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Lester Prairie School Board Minutes

March 15, 2004

A regular meeting of the Board of Education of District #424, Lester Prairie, McLeod County, Minnesota was held on March 15, 2004 in the school media center. Chairperson Fred Blaser called the meeting to order at 6:38 p.m. Members present were Clerk Robert Carlson, Treasurer Robert Remer, Director Jeff Hecksel, Director Chester Hoernemann and Director Melissa Williams (arrived at 6:51 p.m.). Staff members present were Dr. James Redfield, Superintendent; Joe Miller, High School Principal; Pam Lukens, Elementary Principal. Ryan Gueningsman of the Winsted-Lester Prairie-New Germany Herald Journal and Mike Young of the Crow River Special Education Cooperative were also present.

Vice-Chairman Hoernemann led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion made by Carlson, seconded by Hecksel to approve the consent agenda as presented, the minutes from February 17 and February 24, 2004 and bills in the amount of $128,858.06. Motion carried with a unanimous vote.

There was no communication received since the last meeting requiring board attention.

A special presentation took place for former School Board Director Barry Kyllo. He was presented a gift in recognition of his service.

Mike Young of the Crow River Special Education Cooperative updated the board on the status of the Cooperative. There are currently 49 (10.27%) Lester Prairie students receiving special education out of a district enrollment of 477 students.

There was no old business to discuss.

Review took place regarding the second school board retreat. It was the consensus of the board to meet on March 30, 2004 at 6:30 p.m. No action was taken.

Discussion took place in regards to the 2004-2005-school calendar. Motion made by Hoernemann, seconded by Hecksel to approve next year’s school calendar. Motion carried with a unanimous vote.

Motion made by Carlson, seconded by Williams to approve the “Family Leave” for Teacher Pam Green for the rest of the year. Motion carried with a unanimous vote.

Discussion and review of the 2003-2004 budget took place. It was determined the budget was “right on track”. No action took place.

Discussion took place regarding the roofing consultant. The school facilities committee met with TSP and the roof study is under way. No action was taken.

Dr. Redfield gave a report in regards to Security Systems Solutions. The company indicated the work would be done this spring or summer. No action was taken.

The board reviewed a motion from January 22 on stop arms for buses on Second Avenue North. Motion made by Blaser, seconded by Hecksel to have Custodian Pat Fogerty get quotes for barriers to close off Second Avenue North. Motion carried with a unanimous vote.

Discussed the Resolution on Reductions in Programs and Positions. This was the first step in budget planning and staffing for next year. The next step will be for the School Administration to make recommendations to the board. No action was taken.

Board reports followed. Board member Williams presented a report in regards to Community Education. She indicated that there is a need for a computer in the Community Education Building. She also indicated that adult volleyball leagues were being discussed. Board member Williams reported on the results of the parent survey form that was handed out to parents during conferences. No action took place.

Elementary Principal Pam Lukens provided a written report and noted the kindergarten roundup will be April 15 and 36 are on the list including parochial and no open enrollment. Preschool testing was held on March 10, all spots were filled with 41 students registered. International Day was March 12 with 16 speakers.

High School Principal Joe Miller provided a written report and noted that winter sports have completed their seasons. Spring sports are just beginning. The board received dates and information in regards to the Senior Class Trip, MCA testing and upcoming events.

Superintendent Dr. Redfield provided an oral report and handed out a report from the State Legislative Auditor in regards to “No Child Left Behind”. Discussion took place with no action taken.

There was no new business to discuss.

Motion made by Carlson, seconded by Hoernemann to set a special meeting for April 14, at 6:30 p.m. for personnel and finance issues. Motion carried with a unanimous vote.

No agenda items were discussed for the next regular school board meeting.

The board went into a closed session at 8:59 p.m. to discuss certified negotiations in regards to the Crow River Special Education Cooperative.

The board came out of closed session at 9:21 p.m. No action took place.

The meeting adjourned at 9:21 p.m.

Robert N. Carlson,

Clerk – District #424

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