Wright County Board Minutes

OCTOBER 30, 2012
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Sawatzke, Mattson, Russek, Thelen, and Eichelberg present.
The minutes of 10-23-12 were corrected as follows: Page 2, 4th line, change from “Silver Creek Township” to “Stockholm Township” (Russek). On a motion by Russek, second by Eichelberg, all voted to approve the minutes as corrected.
Eichelberg moved to approve the Agenda as presented. The motion was seconded by Russek and carried 5-0.
On a motion by Eichelberg, second by Russek, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:
1. Performance Appraisals: B. Schlimme, K. Wolff, Atty.; T. Huston, Ext.; C. Schulz, P&Z; J. Koenig, Sher.
2. Approve Charitable Gambling Application, Form LG220, Cokato Laestadian Lutheran Church, 16144-20th St. SW, Cokato MN 55321 (Cokato Twp.).
1. Approve Abatement, PID # 114-500-092101, Paul Fehn, St. Michael.
1. Approve Addition Of Outside Phone Line, Jail Division Reception.
1. Authorize Signatures On Natural Resources Block Grant Agreement Through 6-30-14, Grant Amount $104,169.
Marc Mattice, Parks Administrator, requested the Board adopt a Resolution accepting Grant funds on behalf of the Wright County Snowmobile Association in the amount of $36,200 for the Locke Lake Trail Bridge Replacement Project. The Resolution would authorize the Parks Administrator to execute agreements to implement the Project with Wright County acting as the fiscal agent. Mattson moved to adopt Resolution #12-59, seconded by Sawatzke. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, asked that the Board set a new private sale date and special conditions for the sale of Tax Forfeit PID #155-500-101417. Since the setting of the private sale date, Hiivala has learned that more of a notice is required to the property owner. Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, said the new sale date should be more than 30 days out. This is the tax forfeit parcel involving a house that is split between two parcels. A special condition of the sale is that the buyer must combine this parcel with the adjacent parcel. Russek moved to set the private sale date for Tax Forfeit PID #155-500-101417 for 12-14-12. Bids must be received by 4:30 P.M. that day. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke and carried 5-0.
Hiivala presented draft resolutions relating to the conveyance of tax forfeit properties to municipalities:
1. Russek moved to adopt Resolution #12-60 conveying Tax Forfeit PID #107-077-000030 to the City of Delano for part of their Storm Water Detention and Drainage System. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
2. Russek moved to adopt Resolution #12-61 conveying Three Tax Forfeit Parcels to the City of Montrose:
PID #112-033-002150 Neighborhood Park
PID #112-034-004010 City Well & Pump House
PID #112-500-264102 Ball Park & Other Facilities
Asleson said the largest of the three parcels is one that was leased for farming with Scott Kohls. Hiivala said Kohls has indicated that he has no other access to his land than through this property. When the City takes over the land, Kohls is questioning whether he will be able to go through the property to gain access. Asleson will review aerial photos and contact the City in this regard. Action allowing this access could be taken prior to conveyance of the property to the City. Russek said that the motion includes looking into the requirement of an easement through the parcel for Kohls to gain access to his property. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke. Sawatzke asked for more information on the three parcels. Asleson explained that one parcel is located along Hwy. 12. The other is a smaller parcel along Hwy. 12 and is part of the same development. The last one is located in a housing development south of US Hwy. 12 in a newer development. The largest parcel involves about 17 acres and will be utilized for a ball park and other City facilities.
Richard Norman, County Coordinator, asked for clarification on whether the motion includes revising the resolution to include easement language or whether it directs the Attorney’s Office to work on an easement. Asleson stated that the resolution language does not need to be revised. He learned of the possible need for an easement at today’s meeting. The resolution should be adopted as presented. Prior to making application for the State deed, the requirement of an easement will be checked. If needed, the easement can either be granted by the Auditor/Treasurer or by the City. Asleson said the resolution language can be adopted as drafted but the motion should include staff checking out the need for an easement.
