Delano Herald Journal Legal Notices
New public notices published in the issue of Jan. 30, 2017
Official notice is hereby given that the Loretto City Council will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at Loretto City Hall, 279 Medina Street North, at 7:00 p.m., or as soon as the matter may be heard, to consider an application submitted by Mike Kelly for a Conditional Use Permit Amendment to expand the Eagle Mouldings building located in the General Commercial zoning district at 50 Medina Street South. The City Council will also consider his applications for variances to the following conditions set forth in the city zoning code: 1) REAR YARD SETBACK; 2) PARKING LOT SETBACK; 3) PARKING LOT TREES; 4) GC DISTRICT BUILDING MATERIALS.
Persons wishing to comment should appear at the hearing or address their written comments to the City of Loretto, PO Box 207, Loretto, MN 55357. Materials related to this matter are available for review at City Hall.
Mary K. Schneider
City Clerk Treasurer
City of Loretto
Published in the Delano Herald Journal Jan. 30, 2017.
City of DelanoNotice of Public Hearing
Notice is hereby given that the Delano City Council will hold a Public Hearing in the City Council Chambers at Delano City Hall, 234 2nd Street North, on Tuesday, February 7, 2017, at 7:00 pm or soon after to consider request from Wright Neighborhoods, LLC, for a Preliminary and Final Plat adjustment for Lot 18, Wright Neighborhoods 3rd Addition. All interested parties or individuals are hereby notified and invited to present their oral and written comments at said public hearing.
Paula Bauman,
Administrative Services Coordinator
Published in the Delano Herald Journal Jan. 30, 2017.