Lester Prairie School Board Minutes

Lester Prairie Public Schools
Monday May 20, 2019 5:45pm
Lester Prairie School Media Center
Roll call was taken and the following board members were present: Corbey Hentges, Mark Sebora, Steve Ziermann, Megan Stifter Knoll, Rebecca Heimerl, and Mary Otto. Administration present: Mike Lee, and Jeremy Schmidt. Guests: Sara Gonzales with Dashir, and Ivan Raconteur for the Herald Journal.
Pledge of Allegiance was led by Steve Ziermann.
Motion by Heimerl second by Stifter-Knoll, to approve the Consent Agenda as modified, amending agenda Kids Depot in one action item and approve the minutes of the Regular Board meeting on 4/15/19 and the approval to pay bills in the amount of $112,074.34 & student activity fees of $3,017.13 were also included. Vote: 6 for, 0 against
Recognition of Communications since Last Meeting:
• Communication – Report -
1. Graduation Night successful
2. Band Concert – another wonderful performance
a. Zach Jackson performance with tubes
3. Band – Superior rating – 6th – 8th grade
a. Valleyfair Day.
4. Choir Concert – great performance and well attended.
• Open dialogue – none
Administrative Reports
Mr. Lee K-12 Report: - highlights
• Successful graduation
• Awards day went very well – a lot of awards handed out
• Both Band and Choir concerts were excellent and well attended
• Thanks to NHS for the Appreciation Breakfast.
• Congrats to the NHS for their Kare 11 Eye Up winning entry.
o Awarded $1,100 from Kare 11
• Last Day for students on May 24th
• Most teachers are completing the optional work hours to not come in on May 31st
Mr. Schmidt Superintendent Report: - highlights
• Staff breakfast coming up
• May 31st for flex hours
o Staff asked for May 30th – Board agreed to keep the same for May 31st.
School Board Reports
A. Community Ed. – none
B. PTO – Serving teacher breakfast – board donate fruit
a. Approved – Purchase of Agility balls, books for library, and gifts for retirement. August 28th open house. $1,500 donated for FPS trip.
C. Facilities
a. Building Committee – Referendum failed by 5 votes
a. Lots of energy
b. Need is still there
ii. Deadlines to meet for next referendum
iii. New Referendum has a 5% increase - $13,650,000
iv. Interest rates on bond rates have dropped and tax base has increased
1. Even though the Bond has increased the overall Tax impact will be $25 less per year for the average household
2. With this window of opportunity of changes the Building Committee will suggest to Board to Re-submit new review and comment to MDE.
b. Facilities – Sara Report
i. Staffing tough – one full time opening
ii. Summer to do – finish bathroom partitions being updated
iii. 7 classrooms will have updates
iv. Woodchips being added to main playground
v. Wood windows being replaced.
D. Tech/Media – Wiring to start in June
a. Tech budget for 70” television monitors
b. Some Chrome books and Teacher computers to be replaced
i. Currently have 10 carts of Chrome books – 320 total
c. Office Staff PC replacement
d. Lights and sound system – looking for more hands on power users
1. Staff made some suggestions of candidates
e. Sound masking in gym – working with Mark Lenz Architect
E. Activities Committee –
a. Director Report – Kraemer
i. Softball team to start playoffs
ii. Baseball team plays at home Section 4A playoffs
iii. Track will compete in sub-sections in GSL
iv. We did not have any golfers make Varsity this year
v. Player season evals are currently being completed
vi. Working on some quick “why we play” videos with student athletes so they can share their reasons for why they participate. These will be shown to parents at Fall sign-up night.
vii. Final vote for LP to move to Tomahawk conference will be May 22nd.
viii. New Logo for MCAA conference
ix. Almost have enough funds for a new drop-down batting cage to be installed this summer. Donations received from the Lions Club. Reaching out to the Booster Club.
x. The Wright County Conference made a change this spring to JH Basketball to be in line with the Central MN Conference flipping back and forth each year between girls and boys starting first in the fall. LP to follow.
F. Negotiations:
a. Certified – Group has been meeting, no dates set for negotiations
b. Non-Certified - none
c. Administration – none
G. Meet & Confer – meet May 29th
H. Policy – none meet before June Regular meeting
I. Legislative: Sebora – Bills are tied up in Legislature
Policy Administration
District count – as of 5/13/19 = 473 students
Old Business – none
Personnel Issues –
• Action item to approve extension of probationary status for Bodil Empting for the 2019-2020 School Year has been tabled.
• Motion by Stifter-Knoll and 2nd by Otto to approve Rachel Stender, Jan Smith, Cheryl Bayerl, Sami Dhoore, Emma Blashack, Parker Bayerl, Peighton Ruzicka, Jerika Ziermann, McKenna Kutz, Taylor Bayerl, Zach Jackson, Noelle Blashack, and Alexis Kubista for the Kids Depot. Vote: 6 for, 0 against
• Motion by Otto and 2nd by Stifter-Knoll to approve Amanda Wood as Secondary Spanish Teacher with assigned duties.
o Discussion – From Pennsylvania originally from MN. Interviewed with Father Tony. Moving back to MN to be closer to family.
Vote: 6 for, 0 against
• Motion by Otto and 2nd by Heimerl to approve Jan Smith as Summer School Teacher with assigned duties Vote: 6 for, 0 against
• Motion by Heimerl and 2nd by Otto to approve Bodil Empting as Summer School Teacher with assigned duties
Vote: 6 for, 0 against
• Motion by Heimerl and 2nd by Stifter-Knoll to approve new Superintendent contract.
o Discussion – Sebora thanks committee & Mr. Schmidt helping out in the search and interviews for new Superintendent.
• Otto – Thanks to MSBA in our search
Vote: 6 for, 0 against
School Finance
• Motion by Otto and 2nd by Ziermann to approve the rental agreement for the 2019-2020 School Year with St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church in the amount of $1,725 per month for a period of 9 months as presented.
o Discussion – More affordable than portable classrooms Vote: 6 for, 0 against
New Business
• Motion by Heimerl and 2nd by Ziermann to approve resolution relating to canvassing returns of Special Election.
o Discussion – Yes votes – 465, No votes - 470. Recounts are allowable; District would have to pay for recount. Mr. Schmidt spoke with Lawyer - results not likely to change with the use of electronic voting and to approve results. This meeting is within 7 days so no special meeting needed for approval of results.
Roll call vote: Hentges – Y, Heimerl – Y, Ziermann – Y, Otto – Y, Stifter – Knoll – Y, Sebora – Y. Vote: 6 for, 0 against
• Motion by Ziermann and 2nd by Sebora to approve submitting Review and Comment to MDE for potential upcoming elections.
o Discussion – Bond - $13,650,000 5% increase. In preparation - Mark, Kelly and Mr. Schmidt to submit Review.
Vote: 6 for, 0 against
• Discussion on calendar changes for the 2018-2019 School Year due to weather related school closings.
o Discussion – Flex time discussed during Mr. Schmidt’s report
Meeting was adjourned at 6:53 P.M.
Steven D. Ziermann, Clerk ISD #424
Published in the Herald Journal June 21, 2019.