Lester Prairie School Board Minutes

Lester Prairie Public Schools
Monday, May 19, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.
Lester Prairie School Media Center
Roll call was taken and the following board members were present: MerriLea Kyllo, Bob Carlson, Rollie Radtke, Greg Machemehl, Karla Heigl. (Matthew Klitzke absent). Administration present: Mike McNulty and Jeremy Schmidt. Guests were Blaine Wahlstrom, Activities Director, Dave Uecker, Facilities Supervisor, and Ivan Raconteur of the Herald Journal.
Pledge of Allegiance was led by Bob Carlson.
Motion by Rollie Radtke, seconded by Greg Machemehl to approve minutes of the Regular Board meeting on 4/21/2014. In the same motion, approval to pay bills in the amount of $148,446.13 & student activity fees of $1,323.97 were also included. Voting was 5 for, 0 against.
Recognition of Communications since Last Meeting:
• Recognized positive comments from parents and students regarding recent Band trip to Chicago
• Board recognized recent efforts of the Activities department and administration in computer streaming of recent spring elementary concert on High School Cube (search school-choose Lester Prairie). This was a test and will be used for activities next year.
Administrative Reports:
Mr. Schmidt’s K-12 report: Discussed handout as presented.
Blaine Wahlstrom presented written report on student participation in various sports activities from 2010 through 2014, also presented written report. Out of that report the following motions were presented and voted upon:
• Motion by Bob Carlson seconded by Karla Heigl to allow a year sabbatical from football coaching for Bill Neubarth due to personal reasons, with the understanding he will have the opportunity to return the following year in his present position. Voting 5 for, 0 against.
• Motion by Rollie Radtke seconded by Greg Machemehl to allow Blaine Wahlstrom to continue to pursue an application process for the Bulldogs to move to the Tomahawk Conference for all sports (except football). Voting 5 for, 0 against.
• Motion by MerriLea Kyllo, seconded by Rollie Radtke to increase the Knowledge Bowl activity fee to $120.00 (the same as the other activities which require travel) due to the high transportation cost. Voting 4 for, 1 against.
• Gym bleachers will be replaced this summer and the gym floor refinished. The first week of summer activities will be done at HT, the rest of June and most of July the gym will be available for activities and the floor should be ready a week before the first volleyball game is scheduled.
Mr. McNulty’s report: See handout on Wrapping up at the Capital.
Facilities Report – Dave Uecker: see written handout.
Committee reports:
Tech/media – met in April
Activities Committee – as discussed above
Negotiations: Non-certified committee to meet on June 2 at 4:30 p.m.
Policy committee to meet before July board meeting
Policy Administration: Student count as of 5/14/14 for K-12 is 414.
School Finances: Preliminary budget discussion for June meeting – committee to meet before board meeting at 5:30 p.m..
New Business:
Discussion ensued regarding job ads in LP School announcements – it was decided that no ads should be allowed. Potential job openings for students should be directed to Mrs. Mattson to post on bulletin board.
Motion by Bob Carlson seconded by Karla Heigl, to approve Andy’s lawn service for mowing contract. Voting 5 for, 0 against.
Motion by Bob Carlson and seconded by Greg Machemehl to stay with Eide Bailey for school audit contract. Voting 5 for, 0 against.
School Safety Training is being offered off-site. Along with administration, Bob Carlson volunteered to be the Board representative for this.
Motion made by Karla Heigl and seconded by MerriLea Kyllo to contract with Carver County Sheriff Department for K-9 services. Voting 5 for, 0 against.
Motion Made by Bob Carlson seconded by MerriLea Kyllo to approve a calendar change for 2014-2015 in combining two half day staff development days to one full day to accommodate special offering. Voting 5 for, 0 against.
Next board meeting set for June 16, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. with budget meeting prior to meeting and board work session following meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted.
MerriLea Kyllo, Acting Clerk ISD #424
Published in the Herald Journal June 16, 2014.

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