Enterprise Dispatch Legal Notices
New public notices published in the issue of Oct. 28, 2013

Cokato Apartments, Inc is accepting bids from individuals/businesses for the following work: Snow Removal for 2013-2014 snow season, Boiler Checks, Cleaning Personel, Lawn Service, and General Maintenance. Please contact the Cokato Apts Office (320) 286-2758 for job details/contract information. Bids will be accepted through October 31,2013.
Published in the Enterprise Dispatch Oct. 14, 21, and 28, 2013.

The following City Code sections have been amended and adopted by the Dassel City Council on October 21, 2013:

(A) Definition. For the purpose of this section, the following definition shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
CURRENT SERVICE. Shall mean one or more of the following: snow or, ice; weed elimination from street grass plots adjacent to sidewalks or from private property; removal or elimination of public health or safety hazards from private property, excluding any hazardous building included in M.S. §§ 463.15 through 463.26 as they may amended from time to time; installation or repair of water service lines; street sprinkling, street flushing, light street oiling, or other dust treatment of streets; repair of sidewalks and alleys; trimming and care of trees and removal of unsound and insect-infected trees from the public streets or private property; and the operation of a street lighting system.
(B) Public health and safety hazards. When the city removes or eliminates public health or safety hazards from private property under the following provisions of this chapter, the administrative officer responsible for doing the work shall keep a record of the cost of the removal or elimination against each parcel of property affected and annually deliver that information to the City Administrator-Clerk- Treasurer.

The following are declared to be nuisances affecting public peace and safety:
(A) All snow, ice, dirt, vegetation and rubbish not removed from public sidewalks.
a. Owners and occupants of properties abutting public sidewalks shall not allow dirt to accumulate or vegetation to grow on the sidewalks.
b. Owners and occupants of properties abutting public sidewalks have 36 hours after each precipitation event has ceased to remove snow and ice;

(A) Permitted uses.
(1) Farmsteads and all farming operations.
(2) One-family non-farm “estate” dwellings, including manufactured homes with a minimum width of 24 feet.
(3) Airports, including attendant’s dwelling.
(4) Cemeteries.
(5) Golf courses, except miniature courses or practice driving tees operated for commercial purposes.
(6) Small animal crematory, for animals up to 300 pounds. (Must be fenced-no less than 8’ high, gated and secured. Remains must always be concealed from plain sight, stored in a secured refrigerated space, and cremated within 7 days.)

The City Fee Schedule has been amended and adopted by the Dassel City Council, to include the following fees:

Sidewalk Maintenance Fines
1st day $10.00Each day after the issue is not resolved $15.00 (up to 5 calendar days)
(After 5 calendar days removal will then be completed by city employees and all costs will be assessed to the property owner)
Terri Boese
City Clerk/Treasurer
City of Dassel
Published in the Enterprise Dispatch Oct. 28, 2013.