Lester Prairie School Board Minutes

Lester Prairie Public Schools
Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 5:45pm Lester Prairie School Media Center
Roll call was taken and the following board members were present: Corbey Hentges, Mark Sebora, Steve Ziermann, Megan Stifter Knoll, Rebecca Heimerl, and Mary Otto absent. Administration present: Mike Lee, Jeremiah Kramer and Jeremy Schmidt. Other staff present: Kim DeBruyckere Guests: Ivan Raconteur for the Herald Journal.
Pledge of Allegiance was led by Corbey Hentges.
Motion by Heimerl seconded by Hentges to approve the Consent Agenda as modified & to approve the minutes of the Regular Board meeting of 10/15/18, and the approval to pay bills in the amount of $124,349.46& student activity fees of $3,127.65 were also included. Vote: 4 for, 0 against
Steve Ziermann arrives.
Recognition of Communications since Last Meeting:
• Communication – Report -
1. Football Successful season with State Playoff berth
2. Evan Lee State Cross Country berth
3. Band Concert wonderful performance and well attended
• Open dialogue – none
Administrative Reports
Mr. Lee K-12 Report: - highlights
• Excellent Veterans Day Program – Choir and Band did a great job. Thanks to Rachel Stender for creating a video tribute for the Veterans – lots of tears from attendees
• Attended North Collaborative Principal meeting Oct. 16th
• Teachers are encouraged to attend the NC content meetings – LP lack of subs may limit the attendance – positive feed-back for those who have attended.
o Facilitator of the meetings is very good.
• First free lunch of the year hosted Harvest Community Church was on Oct. 17th. Approximately 180 participated. Jon Wall spoke about kids coming from different families and there is support for them out there beyond family
• Youth Task Force meeting is November 14th
• Administration looking into using Saturday School to replace some ISS situations.
• Teachers and PTO are beginning to remove books from the library to update it and make it more user friendly
Mr. Schmidt Superintendent Report: - highlights
• Attended 2018 Education Forum in Willmar – Kirk Scheenwind from MSBA spoke
• Working Technology Upgrades – receiving bids meeting with contractors
School Board Reports
A. Spec. Ed – none
B. Community Ed. – met on 10/24
a. Updated schedules and informed AD Jeremiah
b. Working on getting programs out earlier
c. Looking for new program ideas
C. PTO – none
D. Facilities/Maint –
a. Looking for Custodial substitutes
b. OSHA training on Personal protective equipment.
c. Monthly audits completed with each worker
d. Ceiling tiles replaced in shop
e. White boards in room 144,146,and 158
f. Regraded parking lot
E. Facilities School Committee – meet on 11/14
F. Tech/Media – met on 11/14
a. 24 more chrome books purchased
b. Need sound guy for acoustics in gym
c. Working on E-rate purchases
G. Activities Committee – none
a. Director Report – Kraemer
i. Set date for next committee meeting
ii. No Gym report on the use of Winsted gym. Only using 1⁄2 of gym at this point. Gym floor elevated from roof leak and staff working on trying to dry the floor out.
iii. One Act Play starting up – Jen Smith is coach
iv. Coach evaluations completed by players
v. MCAA to be renamed the Minnesota Classic Athletic Association
vi. LPHT to look at moving conferences
vii. Sebora asked how many wrestling students are participating this year – 7 students participating
H. Negotiations:
a. Non-Certified – none
b. Administration – none
I. Meet & Confer – none
J. Policy – none
K. Legislative: none
Policy Administration
District count – as of 11/05/18 = 467 students
Old Business - none
Personnel Issues
• Motion made by Heimerl and 2nd by Stifter-Knoll to approve resignation of Lisa Feltman as classroom paraprofessional with assigned duties.
Hentges read letter Vote: 5 for, 0 against
• Motion made by Sebora and 2nd by Ziermann to approve the non-renewal of Tina Scherer as Varsity Volleyball Coach.
Hentges read Resolution letter. Schmidt to deliver letter
Roll call vote: Heimerl – y, Stifter-Knoll – y, Ziermann – y, Sebora – y, Hentges – y.
Vote: 5 for, 0 against
• Motion made by Stifter-Knoll and 2nd by Heimerl to approve the following contracts as presented.
Kip Kovar - Jr. High Boys Basketball Coach
Adam Teut - Challenge Club
David Marquardt - Jr. High Boys Basketball Coach
Andrew Weber - Jr. High Girls Basketball Coach
Ryan Quast - Jr. High Baseball Coach
Ben Machemehl - C-Squad Boys Basketball Coach
Jeremy Schmidt - JV Boys Basketball Coach
Mary Otto - Co-Head/JV Volleyball Coach
Kelly Elling - Co-Head/JV Volleyball Coach
Discussion: Sebora asked about JV Boys coach position as another admin being gone. Job was posted with no fitting applicants Mr. Schmidt best choice to help program out with new head coach etc. Jeremiah Kraemer would fill in for admin as needed.
Vote: 5 for, 0 against
New Business
• Motion by Heimerl and 2nd by Stifter-Knoll to approve election of school board members as presented. Vote: 5 for, 0 against
• Motion by Heimerl and 2nd by Stifter-Knoll to approve Canvassing of School Board Election.
Roll call vote: Heimerl – y, Stifter-Knoll – y, Ziermann – y, Sebora – y, Hentges – y.
Vote: 5 for, 0 against
• Motion by Heimerl and 2nd by Ziermann to approve snow removal Quotes from Lizau Excavating Vote: 5 for, 0 against
• Motion by Heimerl and 2nd by Stifter-Knoll to approve the selection of the City Hall as the combined polling place for the 2019 special elections Vote: 5 for, 0 against
• Motion by Stifter-Knoll and 2nd by Hentges to approve one year contract extension with Musser Environmental Consulting, Inc.
Discussion: Company tests water for lead, asbestos. 1 year contract to coincide with calendar years of other school districts, Sebora asked about Radon Testing. Mr. Schmidt commented that Radon Testing will be one of the next requirements that will be coming.
Vote: 5 for, 0 against
• Motion by Heimerl and 2nd by Ziermann to approve Unhinged Pizza for “Big Game” delivery Pizza fundraiser by the Senior Class Vote: 5 for, 0 against
Next Meeting – Regular and Re-org meeting to be held on January 14th
Meeting was adjourned at 6:49 PM
Steven D. Ziermann, Clerk ISD #424
Published in the Herald Journal Dec. 21, 2018.