Enterprise Dispatch Legal Notices
New public notices published in the issue of April 21, 2014
Notice for Mowing
Kingston Township is interested in acquiring quotes for mowing of Cates Cemetery and Kingston Finnish Cemetery for 20142. Certificate of Insurance and general liability form must accompany quotes. All interested parties must have quotes in by May 1 to Kingston Township 35359 – 732 Ave. Kimball MN 55353, or call for more information 320-398-8400.
Gail Schiefelbein / clerk
Kingston Township
Published in the Enterprise Dispatch April 14 and 21, 2014.

Notice for Dust Control
Kingston Township is interested in acquiring quotes for applying dust control of designated Kingston Township roads. Certificate of Insurance and general liability form must accompany quotes. All interested parties must have quotes in by May 1 to Kingston Township 35359 – 732 Ave. Kimball MN 55353, or call for more information 320-398-8400.
Gail Schiefelbein / clerk
Kingston Township
Published in the Enterprise Dispatch April 14 and 21, 2014.

Notice of Gravel Bids
Kingston Township is asking for sealed bids on screening, loading, hauling and spreading of class 5 gravel, on roads in Kingston Township. All bids must be in the form of cubic yards. Include in your bid the cost of class 5 for road work assistance, wash out, frost boils, emergency calls and you must work with our township board and grader operator. We will ask for random tests on gravel loads being hauled. A certificate of Insurance and general liability must accompany bids. The township board will not accept any bids that include a surcharge for fuel. Work is to be completed by July 1. Any gravel delivered after this date will be reduced by $100.00 per day until fulfillment of contract has been met. The board reserves the right to reject any or all of the bids. Any further questions contact township clerk 320-398-8400. Send bids to Kingston Township 35359 – 732 Avenue Kimball, MN 55353 by May 1, 2014.
Gail Schiefelbein / clerk
Kingston Township
Published in the Enterprise Dispatch April 14 and 21, 2014.

Public Notice
Declaration of Surplus Equipment
Notice is hereby given that the Cokato City Council, Wright County, Minnesota has declared by resolution for surplus equipment from the Waste Water Treatment property as described:
Butler Grain Bins (4) with the following specifications 34’ x 34’ x 20’ x 0.785 with the capacity of approximately 5,000 bushel each; and
The surplus as declared is in “As Is” condition for resale and removal as published in the Enterprise Dispatch newspaper.
Don Levens
City Administrator
Published in the Enterprise Dispatch April 21, 2014.

Notice of Public Hearing
In the Matter of County Ditch #8:
The Meeker County Ditch Authority has received requests to have the benefits on this County Ditch 8 re-determined. The existing list of benefited properties does not reflect reasonable present day land values and benefited and/or damaged acres have changed. Changes in land use with increased tiling have accelerated runoff causing a need for increased system capacity and maintenance. The benefits on this system are still the original as determined in the very early 1900’s.
The Drainage Authority may re-determine the benefits and damages of the public ditch system whenever it determines the original benefits do not reflect present day values or the benefited or damaged acres have changed, or when more than 50 percent of the property owners petition for the redetermination.
A public hearing regarding re-determination of benefits:
Date: Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Time: 9:30 a.m.
Location: Meeker County Commissioners Board Room
Landowners with questions may call the Auditor’s office at 320-693-5212 or the County Highway Engineer/Ditch Inspector at 320-693-5360.
Published in the Enterprise Dispatch April 21, 2014.

Notice is hereby given, that the Local Board of Appeal and Equalization of the Township of Collinwood in Meeker County, Minnesota, will meet at the Town Hall, 21904 746th Avenue, Dassel, Minnesota at 7:00-7:30 P.M. on Wednesday, the 23rd day of April, 2014 for the purpose of reviewing and correcting the assessment of said township for the year 2014.
If you believe the value or classification of your property is incorrect, please contact your assessor’s office to discuss your concerns. If your are still not satisfied with the valuation or classification after conferring with your assessor, you may appear before the local board of appeal and equalization.. The board shall review the valuation, classification, or both if necessary, and shall correct it as needed. Generally, an appearance before your local board of appeal and equalization is required by law before an appeal can be taken to your county board of appeal and adjustment.
