Lester Prairie School Board Minutes

Lester Prairie Public Schools
Wednesday February 22nd, 2017 5:45 pm
Lester Prairie School Media Center
Roll call was taken and the following board members were present: Mary Otto, Steve Ziermann and Corbey Hentges, Mark Sebora, Rebecca Heimerl, and Meganne Stifter-Knoll. Administration present: Nathaniel Boyer. Jeremy Schmidt was absent. Other staff present: Michael Bjork, Christine Mattson, and Connie Murphy
Guests: Jason Mix, Sara Gonzalez, Kaitlyn Stibal, Damon Niccum, Jenna Opheim, and Ivan Raconteur for the Herald Journal.
• Motion by Otto, 2nd by Ziermann to approve the Consent Agenda as modified & to approve the minutes of regular meeting 1/9/17 & approval to pay bills in the amount of $213,728.34 and student activity fees of $2,368.21 were also included
Vote: 6 for, 0 against.
Recognition of Communications since Last Meeting:
A. Communications received – Exciting Boy basketball games. Well attended. Congrats to FPS team advancing to state.
B. Open dialogue – none
Administrative Reports
Mr. Boyer K-12 Report: - highlights
• Conferences went well. 98% elementary attendance overall
• Snow-Fest activities were a hit under the direction of Cheryl Bayerl
• WIDA testing linguistics for ELL coming to a close
• Interviews set up for long term sub for ELL teacher
• Discussions with Howard Lake for Innovation pilot award program
Mr. Schmidt Report: highlights
• None
School Board Reports
A. Spec. Ed – None
B. Community Ed. – None
C. LPPEA – mtg. Feb. 8th
a. Up-coming Carnival
D. Facilities/Maint. –
a. Sarah Gonzalez manager for Dashir
b. Employees to get shirts – Easily identifiable as part of staff
c. Report given – shifts established for 3 custodians
E. Tech/Media – Ziermann attended LCTN – budget approved and new board members established.
F. Activities Committee – met 2-22 Highlights
a. Cross Country pairing options
b. Volleyball coaching changes
c. JH basketball – looking at options for split season boys/girls
d. Pairing contract review
e. Game attendance costs – Financial impact to be reviewed by Mr. Schmidt. If change for student fees, they will take place next year.
f. Chevrons to be ordered for each season in bulk. Forms turned in to school for ordering.
g. Boys Basketball Jerseys – new jerseys will be ordered for JV to stick with school colors.
h. Signs to be placed in gym for Visitor and Home seating
G. Negotiations - none
H. Meet & Confer – none
I. Policy – in agenda
J. Legislative – none
Policy Administration
• District student count as of 12/11/2016 for K-12 is 430.
• Discussion of policy on sponsorships and donations
a. No current policy in place
b. Hentges called MSBA for standard policy
i. Model Policy 905
Old Business
Personnel Issues
• Motion made by Sebora and 2nd by Stifter-Knoll to approve the FMLA for Tanya Minnick (ELL) Vote: 6 for, 0 against
Hentges read the Resignation letter
• Motion made by Sebora and 2nd by Ziermann to approve the resignation of Head Volleyball coach Blaine Walstrom
Vote: 6 for, 0 against
School Finances
New Business
A. Jason Mix spoke about new Innovation Pilot program discussion took place.
• Motion made by Otto and 2nd by Heimerl to approve the Innovation Pilot Application with HLWW School District
Vote: 6 for, 0 against
B. Presentation for Senior Class Trip given by Christine Mattson and Michael Bjork.
a. Class going to Florida
b. Several learning activities scheduled.
C. Discussion of Leadership Conference and Phase Training by board members
a. Sebora – phased training overwhelmed by the amount of regulations
b. Otto – attended referendum workshop
c. Ziermann – attended workshops on Social Media Challenges, MSHL, Leading Changes in Math, and Referendum success Albany Schools
D. Discussion on upcoming lawn care bid. Single year and multi-year options Sebora suggested a 3rd option for language for optional years.
E. Discussion regarding School Calendar
• Motion made by Otto and 2nd by Stifter-Knoll to approve the 2017-2018 School year Calendar as presented. Vote: 6 for, 0 against
• Motion made by Otto and 2nd by Ziermann to approve the School board work session retreat for March 20th after the Regular Board meeting Vote: 6 for, 0 against
• Motion made by Heimerl and 2nd by Hentges to approve the open enrollment numbers as presented. Vote: 6 for, 0 against
• Next Board meeting March 20th
Meeting was adjourned at 7:12 PM.
Steven D. Ziermann, Clerk ISD #424
Published in the Herald Journal April 3, 2017.