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New public notices published in the issue of July 20, 2009
City of LorettoMinutes of Regular City Council MeetingJuly 14, 2009
Mayor Andersen called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Members present: Mayor Barry Andersen, Council members Brenda Daniels, Clark Lohr, Jeff France, and Jeff Tepfer. Also present: City Clerk Cindy Patnode, City Attorney Paula Callies, City Planner Annie Rexine, Public Works Director Jeff Leuer, and Police Chief Ed Belland.
There were eleven people in the audience.
The agenda was approved with the addition of scheduling the budget workshop for August under the “Financial” section.
On a motion by Andersen, seconded by Daniels, to approve the Notes of Work Session of the Loretto City Council of June 2, 2009 Minutes as submitted.
Motion carried unanimously.
On a motion by Tepfer, seconded by Andersen, to approve the June 2, 2009 Minutes as submitted.
Motion carried unanimously.
Medina Police Chief Belland gave the police report for the month of June, noting that all three liquor establishments passed their alcohol compliance checks. In July, patrolling will begin for the safe and sober campaign.
Three Rivers Park Commission Wyatt gave a brief presentation on her role on the park commission of which the City of Loretto is in her district (one of 13 communities). She responded to questions regarding fees and the elimination of the snowmobile trail due to the bike path.
RESOLUTION 2009-16, Authorizing Credit Card
On a motion by France, seconded by Daniels, to approve Resolution 2009-16, A RESOLUTION APPROVING A CREDIT CARD AND AUTHORIZING OFFICIAL SIGNATORIES
Discussion: Card will be in possession of Public Works Director or locked up in file drawer.
Motion carried unanimously.
RESOLUTION 2009-17, LMCC Stimulus Funding
LMCC Director Sally Koenecke was at the meeting to address the Council on this request. Attorney Callies informed the Council of her review.
Discussion: Total cost of project set at $60 million; connection available to every single house – no connection fee; price for service not determined at this time; referendum may be necessary and would be handled by LMCC, not the cities; new board would be formed to oversee this project; advantages of the system; reaction of other cities so far 3 for/0 against.
Motion carried unanimously.
Right –of-way (ROW) discussion
Callies brought to the attention of Council the issue of regulation of the public ROW. She suggested the city may wish to consider adopting a ROW ordinance and to obtain input from the engineer on a proposed ordinance.
Leuer agreed that a ROW ordinance would be beneficial for the city.
Consensus of the Council is to bring the ROW material to the August meeting and obtain input from the Engineer.
Motion carried unanimously.
Bids were received from two of the four departments that were sent out: one from Medina and one from Hennepin County. There is approximately a $12,000 difference between the two.
Strong support for retaining the Medina PD from the Loretto Fire Department was expressed in a written letter along with firefighters at the meeting. A business owner also voiced his support for retaining Medina PD in Loretto.
Police Chief Belland explained the other types of services that his department does such as animal control, background investigation, DARE in local school, school patrol, tobacco/alcohol compliance checks, Fun Fest/Holiday Train events, and traffic control. He stated that investigative clearance rates have increased from 40% to 60-70% since Medina added that service to their department. Prior to that, Hennepin County was doing the investigation. He reiterated to the Council the great working relationship with Loretto and the history of the last contract. They offer good quality service for Loretto residents and feel they have a stake in the community and look forward to continuing with a new contract.
Council consensus was to talk about it at budget time. (This item was again discussed under the Financial section of the meeting).
Bike Path Update
Public Works Director Leuer informed the Council of the progress taken this week and staff will continue to update the Council through emails. This is the first week of Hennepin County’s portion of the bike path under the contractor VEIT. County representatives are working closely with city staff on any complaints received and will address them in a timely fashion. July 20th – August 1st are the scheduled dates when the railroad closes for replacement of the tracks.
Proposed Zoning Changes
Planner Rexine lead the discussion of the proposed zoning map changes to the Council stating that updating the existing zoning map to comply with the Proposed Land Use Map from the 2030 Comprehensive Plan was the catalyst for this proposal. Any changes to what the Council recommended in that plan would require a Comp Plan amendment. Business owners affected by the change from I, Industrial to R2, Multi-Family Residential for the parcel owned by Paul and Patricia Meisel (PID: 06-118-23 31 0033) voiced their opposition stating that they didn’t feel the location warrants the change due to heavy truck traffic on all sides of this particular parcel and the fuel tanks to the west of the parcel. This parcel was re-guided to Multi Family Residential during the 2030 Comprehensive Plan process per the recommendations of the 2004 Loretto Downtown Redevelopment Plan. This parcel was seen as a potential location for townhomes and/or senior housing due to current parking restraints and walking proximity to downtown businesses. Rexine stated she did speak to the Met Council representative regarding this (as she was aware of this concern). They stated that if the Council chose to keep it as Industrial, they would need to apply for a Comp Plan amendment which could be done administratively. The density requirements that are affected (standards set by Met Council) are minimal and are assumed to not create a big impact if left as Industrial.
If the Council chose to continue with the proposal as is, the parcel would be legal, non-compliance and could continue in their current zoning (I). Discussion took place on the cost that would be required if it remains an “I” district (cost of time to do the paperwork).