Please call 320-693-5205 for an appointment.
Larry Ostlund,
Clerk of the Township of Collinwood
Published in the Enterprise Dispatch April 21, 2014.

In partnership with our communities, Dassel-Cokato Public Schools will provide all learners opportunities designed to maximize their potential and promote lifelong learning.
Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a regular meeting of the Board of Education of Independent School District No. 466 (Dassel-Cokato, Minnesota) was duly held in the Dassel-Cokato Board Room, Cokato, Minnesota, on Monday, March 31, 2014.
Chairman Bjork called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.
The following members were present: Clemen, Tormanen, McConkey, Bjork, Linder, and Bender. The following were absent: none. Members of the administration and public were also present.
The meeting began with the pledge of allegiance.
Motion by Tormanen, seconded by McConkey, accepting the agenda as printed. Motion carried unanimously.
Brenna Olsen received the February Russell A. Johnson Courtesy and Respect Award, daughter of Nancy Olsen of Dassel.
Motion by Bender, seconded by Clemen, approving payment of bills as presented including payroll, hand payables and contingency totaling $1,870,225.12. Motion carried unanimously. (A complete list of bills is available from the District Office for review.)
Member Linder introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption:
BE IT RESOLVED by the School Board of the Independent School District No. 466 (Dassel-Cokato), State of Minnesota, as follows:
1. The District has received a proposal from Kinetic Leasing Fargo, North Dakota and North American State Bank Belgrade, Minnesota to provide tax-exempt lease-purchase financing to finance the construction of a building addition at the Cokato Elementary School in Cokato, Minnesota. That proposal is hereby accepted. Bond counsel is directed to prepare a final Lease Agreement and Ground Lease Agreement (the “Agreements”), and other necessary certificates and documents that reflect the transaction, including an Escrow Agreement if necessary.
2. The District’s Business Manager is hereby authorized to execute the Agreements and any related documents thereto on behalf of the District, and to execute such other certificates, documents and agreements as may be necessary and appropriate to effectuate the transactions contemplated by the Agreements and said related documents. The Agreements and the related documents may contain such necessary and appropriate variations, omissions and insertions as the Business Manager shall determine to be necessary, and the execution thereof shall be conclusive evidence of such determination and its approval by the Board.
3. Lessee reasonably anticipates that it will not issue tax-exempt obligations (not including “private activity bonds” as defined in Section 141 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended) in an aggregate amount in excess of $10 million during the calendar year in which the Lease commences. Thus, the
Lease is designated as a qualified tax-exempt obligation for purposes of Section 265(b)(c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, relating to deductibility of interest by financial institutions.
The motion for the adoption of the foregoing resolution was duly seconded by Member McConkey.
The following voted in favor: Tormanen, Linder, Bjork, Clemen, McConkey, and Bender The following voted against: None. Motion carried unanimously.
ITEM #11.2 Reimbursement Resolution The reimbursement resolution is required by the IRS if the district incurs and pays for expenses related to the Kindergarten addition project prior to receiving the financing proceeds and then reimburses itself out of the proceeds.
Member Tormanen moved the adoption of the following resolution:
BE IT RESOLVED by the School Board of Independent School District No. 466, State of Minnesota, as follows:
1. Purpose. The Internal Revenue Service has issued Treasury Regulations Section 1.150-2 (the “Regulations”) to provide rules governing Bonds issued after June 30, 1993, the proceeds of which are allocated to reimburse an Issuer for certain expenditures made prior to the date of issue of those Bonds. An allocation of the proceeds of a Bond issue to reimburse certain previously paid expenditures must comply with the Regulations to be an expenditure of Bond proceeds. If a Bond meets the requirements of the Regulations, the Bond proceeds are deemed to be spent when they are allocated to reimburse the prior expenditure. The Board of Independent School District No. 466 (the “District) desires to establish procedures necessary to comply with those Regulations. The terms used in this resolution shall be as defined in the Regulations.
