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8:00 P.M.



The Regular October 19, 1998, School Board Meeting of Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687 was called to order at 8:00 p.m. by Chairperson James Raymond. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call was taken with the following members present: James Fowler, Randy Heuer, Richard Lammers, Gene Lorentz, Mary Pettit, James Raymond, Michael Steckelberg, Carol Fury, Leo Weber, Ken Zimmerman. Members absent: Charles Weber. Also present were: Superintendent Hoheisel; Principals Wessman and Millerbernd; and Board Secretary Bonnie Nylin.

Lammers made a motion to approve the agenda; second by Fowler; passed unanimously.

Pettit made a motion to approve the Minutes of the September 21, 1998, Regular School Board Meeting of Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687; second by L. Weber; passed unanimously.

Heuer made a motion to approve the Minutes of the September 30, 1998, Special School Board Meeting of Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687; second by Steckelberg; passed unanimously.

Lammers made a motion to approve the October bills, but to hold check #5212 to Burkhardt and Burkhardt until the completion of the district's financial audit; second by Pettit; passed unanimously.

Lorentz made a motion to approve the October Treasurer's Report; second by Pettit; passed unanimously.

Principals' Reports:

Elementary Principal Millerbernd reported on the following:

- Media specialist, volunteers, teachers and paraprofessionals are preparing the libraries, computers and books for the implementation of the Accelerated Reader Program.

- A fundraiser is underway at Winsted Elem. and the proceeds will go toward purchasing new books for the library.

- Another program to encourage reading is underway called, "Book It".

- Elementary students in Howard Lake and Winsted either visited the fire station or had firemen visit their classroom during Fire Prevention Week.

- Power of Positive Students (POPS) Program and the Good Citizenship Program are once again being implemented in the elementary schools.

- A Book Fair will be held during Parent-Teacher Conferences in November with the profit going toward library book purchases.

- The National Theater for Children will present, "2 Smart 2 Smoke," during Chemical Health Week.

Humphrey Elementary Principal Wessman reported on the following:

- Staff and volunteers are also busy working at Humphrey in preparation for implementing the Accelerated Reader Program. Target dates for implementation are Nov. 1 for 4th graders; Dec. 1 for 5th graders; Jan. 1 for 6th graders.

- New book purchases will be funded through compensatory funds; library purchasing funds; PTA donations; local organizations (i.e. Lions, Legion Post, etc.).

- A sugar maple tree has been planted by the athletic complex at Humphrey Elem., in honor of Muriel Humphrey. Students and staff participated in the ceremony in her honor.

- The System Accountability Report (SAR) has been mailed to the residents of ISD#2687.

- Students will be released an hour early from classes on Wed., Oct. 21, and teachers will participate in the Mentor/Mentee Program and/or work on grad. standards.

Michelle Miller, president of the Student Council, reported to the Board the many activities the Student Council members are involved in at the high school (i.e. car wash as a fund-raiser; responsible for sponsoring holiday activities in the high school; organize pep fests; fall clean up for local residents; keep student body updated of upcoming events and activities; attend workshops & School Board Meetings).

There were no requests from the public.

Superintendent Hoheisel reviewed the improvement projects that have been completed or are in the process of being completed, throughout the three school facilities. He noted that the main entrance area at Howard Lake is now complete with the new paving blocks, new shrubs and benches. Mr. Weninger and his students have done a marvelous job in completing this project.

In the Long Range Facilities Planning update, Superintendent Hoheisel informed the Board that the architect and engineers have completed their walk-through of the three facilities and the Task Force is awaiting their report. Once the report has been received and information is incorporated into the Task Force Report, the report will be presented to the Board. A Special School Board Meeting will be held (following the Truth In Taxation Hearing) on Monday, December, 7, 1998, at approximately 8:00 p.m., for this purpose.

No Board action is required at this time relative to the bus drivers contract because the drivers have yet to ratify the contract - the issue is tabled until the November School Board Meeting.

The financial audit report for 1997-98 is tabled until the November School Board Meeting because the auditor has not yet completed the audit. Mr. Burkhardt will be present in November to present the report.

Superintendent Hoheisel reviewed the annual School Board Goals for 1998-99. Good progress has been made and many of the goals have already been accomplished.

Board Member Heuer explained the background of the letter from FFA Alumni President, Andrew Thorson, relative to students from Holy Trinity School in Winsted participating in the Ag. Program and the FFA at HL-W-W High School. The FFA Alumni is requesting School Board direction in this matter. Following Board discussion, Heuer was asked to represent the School Board on the panel that would be meeting to discuss participation by students from Holy Trinity.

Lorentz made a motion to accept Crystal Jones' letter of resignation as a 4 hour cleaner/sweeper; second by Heuer; passed unanimously.

Steckelberg made a motion to approve employing the following: (1) Eva Anderson - special needs van driver [3 hrs./day] and cafeteria employee [2.25 hrs./day]; (2) Cindy Hausladen - 4 hour cleaner/sweeper; (3) Angela Granrud - elementary paraprofessional [B-2-1, 5.5 hrs/day]; (4)Warren Anderson - high school paraprofessional [B-2-2, 5.5 hrs/day]. L. Weber seconded the motion; passed unanimously.

L. Weber made a motion to recognize the following:

- Elementary Music Teacher, Dawn Kalvig, for serving as a representative on the Board for Region 5 Minnesota Elementary Music Educators (MEME) K-8 and, also, for the excellent direction and leadership she has provided to the elementary students who received top honors in the 1998 Minnesota Music Educator's Composition Contest.

- Teachers, Sue Neumann; Ellen Sivright; Richard Sonstegard;and Sue Untiedt for being honored at the Seventh Annual Leadership in Educational Excellence Banquet and Awards Ceremony, in St. Cloud, MN, on October 7, 1998, as educators dedicated and committed to excellence in education.

- Sandy and Bob Williams for donating a frisbee golf basket for the playground area at Humphrey Elementary School.

- Julie Millerbernd for being honored during the Seventh Annual Leadership in Educational Excellence Banquet and Awards Ceremony, in St. Cloud, MN, on October 7, 1998, as a graduate of the Principal's Academy.

The motion was seconded by Pettit; passed unanimously.

Superintendent Hoheisel gave the following report:

-Next Regular School Board Meeting - Mon., November 16, 1998, 8:00 p.m., at HL-W-W High School Media Center.

- Engineers are scheduled to visit the District on Fri., October 23, 1998, relative to ITV connectivity for Waverly and Winsted facilities.

- Margaret Marketon is receiving applications for the position of SACC Program teacher.

- Updated the Board relative to the MSBA Legislative Meeting, the School to Work Program and the Collaborative Grant.

- Upcoming meetings: TIES Annual Meeting (10/21/98); Board reps. to review revised HL-W-W School Policy Manual (10/22/98); SEE Regional Meeting, Dassel (10/22/98).

Committee Reports:

- Mike Steckelberg gave a Curriculum Advisory Committee update. The next Labor Management Meeting is scheduled for 10/28/98.

- Mary Pettit updated the Board on the recent Laker Pride meeting. Discussion included the possibility of hiring a part time person to distribute welcome packets throughout the three communities.

- Gene Lorentz reported that the Negotiations Committee will meet to consider the Superintendent's Contract, which is the last one to settle. The committee will meet 10/22/98, following the Policy Committee Meeting.

No further business - Steckelberg made a motion to adjourn; second by L. Weber; passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Steckelberg, Clerk

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