The City Council of Lester Prairie hereby ordains:
Section 1: Section of the Lester Prairie Municipal Code shall be added to Section 5.2, Land Use Control, Subdivision Code - Definitions. Minor Subdivision. A Minor Subdivision is a Subdivision that meets all the following criteria:
a. Creates no more than two (2) new parcels and combines no more than three (3) parcels into one (1) lot;
b. Does not require the dedication of rights of way or construction of new streets;
c. Does not require the creation of any public utility easements other than the standard easements of platted lots;
d. Does not create any public improvements other than sidewalks;
e. Does not land lock or otherwise impair convenient ingress and egress to or from the rear or side of the subject tract(s) or any adjacent property;
f. Does not fall within the corridors of any planned or proposed street as shown upon the official map or approved area plans; and
g. Does not violate any local, state or federally adopted law, ordinance, regulation, plan or policy.
Section 2: Section 5.2.3A of the Lester Prairie Municipal Code shall be added to Section 5.2.3, Land Use Control, Subdivision Code.
5.2.3A. Procedures for Submission of Minor Subdivision.
5.2.3A.1 Minor Subdivision Requirements. Application: A completed application for a Minor Subdivision plat approval must be submitted to the City Clerk in a form established by said Clerk, along with a nonrefundable fee that has been established by the City Council. No application will be processed until the application is complete and the required fee has been paid. An application for a Minor Subdivision shall include the following:
5.2.3A.1.1 The requested Minor Subdivision shall be in the form of a certificate of survey prepared by a registered land surveyor containing the same form, data and supportive information detailing the proposed subdivision as is required for a preliminary plat under City of Lester Prairie Ordinance starting at Section The City Clerk may exempt the Subdivider from certain of the information requirements.
5.2.3A.1.2 The Subdivider shall submit an up-to-date title opinion or title commitment for review and approval by the City Attorney.
5.2.3A.1.3 Three (3) full size copies, three 11 x 17 copies, and three (3) 8 1/2 x 11 copies of the Minor Subdivision Plat.
5.2.3A.2 Review and Report: The City Clerk shall prepare a staff report that reviews the application in light of the comprehensive plan, the standards required by the zoning ordinance for the zoning district the concerned property lies within, and all other applicable standards of this title.
5.2.3A.3 Action by Planning Commission: The planning commission shall hold a public hearing on the Minor Subdivision application and, after the close of the public hearing, act to recommend approval or denial of the application for the Minor Subdivision. The City Council shall then act to approve or deny the Minor Subdivision application at its next meeting. A Minor Subdivision may not be approved unless it complies with the standards of this ordinance and City of Lester Prairie Zoning Code, for the zoning district the concerned property lies within.
5.2.3A.4 Notices: Notice of the public hearing before the planning commission shall be the same as that for a preliminary plat pursuant to City of Lester Prairie Subdivision Ordinance at Section 5.2 of the City Code.
Section 3: Section 5.2.3 of the Lester Prairie Municipal Code shall be renumbered as Section 5.2.3B.
Section 4: This Ordinance shall be effective immediately upon its passage and publication.
Adopted this 11th day of April, 2017, by the City Council of Lester Prairie.
By: /s/ Eric Angvall, Its Mayor
By /s/ Marilyn Pawelk, Its City Clerk
Published in the Herald Journal April 17, 2017.

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