2. Official Intent Requirement. The Regulations, in those situations in which they are applicable, require a District to declare a reasonable official intent (the “Official Intent Declaration”) to reimburse itself for certain previously paid expenditures from the proceeds of subsequent Bonds or other borrowings of the District (the “Bonds”). The Board hereby authorizes the superintendent or the business manager to make the District’s Official Intent Declarations or to delegate that responsibility from time to time to other appropriate District officers or employees. Each Official Intent Declaration shall comply with the requirements of the Regulations, including, without limitation, the following:
a) Each Official Intent Declaration shall be made not later than sixty (60) days after the date the District pays the applicable expenditure and shall state that the District reasonably intends to reimburse itself for those expenditures with the proceeds of a future borrowing;
b) Each Official Intent Declaration shall, at a minimum, contain a general functional description of the property, project or program for which the expenditure to be reimbursed is paid (for example, “acquisition and betterment of school facilities” or a specific identifiable project). In the alternative, a description is sufficient if it identifies the fund or account from which the expenditure is to be paid and a general functional description of that fund or account (for example: General Fund - general school district operations and maintenance; Capital Expenditure Fund - school district equipment and capital improvements);
c) Each Official Intent Declaration shall contain a statement of the maximum principal amount of debt to be issued for the purposes of the specified property, project or program;
d) Each Official Intent Declaration shall be considered public data and shall be made available for public inspection in compliance with the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act at the main administrative offices of the District within a reasonable period of time, but not to exceed 30 days, after the date of said declaration. An Official Intent Declaration shall remain available for public inspection until at least the day after the issuance of the Bonds from which the prior expenditures are to be reimbursed, and shall be made available to the Bond counsel for that issue.
It is the intention of the Board that an Official Intent Declaration shall be made only if, as of the date of the declaration, the District reasonably expects that it will reimburse the expenditure with Bond or borrowing proceeds. The Board understands that the determination as to whether the expectation to reimburse is reasonable is based on all relevant facts and circumstances, including the purpose for the declaration, the history of actual reimbursement of other expenditures for which official intent was declared and which were actually paid, and the District’s actions taken toward reimbursement of the expenditures.
3. Reimbursement Period Requirement. The administration shall advise the Board from time to time on timing issues relating to reimbursements for which Official Intent Declarations have been made, including recommendations on the timing of the issuance of Bonds so that the reimbursement allocations occur not earlier than the dates on which the expenditures are paid and not later than eighteen (18) months after the later of (a) the date on which the expenditure is paid or (b) the date on which the property is placed in service or abandoned (but in no event more than three (3) years after the original expenditure, except as provided in Treas. Reg. 1.150-2(2)(d)(ii) and (iii). The officials designated above to make the Official Intent Declarations shall also be responsible for making the appropriate reimbursement allocations to reimburse the source of temporary financing used by the District to make the payments for the prior expenditures. Each allocation shall be evidenced by an entry on the official books, records or accounts of the District maintained for such reimbursement Bonds; shall specifically identify the actual prior expenditure being reimbursed or, in the case of a reimbursement of a particular fund or account, the fund or account from which the expenditure was previously paid. This allocation shall be effective to relieve the Bond proceeds involved from any restrictions under the Bond resolution or other relevant legal documents for those Bonds and under any other state statute applicable to unspent proceeds of that Bond issue.
4. Capital Expenditure Requirement.
a) General. An original expenditure to be reimbursed from Bond proceeds must be a capital expenditure, a cost of issuance for a Bond or an expenditure defined in the applicable Treasury Regulation.
b) Capital Expenditures. The term “capital expenditure” as used in the Regulations means any cost of a type that is properly chargeable to a capital account. Whether an expenditure is a capital expenditure is determined at the time the expenditure is paid. Capital expenditures do not include expenditures for items of current operating expense that are not properly chargeable to a capital account. Costs incurred to acquire, construct or improve land, buildings, and equipment generally are capital expenditures. Under the Regulations, the issuance costs of issuing reimbursement Bonds are also treated as capital expenditures.
