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Monday, June 19, 2006

A regular meeting of the Board of Education of the District #424, Lester Prairie, McLeod County, MN was held on June 19, 2006 in the school media center. One of the purposes of the meeting was to approve a resolution on a tax anticipation loan. Chairman Fred Blaser called the meeting to order and Vice Chairman Chester Hoernemann led the Pledge of Allegiance. Other board members present included Bob Carlson, Jim Jorgenson, Jeff Hecksel, and Melissa Williams. The public present included Linda Scherer, Kim DeBruychere, Jane Roth, and Cathy Houg. The administration present was Mr. Miller, Mr. Erpenbach and Mrs. Lukens.

A motion was made by Jim Jorgenson to approve the regular minutes from May 15,2006; the agenda as modified, and to pay the bills in the amount of $47,526.24. It was seconded by Chester Hoernemann and approved by all.

Communication and Good News section included: complaints about the large elementary class sizes in grades 5 and 6, Thank-you regarding plaques for students receiving 4.0 grade levels, Thank you for appreciation breakfast for staff, Jan Smith recognized as outstanding educator, and MSBA legislative wrap up. Mr. Heiraas was recognized for 25 years of service, Melinda Andeberg, David Rue, Greg Landkammer for 10 years, and Thayne Johnson, Pam Lukens and Jenny Robinson, 5 years.

During open dialogue Kim DeBruychere, Jane Roth and Cathy Houg talked about how very concerned they were about the large elementary class sizes.

Administration gave their reports. Mrs. Lukens gave report on elementary class sizes and emphasis on needing another full time teacher. This led to a motion by Hoernemann and was seconded by Williams to hire a full time teacher for the 2006-2007 year. A long discussion took place. A roll call was needed and resulted in the following: Hoernemann – yes, Williams – yes, Jorgenson – yes, Carlson – yes, Blaser – no, Hecksel – no. The motion passed on a 4-2 vote.

Mr. Erpenbach’s report included the need to fill the Spanish position, and one hour of math. He said they completed the rscheduler training. Staff development goals for next year are: gender gap and Hispanic students. For sports, junior high students will be pairing with Winsted.

Old business: Kindergarten Plus program was put on hold because of lack of commitment from the community.

A motion was made by Carlson to approve non-resident agreements. It was seconded by Hoernemann and passed with a 6-0 vote.

Chester Hoernemann gave report that at the end of 2007 the district special ed coop will dissolve.

Personnel contracts: A motion was made by Williams and seconded by Hecksel to hire Joey Bayerl to a Language Arts contract (5/6th). Vote passed 6-0.

A motion was made by Hecksel and seconded by Hoernemann to hire Lacy Schramm to a Social Studies contract. It was approved 6-0.

A motion was made by Carlson and seconded by Jorgenson to approve a full time Special Ed contract for Amy Korf. The motion was approved 6-0.

Hoernmann moved and it was seconded by Carlson to approve summer school teacher contracts for Jan Smith and Cathy Houg. Motion was approved 6-0.

A motion was made by Jorgenson and seconded by Hoernemann to approve a new contract with Don Albrecht as Lead Custodian. This motion was approved 6-0.

A motion was made by Williams and seconded by Hecksel to accept Carol Klaustemeier’s resignation. Motion was approved 6-0.

Mr. Miller went through his financial projection for the end of 2005-2006 year. He then proposed a budget for next year. Bob Carlson made a motion and it was seconded by Hoernemann to adopt this budget for 2006-2007. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

A resolution on tax anticipation was made by Carlson and seconded by Hoernemann. A voice vote was required and resulted in the following: Hecksel – yes, Williams– yes, Jorgenson- yes, Carlson -yes, Blaser – yes, Hoernemann – yes.

New business: A motion was made by Carlson to approve the request to terminate the superintendent’s contract effective July 17, 2006 and to renegotiate a new one. It was seconded by Jorgenson and approved by all.

A motion was made by Jim Jorgenson and seconded by Chester Hoernemann to approve the quote by Jilek Insurance Agency in the amount of $16,931.00 for property insurance. Motion was approved 6-0.

There were no agenda items for the next meeting and no new action items added.

The chairman adjourned the meeting at 8:03 p.m.

Melissa Williams, Clerk

Independent School District #424

Published in the Herald Journal July 31, 2006.

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