The City Council for the City of Lester Prairie ordains:
Section 1: Section through Section shall be deleted in its entirety and there inserted in its place shall be the following: Building Permits Required. No building or structure regulated by this code shall be erected, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, removed, converted or demolished unless a separate building permit for each building or structure has first been obtained from the City.
Exempted Work. A building permit shall not be required for the following:
(a) Retaining walls which are not over 4 feet in height measured from the bottom of the footing to the top of the wall, unless supporting a surcharge or impounding flammable liquids.
(b) Water tanks supported directly upon grade if the capacity does not exceed 5,000 gallons and the ratio of height to diameter or width does not exceed two to one.
(c) Platforms, walks and driveways not more than 30 (thirty) inches above grade and not over any basement or story below.
(d) Walks and driveways not more than 18 inches above grade.
(e) Painting and similar maintenance work.
(f) Door and window awnings supported by an exterior wall when projecting not more than 54 inches.
(h) Prefabricated swimming pools in which the pool walls are entirely above the adjacent grade and if the capacity does not exceed 5,000 gallons.
(i) Moveable cases, counters and partitions not over 5’9” (five foot nine inches) high.
(j) Temporary motion picture, television and theater stage sets and scenery. Zoning Permits Required. A zoning permit is required to ensure all zoning requirements are followed for structures not requiring a building permit. The zoning permit requires structures be completed within 180 days of the zoning permit being issued. A zoning permit will be required for the following structures.
(a) One-story detached accessory buildings used as tool and storage sheds and similar uses, provided the floor area does not exceed 200 (two hundred) square feet.
(b) Fences up to 7 (seven) feet in height, when measured from the ground to the highest point, are to have a minimum 2 (two) foot setback from the property do not require a permit. Fences over 7 (seven) feet in height, when measured from the ground to the highest point, require a minimum setback of 2 (2) feet from the property line and a building permit. All fences will require a minimum of 4 (four) foot setback from property lines abutting any street or alley. The setback requirements shall not apply to B-1 CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICTS however, any fence exceeding 7 (seven) feet in height shall require a building permit and comply with the Building Code. Application. To obtain a permit, the applicant shall first file an application therefor in writing on a form furnished by the City for that purpose. Enforcement. Any person, corporation or entity that violates this section (5.1.2) shall be guilty of a misdemeanor offense as contained in 5.1.15.
Section 2. This Ordinance shall be effective from and after its publication dated.
Adopted this 13th day of June, 2017.
By Eric Angvall, Its Mayor
By Marilyn L. Pawelk, Its City Clerk
Published in the Herald Journal June 16, 2017.

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