HLWW School District 2687 Board Minutes





The Regular School Board Meeting of Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687 was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Chairperson James Raymond. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call was taken. Members present: Lammers, C. Weber, J. Fowler, Heuer, Lorentz, L. Weber, Zimmerman, Fury, Pettit, Steckelberg, Raymond. Members absent: none. Also present: Superintendent Hoheisel, Principals Millerbernd, Day and Wessman and Board Secretary Bonnie Nylin.

Lorentz made a motion to approve the agenda; second by L. Weber; passed unanimously.

C. Weber made a motion to approve the Minutes of the October 20, 1997 Regular School Board Meeting of Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted ISD #2687; second by L. Weber; passed unanimously.

L. Weber made a motion to approve the November bills; second by Heuer; passed unanimously.

Superintendent Hoheisel commented on the Treasurer's Report - due to a keypunch error made by the State Department, the Report is inflated by $1.5 Million. The correct balance should be $1.6 million. Lorentz made a motion to approve the corrected Treasurer's Report; second by Steckelberg; passed unanimously.

High School Principal Michael Day reported on the following:

· Parent-Teacher Conferences were well attended on Thurs. evening, November 13th, however, the attendance on Mon., November 17th was sparse. Staff is working on ideas to encourage better parent participation.

· High School Counselor Don Baumann is back in his office, is working hard and doing a good job of getting caught up.

· The fall play, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, is an excellent production. Directors, cast and crew have done a super job. Tickets are sold out.

· Mr. Fobbe has organized Star Team Activities again this year. The event is scheduled for December 13th.

· Fifty (50) HLWW high school juniors, along with juniors and seniors from Holy Trinity in Winsted, attended the first Winsted Career Day, hosted by the Winsted Civic and Commerce Assoc. The event was very successful and students and staff who attended said it was a great way to see and hear, first hand what skills and education are required by local businesses.

· Students attended a school sponsored Veteran's Day Program on November 11. Community members from Howard Lake, Waverly and Winsted took part in presenting an excellent program. Dennis Frey of Howard Lake was the speaker.

· STAR students (students caught being good) for Sept. and Oct. are Jenny Donovan, Kelly Brose, Anna Long, Adam Helmbrecht, Emily Sorsoleil, Sam Swenson, Scott Anderson, Beth Borrell, Tara Soukup, Jeff Schmieg.

· Seven (7) FFA students and Ag. Instructor, Jim Weninger, recently attended the National FFA Convention in Kansas City. The students said it was a good trip and they learned a lot. Wade Fowler spent the entire week as a member of the Convention band.

· New hire recommendations: Suzanne Peterson as a teacher's aide in the "School Within-A-School" Program and Joni Busch and Andy Grover to share the position of Jr. and Sr. High Speech coach.

Humphrey Elementary Principal Dean Wessman reviewed the Graduation Standards Manual which had previously been sent to Board Members for their review. Mr. Wessman highlighted terms, performance packages, statewide standards, timelines, etc. The Graduation Standards Manual will be revised annually and Mr. Wessman requested Board approval of the Manual which, following Board approval, will be sent to the Minnesota Department of Children, Families and Learning. Lammers made a motion to approve the Graduation Standards Manual; second by Steckelberg; passed unanimously.

Elementary Principal Julie Millerbernd reported on the following:

· Elementary (K-3) Parent-Teacher Conferences went very well. 97% of the Winsted parents attended and 93% of the Howard Lake parents attended.

· This is American Education Week and students work on a daily theme. On Wednesday parents or grandparents of Winsted students are invited to have lunch with their student in the school lunchroom. Howard Lake Elementary hosts Muffins for Moms and Donuts for Dads on Friday.

· Chemical Health Week occurs during the month of November and special activities are being planned.

· The book sales fundraiser has ended. Winsted Elementary earned $1299 and Howard Lake Elementary earned $2000.

· Voyager Learning Program is being explored relative to compensatory education funding. This would provide for hands-on-learning experiences for students K-6 through 'adventure camps' to be held after school and/or through summer school programs.

· Third graders are going to Orchestra Hall to hear "The Thrill of the Orchestra."

Principal Day expressed appreciation to the PTA for providing the delicious meals for teachers during Parent-Teacher Conferences and to the School Board for providing fresh rolls for all employees in honor of American Education Week.

Chairperson Raymond called for requests from the public. Hearing none the meeting proceeded.