Sawatzke asked how 17 acres of farm land in Montrose went tax forfeit. Asleson said a couple of parcels in the same development went tax forfeit, so he assumed the developer experienced financial hardship. Sawatzke asked since the sale is to the City, if there would be any payment beyond the deed tax. Asleson said there are fees that are paid. This parcel is being used for public purpose, and the State has a $250 conditional deed fee. There will also be recording costs. Sawatzke asked if the property owner has rights to any money that may generated from the sale of the property (i.e., property owner owes $10,000 in back taxes but the property sells for $20,000). Asleson stated that once the property goes tax forfeit, the previous owner is out of the loop and loses all property rights. Anything additional generated from the sale benefits the taxing districts. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
3. On a motion by Sawatzke, second by Eichelberg, roll call vote carried 5-0 to adopt Resolution #12-62 conveying eight tax forfeit parcels to the City of Otsego for part of their Storm Water Utility System:
PID# 118-068-000030
PID# 118-068-000040
PID# 118-068-000050
PID# 118-071-000010
PID# 118-083-000010
PID# 118-083-000020
PID# 118-086-000010
4. On a motion by Sawatzke, second by Russek, roll call vote carried 5-0 to adopt Resolution #12-63 conveying Tax Forfeit Parcel PID #118-069-000030 to the City of Otsego for use as a Street Right-Of-Way.
5. On a motion by Sawatzke, second by Eichelberg, roll call vote carried 5-0 to adopt Resolution #12-64 conveying Tax Forfeit Parcel PID# 118-090-000010 to the City of Otsego which was to have been deeded to the City by the Developer of Prairie Creek 5th Addition, pursuant to a Developer’s Agreement.
An update on was provided on County Ditch 16. Hiivala has been in contact with Kurt Deter and attended a Ditch Viewers meeting last week. Property owned by Collin Alama was sold in 1971. Alama sold the homestead and part of the property to Frank Lantto. Hiivala spoke with Deter on whether the County can administratively complete a reassignment of benefits bringing Lantto in as a benefited property owner. Lantto contacted Commissioner Mattson on a broken tile on the property he owns (Parcel ID #209-000-121301. Hiivala worked with Deter to produce an order that will be sent to the Alama’s, the Angell’s, and the Lantto’s to let them know the original benefits have been allocated to these three parcels and that there is a repair coming. The property owners will have 30 days to appeal. From that point, the County can work with a vendor to repair the tile system. Hiivala plans to send an order that will reassign benefits form the original parcel to the three parcels involved (Collin F. Alama, Frank Lantto, and David & Belinda Angell). Mattson moved to authorize sending out the reassignment of benefits. The motion was seconded by Russek and carried 5-0.
Kerry Saxton, SWCD, provided an update on County Ditch 38. He distributed a map, photos, and provided an overview of the following written report:
Ditch 38
As the Board is aware we have been working to assess the situation on Ditch 38 which is primarily a tile system that is partially located underneath part of the Montrose Trailer Park. We did work on this system last year and it again took a very long time to drain water away this year. The attached aerial photo indicates where the system was located and opened up to investigate potential issues.
Two areas were opened up after the water stopped flowing this fall. The farthest west spot (labeled on the photo opened here (Photos A1, A2, etc.) was right behind a trailer and was where we had attempted to find the line earlier when water started to gush in and stopped us. We knew something was wrong here and wanted to assess the situation. When we intersected the line about eight (8) feet down we did not feel it or hear the backhoe hit it, it was just there, when we investigated, it was about a 1/4 inch thick steel line that was very rusted and had little to know strength, you could break the pipe off in your hand. The pipe extends under a trailer to the east which we could do nothing with at this time. We removed this rotted line going to the west until we encountered a concrete line. Due to the fact that we could not fix this situation we decided to patch the line with 12inch corrugated plastic slipped inside the iron line and the concrete line with a tee at the concrete line as the line turns in this location. This area was all buried again as the hole was deep and in an area frequented by children. The furthest east hole was located in the field and shown on the photo as (opened here (photos B1, B2, etc.) and is about nine (9) feet deep. We encountered another issue here as the line had a hole in it with a Cook’s paint sign laid over some asphalt shingles on top of the hole. My guess is this was a repair sometime after the original line was placed. The tile with the hole in it was very brittle and broke off in our hands. Most of the tile we uncovered are broken on the sides and could be very hard to patch into without additional collapses occurring. We plan on patching this area by inserting 12 inch PVC into both sides and closing up the line so as to give the ends some support. This will restrict flow a minor amount over the original line.
