Enterprise Dispatch Legal Notices
New public notices published in the issue of June 20, 2011
Public NoticeDeclaration of Surplus Equipment
Notice is hereby given that Cokato City Council/Fire Commission, Wright County, Minnesota will consider the Declaration of Surplus Equipment for one (1) 1981 Ford 350 Pumper Fire Truck at July 13th 2011 Council meeting.
Don Levens, City Administrator
Published in the Enterprise Dispatch June 20, 2011.

Ordinance AmendmentWater Shut Off Surcharge Fee for Customer Non-Payment
The City Council of the City of Cokato, Wright County, Minnesota does hereby ordain as follows:
Section 1. Fees & Permit Schedule of the City of Cokato is amended for 2011 to include a Water Shut Off Surcharge of $50.00 per customer non-payment.
Section 2. This Ordinance shall become effective upon its adoption and publication.
Adopted this 13th day of June 2011.
/s/ Peggy L. Carlson, City Clerk
/s/ Gordy Erickson, Mayer
Published in the Enterprise Dispatch June 20, 2011.