Lester Prairie School Board Minutes

Lester Prairie Public Schools
Monday, September 17th, 2018 5:45pm
Lester Prairie School Media Center
Roll call was taken and the following board members were present: Corbey Hentges, Steve Ziermann, Meganne Stifter-Knoll, Mary Otto, and Rebecca Heimerl. Absent Mark Sebora. Administration present: Mike Lee and Jeremy Schmidt. Staff present: Kim DeBruyckere, Katie Carmine, and Michael Bjork. Guests: Kurt Rosenau, and Ivan Raconteur for the Herald Journal.
Pledge of Allegiance was led by Steve Ziermann.
Motion by Otto seconded by Stifter-Knoll to approve the Consent Agenda as modified & to approve the minutes of the Regular Board meeting of 08/20/18, and the approval to pay bills in the amount of $131,107.29 & student activity fees of $4,650.31 were also included. Vote: 5 for, 0 against
Recognition of Communications since Last Meeting:
• Communication – Report -
1. Back to School Event from LPBA – School Breakfast
2. Good Attendance for Golf Tourney – more than last year.
• Open dialogue – none
Administrative Reports
Mr. Lee K-12 Report: - highlights
• Well attended teacher social at Longhorn’s sponsored by the LP Business Association
• Well attended open house – special thanks to the LP Lions club for donating and handing out water for the hotdog supper. Due to the cancellation of the group that has sold beverages in the past.
• First day of school was on September 4th, 2018
• We had our first Youth Task Force Meeting on Wednesday, September 12th
• Formal Observations and classroom walk throughs will start this week
• Picture Day is Wednesday, September 19th
• Homecoming week is October 1st -5th
• Fire Prevention week is October 7th-13th
Mr. Schmidt Superintendent Report: - highlights
• School Safety Grant Application – results in October
• Busing from last month’s meeting has been resolved. The offender has moved
• Received School Finance Award
o Positive Fund balances – Great job Alice!
School Board Reports
A. Spec. Ed – none
B. Community Ed. – none
C. PTO – met on Sept. 5th
a. $1,800 towards new books in library
b. Adding Spelling city Software to 6th grade class
c. Fall book Fair during conferences
D. Facilities/Maint. – No report – need fulltime subs.
i. Hentges commended the job by Dashir
E. Tech/Media – Met on 8/22
a. Discussed wireless upgrade
b. Options for leasing laptops for staff
c. IOS needs updating – curriculum on line
d. Training on gym system needed
e. Purchase pf another cart and Chrome books needed
i. Each student to use the same numbered Chrome book for class
f. Look at offering a keyboard class
F. Activities Committee – None
G. Negotiations:
a. Non-Certified – meeting on 8/22 – Agreement settled on 8/30
i. Contract highlights - .25cents + steps, match Retirement funds up to $650
b. Certified – none
c. Administration – none
H. Meet & Confer – need to set up meeting per state statue.
I. Policy – none
J. Legislative: none
Policy Administration
District count – as of 9/6/18 = 471 students
Old Business - none
Personnel Issues
• Motion made by Otto and 2nd by Ziermann to approve Andy Dahl as Head Boys Basketball Coach for the 2018-2019 Season
Vote: 5 for, 0 against
• Motion by Heimerl and 2nd by Otto to approve the resignation of don Whitaker as JV Boys Basketball Coach.
Vote: 5 for, 0 against
• Motion by Otto and 2nd by Heimerl to approve Kim Schauer as the Special Education Paraprofessional with assigned duties.
o Discussion – She is a graduate of LP and will replace Heather Will
Vote: 5 for, 0 against
School Finances
• Motion by Heimerl and 2nd by Stifter-Knoll to approve certified proposed 2018, payable 2019 Property Tax Levy Limitations at the maximum amount. Final amount to be given at the December School Board meeting
Vote: Hentges – yes, Sifter-Knoll – yes, Ziermann – yes, Heimerl – yes, Otto - yes
Vote: 5 for, 0 against
• Motion made by Otto and 2nd by Heimerl to approve donations to Lester Prairie Schools in the amount of $63,116.04
Vote: 5 for, 0 against
New Business
• Motion made by Heimerl and 2nd by Stifter-Knoll to approve School Health Agreement with Diana Loveland for the 2018-2019 School Year.
o Discussion – Dianna moved from Idaho with great Nurse Experience
Vote: 5 for, 0 against
• Motion made by Heimerl and 2nd by Otto to approve moving the November Regular School board meeting held on November 19th to November 12th at 5:45 pm.
Vote: 5 for, 0 against
• Motion made by Heimerl and 2nd by Otto to approve the Non-Certified Contract with MSEA for 2019-2021.
o Discussion – the Dashir Contract will go up as well
Vote: 5 for, 0 against
• Motion made by Otto and 2nd by Stifter-Knoll to approve the Junior Class Carlson Orchard Fundraiser
Vote: 5 for, 0 against
Meeting was adjourned at 6:31PM
Steven D. Ziermann, Clerk ISD #424
Published in the Herald Journal Oct. 26, 2018.