While this line was open the trailer park which owns a jetter, agreed to send a man out with the equipment. We attempted to jet the line on Friday October 19th from the manhole first and were able to get about 500 feet (all the hose) both ways from the manhole with some obstruction going to the east which we were able to get through. A small amount of root mass was removed and is shown in a picture on top of the tile. Water is standing in the pipe abut 6-7 inches deep in the manhole and could indicate further issues. Unfortunately, they did not have a camera for their equipment so we are unsure of the status of the line. The jetter was about 6 inches in diameter so we know the line is not totally collapsed anywhere but how much of it may be impeded we are still unsure. When we jetted the line from the field going west we were able again to run the entire line into the pipe with only a little difficulty. It was clear the line had about two inches of sediment in it in some areas. We had run out of water and time and were not able to jet the line going to the east but judging by the water depth in that line it seems to be working other than a problem near the outlet where water is somehow allowed to flow underneath the tile as evidenced by photos of the outlet.
The question is where do we go from here? The line is old and basically forms a tunnel through the soil that the soil has compacted around, which allows it to keep operating until one tile collapses for whatever reason. The tiles we uncovered are cracked usually on the side which can be seen if you look close at pictures in the B series and the outlet C series and are prone to failure. When we uncover the line we jeopardize what integrity is left and it is more likely to fail wherever we couple to it. The steel line that goes under the trailer is in eminent danger of failing and could totally collapse at any time.
I would suggest for this year that we fix the existing inlet in the marsh that we couple to the plastic tee we installed and run another inlet straight out from this area that we could use if need be next spring. In addition we should determine what will happen if this line totally fails and have a contingency plan in place to deal with it if need be. This winter we should investigate the process for a redetermination and look at the possibility of turning this situation over to the City of Montrose as it’s very possible that this line serves more urban interests than agricultural production at this time.
(End of written report by Kerry Saxton, Office Manager-Wright SWCD)
Russek asked Saxton about the possibility of the steel pipe collapsing in the area of the trailer. Saxton said that it should not pose any danger but the trailer could become uninhabitable. If there is extreme runoff and the tile line is cut off, the water could build and go over Hwy. 12. Saxton feels they can look at and obtain an opinion rather quickly on what will happen if the system totally fails. Although there are no guarantees, Saxton did not feel that would happen with the proposed repairs.
Thelen referenced the recommendation to fix the existing inlet in the marsh and couple it to the plastic tee, and to run another inlet straight out from this area. Saxton said that is what he suggests. The inlet will not have to be run very far, possibly 50’-60’, because they would have a secondary inlet. The condition of the line in this area is unknown, and it is probable there are more collapses. If the water level is high, the secondary line could be opened to see what happens to the flow. If the flow increases dramatically, then there is a problem. Saxton did not feel the line would be opened right away. Thelen asked whether the recommended action includes investigating a redetermination this winter. Saxton said that is correct. Some of the landowners have conveyed they do not want to spend a lot themselves until a redetermination has been completed.
Saxton referenced the map and said they could look at rerunning a portion from the outlet. That would have to be done whether or not they run a line with the assistance of the Railroad. He estimated a cost of $10,000 to complete this and a short timeline. He feels that portion of the line will last through another spring. He referenced the outlet picture and said there is water flowing under the line. This means there is a problem somewhere with the line and there may be a blowout.
Mattson asked for the location of the three-phase electrical line. Saxton referenced the location on the map and said it probably powers the trailer park. The line comes off from a telephone pole in the swamp, runs straight east, and then turns north. Mattson asked if the utilities for Excel Energy are located in a different area. Saxton is unsure. Hand digging will have to occur when they get within 3’ of the electrical line. He is also unsure of the elevation. Mattson said Excel’s line may have come in via State Hwy. 12 and down Clementa. Saxton said he is unsure whether Excel Energy could provide an elevation. If the tile line intersects the three-phase line, the three-phase line may have to be rerouted. He thought they should check into this before anything is attempted.
