Lester Prairie School Board Minutes

Special Meeting of the SCHOOL BOARD of EDUCATION
Lester Prairie Public Schools
Friday, November 6th, 2015 7:00am
Lester Prairie School Media Center
Roll call was taken and the following board members were present: MerriLea Kyllo, Karla Heigl, Mary Otto, Corbey Hentges, and Steve Ziermann absent: Rawelin Radtke. Administration present: Jeremy Schmidt
Pledge of Allegiance was led by Steve Ziermann.
Motion by Kyllo, seconded by Hentges to approve the Consent Agenda as presented. Vote 5 for 0 against
New Business
A. Resolution Canvassing of Special Election
a. Chair Heigl read the Resolution Canvassing Returns of Special Election
Motion by Hentges, seconded by Kyllo to accept Resolution Canvassing Returns of Special Election as read by Chair Heigl
• Roll call vote: Kyllo – yes, Otto – yes, Hentges – Yes, Heigl – yes, Ziermann – yes
Meeting was adjourned at 7:06 am.
Steven D. Ziermann, Clerk ISD #424
Published in the Herald Journal Nov. 30, 2015.

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