c) Preliminary Expenditures. The Official Intent Requirement does not apply to preliminary expenditures that are reimbursed with proceeds of a Bond that finances all or a portion of the property, project or program with respect to which the preliminary expenditures were incurred. The term “preliminary expenditures” includes architectural, engineering, surveying, soil testing, reimbursement Bond issuance, and similar costs that are incurred prior to commencement, rehabilitation or acquisition of a property, project or program, but does not include land acquisition, site preparation and similar costs incident to commencement of construction. Preliminary expenditures include only amounts that do not exceed in the aggregate twenty percent (20%) of the issue price of that portion of a Bond issue or Bond issues that finance the property, project or program with respect to which the preliminary expenditures were incurred.
d) Transition Rule Expenditures. The Official Intent Requirement also does not apply to certain expenditures paid by the Issuer if the expenditures comply with the transition rule provisions of the Regulations.
The motion for the adoption of the foregoing resolution was duly seconded by Member Linder Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Linder, seconded by McConkey, adopting the following Post-Issuance Debt Compliance Policy:
Independent School District No. 466 (Dassel-Cokato), MinnesotaPost-Issuance Debt Compliance Policy
Adopted this date March 31, 2014 by the School Board of Independent School District No. 466 (Dassel- Cokato), Minnesota
The School Board (the “Board”) of Independent School District No. 466 (Dassel-Cokato), Minnesota (the “District”) has chosen, by policy, to take steps to help ensure that all obligations will be in compliance with all applicable federal regulations. This policy may be amended, as necessary, in the future.
Background The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is responsible for enforcing compliance with the Internal Revenue Code (the “Code”) and regulations promulgated thereunder (“Treasury Regulations”) governing certain obligations (for example: tax-exempt obligations, Build America Bonds, Recovery Zone Development Bonds and various “Tax Credit” Bonds). The IRS encourages issuers and beneficiaries of these obligations to adopt and implement a post-issuance debt compliance policy and procedures to safeguard against post-issuance violations.
Post-Issuance Debt Compliance Policy Objective The District desires to monitor these obligations to ensure compliance with the Code and Treasury Regulations. To help ensure compliance, the District has developed the following policy (the “Post-Issuance Debt Compliance Policy”). The Post-Issuance Debt Compliance Policy shall apply to the obligations mentioned above, including bonds, notes, loans, lease purchase contracts, lines of credit, commercial paper or any other form of debt that is subject to compliance.
Post-Issuance Debt Compliance Policy The Business Manager is designated as the District’s agent who is responsible for post-issuance compliance of these obligations.
The Business Manager shall assemble all relevant documentation, records and activities required to ensure post-issuance debt compliance as further detailed in corresponding procedures (the “Post-Issuance Debt Compliance Procedures”). At a minimum, the Post-Issuance Debt Compliance Procedures for each qualifying obligation will address the following:
1. General post-issuance compliance;
2. Proper and timely use of obligation proceeds and obligation-financed property;
3. Arbitrage yield restriction and rebate;
4. Timely filings and other general requirements;
5. Additional undertakings or activities that support points 1 through 4 above;
6. Maintenance of proper records related to the obligations and the investment of proceeds of obligations;
7. Other requirements that becomes necessary in the future.
The Business Manager shall apply the Post-Issuance Debt Compliance Procedures to each qualifying obligation and maintain a record of the results. Further, the Business Manager will ensure that the Post- Issuance Debt Compliance Policy and Procedures are updated on a regular and as needed basis.
The Business Manager or any other individuals responsible for assisting the Business Manager in maintaining records needed to ensure post-issuance debt compliance, are authorized to expend funds as needed to attend training or secure use of other educational resources for ensuring compliance such as consulting, publications, and compliance assistance.
Most of the provisions of this Post-Issuance Debt Compliance Policy are not applicable to taxable governmental obligations unless there is a reasonable possibility that the District may refund their taxable governmental obligation, in whole or in part, with the proceeds of a tax-exempt governmental obligation. If this refunding possibility exists, then the Business Manager shall treat the taxable governmental obligation as if such issue were an issue of tax-exempt governmental obligations and comply with the requirements of this Post-Issuance Debt Compliance Policy.
