Wright County Board Minutes

JULY 3, 2012
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Sawatzke, Eichelberg, Thelen and Mattson present. Russek was not present.
Mattson moved to approve the 6-26-12 County Board Minutes. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg and carried 4-0.
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows: Aud./Treas. Item #3, “Update on County Ditch 24 Bog Issue” (Hiivala), Aud./Treas. Item #4, “County Ditch 38 Update” (Hiivala), and Highway Item #3, “Discuss Unofficial Detour Route In Stockholm Township” (Mattson). Mattson said there is a problem with Peyton Ave. in Stockholm Township. The State has an unofficial detour route and the County does not. Mattson would like Sheriff Hagerty to explain at the Leadership Team meeting what enforcement the County can do to help the Township. Mattson said many people are using this unofficial route. He asked for time at today’s meeting for Wayne Fingalson to provide more information about the situation. Eichelberg moved to approve the Agenda with additions, seconded by Mattson, and the motion carried unanimously.
On a motion by Mattson, seconded by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:
1. Performance Appraisals: K. Willis, Atty.; N. Tallman, Ct. Serv.; T. Decker, R. Erickson, K. Hettver, J. Russell, Hwy.; B. DeRaad, P. Fladung, K. Guinn, M. Hoberg, S. Hoover, M. Olson, J. Rivers, Sher./Corr.
2. Claim: Madden, Galanter & Hansen, LLP for $3,768.56 (Service for May, 2012).
3. Refer Offer Of Long-Term Care Benefit to 7-18-12 Ways And Means Committee.
1. Approve Abatement, PID #209-000-314103, Wayne G. Olson.
1. Approve Renewal Of Tobacco License For “Monticello Town & Country Club” (City Of Monticello). Patrick O’Malley, Jail Administrator, introduced Corrections Officer Nancy Borrett, who is retiring after eleven years of service. She began her career with the Todd County Sheriff Office in 1986 in Corrections Dispatch. Nancy came to work for the Wright County Sheriff Office in 2001 as a Corrections Officer. O’Malley presented Nancy Borrett with a plaque and said she will be missed. He commented that she has a unique way of dealing with inmates. Borrett thanked O’Malley and the Board for the recognition, saying it felt like winning a championship. She was proud to wear the uniform, loved her job and enjoyed working with a lot of good people.
Greg Kryzer, Assistant County Attorney, requested a Public Hearing for the proposed Water Surface Use Ordinance. He suggested 8-14-12 or 8-21-12. Thelen preferred 8-21-12, as primary elections are on 8-14-12. Norman said the Public Hearing would be part of the regular County Board Agenda. Kryzer said his presentation will take approximately 15 minutes. He thought an hour would be sufficient for the Public Hearing. Sawatzke said there may be substantial public comment. Sawatzke moved to schedule a Public Hearing for the proposed Water Surface Use Ordinance for 9:30 A.M., 8-21-12. Eichelberg seconded, and the motion carried 4-0.
.Marc Mattice, Parks Administrator, provided background regarding a request by Donald Streich, whose property is adjacent to County land known as the “Rasset Pit.” Mattice said the County land is used by the Sheriff Office for a shooting range. The County also has an old gravel pit on site. In 1990, Streich worked on a habitat project with the County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) and the organization Pheasants Forever. The project included a wetland (extending over both Streich’s land and County property), and a grass planting. With the recent passage of Green Acres legislation, Streich must put his land back into production by the end of this summer or incur a penalty. Streich has approached the County to assist with the boundary fence between public land, his land and adjacent property owners. Mattice said the length of the fence is about 400 feet. He referenced a 1990 agreement letter from Bruce Theilen, the County Parks Administrator at the time, who stated the County would erect a fence over the wetland portion of the area. Streich is asking the Board to follow through with that commitment. Mattice said a fencing contractor quoted him a price of $1166 to fence the portion of the field that extends across the water. Streich said he would be responsible for the rest of the fencing. Mattice said 580 feet is less than half of a 40 acre section.
