Lester Prairie School Board Minutes

Mr. McNulty made a presentation on the upcoming bond referendum.
Representatives from ESG were present to answer questions.
The group then took a tour of the facilities.
Monday, October 17, 2011 at 8:00 p.m.
Media Center,
Lester Prairie Public Schools
A Regular Meeting of the Board of Education of District 424, Lester Prairie, McLeod County, Minnesota was held on Monday, October 24, 2011 in the school Media Center.
Roll call was taken and the following Board Members were present: Robert Carlson, Karla Heigl, Matthew Klitzke, Gregg Machemehl, and Joseph Miller. Rawelin Radtke entered the meeting later. Administration present: Mike McNulty and Pam Lukens. Approximately two guests were present, as well as a representative from the Herald-Journal Newspaper.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Matthew Klitzke.
Motion by Joseph Miller, seconded by Gregg Machemehl, to approve revised consent agenda, Regular Board Meeting Minutes of 9/19/11 and Special Board Meeting Minutes of 9/30/11, and to pay bills in the amount of $152,153.56 and Student Activity for $986.78. Voting was 5 for and 0 against.
Good News Section:
Congratulations to the Boys’ Cross Country Team for their Conference Championship. Also, congratulations to Brandon Duffy for being named All Conference and Zach Bondhus for Honorable Mention All Conference.
There was a great turn out for the homecoming parade, football game and dance. Thank you to Mrs. Buckentin for doing such a great job with the Student Council organizing all the homecoming events. The kids had a great week.
Mrs. Lukens reported that both the Elementary School and the High School individually did make AYP last year. However, as a District, Special Education in the area of math did not meet AYP. The staff is working one-on-one with the special education students to improve in this area. A full report on MCA results and AYP status will be presented at the November School Board Meeting.
Reach for the Stars, AR and Treasurer reading programs. The students did meet their Reach for the Stars reading goal. Therefore, Mrs. Lukens will fulfill her promise to kiss a pig. This program has been valuable in helping the school to consistently improve reading scores over the last number of years.
Ninth and 10th grade students attended the Youth Frontier Program for “Respect Retreat”. Fifth and 6th grade students will be attending the “Kindness Retreat” on October 18.
The Board discussed the possibility of incorporating a segment on cell phone bullying into the DARE program.
Mr. McNulty reported fall sports regular season ends this week. Playoffs to begin next week.
Facilities Update:
Facilities staff have completed 21 work orders since the September board meeting. Installed three SmartBoards and will be installing two more this week. Installing windows in 152 this week. Will also be installing door in Bulldog Central.
Kerry Klein hired as new night custodial supervisor. Regular job runs set up, and will be adjusting as needed. Heating plant is up and running. Will be monitoring closely because a few steam leaks in the system have been found. Mr. McNulty reported that the facilities staff is doing a great job. They are constantly looking for ways to make improvements. They also have a very good rapport with the staff and students.
Food Service Update:
One convection oven needs to be replaced.
Mr. McNulty gave update on MASA Conference he attended earlier in the month. Future of MN schools, new initiatives and legislative issues.
School Board Reports:
Special Education – We have a new Cooperative Coordinator, Mary Margaret Mathers. She comes to LP each month to meet with Mr. James and Mrs. Scoblic to review Due Process paperwork changes, review new regulations/laws, shares information/education with us from our cooperative and is our resource for any special education concerns.
Tech/Media Committee to meet next week.
Legislative/MSBA – Governor special session working on waiver to NCLB.
Budget/Finance – Presentation on Budget at the November Board Meeting.
Bus/Transportation – Thank you to Prairie Bus Service for their generous donation for our new Enrichment Programs.
Certified Negotiations – Preliminary meeting was held on October 5th Next meeting is scheduled for October 26th at 6:00 PM in the counselor’s office.
Next meet and confer to take place next week.
Motion by Karla Heigl, seconded by Robert Carlson, to approve non-resident agreements. Voting was 6 for and 0 against.
District student count as of 10/12/11 for K-12 is 404. Student count is up 17 from last year at this time.
Discussed Dean of Students position. The Dean of Students Committee has been in discussion with Mr. Scoblic. Mr. Scoblic has requested two-sevenths of his teacher pay to perform the dean of students position. Mr. Scoblic would perform some of these duties before and after regular school hours. The Board discussed the duties and how Mr. Scoblic’s teaching position might be affect. The Dean of Students committee will meet again to discuss the position in more detail. Any Board Members with ideas or concerns should contact Mr. McNulty. The Dean of Student position will be reviewed by the Board at a Special Meeting on November 14 at 4:00 p.m. with the Referendum Canvassing Meeting to follow at 5:00 p.m.
Motion by Joseph Miller, seconded by Gregg Machemehl, to approve Jocelyn Bukentin as the High School Student Council Advisor. Voting was 6 for and 0 against.
Discussed increase in hours for Jarret Roloff. Increase in hours due to schedule changes for the increase in 9th grade enrollment. With his six assignments now and travel time, he is around 20 minutes short of full time. Mr. McNulty recommended full time status and use the 20 minutes to work as a translater with our growing Hispanic student/parent population. We are now over 40 students for ESL/ELL.
Motion by Robert Carlson, seconded by Karla Heigl, to approve change to full time status for Jarret Roloff. Voting was 6 for and 0 against.
Motion by Robert Carlson, seconded by Gregg Machemehl, to approve Annual Report on Curriculum and Instruction. Voting was 6 for and 0 against.
Mr. Bjork presented information on the 2012 class trip. The class has selected New York City as the location for their trip.
The dates of the trip will be March 18-24. Approximately 21 of the seniors plan to attend.
Motion by Joseph Miller, seconded by Matthew Klitzke, to approve Senior Trip for 2012 as presented. Voting was 6 for and 0 against.
Discussed snow removal contract for 2011-2012. Discussed possibility of getting bid separate from City contract for next year.
Motion by Joseph Miller, seconded by Robert Carlson, to approve snow removal rates for 2011-2012 as presented. Voting was 6 for and 0 against.
Motion by Robert Carlson, seconded by Joseph Miller, to approve Crisis Management Manual. Voting was 6 for and 0 against.
Discussed needed repairs to the bleachers at the football field. Also discussed moving bleachers from the football field to behind the baseball field backstop. Mr. Radtke explained that the City did give approve to move the bleachers to the baseball field at the end of the football season.
Motion by Rawelin Radtke, seconded by Gregg Machemehl, to approve moving bleachers from the football field to behind the baseball field backstop at the end of the football season, make necessary repairs to the bleachers, and movement of the baseball field backstop, at an expense not to exceed $2,000. Voting was 6 for and 0 against.
Agenda Items for the next Board regular meeting:
1. AYP and MCA Test Results
2. Dean of Students Position
Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 P.M.
Karla A. Heigl, Clerk ISD #424
Published in the Herald Journal Nov. 21, 2011

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