Lester Prairie School Board Minutes

Lester Prairie Public Schools
Monday, May 18th 2015 6:30 p.m.
Lester Prairie School Media Center
Roll call was taken and the following board members were present: MerriLea Kyllo, Karla Heigl, Mary Otto, Corbey Hentges, Steve Ziermann and Rawelin Radtke. Administration present: Mike McNulty, Jeremy Schmidt Other Staff: Terri Helland Guests: Caleb Sebora for the Herald Journal and a couple of community members.
Pledge of Allegiance was led by Steve Ziermann.
Motion by Kyllo, seconded by Ziermann to approve the Consent Agenda as modified & to approve the minutes of the Regular Board meeting of 4/14/15 & Special meeting of 05/13/15 & approval to pay bills in the amount of $171,704.16 & student activity fees of $1,777.56 were also included. Vote 6 for, 0 against.
Recognition of Communications since Last Meeting:
A. Kyllo reported on the great band concert
B. Hentges reported on the great play very well received by the public.
C. MSBA Phase III training attended by Kyllo, Heigl, Otto, and Ziermann
a. Board discussion- MSBA provided excellent training
D. Open dialogue – none
Administrative Reports
Mr. Schmidt’s K-12 Report: - highlights
• MCA testing delays
• Kindergarten Round up had lower #’s – Families were called
• We have been approved for a full-time math and reading corps person for next year
• ACT Testing
• Principal hired
• Spanish teacher hired
Mr. Walstrom Report: None given
• Report after spring sports
• Committee recommendation of hiring Ben Machemehl for Varsity Boys Basketball coach.
Dave Uecker Facilities Report: highlights
• Roof leaks under warranty
• Bernie has resigned
Options for different coverages
Mr. McNulty’s Superintendent Report: Highlights
• Government is at 1.5% in budget formula for schools
• Still waiting on State approval for schools to start before labor day
• Teacher license shortage – Math, Science, tech ed., Special Ed.
• Governor – Pre K mandates – not funded
School Board Reports
A. Spec. Ed – Meeting after school on May 21st
B. Community Ed. – Kids Depot 13 kids signed up
C. LPPEA – Carnival great turn out
D. Facilities/Maint. – Meetings being held for Facility planning
E. Tech/Media – meet May 19th
F. Activities Committee – Meet after spring sports
G. Negotiations:
a. Certified – Next meeting June 8th
b. Non-Certified – None
c. Administration – met 5/5 - Principal hired
H. Meet & Confer – met 4/29 – Lack of subs., Kathy Houg gave a 1 yr commitment
I. Policy – Meet during summer and after legislation
Policy Administration
• District student count as of 5/13/15 for K-12 is 415.
• Heigl read Resolution for Minnesota State High School Membership
• Motion made by Hentges, 2nd by Kyllo for membership. Vote 6 for, 0 against
• Heigl read Resolution for Coop Sponsorship Agreement for Boys Soccer
• Motion made by Hentges, 2nd by Otto to approve sponsorship agreement for Boys soccer with Mayer Lutheran High School. Vote 6 for 0 against.
Old Business
• Discussion took place regarding 2016 graduation date.
• If allowed by state, 2015-16 School year to start Sept. 1st
• Motion made by Heigl, 2nd by Radtke to approve 2015-2016 Calendar with a school start date of Sept. 1st pending legislation approval, and a graduation date May 27th, 2016. Vote 6 for 0 against.
• Radtke to search for stage rental
Personnel Issues
• Motion made Heigl and 2nd Kyllo to approve the hiring of Janelle Afrasiab as the Spanish Instructor and Petra Nelson as elementary teacher. Vote: 6 for, 0 against
• Motion made Heigl and 2nd Hentges to approve the resignation of Mr. Bjork as the Driver’s Ed Instructor . Vote: 6 for, 0 against
• Motion made Kyllo and 2nd Hentges to approve the Master Level Classes of Julie Olson. Vote: 6 for, 0 against
• Motion made by Otto and 2nd Radtke to approve Ben Machemehl as the Boys Varsity basketball coach. Vote: 5 for, 1 against
School Finances
Resolution read by Heigl for transferring the ECFE funds.
• Roll call vote: Radtke – yes, Otto – yes, Hentges – Yes, Heigl – yes, Ziermann – yes, Kyllo yes
New Business
• Motion made by Hentges, 2nd by Kyllo for program agreement with Southwest Minnesota State University Teacher Education. Vote 6 for, 0 against
• Two bids were received for Lawn Mowing Services
• Motion made by Radtke, 2nd by Heigl to offer Mowing contract to Mathews Lawn Service. Vote 6 for, 0 against
• Terri Helland spoke about the band trip to St. Louis May 12-15th, 2016
• Motion made Kyllo, 2nd by Otto to approve the 2016 Band Trip presented by Terri Helland. Vote 6 for, 0 against
• Motion made Hentges, 2nd Otto to approve the continuation of with the Tri-Valley for Head Start Program. Vote 6 for, 0 against
• Next meeting June 8th agenda items
- Fund Balance/Budget
- Solar Power Presentation
- Facilities Walk Thru
Meeting was adjourned at 8:14 PM.
Steven D. Ziermann, Clerk ISD #424
Published in the Herald Journal June 22, 2015.

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