Streich is also working with the SWCD to remove a beaver that is keeping water levels in the wetland higher than the acceptable level established in 1990. The beaver needs to be removed and the crossing re-established in that area. Mattice reiterated that Streich’s primary request is for fencing per the 1990 agreement so his land can be put back into production.
Streich stated that the original agreement indicated a cattle crossing would be built to provide passage through the creek and to provide an entry point for equipment. The cattle crossing was never constructed. The beaver is causing water to back up onto his brother’s land. Currently, Streich cannot get across the creek with machinery. Streich is currently working with the SWCD to get the beaver dam lowered. As it stands, the dam is now at three feet versus eight inches at the proposed crossing site. He suggests installing a tube to improve water flow and create a crossing for cattle and equipment.
Mattson said removing the beaver and dam may alleviate much of the problem. Streich replied if the creek were at previous levels and the water flow improved, he could get through with equipment. He said the County agreed to do this with Pheasants Forever originally, but now Pheasants Forever is no longer involved with the property. Mattson said if it is a County problem, the County should address it. He offered to call a contractor to get rid of the beaver. Sawatzke said he was not sure how the County was involved with the beaver. He said the County has a fence issue about which State statute requires County action. He questioned whether the beaver was on County property or Streich’s land. Sawatzke continued that if Streich has a beaver dam issue on private property that is not in a County ditch, then it is Streich’s responsibility to have the beaver and dam removed. Sawatzke did not see why the County should be involved in this issue. Mattson responded that building a crossing or bridge would cost more than moving a beaver. Sawatzke asked Streich whether he was also asking the County to pay for part of the cattle crossing. Streich said the original agreement per the SWCD was that the Parks Department agreed to install a cattle crossing. That was never done. Streich said they put up a fence partly because the water rose so high. Ice took out the existing fence during the winter. He added that the remaining fence is leaning and barbed wire is close to the ground. Streich said the beaver built the dam on County property. Last year the beaver was not there, and Streich lowered it down so his renter could get into the fields. The SWCD told him the beaver returned this year. The water backed up again, making it difficult for his renter to plant crops.
Thelen stated that the request is about the fencing. Mattson replied that the beaver is part of the project. He made a motion to remove the beaver and have Parks investigate the fencing issue. Eichelberg said he would second the motion for discussion. He asked for the source of funds to pay for fencing. Mattice was not sure. Mattice said it is not Park Department property; it is County property. Consequently, he was not sure how the Board would allocate the expense. He added he took on this issue as a service for the resident. Thelen said Parks has paid for past fencing issues. Mattice said those were paid for out of the Site Improvements Fund. Sawatzke asked if the beaver has indeed impacted the water level. Mattice responded that the water level is three feet high due to the beaver. The plan diagram in the packet indicates a preferred depth of 1 to 1.5 feet of water. Sawatzke asked Mattice to restore the area to the specifications of the original agreement. He then asked Mattson if his motion intends to comply with the original diagrams and elevations. Mattson said yes. Mattice suggested allocating the cost of the dam to the Highway Department, since they have the backhoe to do the work.
Norman asked whether the motion included an approval of the fencing, and if so, he recommended the expense come out of the Budget 100 Site Improvement line item. Mattson said the cost of the fencing should be divided in half. Sawatzke asked whether the County would pay for half of the fence, which is consistent with the statute. Mattice said yes, he has a quote for 580 feet of fencing. Eichelberg agreed and seconded the motion. All approved and the motion carried 4-0.
Mattice continued, saying Streich has requested a cattle crossing from the SWCD, so that issue does not need to be addressed at this time. Sawatzke asked Streich whether the proposed cattle crossing would be on his property. Streich said it would. Sawatzke did not see any mention of the cattle crossing in the agreement from 1990. Streich said the diagram shows the crossing at the area designated “Rip Rap” that also notes the optimum water level as 8 inches. The cattle crossing would block the water and back up into his field. He suggested installing a tube or duct in the water to enable the water to flow and maintain an acceptable depth of 8.” It would also prevent water from backing up into the fields.