Council consensus was to direct the Planner to change the proposed “I”-“R-2” back to “I” and take the necessary steps for public notice and have at the August Council meeting.
Discussion also took place regarding who is responsible for covenants or Planned Unit Developments within the City and how to instruct residents that fall into that category when they inquire or apply for permits that the city regulates.
Council consensus was to direct the Attorney to check into that and report back at the August Council meeting.
Discussion also took place on the Zoning Ordinance and the potential for updates. Council consensus was to discuss this item at the next August 11 budget meeting.
Farmers Market in Loretto
Kayla Altendorf sent information requesting confirmation by the Council as to the location of the farmers market at the Loretto ballfield parking lot. She is working on obtaining vendors and tentative set the dates for Fridays from 3 – 6 p.m.
Council confirmed that the ballfield parking lot would be available for that use.
Loretto Fire Department Information
In response to last month’s questions ~ no rolling grass fires are allowed in the City of Loretto.
Fun Fest Update
Change of time may occur with the event possibly beginning at 2 p.m. The next meeting is set for July 15, 2009 to finalize events and times.
Council stated they liked the new layout of the update.
Diseased Tree Discussion
Attorney Callies informed the Council that the city does have an ordinance dealing with diseased trees but Loretto is under no obligation at a city level to do anything at this time. Ordinance changes that the city may want to look into are regulating the types of trees that can be planted within the city (trees that are not messy, trees not easily prone to breaking limbs, etc.).
No direction was given by the Council at this time.
***Consultant Planner Rexine left at this time ~ 8:50 p.m.***
Tree/Yard Waste Site
Staff has been checking out different avenues on this as the city closed their waste site earlier this year. Staff has been directed to inform residents of different locations that accept yard waste (mostly for a fee).
***Consultant Attorney Callies left at this time ~ 9:00 p.m.***
City Hall
Council correspondence
Brief review of correspondence.
No action taken.
Performance Review Format
Until time is available to re-format the job descriptions and performance reviews, they will remain in force.
Usage Report
This was the first report for monthly water usage in the city. Consensus was given to direct the Public Works Director to provide a monthly water usage spreadsheet for Council review.
Kim’s Furniture Request
A letter was submitted by Kim’s Furniture business for a reduction in the monthly utility fees as his business uses very little water.
The consensus of the Council was to not grant the business a reduction in fees.
Council directed staff to send a letter to the business owner in the Industrial District where it was confirmed through televising that heavy duty towels are being placed in the sewer lines. These towels have led to sizable financial implications to the city upon reaching the sewer outfalls.
Staff will start the process of correcting I & I issues revealed while doing the televising. This will be a multi-year project to be worked on with the engineer.
Ponds Playground Update
Information only – Ponds playground went in on June 19, 2009 by neighborhood volunteers and paid contractors. A thank you letter was received by a patron.
Maintenance Report
Area around donated bench will be painted with a caution strip at the edge of the concrete.
On a motion by Andersen, seconded by Daniels, to authorize D’Fence Company to repair the fence at the Bob Koch Field in the amount of $5,040.
Motion carried unanimously.
Insurance Claim
Consensus of the Council was to repay the LCAA in the amount $6,025.70 as their portion of the insurance settlement of lightning strikes at the ballfields in years 2007 & 2008. Both the city and LCAA submitted claims that were reimbursed by the insurance company.
Job Description
Council consensus was to continue to work on the job description for the Park Coordinator and discuss it at the August Budget Workshop.
Clerk Patnode informed the Council of her desire to have this position kept as is as there was talk of it being added to her job description. Current Park Coordinator Herb Koch is actively seeking out additional revenue for the city in the rental of the ballfields and trying to get more leagues into the city. He also indicated he is bidding for the regions to be in Loretto this year (no income from the teams – just bringing people in and hopefully increasing the patronage to local businesses). That would occur the first two weekends in August.
West Railway Street/St. John Street – Dust Control
Informational purposes only – frost boils were dug out, dust control was coordinated with the City of Corcoran and will be billed out to the City of Loretto and business owners that agreed to pay a portion to have the dust control in front of their private businesses.
Use of Equipment Recognition – Architectural Images
Council consensus was to send a letter to Architectural Images thanking them for the donation of the use of their loader to remove brackets from the light poles due to the bike construction.
No items brought forward.
July Bills
On a motion by Daniels, seconded by Tepfer, to approve bill #’s 420E-436E and 18576-18630 (voiding 18629) in the amount of $91,098.05.
Motion carried unanimously.
Financial Activity (Monthly Balance Sheet & Financial Guidelines)
The June Monthly Balance Sheet (dated 7/6/09) was submitted for review.
No action taken.
Financial Guidelines dated 7/8/09 were submitted for review and acceptance.
Schedule Budget Workshop for August
Consensus was to set the Budget Workshop for 6 p.m. prior to the regularly scheduled August 11, 2009 Council Meeting.
Police Contracts
Discussion was made to send letters to the two departments (Medina & Hennepin County) to inquire certain information of each and have for the August workshop meeting if possible.
On a motion by Tepfer, seconded by France, to adjourn at 10:05 p.m.
Motion carried unanimously.
Cynthia J. Patnode, City Clerk
Barry Andersen, Mayor
Published in the Delano Herald Journal July 20, 2009.