Lester Prairie City Council Minutes

Lester Prairie City Council
August 23,2010
Pursuant to public notice, the Lester Prairie City Council met in special session on Monday, August 23, 2010. Mayor Heimerl called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
The purpose of said special session was to meet with representatives of the two townships to discuss the 2011 Fire Department Budget and to work on the City’s 2011 budget.
Fire Chief Hoof reviewed the proposed expenditures for the Fire Department 2011 Budget.
General consensus of the City Council was to add $75.00 to the Fire Department 2011 Budget, line item building/equipment rent.
There being no other questions, comments or concerns pertaining to the Fire Department Budget, the City Council moved on to the 2011 City Budget.
Clerk Pawelk told the City Council information was received from Waste Management regarding appliance/electronic recycling. She also has information for them regarding the purchase of Christmas decorations and mosquito services for them to consider at their September meeting. She provided revised budget sheets for the General Fund and Park Fund.
General consensus of the City Council was to reduce the amount in the General Fund for mosquito control to $6,500.00, add $5,000.00 for emergency services, and increase the proposed levy for the General Fund by $11,500.00 to cover the mosquito control and emergency services items.
General consensus of the City Council for the Park Budget was to remove the tables and chairs funding of $2,000.00 from the budget, reduce the purchase of property and equipment line item to $7,000.00, reduce capital outlay to $10,000.00, and reduce the levy by $2,000.00.
Police Chief Carlson was in attendance to discuss the Police Budget and Greg Mueller was in attendance to discuss the Street and Maintenance Department budgets.
General consensus of the City Council was to take money from the Economic Development Fund to pay for Highway 7 sign maintenance.
Ralph Machemehl also requested use of tables and chairs from city hall for a Legion and Auxiliary fundraiser that will be held at the Sportsmen Club on September 12.
General consensus of the City Council was to allow the Legion to use some brown tables and chairs at the Sportsmen Club for their fundraiser on September 12.
Mayor Heimerl adjourned the meeting at 9:09 p.m.
Marilyn L. Pawelk
City Clerk-Treasurer
Published in the Herald Journal Aug. 23, 2010.

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