Wayne Fingalson, Highway Engineer, presented a summary of five bids for the Chevron Safety Project that were received 6-26-12. He requested the bid be awarded to the lowest bidder, A & H Contracting, LLC in the amount of $115,801. Fingalson said the bid was 33% lower than the estimate. The Highway Department checked references for A & H Contracting. Although it is a newer company, A & H has done similar work for both Todd and Morrison Counties and received good reviews. Fingalson recommended they be awarded the bid. Eichelberg moved to award A & H Contracting, LLC the bid in the amount of $115,801 for the Chevron Safety Project. Mattson seconded, and the motion carried 4-0.
Fingalson presented an Intersection Conflict Warning And Highway Lighting Agreement with the Minnesota Department Of Transportation (MnDOT), and a Resolution For Rural Intersection Conflict Warning Systems (RICWS). He said there are two intersections covered by the Agreement and Resolution that the State has identified as problematic: Highway 55 at Highway 3 west of Annandale, and Highway 55 at County Road 37 just west of Maple Lake. Fingalson included the intersection diagram for Board review. He said the installation is similar to three other intersections in the County. The only difference is verbiage on a sign previously used that instructs drivers to “Look For Traffic.” He said he was advised to use the phrase “Traffic Approaching” or “Traffic Entering” in this project. Fingalson said this provides a warning for both the motorists on Highway 55 and those that are stopped at the stop sign. Sawatzke asked whether a flashing light will tell motorists on Highway 55 that a vehicle is approaching on County Road 3. He said he thought vehicles on County Road 3 were required to stop and wait for vehicles on Highway 55. Fingalson explained that drivers have stopped at the stop sign and then pulled out onto Highway 55. This situation prompted the previously mentioned signs in the other locations. Fingalson described it as an extra precaution to be watchful of other vehicles. The project is funded 100% by the State. Fingalson said the only expense to the County is the cost of power. Mattson moved to accept the Intersection Conflict Warning And Highway Lighting Agreement with MnDOT and Resolution # 36 For Rural Intersection Conflict Warning System (RICWS). Eichelberg seconded, and the motion passed 4-0 on a roll call vote:
IT IS RESOLVED that Wright County enter into MnDOT Agreement No. 01468 with the State of Minnesota, Department of Transportation for the following purposes:
Provide Electrical Energy for the new Intersection Conflict Warning System and Maintenance and Electrical Energy for the new Highway Lighting System at the intersection of Trunk Highway No. 55 and County State Aid Highway No. 3 and Trunk Highway no. 55 and County State Aid Highway No. 37, under State Project No. 8816-1765 (T.H. 55), within Wright County.
IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED that the Wright County Board Chair and the Wright County Coordinator are authorized to execute the Agreement and any amendments to the Agreement.
(End of Resolution #12-36).
Mattson said he will discuss the situation in Stockholm Township about unofficial detour routes at the Leadership Team meeting. Fingalson suggested Mattson refer the issue to the Transportation Committee Of The Whole meeting. Mattson moved to refer the matter to the Transportation Committee Of The Whole Meeting, seconded by Eichelberg. The motion passed 4-0.
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer presented minutes from the 6-26-12 Ditch Committee Of The Whole meeting. The purpose was to adopt a County Ditch Policy. There is a signed Joint Ditch Policy but not a County Policy that would govern the ditches in the County. Every section of the Policy was reviewed and adjustments were made. A red-lined copy was provided to illustrate the changes. Mattson moved to approve the minutes of the 6-26-12 Ditch Committee Of The Whole meeting, seconded by Eichelberg. The motion passed 4-0.
