Lester Prairie School Board Minutes


Monday, October 18, 2010 at 6:30pm

Media Center, Lester Prairie Public Schools

A regular meeting of the Board of Education of District 424, Lester Prairie, McLeod County, Minnesota was held on Monday, October 18, 2010 in the school Media Center.

Roll call was taken and the following Board members were present: Fred Blaser, Karla Heigl, Joseph Miller, Rawelin Radtke, and Robert Carlson. Chester Hoernemann was absent. Administration present was Mike McNulty and Pam Lukens. A representative from the Herald-Journal newspaper, as well as six guests were present.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Fred Blaser.

Motion by Joseph Miller, seconded by Rawelin Radtke, to approve the consent agenda, Regular Board Meeting Minutes of 9/20/10 and payment of bills in the amount of $172,319.04 and Student Activity of $956.18. Voting was 5 for and 0 against.

Good News Section: 97 students attended the free lunch. Staff received many compliments on the students’ behavior.

Administrative Reports:

Mrs. Lukens reported on upcoming events. Head Start has a new teacher – Mary Holmgren. She will be starting 10/25/10. Community Education Advisory Meeting will be held 11/8/10 at 6:30 p.m. All six Smart Boards are now in use. There will be a Smart Board Presentation by Mrs. Kramer and Mr. Bjork for the public to see what Smart Boards can do on 11/4/10 at 6:30 pm. McLeod Family Connection is close to completing the process to merge with Pact for Families. MCA and NWEA testing results are going home with parents at conferences.

Thayne Johnson activities report: Fall sports wrapping up, last regular season competitions this week. Section play-offs start next week for football and volleyball. Section cross country meet is 10/28/10 at Battle Creek Regional Park in Maplewood. Joe Scoblic and Thayne Johnson met with the Gopher Valley conference executive committee on Thursday, October 14. Final vote tallied by this Wednesday. Sounds very positive.

Don Ahlbrect gave a report on facilities. Painting strips to go above lockers where wallpaper is separating. Sump pump installed. Finished installing Smart Boards. Replaced signs in gym. Scrapped and painted windows on west side of school.

Plans to remove and replace carpet in Mrs. Luken’s office over MEA. Old computers moved to storage.

Betty Williams food service report: Monday, Wednesday and Friday are more low fat, low sodium snacks. Tried new menu items in September. Using up as much commodity product as possible. Adding extra fruit and vegetables on the serving line and, as always, students can have second helpings at no charge, as well as bread. The staff is enjoying the new cabinets and hand washing sink. New electric salad bar provides peace of mind for proper refrigeration. Planning to buy a few new stainless steel kettles, as well as three shelf stainless steel cart. Received a full case of spoons and forks from Cathy Kiekhaefer from NW Airlines. Mrs. Messer and Betty have gone over new procedures for serving the Head Start children.

Mr. McNulty reported that homecoming is complete and went very well. Second day of conferences on Tuesday 10/19/10.

Amy Smith presented proposed Senior Class Trip to New York, March 20-26, 2011. Mrs. Smith reviewed the proposed itinerary and explained they will have a tour guide for this trip. The Board had discussions relating to cost and safety issues.

Motion by Joseph Miller, seconded by Rawelin Radtke, to approve Senior Class Trip as presented. Voting was 5 for and 0 against.

LPAC met on 10/11/10. Discussed school advertising, parent directory, and set Carnival for 3/24/11.

Facilities Management. Extended date for Bids until November 8th. Bids to be reviewed at the November School Board Meeting.

Robert Carlson announced there will be Safety Training at the City Hall presented by the Department of Homeland Security on November 17th from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Athletic Committee reported that they met with representatives from Holy Trinity to discuss extending the Sports Pairing. The Athletic Committee explained that Holy Trinity had not accepted the Agreement proposed to them in the summer for the current school year. Therefore, the Committee recommended proceeding with a Cooperative Agreement with Holy Trinity. The Board discussed various issues relating to the Sports Pairing. Joseph Miller disagreed with the Cooperative Agreement concept, and recommended resubmitting by certified mail the Pairing Agreement to Holy Trinity, with a deadline to respond to the proposed agreement.

