HLWW School District 2687 Board Minutes




8:00 P.M.


The Regular School Board Meeting of Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687 was called to order at 8:00 p.m. by Chairperson James Raymond. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call was taken. Members present: Lammers, C. Weber, Heuer, Lorentz, L. Weber, Zimmerman, Fury, Pettit, Steckelberg, Raymond. Members absent: J. Fowler. Also present: Superintendent Hoheisel, Principals Millerbernd, Day and Wessman and Board Secretary Bonnie Nylin.

L. Weber made a motion to approve the agenda; second by Steckelberg; passed unanimously

Lorentz made a motion to approve the Minutes of the September 15, 1997, Regular School Board Meeting of Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687; second by Zimmerman; passed unanimously.

Steckelberg made a motion to approve the Minutes of the September 29, 1997, Special School Board Meeting of Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687; second by Heuer; passed unanimously.

Pettit made a motion to approve the October bills; second by Lammers; passed unanimously.

Fury made a motion to approve the October Treasurer's Report; second by Steckelberg; passed unanimously.

High School Principal Michael Day reported the following:

- Homecoming was very successful with good student and faculty participation.

- The Jr. and Sr. Honors Breakfasts were very well attended and a great success. There have been favorable comments received relative to this event.

- Thirty-five (35) Juniors and Seniors attended Career Day.

- Mr. Day attended the Open House presented by Crown College and continues to be impressed with the student teachers from Crown who have taught in the HL-W-W Dist.

- Fifteen (15) faculty members are forming teams to visit and research other schools who have implemented block scheduling.

- We are experiencing good participation in the sports being offered.

- Thirty-two (32) students took the PSAT test.

- The band and choir gave an excellent performance on October 14.

- The motivational program "Magic Touch" will be presented for students and the public on October 28.

- Veterans Day will be observed with a program on November 11.

- On November 5, the local businesses in Winsted will sponsor a Career Day. Fifty (50) High School Juniors and Seniors are signed up to attend. This will give students firsthand information relative to the various employment opportunities in the area, as well as skills required to perform the jobs.

- Rehearsals are underway for the Fall Play. There will be six performances this year.

Elementary Principal Julie Millerbernd reported the following:

- The "Book It" program is underway and encourages students to read. Pizza Hut rewards winners with pizza.

- Winsted Elem. will host a Book Fair during Parent/Teacher Conferences on Nov. 6 & 10. The school will receive books for hosting the Fair.

- Target Guest Cards are available. The school chosen by the cardholder will receive 1% of the proceeds for items purchased.

- District families are encouraged to use their Target Guest Card, to continue saving Campbell Soup labels and collect aluminum cans. These projects allow the school to order equipment.

- The Elementary Discipline Policy was distributed and submitted to the Board for their review to be approved at the next School Board Meeting.

Humphrey Elementary Principal Dean Wessman reported the following:

- Social Worker Naomi Flick has prepared a curriculum to be taught during extended learning sessions relative to various social skills. Its a great curriculum and Mr. Wessman expressed his thanks and appreciation to Ms. Flick and to Karen Westrup (paraprofessional at Humphrey Elem.) who helped with the project.

- It's exciting to see the good progress being made in the area of Graduation Standards.

The teachers are working hard and the administrative support is great. Teachers will receive another 2 hours of training during the day on Oct. 22 due to the early release of students. Performance packages will be presented by the district's coaches (teachers: Geurts, Berg, Mensing, Borrell, L. Kinziger, T. Napper.).

Superintendent Hoheisel reviewed the communication items, recognizing Choir Instructor Chris Starr for being chosen as one of the 1997 MMEA Music Educators of the year.

Chairperson Raymond called for requests from the public. There were none.

Michael Burkhardt and Jeffrey Burkhardt of Burkhardt and Burkhardt, presented the 1996-97 Financial Audit for District #2687.

Committee Reports:

Laker Pride - Mary Pettit reported that the committee has been discussing goals and is open to suggestions. Volunteers from the community are needed to serve on Laker Pride Committee.

Buildings and Grounds - Supt. Hoheisel reviewed the following:

- The temperature controls have been installed at Waverly.

- The issue of bringing water to Waverly athletic complex continues to be discussed. Tom Ogle will take a recently received bid ($ 10,000) to the Lions for their consideration.

- Mr. Weninger and his class have been working on completing the walkway from the preschool room to the front sidewalk on the east side of the building in Howard Lake.

- Mr. Weninger and class will also continue to work on the landscaping projects at Winsted Elementary.

- Owners of the mobile home park in Howard Lake have contacted the school about the possibility of eventually purchasing the bus garage area.