Hiivala requested adoption of the Policy For Repairs Of County Drainage Systems. Mattson moved to approve the Policy. Hiivala said that once the final version of the Policy (without red lines) is approved, he will post it on the Internet on the Auditor/Treasurer Department page. Eichelberg seconded the motion. Mattson asked if the redlined copy is still available. Hiivala suggested he post the redlined version only. Mattson said that would show what was taken out. Residents may review it and call with any questions. Thelen confirmed that no County Ditch Policy existed before now. Hiivala replied that previously only a rough draft of the Policy existed. Thelen said this new Policy will make it possible for matters related to ditches to move forward without having to come to the full Board if they fall under a certain expense level. Hiivala agreed, and added that the new Policy will help expedite the process. In the past, some procedures were delayed. With the implementation of this Policy, Hiivala said the Commissioner in the affected District can handle any minor repair issue to a ditch and simply advise the Board afterward. The motion passed 4-0.
Hiivala provided an update regarding floating bogs impacting County Ditch 24. Hiivala said Kerry Saxton, SWCD, contacted a vendor who would be willing to pull the bogs out of Locke Lake if the Lake Association were to drag them to the public access road. Saxton would work with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to get permission to close the public access road for one day. The vendor would then remove the bogs and transport them to another site. Saxton received an estimate of $4500. In the past, Hiivala said the Board approved an estimate of $2500. Hiivala questioned who should pay for this process. Currently the bogs are not in the County Ditch System as they are in the Lake. Sawatzke asked whether the Board has the legal authority to pay that expenditure. Hiivala said he will ask that question of Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney. Sawatzke said the Board must first determine whether this is a legal expenditure. Mattson said a bog on Clearwater Lake was moved by their Association, and the County was not involved in that expense.
Hiivala said one bog is tied to a tree on Locke Lake. Lake property owners are moving bogs. Thelen asked if the bog was headed for the Ditch. The Clearwater Lake bog was not headed for a ditch. The Locke Lake bog clearly is an issue. Hiivala said John Pippert, President of the Locke Lake Property Owners Association, brought the matter to his attention. Sawatzke said the Board needs to make sure whether or not there may be benefited landowners who have questions. It is important to determine whether this process is legal. Thelen asked whether the Board wished to make a motion pending a legal opinion. Hiivala said he would contact Pippert, also a benefitted ditch owner, who will understand that someone has to remove the bogs. Perhaps the Lake Association will pay for it. Sawatzke asked Hiivala to verify that all lake property owners are benefitted owners. Sawatzke also asked who is financially responsible for the bog removal. Sawatzke said if all lake property owners benefit, that gives more weight to the perspective that they should pay for the bog removal. Hiivala asked if they are not the only benefitted owners, is there still an issue? Sawatzke suggested he ask Asleson. Hiivala said he has, and Asleson would have to look into the matter. Hiivala summarized by saying he was informing the Board that Saxton had followed through with getting a quote for repair of the ditch. Hiivala will come back in the future with a recommendation regarding who should pay for the bog removal. No action was required of the Board at this time.
Hiivala provided an update regarding County Ditch 38. Hiivala said Saxton ran a string under the trailer park. There is a manhole cover on the north side of the trailer park. This is not the area where the collapse occurred, nor where they believe the blockage exists. Saxton ran a string from the manhole cover to the outlet. Hiivala said the string went through. Now Saxton recommends inserting a metal case or something similar into the ditch and pulling a ten inch metal ball through the manhole to the outlet. Saxton wants to rule out this location as one that needs repair. Hiivala felt it important that residents on the Ditch understand that action is taking place. Saxton also mentioned a water jet option that acts like a power washer or sewer cleaner. Hiivala said Saxton may pursue that via a contact he has in Rogers. Hiivala was uncertain whether an engineer would be required for this repair. The update for today is primarily that Saxton ran a string through the ditch, but wants to run a bigger cage through the manhole. He is hoping to take action in the next couple of weeks from the outlet in the swamp to the collapse. Mattson expressed concern about the string breaking halfway through. Hiivala said they will tie a rope through and pull it back to the manhole like a pipe cleaner. This was an informational item and no action was required of the Board.