Private Activity Bonds The District may issue tax-exempt obligations that are “private activity” bonds because either (1) the bonds finance a facility that is owned by the District but used by one or more qualified 501(c)(3) organizations, or (2) the bonds are so-called “conduit bonds”, where the proceeds are loaned to a qualified 501(c)(3) organization or another private entity that finances activities eligible for tax-exempt financing under federal law (such as certain manufacturing projects and certain affordable housing projects). Prior to the issuance of either of these types of bonds, the Business Manager shall take steps necessary to ensure that such obligations will remain in compliance with the requirements of this Post-Issuance Debt Compliance Policy.
In a case where compliance activities are reasonably within the control of a private party (i.e., a 501(c)(3) organization or conduit borrower), the Business Manager may determine that all or some portion of compliance responsibilities described in this Post-Issuance Debt Compliance Policy shall be assigned to the relevant party. In the case of conduit bonds, the conduit borrower will be assigned all compliance responsibilities other than those required to be undertaken by the District under federal law. In a case where the Business Manager is concerned about the compliance ability of a private party, the Business Manager may require that a trustee be retained to assist with record keeping for the obligation and/or that the trustee or such third party be responsible for all or some portion of the compliance responsibilities.
The Business Manager is additionally authorized to seek the advice, as necessary, of bond counsel and/or its financial advisor to ensure the District is in compliance with this Post-Issuance Debt Compliance Policy.
Motion carried unanimously.
Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC) Report: Member Linder reported on the 3/6 meeting during which ELA materials were presented.
Technology Report: None
MAWSECO Report: Member Tormanen reported on the 3/18 meeting which included: calendar, certified contract, para contract, and facilities.
Community Education Report: None
Business Manager’s Report: Business Manager Palmer reported expenditures are in line with budget through the end of the ninth month of the fiscal year and reviewed the investment report with the board. Business Manager Palmer also updated the board on the progress of the Success Indicators Survey. The board had discussion regarding the timeline of the survey and decided to have the survey open from April 25-May 4. The survey will be conducted through Infinite Campus.
Superintendent’s Report – Superintendent Powers reported on: April 12 Retreat, MAWSECO Facilities Committee, and Long Lake.
SEE – Member Bender reported on the 3/10 Regional meeting which focused on legislative issues.
Student Report – Student Representative Marschall reported on: drumline, speech sections, Health Fair, NHS, Variety Show, and Senior Privileges.
Motion by Bender, seconded by Clemen approving all consent items, which included approval of the minutes from the February 27, 2014 Regular Board Meeting and the March 10, 2014 Special Board Meeting. Approval of Wire transfers made on February 28th for $725,000, March 11th for $160,000 and March 14th for $800,000. Personnel Items: Employment of Kristina Raisanen as a High School Media Center Para effective 3/6/2014, Employment of Cheri Nord as the High School FOCUS Para effective 3/10/2014, Employment of Dan Nyquist as a substitute CDL driver, Employment of Gary Plowman as a substitute CDL driver, Assignment of Christine Bobrowske as C team softball coach, Assignment of Wade Powers as a volunteer track coach, Resignation of Matt Whittaker as Varsity Girls Basketball coach, Resignation of Jordann Longbella as a Middle School 5th grade Instructor at the end of the school year, Request Approval of an unpaid General Leave of Absence for Jessica Luebker for the 2014-2015 school year as a Middle School 7th grade Instructor, Employment of Vincent Pokornowski as a Type III Vehicle Driver, Employment of Kermit Hillman as the Assistant Groundskeeper, Resignation of Kristin Glur as a Cokato Elementary Instructor at the end of the school year. Acceptance of Donations: From Cokato Dairy Queen - $172 to Dassel Elementary, From Cokato Dairy Queen - $172 to Cokato Elementary, From Karen Kay Olson – a Bluebird Pugmill to the art program, From Lions Club of Cokato-Dassel - $250 for expenses related to service learning day, From Lake Region Coop - $10,000 for scholarships, From Lions Club of Cokato-Dassel - $500 for Long Lake trip, From Anonymous donor – 129 pneumatic parts used for making robots to the Robotics program. Motion carried unanimously.
