from larger districts. Congratulations to all of you for your outstanding achievement!

The Board recognizes and thanks the HLWW PTA organization for helping to provide a warm welcome to students and parents at the Open Houses on August 30. Thank you for serving refreshments - we appreciate your efforts and ongoing support.

Hoheisel read additional recognitions of families who donated equipment and worked on seeding the field at Winsted: Pat and Gene Lorentz, Pat and Greg Bakeberg, Bob Sawatzke, Garrett Duske, and Robert Schendel. He also thanked Mr. Weninger and all the students who helped with the project.

Raymond moved to approve the recognitions as read; Zimmerman seconded; passed unanimously.

Superintendent Hoheisel reported:

­ Next Board meeting will be 8:00 p.m., 10/16/00 at Winsted Elementary.

­ All District buses passed inspection on August 30.

­ Lester Prairie invited neighboring school districts to a meeting regarding future planning. It was a positive meeting but no decisions were made. Raymond suggested that HLWW remain open to any possible discussions with Lester Prairie, while still going forward with our own planning since Lester Prairie is only in the very early stages of reviewing options.

­ Financial audit is taking place now.

­ Paraprofessionals are forming a formal bargaining unit. A list of their names and addresses has been provided to the Bureau of Mediation Services at their request.

­ The pre-school workshop, breakfast and meetings held August 30-31 for school staff were positive and productive.

­ Booster Club ­ they are considering a few suggestions regarding how this might continue, including meeting occasionally with parents who work with youth sports teams and other groups. They will also talk with the charter Booster group for ideas.

­ Enrollment drop ­ September figures show total HLWW enrollment down 24 students from September, 1999. He said that this is a fairly common trend right now in the state, as a normal population/aging fluctuation. He noted that enrollment at Wright Technical Center is down, as Principal Day had stated. They will continue to evaluate enrollment.

­ Principal Day is interviewing candidates for the Business Education position.

Committee reports:

MAWSECO ­ C. Weber: They are working on an evaluation process for the director.

Heuer suggested that new member Jensen be placed on the District curriculum Advisory Committee (DCAC) as his committee assignment, but it was decided that Jensen should review possibilities with Chair Lorentz and Superintendent Hoheisel.

C. Weber moved to adjourn; Lammers seconded; adjourned at 9:45.

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