The claims listing was discussed. As there were no questions, Mattson moved to accept the claims listing, subject to audit. Hiivala said a question was asked prior to the meeting regarding reimbursing professional licensing fees for employees. He clarified that the County has paid these fees in the past. One is included in the claims list before the Board today. Eichelberg seconded, and the motion passed 4-0.
A Technology Committee Meeting was held 6-20-12. Eichelberg read the minutes as an informational item. He moved to approve the minutes and the recommendation therein to adopt Section 711.05 and 711.06, Portable Devices and Security of Portable Devices Policy, to be reformatted to meet the Personnel Policy Manual layout, and refer outsourcing of telecommunications to the Budget Committee Of The Whole. Mattson seconded, and the motion passed 4-0:
I. Discuss Portable Device Environment.
Swing stated that mobile devices are the trend. Wright County, as well as other counties, is behind the curve compared to the industry in general. The County needs to address how to manage the proliferation of these devices. Employees have great ideas of how various devices can assist in the work place, but the County needs to have some control over them. Swing provided information on portable devices and a draft revision to the Personnel Policy, Sections 711.05 and 711.06, Portable Devices and Security of Portable Devices (attached).
Swing said the County utilizes Sprint for carrier services. Court Services utilizes Verizon and is the only Department that has not switched to Sprint. Previously, the County Board authorized consolidation to Sprint/Nextel for County services.
Swing said there is a problem with Sprint not getting the job done. To their credit, they have been attending meetings held by the County to discuss problems. However, Sprint’s technology in the field is not where it should be, especially on the western side of the County in the Cokato area. This results in a lack of coverage and performance affecting productivity of employees. Swing said there is no dedicated time or personnel to review telecommunication finances to ensure optimum pricing and plans. The annual cost for carrier services on the County’s devices is $200,000/year.
The idea of a stipend was brought forth but Norman said the County discussed this subject a few years ago and decided not to proceed. Hiivala said the draft policy includes language addressing that private data cannot be placed on devices that are not County owned.
Swing said there is little protection of private data on remote devices and no policy addressing the appropriate use of these devices. There are also no device standards contributing to the difficulty of providing and controlling connectivity to the County’s network, providing encryption capability, and developing remote control capability.
Swing introduced a draft portable device policy for consideration. This draft includes language on safety use of devices as recommended by the Public Works Safety Committee. Fingalson stated that the CDL regulations do not affect the Highway Department because those regulations do not apply to government. However, the Public Works Safety Committee discussed these regulations and provided input on the draft policy (see Items 3 and 4 under “General” in the draft policy).
Swing said employee education is needed on what information is considered private and/or confidential. Swing felt most employees do not understand the private data that is being carried on their devices. He suggested discussion should center around the safety factor of high level private data, data protection on devices, and network security. Hiivala said Department Heads could be provided with information to disseminate to staff, as well as training on the delineation between public and private data. Swing said a large issue is to educate on what is considered a portable device. For example, jump drives are portable devices and probably are the most vulnerable to loss. CD’s and DVD’s also are portable devices. Nelson said the County is currently testing commercially sold jump drives that have built-in encryption. She said that when email is accessed through blackberries, a copy is kept on the device. IT does have the capability of clearing data if that specific device is lost. At this time, they cannot do this on other devices.
Norman previously met with Swing and Lee Kelly, Administration, on adding the draft language to Section 7 of the Personnel Policy. Norman is in agreement with the draft policy language but stated it will need to be reformatted to meet the Personnel Policy layout. Another component that will need work is the County’s right to monitor systems or devices. Labor Law Attorney Frank Madden has indicated the language in the Policy is inadequate. When that section of the Personnel Policy is worked on, Norman stated that Madden’s Office should be involved. He suggested that the draft language of this section be forwarded to Madden’s Office.
Discussion returned to carrier services. Due to significant problems employees are having with accessibility in specific areas of the County, action has already been taken or is in the process to move 30 phones in Human Services and 26 phones in Highway from Sprint to Verizon. A test was performed with Highway staff utilizing Verizon in the Cokato area. Verizon provided better coverage with no dropped calls.
