Enterprise Dispatch Notices
New public notices published in the issue of June 1, 2009
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that all owners of property within the City of Dassel are hereby ordered to destroy all weeds and grasses, whether noxious as defined by State law and/or the City Code or not, growing upon any lot or parcel of land outside the traveled portion of any street in the City which are to a height greater than twelve (12) inches, or which have gone or are about to go to seed, in accordance with 92.37 and 92.38 of the City Code. If such weeds or grasses are not so destroyed within ten (10) days of the publication of this notice, the property Owners will be issued a citation requiring payment of a civil fine for violation of the City Code. The City may, in addition, abate the nuisance by mowing the nuisance weeds or grasses which are greater than twelve inches in height and charge the property owner for the City’s costs incurred in abating the nuisance. If the property owner fails to pay the charges, the City will special assess the costs against the property owner’s property.
If you would like further information regarding the above notice, please call City Hall at 320-275-2454.
City of Dassel
Myles McGrath, City Clerk
Published in the Enterprise Dispatch June 1 and 8, 2009

Swimming Lesson Notice
Kingston Township will have swimming lesson sign up at Kingston Community Center in Kingston on June 27, from 12:00 – 1:00 PM. The swimming lessons will be held at Watkins pool on July 13 – 23, in the afternoon, Monday through Thursday. The swimming lessons are for residents/property owners in Kingston Township. Any child not included in this description will be charged a fee. If unable to attend sign up call township clerk at 398-8400, following sign up day. There will be no sign up through Watkins pool for Kingston Township.
Gail Schiefelbein / clerk
Kingston Township
Published in the Enterprise Dispatch June 1 and 8, 2009