Enterprise Dispatch Legal Notices
New public notices published in the issue of July 22, 2013
Notice of Hearingon Improvement
Notice is hereby given that the city council of Darwin will meet in Darwin City Hall at 7:00 p.m. on August 6, 2013, to consider the William and Pacific Street and Utility Improvements by reconstructing the street and underground utilities pursuant to Minn. Stat. §§ 429.011 to 429.111. The area proposed to be assessed for such improvements are the lots abutting the following roadways:
• The South side of William Street East between 2nd Street and Pacific Street East.
• The Southwest side of Pacific Street East from the intersection of Pacific Street East and William Street East approximately 200 feet Southeast.
The estimated construction cost of the improvement is $216,900.00. A reasonable estimate of the impact of the assessment will be available at the hearing. Such persons as desire to be heard with reference to the proposed improvement will be heard at this meeting.
Published in the Enterprise Dispatch July 22 and 29, 2013.

In partnership with our communities, Dassel-Cokato Public Schools will provide all learners opportunities designed to maximize their potential and promote lifelong learning.
Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a regular meeting of the Board of Education of Independent School District No. 466 (Dassel-Cokato, Minnesota) was duly held in the Dassel-Cokato Board Room, Cokato, Minnesota, on Thursday, June 27, 2013.
Chairman Bjork called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.
The following members were present: Tormanen, McConkey, Linder, Bjork, Bender and Clemen. The following were absent: none. Members of the administration and public were also present.
The meeting began with the pledge of allegiance.
Motion by Bender, seconded by Clemen, accepting the agenda as printed. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Linder, seconded by Tormanen, approving payment of bills as presented including payroll, hand payables and contingency totaling $3,654,264.44. Motion carried unanimously. (A complete list of bills is available from the District Office for review.)
Communications/Open Forum: None
Motion by Linder, seconded by McConkey approving an out of state trip for Volleyball to the Wisconsin Dells August 16 – 18, 2013. Motion approved unanimously.
Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC) Report: none
Technology Report: None
MAWSECO Report: Vice Chair Tormanen reported on the 6/25 meeting which included: funding changes, introduction of the new director
Community Education Report: None
Business Manager’s Report: Business Manager Palmer reported expenditures are in line with budget through the end of the twelfth month of the fiscal year and reviewed the investment report with the board.
Superintendent’s Report: Best of 12 Wagon Train, All Day Every Day Kindergarten options
DCRISC – Chair Bjork reported on: a newly formed operations board and fundraising
SEE – Clerk Bender reported on the 6/25 regional meeting which included legislative changes
Other Reports: Vice Chair Tormanen reported on an Education Forum hosted by Finlandia University
Motion by Clemen, seconded by Linder, approving all consent items, which included approval of the minutes from the May 23, 2013 Regular Board Meeting and the June 10, 2013 Special Meeting. Approval of Wire transfers made on May 31st for $350,000 and June 14th for $2,225,000. Personnel Items: Approval of lane changes for Beth Allen from BA+60 to BA+75, for Heidi Sickmann from BA+15 to BA+30, for Cole Flick from BA+30 to BA+45, Resignation of Brent Anderson as HS/MS Night Lead Custodian effective 6/21/2013, Resignation/Retirement of Janice Carlson as a MS Special Needs Paraeducator effective 6/6/2013, Resignation of Kevin Miller as Transportation Coordinator effective 6/30/2013, Resignation of Jedidiah Reedy as a Cokato Elementary Special Needs Paraeducator and the School Safety Patrol Advisor effective 6/6/2013, Resignation of Jessica Trost as the part-time HS German Instructor effective 6/30/2013, Resignation of Sam Weber as a Cokato Elementary 1st Grade Instructor effective 6/7/2013, Assignment Increase of Simone Burley by .17 FTE for HS German Instructor, Employment of Dennis Abernathy as the HS Dean of Students, Employment of Katie Scepaniak as a HS Spanish Instructor, Employment of Jennifer Robinson as a Middle School Sign Language Interpreter, Assignment of Staci Barth as the Marching Band Color Guard Instructor, Assignment of Nicole Elke as a Volunteer Marching Band Instructor, Employment of Sara Binsfeld as Cokato Elementary 1st grade Instructor, Employment of Beth Gerholz as Cokato Elementary 1st grade LTS Instructor, Employment of Amy Jensen as Cokato Elementary 4th grade instructor, Re-Assignment of Amy Martinson as the MS SLD/Autism Instructor, Employment of Karen Weir as the Middle School Cook Manager effective 8/26/2013, Request Approval of 3 weeks FMLA for Kelly Johnson beginning approximately 8/26/2013, Request Approval of up to 12 weeks FMLA for Amy Terning beginning approximately 10/13/2013. Approve Transportation Contracts for Luhman, Mendiola, Schendel and Volness. Acceptance of Donations: From an anonymous donor – $300 to the football program, From Coborn’s Incorporated - $75 to Dassel Elementary, From Design & Fabricating Inc. – $200 to the bike path. Motion carried unanimously.
The board discussed options for the Fall 2013 Operating Levy based upon changes made during the legislative session.
Motion by Tormanen, seconded by Clemen, approving the fiscal year 2014 budget as presented by Business Manager Palmer. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Clemen, seconded by Bender, approving policies #504 Student Dress and Appearance, #524 Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy, and #452 Substitute Teachers. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Tormanen, seconded by Linder ratifying the 2013-2015 Teacher Master Agreement. Motion carried 5 – 0 with Clemen abstaining.
Motion by McConkey, seconded by Bender approving a building lease between ISD #466 and CBS Properties LLC commencing August 1, 2013 and terminating on July 31, 2016. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Linder, seconded by Clemen approving Sandi Arndt as LEA Representative for Title Grants. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by McConkey, seconded by Bender approving the 2013-14 Health and Safety Budget. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Bender, seconded by Tormanen reviewing and approving Policy #807 District Health and Safety Plan. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Clemen, seconded by Tormanen granting continuing contract to: Christine Karlgaard CE Sped, Anna Reedy MS Language Arts, Matt Hogg 5th Grade, Megan Chatterton 5th Grade, Naomi Stelzer MS Language Arts, TJ Anderson 6th Grade, Tony Dehler MS Math, Amy Bollman MS Sped, Beth Steinleitner MS Social Worker, Stephanie Schlangen HS English, Andy Hegdahl HS and ALC Science, Eric Sawatzke Ag. Education / FFA, Laura Sellner HS and ALC Math, Anne Mahoney HS Social Worker, Ryan Tool HS Counselor, Dennis Abernathy HS Dean of Students. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by McConkey, seconded by Tormanen appointing Christina Clark to the CAC beginning September of 2013. Motion carried unanimously.
Superintendent Powers presented policies #205, #405, #406, #407, #413, #414, #417, #418, #419, #422, #425, #509 to the board for a first reading.
Motion by Linder, seconded by McConkey approving a 1 year contract with IEA for Health and Safety Consulting Services beginning July 1, 2013. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by McConkey, seconded by Tormanen approving a Ground Lease Letter to File which changes procedures in the Ground Lease between ISD #466 and the DCRISC. Motion carried unanimously.
The board canceled the July 8, 2013 Special Board Meeting.
Being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:29 PM.
This document is available in the following formats upon request: Braille, Large Print, Audio Cassette Tape, and Computer Disk. Please call (320-286-4100) for more information or to request a copy. Published in the Enterprise Dispatch July 22, 2013.