Enterprise Dispatch Legal Notices
New public notices published in the issue of Sept. 9, 2013

Kingston Township August 2013
The Kingston Township board met on August 6, at 7:00 PM. All members were present. Chairman Cates called meeting to order and lead the pledge allegiance. Clerk read the minutes from the July meeting. Root made a motion to accept minutes seconded by Schiefelbein. All in favor motion passed.
Treasure report: Checking account: $ 71,165.50 Money Market: $ 360,003.61 Root made a motion to approve treasurer report seconded by Schiefelbein. All in favor motion passed.
Claims were presented: Hutchinson Leader $ 34.73, Ruth Hendrickson (mowing and Buoys) $ 820.00, Herald Journal $ 71.30, Hedlund plumbing (portable toilet) $ 90.00, Arvig $ 28.49, City of Watkins (swimming lessons) $ 1995.00, Waste management (recycle) $ 2160.69, Xcel $ 119.92, Waste Management (trash) $ 92.01, City of Kingston (rental share) $ 384.00. Kingston Legion (rental share) $ 192.00. Root made a motion to pay all claims seconded by Schiefelbein. All in favor motion passed.
Discuss removing trees along 305th St. that had fallen into the road right away from Steve Dille’s property. G. Schiefelbein will contact Dille’s for removal of trees.
Discuss removal of storm windows that were dumped on 695th Ave. G. Schiefelbein will contact Ruth Hendrickson to have windows removed.
Bids for 318th reclaim / paving project:
Knife River- $219,222.32
Hot Mix- $196,707.82
Duinick Corp.- $245,837.07
Root made a motion to accept bid from MN Hot Mix at $ 196,707.82 with a start date of August 19 and finish date of October 1 seconded by Schiefelbein. All in favor motion passed.
Salisbury Bridge: the Kingston Township board is frustrated with the county not opening the Salisbury Bridge. A resolution is being sent to reopen the bridge. The County and Commissioner Housman will receive the resolution. Cates will contact Forest City and attend their next meeting to see where there is a problem with opening of the bridge from them.
Discuss the trash containers at Lake Francis. The public is using the containers for their household garbage. Root will contact Lake Francis Association to see if they have any answers to the problem and also about cost for trash removal.
Stearns County Highway department notified the township about a detour that will be using Kingston St. for one day in August. Board had no problem with the detour.
Township ordered lock boxes for the thermostats at KCC due to people changing the temperatures.
Zwack has not started work on 320th St.
A letter was received by Peter Perusse concerning 748th, 750th to 745th. The majority of this road concern is in Wright County. The board will paint and fix this area in 2014 when 318th St is completed.
Root made a motion to adjourn at 8:30 PM seconded by Schiefelbein. All in favor motion passed.
Submitted by: Gail Schiefelbein, clerk
Published in the Enterprise Dispatch Sept. 9, 2013.