Delano Herald Journal Notices
New public notices published in the issue of August 3, 2009
The following information represents the annual disclosure of Tax Increment Districts for the year ended December 31, 2008.
TIF District Name:TIF 1
Current net tax capacity$26,840
Original net tax capacity$660
Captured net tax capacity$26,180
Principal and interest paymentsdue during current year $16,670
Tax increment received$14,029
Tax increment expended$14,908
Month and year of first tax increment receipt7/2004
Date of required decertification12/31/2029
Additional information regarding this district may be obtained from Cindy Patnode, City Clerk, PO Box 207, Loretto, MN 55357; 763-479-4305; or cpatnode@ci.loretto.mn.us.
Published in the Delano Herald Journal Aug. 3, 2009.

Minnesota Corporations & Limited Liability Companies Minnesota Statutes, Chapter’s 302A & 322B
1. Name of the Organization before the Conversion is: Sculptured Earth, LLC
2. Name of the Organization after the Conversion shall be: Sculptured Earth, Inc
3. After the Conversion, the Organization shall be a: Corporation
4. The Terms and Conditions of the Proposed Conversion are: The effective date of the conversion shall be January 1, 2009. As per MN Stat § 302A.691, Subd.2(b)(3) all property owned by the LLC remains vested in the new corporation, as of the effective date.
5. The manner and basis of converting each ownership interest in the organization immediately before the conversion into ownership interests of the organization immediately after the conversion, in whole or in part, into money or other property is: Each unit of the LLC before conversion is converted into equal ownership shares in the new corporation.
6. Include a Copy of the Proposed Articles of Incorporation of Articles of Organization of the Organization after the Conversion, with the Articles and Plan of Conversion.
7. I certify that the foregoing is true and accurate and that I have the authority to sign this document, and I further certify that I understand that by signing this document, I am subject to the penalties of perjury as set forth in section 609.48 as if I had signed this under oath.
/s/ John Kiecker
Authorized Signature of Individual on Behalf of the Converting Company
8. Name, daytime telephone number, and e-mail address of contact person:
Joshua D. Kiecker
Published in the Delano Herald Journal Aug. 3 and 10, 2009.

Minnesota Statues Chapter 333
The filing of an assumed name does not provide a user with exclusive rights to that name. The filing is required for consumer protection in order to enable consumers to be able to identify the true owner of a business.
1. State the exact assumed name under which the business is or will be conducted: Speckled Egg Studio
2. State the address of the principal place of business. 139 Pheasant Ridge Dr., Montrose, MN 55363
3. List the name and complete street address of all persons conducting business under the above Assumed Name or if an entity, provide the legal corporate, LLC, or Limited Partnership name and registered office address. Sarah Kiecker, 139 Pheasant Ridge Dr., Montrose, MN 55363
4. I certify that I am authorized to sign this certificate and I further certify that I understand that by signing this certificate, I am subject to the penalties of perjury as set forth in Minnesota Statutes section 609.48 as if I had signed this certificate under oath.
Date: 7/8/09
/s/ Sarah Kiecker
Phone: 763-528-5098
Published in the Delano Herald Journal Aug. 3 and 10, 2009.

Opening for School Board Member
A vacancy exists on the Delano School Board which will be filled by appointment. Persons interested in being considered for this position need to fill out an application at the District Office by 2:00 pm on August 14. Applications are available at the District office and also at www.Delano.k12.mn.us.
Published in the Delano Herald Journal Aug. 3 and 10, 2009.

MINUTES Regular Meeting of the Board of EducationIndependent School District 879, Delano Public Schools
The regular meeting of the Board of Education of Independent School District 879, Delano, Minnesota, was held on Monday, June 22, 2009, in Delano City Hall. The meeting was called to order by the chair at 7:00 PM with the following members in attendance: Douglas, Schaust, Johnson, Milano, Nelson and Brasket. Absent: Gallagher
Board heard program report on Destination Imagination
CONSENT AGENDA (approved unanimously)
Board approved the regular meeting minutes of 5-18-09, the current budget status with year to date adjustments, investment transactions, wire transfers, Minnesota Liquid Assets fund, cash report, revenue and expense fund totals, expense reports and disbursements.
Board Approved retirement of DES Speech Clinician, resignation of 2 ES Paraprofessionals, contract for Grade 2 and 3 assignments, administrators performance goals, addendum to Superintendent’s contract, amendment to Youth Enrichment Coordinators contract, Aquatics salary schedules, employment of a Head Boys and Head Girls Basketball Coaches, and DES Head Cook; Leave of Absence for Food Service/DO Payroll Assistant.
Board heard the following administrative reports: Supt. Sweet reported District Office is open all summer; ES Prin Darren Schuler reported on School of Excellence recognition ceremony; MS Prin Rene Klinkner reported on MCA data reflections and trends; HS Prin Matt Schoen reported on MCA results, E2020 on-line learning and graduation. CE Dir. Diane Johnson reported on summer programming. Dir. Of Bus Affairs Sarah Miller reported on wrapping up the school year.
Board heard reports from board members regarding MAWSECO, Wright Technical Center, Community Educ Advisory Council, Curriculum Advisory Council, Schools for Equity in Education, Delano Area Sports Arena, Safe Schools and Site Based.
1. Board approved Purchase Agreement amendment on Althoff property
2. Board declared Althoff property surplus.
1. Board approved budget for FY10.
1. Board approved Curriculum updates for World Language, Visual Arts and Music.
2. Board approved handbooks for Activities, Coach’s and DMS and DES Student Handbooks.
3. Board approved price increases for breakfast and lunch for 09-10.
4. Board approved lease agreement with City of Delano for a van for Summer Comm Ed.
5. Board approved resolution to update district population.
6. Board declared computer surplus property.
7. Board approved Health & Safety Management Assistance Service Agreement
Board closed meeting for discussion of employee contract negotiations.
The meeting adjourned at 10:51 p.m. The preceding is a summary of the official minutes. The full text of the official minutes is on file in the District Office, 700 Elm Avenue East, Delano, Minnesota and also available on the school districts website www.delano.k12.mn.us. The next regular meeting of the Board of Education will be held on Monday, July 27th, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at Delano City Hall, Delano, MN.
Carolyn Milano, Board of Education Clerk
Published in the Delano Herald Journal Aug. 3, 2009.