Motion by Joseph Miller, seconded by Fred Blaser, to resubmit the Sports Pairing Agreement with modifications the Athletic Committee deems necessary for a five-year agreement. Voting was 5 for and 0 against.

Discussion and creation of Lester Prairie Schools policy on Employee Use of Social Media. Second reading. Changes and additions to be approved at November meeting.

Discussion and creation of bus policy for the Lester Prairie School District #424. Second reading. Changes and additions to be approved at November meeting.

Discussion and creation of Policy Implementation policy for the Lester Prairie Schools. Second reading. Changes and additions to be approved at November meeting.

Discussion regarding purchase of school vehicle to be used primarily for Driver’s Education, as well as staff use.

Motion by Robert Carlson, seconded by Karla Heigl, to approve purchasing of school vehicle, not to exceed $14,000.00. Voting was 5 for and 0 against.

Motion by Joseph Miller, seconded by Robert Carlson, to approve the following contracts:


Head Girl’s Bball coach, Dan Heiraas

JV Girl’s Bball coach, Lindsey Heiraas

Media Coordinator, Troy Feltman

Head Boy’s Bball coach, Dean Neumann

JV Boy’s Bball coach , Trent Grams

8th grade Boy’s Bball coach, Mike Kegler

7th grade Boy’s Bball coach, Dave Marquardt

7th grade Girl’s Bball coach, Gene Starke

Spelling Bee Coordinator, David Klitzke

Knowledge Bowl, Lacy Schramm


ELL/ESL/Spanish (.86), Cheryl Norman

Voting was 5 for and 0 against.

Motion by Joseph Miller, seconded by Robert Carlson, to approve contract for homecoming dance DJ. Voting was 5 for and 0 against.

Mr. McNulty presented list of donations as follows (FY 10-11):

July 10 – September 10

LP Education Foundation, grants


4.0 Bus Co., not designated $2,500.00

Am Legion, Safety Patrol $28.80

LPAC, Smart Board $2,400.00

Booster Club, VB Uniforms $600.00

Target, HS Donation $1,008.43

Thrivent,Co Ed Breakfast $615.00

Target, Elem Donation, $2,464.04

Task Force, Free Lunch Bussing,


3M, Science Donation $10,000.00

Devan & Devota Stoltenow, Smart

Board $2,472.00

Booster Club, Popcorn Machine,


Bernard Jeurissen, Baby Alive/Health

Class $900.00

LP Education Foundation, Smart Board


Thank you to all who support our school through their generous donations.

Motion by Robert Carlson, seconded by Karla Heigl, to approve all donations made to LP. Voting was 5 for and 0 against.

Report and discussion of Regional Schools Planning Project. Board set 1stchoice of November 16th and 2nd choice of November 18th, for public forum to present information and record ideas to bring to the next meeting on December 2, 2010.

Discussion on Annual Report on Curriculum, Instruction and Student Achievement.

Motion by Robert Carlson, seconded by Karla Heigl, to approve Annual Report on Curriculum and Instruction. Voting was 5 for and 0 against.

Discussed ELL/ESL Program. Information was handed out on where we are and what we need to do to be successful. Administration looking at full time ELL/ESL instructor (includes two periods of Spanish).

Discussed painting over murals on school hallway walls. Some Board members expressed concern over painting over the murals.

Administration explained they have taken photographs of all the murals and could display them in the school. Further discussions regarding art classes possibly painting new murals to replace the existing. Administration will continue to look into this issue.

Agenda Items for the next Board regular meeting (11/15/10):

1. Facilities Management Bids

2. Sports Pairing with Holy Trinity

Meeting was adjourned by 8:13 p.m.

Karla A. Heigl, Clerk, ISD #424


A. October 19 Teacher/Parent Conferences

B. October 20 2-hr late start for students

C. October 21,22 Educ. MN Weekend – No School

D. October 26 PLAN Test

E. October 27 NHS Blood Drive

F. November 17 Safety Training at City Hall


H. November 3 ASVAB Test

I. November 9 Explore Test

J. November 15 School Board Meeting

Published in the Herald Journal Nov. 15, 2010.

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