A handout was distributed reflecting a comparison of Sprint actual costs versus estimated Verizon costs for 2012 and 2011 (attached). It was assumed Verizon would be more expensive but it is not.
Sprint has indicated there will be more towers but that action keeps getting pushed into the future. Because of the State of Minnesota contract, the County is able to drop phones without incurring a cost and it is possible to import the number from Sprint to Verizon. Pooled minutes are being researched with Verizon for the Departments of Court Services, Highway and Human Services. Swing said moving from one vendor to another does not require full Board approval as this expenditure is within department budgets. There is better functionality with no extra cost. Fingalson asked whether the Sheriff’s Department has been experiencing problems with accessibility in certain areas of the County. Nelson explained that they are not from a data standpoint because of the use of antennas in squad cars and most use is not occurring within buildings.
Swing is working with vendors to obtain information on bi-directional amplifiers in County buildings to increase cell phone use. Cost estimates are $4,000 each for Public Works and Human Services Center, and $12,000 each for the Government Center and the Law Enforcement Center.
Swing suggested the County competitively bid to outsource the following telecommunications functions:
1. Financial management of dual-carrier (Verizon and Sprint) cellular operation.
2. User support and administration tasks (i.e., performance issues, device upgrades, add/deletes, etc.).
3. Assistance with the establishment of remote control security tools and procedures (in partnership with IT).
4. Multicarrier bi-directional amplifiers in County Buildings to support in building coverage.
Hiivala stated that when a telecommunications bill is received, Auditor/Treasurer staff does not decide whether the charges are appropriate. A company such as Renodis could look at the bills to determine whether they are appropriately billed. It is estimated that the County would spend about $37,000 annually to outsource these functions and would save an estimated $12,000 annually, including their fee. Norman said the outsourcing of telecommunications as outlined should be referred to the Budget Committee Of The Whole. This material should be incorporated into the IT budget proposal.
Recommendation: Adopt Section 711.05 and 711.06, Portable Devices and Security of Portable Devices. The Policy should be reformatted to meet the Personnel Policy Manual layout. Refer outsourcing of telecommunications to the Budget Committee Of The Whole.
II. Update On Print Management Program.
In the summer of 2012, the County contracted with Marco for Print Management Services for printers and copiers in all County Departments. The contract includes leases on equipment. The devices are managed by Marco. Service includes parts and labor, but it does not include paper.
A handout was distributed on the savings realized through the Print Management Service. Wright County saved $12,211.00 in 12 months (25%). Additional benefits realized are one invoice per month for all Departments, a reduced supply inventory, reduced time spent on ordering, reduced IT staff time, service expertise, and access to the Marco HelpDesk. The service includes automatic toner replenishment. The County processed 12 invoices through the program this past year. This resulted in additional savings for the approximate 260 invoices that would have been processed through service calls and supply orders. It was estimated that each claim costs $30-$40 to process.
The Print Management Services contracted through Marco is viewed as a successful venture and will be continued. Additional work will be completed with Departments to better plan for placement of printers and copiers, and to advise employees on correct printer choice for black & white copies versus color and related costs. Maleska worked with Human Services to analyze prints and copier usage. He put together a plan that saved the County an additional $18,000-$20,000 because of a reduction in the number of agreements for printers and copiers.
Hawkins questioned overages that are billed by Marco. Maleska explained that Departments are billed for anything over their contract amount. The County’s rate for overages is the same as the base amount. Color copies are more expensive. Some contracts are billed annually and some are billed every six months. Maleska said Marco services five States (35,000-40,000 printers) and St. Cloud is their Corporate Office. This was provided as an informational item.