Superintendent Hoheisel reviewed the Administrative Summary relative to the Long Range Facilities Plan. Lengthy Board discussion ensued including the importance of a Task Force being formed that would thoroughly study the issue of building a new school as well as the configuration/use of the present facilities in all three communities. C. Weber made a motion to approve A Resolution Recommending Consideration of Building a New School for ISD #2687 and Appointing a Task Force To Study the Issue of Building a New School; second by Steckelberg. Further discussion ensued relative to the wording of the Resolution. Zimmerman made a motion to approve the amended Resolution, second by Heuer, a roll call vote was taken with all members voting in favor of the Resolution.

Combination Committee Reports

Buildings and Grounds Committee update by Mr. Hoheisel included the following:

- The heating system in the Community Ed. area is being adjusted.

- The Howard Lake building needs a new boiler burner. Mr. Hoheisel recommended purchasing the burner with the most efficiency, allowing the school a rebate in the amount of $4075. Cost of the new burner installed would be $22,575.00 Zimmerman made a motion to purchase the new boiler burner; second by C. Weber; passed unanimously.

- The bus that was involved in the accident has been repaired and is back in use.

- Plans continue to proceed relative to the addition to the Wright Technical Center facility.

- Owners of the mobile home park in Howard Lake have contacted the school to again express their interest in purchasing the bus garage property.

Laker Pride Committee

- Mary Pettit will update the Board at the December meeting.

Fury asked that the wording in the Support Staff Manual relative to the term 'probationary period' be changed to read 'training period'. Mr. Hoheisel will check with the MSBA. Approval of the Manual was tabled until the December meeting.

Steckelberg made a motion to approve the second reading of the policies; second by Pettit; passed unanimously.

Lammers made a motion to approve the Winter Coaching Staff; second by C. Weber, passed unanimously.

Lammers made a motion to approve supporting the MSBA Funding Study by accepting the Resolution Joining A&M Effort; second by Fowler; passed unanimously.

Lorentz made a motion to accept resignation letters from Naomi Flick, coach for junior varsity softball and volleyball; Matt Carlson, head wrestling coach; and Mary Jane Fern, food service employee of 27 years, effective Dec. 23, 1997; second by Heuer; passed unanimously

Lammers made a motion to accept the following employment recommendations; seconded by Lorentz; passed unanimously:

- Mary Jane Fern to return to the Food Service Dept. on a part time basis, effective Jan. 27, 1998.

- Deb Hanson as a two hour driver for special education needs.

- Brian Barth to continue another quarter as the Long Term Sub. for Mr. Nygard's class.

- Suzanne Peterson as the paraprofessional in the School-Within-A-School program.

- Joni Busch and Andy Grover as coaches for the Jr. and Sr. High Speech team.

Pettit made a motion to recognize the Winsted Civic and Commerce Association for organizing and hosting the first Winsted Career Day for HLWW high school juniors, the estate of Ed White for donating hundreds of books to the school library, and Jim Fowler for donating several trees to the Winsted Elementary grounds; second by Fury; passed unanimously:

Superintendent's Report:

- The next Regular School Board Meeting will be held in the HLWW High School Media Center on Monday, December 15, 1997, at 8:00 p.m.

- A Special School Board Meeting (Truth-in-Taxation Public Hearing) will be held in the HLWW High School Media Center on Tuesday, December 2, 1997 at 7:30 p.m.

- Mr. Hoheisel is checking with area schools relative to starting school before Labor Day for the 1998-99 and 1999-2000 school years.

- A technology plan completed by Lichy will be submitted along with a grant request in order to be considered for a Federal reduction in the district's communication rates (E-Rate).

- Cross country skis will be purchased with funds from the donation by the Sadie Carnahan Estate in order to provide a Winter Physical Education Unit.

- Custodial Cleaner/Sweeper Leone Miller has resigned. Mr. Hoheisel recommended changing the two (2) 6 hour cleaner/sweeper positions at the Howard Lake building to one (1) eight hour position and one (1) four hour position. Lorentz made a motion to change the two 6 hour cleaner/sweeper positions at the Howard Lake building to one (1) eight hour position and one (1) four hour position; second by C. Weber; passed unanimously.

Committee Reports by:

Steckelberg - Meet and Confer Committee met last week.

Lorentz - Bus driver negotiators had their first meeting last week.

Teachers negotiations continue with a mediations meeting set for Dec. 10th.

Fury - Lona Jost has been hired as the interim Director for the MAWSECO and Crow River Cooperatives through the end of the 1997-98 school year.

L. Weber attended a recent Delegate Assembly in Little Falls.

Heuer announced that the FFA Alumni Banquet is scheduled for Dec. 4 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Waverly.

With no further business, L. Weber moved to adjourn; second by Heuer; passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 9:57 a.m.

Respectively Submitted,

Michael Steckelberg, Clerk

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