Superintendent Powers gave a progress report on the All Day Every Day Kindergarten project.
Motion by Clemen, second by McConkey, approving spending up to 75% of the 2014-15 budget in 2013-14. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Tormanen, seconded by Bender, approving Elementary June 2014 Tech Academies. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Clemen, second by Tormanen, approving August 2014 Tech Academies. Motion carried unanimously.
Motion by Clemen, seconded by Bender, approving the following changes to the 2014-15 Calendar: June 7 graduation, school in session December 22 and 23, Note added to the calendar stating that President’s Day will be changed to a student day if necessary, and Baccalaureate scheduled for the last Wednesday in May. Motion carried unanimously.
Upcoming Meetings/Events: April 12, 2014 8:00 AM Strategic Planning Retreat, April 14, 2014 7:00 PM Special Board Meeting and April 24, 2014 7:00 PM Regular Board Meeting.
Being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:56 PM.
Irene Bender, Clerk
This document is available in the following formats upon request: Braille, Large Print, Audio Cassette Tape, and Computer Disk. Please call (320-286-4100) for more information or to request a copy.
Published in the Enterprise Dispatch April 21, 2014.
SECTION 00 11 00
Contractor’s sealed Proposals for the 2014 Additions and Alterations to Dassel and Cokato Elementary Schools
will be received by the Independent School District No. 466, Cokato, Minnesota, until 2:00 PM, Thursday May 15, 2014 at the office of the Superintendent of Schools, in Cokato, Minnesota, in accordance with the plans and specifications prepared by, Architects Rego + Youngquist, inc., 7601 Wayzata Boulevard, St. Louis Park, Minnesota 55426.
Bids will be opened publicly and read aloud at the above time and place. Bids received after 2 pm will be returned unopened.
A singe bid will be received on all divisions of the Contract:
Board of Education
Independent School District 466
4852 Reardon Ave. SW
Suite 1700
Cokato, MN 55321
Each bidder must accompany his Proposal with a Cashier’s Check, Bid Bond or Certified Check equal to 5% of the amount of the Proposal payable to the Owner as a guarantee of prompt execution of the Contract in accordance with the Proposal and Contract Documents, and that he will furnish bond acceptable to the Owner covering performance of the Contract.
Copies of the Drawings, Specifications and other Contract Documents are on file at the Architect’s office and at the following offices:

Prime Contractors may obtain one set of documents for their respective divisions of the contract from the architect upon deposit of the amounts noted, which will be refunded to all bidders upon return of the documents to the architect in good condition within ten days after receipt of bids. Prime Contractors may obtain an additional set of documents, for a maximum of 2 total sets of plans, for a second deposit as listed.
Contractors who do not submit bids will receive refund of one half of their deposit for plans and specifications that are returned within ten days after receipt of bids.
Subcontractors or suppliers may purchase the entire set of plans and specifications, for their respective division of the contract, for a non-refundable cost of $100.00 plus shipping and handling.
Subcontractors or suppliers who desire individual plan sheets or specifications may purchase copies at the non-refundable cost of reproduction and delivery.
Complete Construction from:
Architects Rego + Youngquist, inc. Plans and Specification Deposit of $200.00
7601 Wayzata Boulevard
Minneapolis, MN 55426
Refer to Section 01 11 00, Summary of Work, for names, address and telephone and fax number for the respective consultants for the project. Contact the respective consultant for each division of the work for answers to questions regarding the bid documents.
A pre-bid meeting will be held in the District Office at 4852 Reardon Avenue SW, Suite 1700, Cokato, MN on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 2:00 P.M.
Bidders requiring visitation to any of the school sites in addition to the pre-bid meeting as listed above are to contact the Director of Buildings and Grounds, John Martinson at 320-286-4212.
Bids may not be withdrawn within thirty days after the scheduled closing time for receiving bids. The Independent School District 466, Cokato, Minnesota, reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any irregularities in bids.
Independent School District No. 466
Cokato, Minnesota
By: Irene Bender, Clerk
Published in the Enterprise Dispatch April 14 and 21, 2014.