(End of 6-20-12 Technology Committee Minutes)
Thelen would like to establish the cost of streaming Board meetings to the Internet, and asked to refer the item to the Technology Committee Of The Whole. She discussed this option recently with Bill Swing, Information Technology Director. Thelen said many cities and counties are currently utilizing this technology. She feels it would provide better transparency, interactivity and accountability to County residents. Swing offered to invite a vendor to provide a demonstration. One vendor worked with Stearns County on a similar venture, and the other helped the City of Buffalo implement streaming. Thelen asked if the Board was interested in investigating streaming. Sawatzke moved to refer the task of researching the cost to stream Board meetings to the Internet to the Technology Committee Of The Whole (COTW). Eichelberg seconded the motion. Norman said COTW meetings are usually directly after the regular Board meeting. He said at the last Technology Committee meeting, Eichelberg and Russek discussed the importance of all Commissioners attending the demonstration. Norman suggested 10:30 A.M. on 7-31-12 after the regular Board meeting. The motion carried 4-0.
Norman informed the Board that one candidate for the Highway Engineer position is not available for the date selected for interviews. This person would be available 7-17-12 at 3 P.M. or 7-18-12 or 7-19-12 at any time. Norman said 7-18-12 is a Committee Meeting day. He asked if 11 or 11:30 A.M. would work for the Board to attend. Thelen will be unavailable that week and thus will have to miss the interviews. Thelen said she does not want to miss out on the process, but it is unavoidable. Eichelberg moved to schedule an alternate interview date for the Highway Engineer candidate at 11:00 A.M. 7-18-12. Sawatzke seconded the motion. The motion carried 4-0.
Bills Approved
Albertville/City of $50,000.00
Aramark Services Inc 5,990.89
Ava Smithwick 100.00
Boyer Truck Parts 1,228.25
BP Amoco 3,468.94
Catco Parts Service 320.93
Cenex Fleetcard 143.56
Clearwater/City of 954.25
Clements Associates Inc 733.86
Constellation Justice Sys. 15,178.00
Cornerstone Chevrolet 874.05
Cra Payment Center 104.36
Cub Foods 208.02
Deatons Mailing Systems Inc 153.90
Dell Marketing LP 409.73
E-MDS 1,056.89
Engel/Dale L 200.00
Glass & Mirror Inc 2,693.25
Gould Towing 593.16
Grainger 2,759.21
Granite Electronics 413.95
Hardings Towing Inc 160.31
Highway Technologies Inc 244.64
Hillyard Inc - Minneapolis 4,651.55
Integrated Fire & Security 300.00
Jerrys Towing & Repair 154.97
Jobe/Steven 132.00
Judy Smithwick 538.76
Karels Towing 240.46
Kramber/Greg 209.95
Laplant Demo Inc 1,170.97
Larson Companies LTD/W D 1,775.32
M & M Express Sales 309.88
Marco Inc 4,944.11
Marietta Aggregates/Martin 807.07
Mathiowetz Construction 126,997.36
MCIT 250.00
Menards - Buffalo 671.88
Mid-America Business Sys. 106.88
Mid-Minnesota Hot Mix Inc 147,604.44
MN Assn Of Assessment Pers. 425.00
MN Elevator Inc 15,286.20
Morries Parts & Service Group 574.56
Northern States Power Co. 1,319.19
Office Depot 827.71
Pakor Inc 263.52
Quetel Corporation 2,000.00
Rand Worldwide Subsidiary 1,395.00
Regents of the Univ. of MN 31,862.49
Royal Tire Inc 2,547.78
RS Eden 515.01
Shauna Marion 448.60
SHI International Corp 130.49
Sprint 11,823.82
St Croix Recreation Co Inc 428.57
Streichers 166.73
The Sign Man of MN Inc 1,238.90
Total Printing 643.39
Transcend United Tech. 1,547.07
Trophies Plus LLC 137.76
Vance Brothers Inc 3,347.91
Walker Trucking/C 2,575.00
Walmart Store 01-1577 576.41
West Payment Center 967.20
Wright County Highway Dept 680.88
26 Pmts. Less Than 100 1,118.21
Final Total: $461,703.15
The meeting adjourned at 10:07 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal July 30, 2012.

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