Mattson and Saxton have both been in contact with the Railroad and have not been able to receive confirmation of any assistance from the Railroad. Saxton said Railroad personnel can be contacted this winter to determine whether assistance can be provided with boring through the railroad. If the Railroad will not do this, obviously running a new line to the north and bypassing the trailer park will be very expensive. Saxton said the benefited area includes 238 acres, and there is not much of an agricultural use in that area. There is a large swamp that is used to pasture hay. Saxton said the County needs to take a look at the benefits for this line and whether this line should be turned over to the City as a storm sewer.
Russek said with regard to Ditch 21, the County will end up with an assessment. He asked whether Hwy. 12, the Federal Highway System, will be included in those assessed if a Ditch 38 redetermination is completed. Russek said without that tile, the road would eventually go under water. Russek feels that is probably the largest property in the entire tile system. Saxton said he did not review the tax roles in detail so could not answer whether the Federal Highway System is included. He assumed they would be assessed if they are because of the benefit to the road system. Mattson questioned work completed recently on that road. Saxton said they were working to clear the culvert so it flows better, as someone had put something into the culvert.
Thelen asked if Saxton was recommending immediate repairs. Saxton said that was correct. Something must be done in the field to close it up. That work could be completed and they could look at what happens. However, Saxton said more work should be completed including fixing the inlet and putting in another inlet so there is flow on that end in the spring. A cost estimate can be provided but could change depending on the variables. Increased cost could result with the three-phase line and the possibility of lines collapsing. He estimated a cost of $2,500-$3,000. Since a three-phase electrical line is involved, the power company will want to be present when the work is being completed.
Mattson referenced the Ditch at Clementa Avenue and into the City. That area does not look to be deep. He asked whether moving the water to the east will result in no water flowing to that area. Saxton responded that the water goes to the east now. He has received requests to have that area looked at. Saxton viewed that as a secondary area that will have to wait until a decision has been made on how to proceed. That would come with a redetermination, and cleaning of the entire Ditch could be addressed.
Saxton believes the County’s portion of Ditch 38 ends at the road and does not continue into the requested clean out area, which is a private ditch. Saxton said this is something that needs to be looked at. Mattson asked about benefited property owners. Hiivala said there are benefited property owners to the north. That is why Saxton indicated there must have been a redetermination at some point that extended the benefits. That could be cleared up through a redetermination process. Hiivala received an email from Ron Ringquist relating to the redetermination of Joint Ditch 14 in the spring. Hiivala feels it may be an opportune time to have the Ditch Viewers look at redetermining County Ditch 38. The redetermination process takes time, and the actions proposed today by Saxton would be prior to a redetermination process. Russek said that Pat Salonek attended one of the Board Meetings where County Ditch 38 was discussed. Salonek lives downstream, more toward the outlet. Russek said Salonek indicated that his property floods as well and the outlet needs work. He stated Salonek indicated the Ditch needs cleaning.
Russek asked Saxton if his recommendation is to run another outlet into the swamp. Saxton referenced the area on the map. He stated the outlet level wouldn’t be as low as the original outlet but would allow opening it up to assure maximum flow for the line. Mattson asked for the cost to start that portion. Saxton said that is hard to determine. It will involve running a 60’ run, including re-exposing the line and connection. It is unknown what will be involved with addressing the three-phase line. At the other end of the line, they will need to put PVC pipe in and close it. That process should not be difficult if they can get the PVC pipe in without a collapse. Repair of the intake coming out of the swamp should be relatively easy. Saxton said that most of the estimated $2,500-$3,000 will involve putting the intake in.