- The District has received a request from the City of Howard Lake and the Orphans Baseball Team regarding the possibility of the District contributing $2500 as their portion of the cost to install a sprinkler system at the city park where school games are played. Other city organizations and the City would cover the remaining cost.

- The boiler/burner in the Howard Lake building needs repair or replacement.

- The bus damaged in the accident on Hwy. 12 is being repaired.

- There will be a special committee meeting regarding the demographic study and long range facilities plan on Thursday of this week.

- The City of Howard Lake is researching the land use issue which would include school facilities. The City's committee will be meeting with reps from Victor Township.

- There are already a good number of users in the After School Age Child Care program.

- Several custodial projects will be completed over the MEA break.

- The list of suggested 1998-99 improvement projects compiled by the Buildings/Grounds Committee, was reviewed.

Superintendent Hoheisel reviewed the 1997-98 School Board Goals. Chairperson Raymond asked if the Board would like to meet early to discuss any issues. The Board agreed with Pettit's suggestion to meet at 7:30 p.m. for the Regular School Board Meeting in November so that the Board, as a whole, has an opportunity to discuss with the Buildings and Grounds Committee the demographer's study, etc.

Lorentz made a motion to contribute $2500 toward the installation of the sprinkler system at the ball field in Howard Lake; second by C. Weber; passed unanimously.

The policies from the "I" section of the policy book received their first reading along with policies GCD/GDD and HD/HF.

Following Board discussion, Pettit made a motion to combine/cooperate with Lester Prairie Schools for the 1997-98 track season; second by Zimmerman; passed unanimously.

The Board discussed the District's commitment to MAWSECO in light of the current director's resignation. MAWSECO Board rep., Carol Fury, explained that an interim director would be hired, initially, and the search would continue for a full time director. C. Weber made a motion to continue the District's commitment to the Cooperative as our primary provider of special education leadership, services and support; second by Zimmerman; passed unanimously.

C. Fury made a motion to approve the Assurance of Compliance with State and Federal Law Prohibiting Discrimination; second by Steckelberg; passed unanimously.

C. Weber made a motion to accept letters of resignation from Regina Jones (Cleaner/Sweeper) and Janice Nelson (Jr. High Speech Coach); second by Pettit; passed unanimously.

Lorentz made a motion to accept the following employment recommendations: Dean Johnson (six hour cleaner/sweeper), Dorothy Harrelson (ESL Instructor), Dan Boeson (Bus Supervisor), Karen Fashant (bus driver- regular route), and Deb Gritz (bus driver - regular route); second by Zimmerman; passed unanimously.

Superintendent Hoheisel reviewed information relative to Compensatory Funding.

Pettit made a motion to recognize elementary music teacher, Dawn Kalvig, for being chosen as the Region 5 MEME Representative and teachers: Kirby Klingelhofer, Jodi Sanken, Jane Stritesky and Sue Winge for receiving Leadership in Educational Excellence Awards at the awards banquet on September 24, 1997; second by Heuer; passed unanimously.

Superintendent's Report:

a. The next Regular School Board Meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the High School Media Center, Howard Lake, MN, on November 17, 1997.

b. Preschool bus ridership exceeds 100.

c. Officer Harri of the Buffalo Police Force will present the D.A.R.E. training program again this year.

d. Plans for MAWSECO to purchase the PAYCO building continue - technicalities are being worked out.

e. The director of the Humphrey Museum may possibly have an office in the Humphrey Elementary building because of the fire that destroyed the museum.

f. Special legislation allows the 1998-99 school year to begin before Labor Day, due to the Jewish Holiday. The Meet and Confer committee will address the issue of what day school will begin for the 1998-99 school year. The Board expressed they would prefer the school year begin early rather than go later into the year.

g. The TIES Annual Meeting is Oct. 22 and Steckelberg and Hoheisel will attend.

h. Mr. Hoheisel will attend the SEE Regional Legislative Meeting in Litchfield on October 24.

Superintendent Hoheisel read a thank you letter from Janet Sherman and family for the plant and condolences sent by the Board for the funeral of former Board Member, Roger Sherman. The Board expressed their thoughts and good memories of Roger and how he will be missed.

Committee Reports:

- Lorentz - negotiations with teachers continue and a mediator will be assigned.

- Steckelberg - next Labor Management Meeting is scheduled for Nov. 5.

- The Curriculum Advisory Committee met to scrutinize test results. Recommendations will be made for those students not passing the tests.

- Bus drivers have submitted a request to negotiate.

Steckelberg made a motion to adjourn; second by Heuer, passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 9:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Michael Steckelberg, Clerk

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