Russek made a motion to proceed with the requested work as outlined by Saxton and to have Hiivala start the process for redetermination for Ditch 38. Russek said there are larger problems on this Ditch and the redetermination needs to be completed. Mattson said there was a redetermination previously but there were residents on CR 110 that had no use for the redetermination. There were some people for the redetermination and some against. Thelen restated the motion, clarifying that it includes fixing the existing inlet, running another inlet, and authorizing Hiivala start the redetermination process. The motion was seconded by Mattson. Hiivala said if the motion is to include proceeding with the initial redetermination, he asked if he could engage Ron Ringquist and the two Ditch Viewers for this purpose as well, since they will be here for Joint Ditch 14. Russek said Hiivala should try to get the same Viewers if possible. Hiivala said there is a process that must be followed for a redetermination hearing. He will work with Deter to get that started. The motion carried 5-0.
On a motion by Mattson, second by Russek, all voted to approve an Application for a Temporary On-Sale Liquor License as submitted by the Annandale Lions for a non-profit event, 11-17-12, at the Lampi Auction Building (located at 9141 64th St. NW, Annandale).
Mattson moved to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit. The motion was seconded by Russek. The motion includes 148 vendors for a total of $132,010.50. The motion carried unanimously.
A Building Committee Meeting was held on 10-24-12. At today’s County Board Meeting, Eichelberg moved to approve the minutes and recommendations. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg and carried 5-0:
I. Update Lighting In Areas Of The Government Center.
Hayes distributed a proposal from Loberg Electric, Inc. for a total of $10,074.00 (see attached). Hayes worked on the request to update lighting in areas of the Government Center with Al Buskey, Government Center Maintenance Supervisor. This portion of the proposal is estimated to cost $5,836.00. When the County received Federal stimulus money a few years ago, Hayes said the funds were used for HVAC and lighting improvements. However, the money did not cover improvements to the former Sheriff office area. Independent School District 877 (ISD 877) is currently using the space. Hayes said staff will try to take advantage of a possible rebate from the City of Buffalo in the amount of approximately $2,218.
The second part of the proposal pertains to replacement of lights in the basement storage area of the Annex building. The existing lights are not efficient and replacements are not readily available. The quote for this portion of the proposal totals $4,238, with an estimated rebate of $1,718.
There are no plans to revamp the former Sheriff administrative area until it is in use.
Eichelberg asked if the rebate would be deducted from the total proposed amount of $10,074. Norman clarified that the County would receive a check from the City after the improvements were made. The contractor would be paid the full amount. Mattson said the net cost would be approximately $4,000 less than the proposal indicates. Norman recommended these improvements be paid for out of the Building Care and Maintenance Budget, Repairs and Maintenance Line item. Eichelberg said this is a reasonable time to make the improvements when replacement items become unavailable for existing fixtures. Hayes would like to get these improvements started this year.
Mattson would like exact information regarding the rebates instead of estimates. Hayes offered to report the actual rebates to Mattson once they are received.
Recommendation: Approve request to update lighting in areas of the Government Center. The total project cost of $10,074 is to be funded out of the Building Care and Maintenance Budget, Repairs and Maintenance Line Item.
II. Update Plumbing In The Human Services Center.
Hayes distributed an estimate from Croteau Plumbing for $9,210.50 (see attached). When the Human Services Center (HSC) was purchased in 1996, some bathrooms were added using residential quality fixtures. These fixtures were not designed to function in a commercial setting. A number of HSC staff has complained about the inadequacy of these fixtures. The toilets do not automatically flush like the toilets installed in some Government Center and Annex bathrooms. Al requested the plumbing update as the HSC building will likely be used by the County for years to come. Hayes said there are no rebates for toilet upgrades, but there will be a savings related to less water usage and repair. The upgrade will also bring the HSC into conformity with commercial office building standards.
Mattson asked if they received more than one bid. Hayes said the County has worked with Croteau Plumbing on a number of projects, although they have contracted with others in the past. Norman said this request would be funded under the Building Care and Maintenance Budget, Repairs and Maintenance Line item. Mattson said he would prefer to receive a second bid. He recommended a contractor. Hayes said they tried to find a plumber who can work within their time frame, but will keep the other plumber in mind for future projects.
Recommendation: Approve request to update plumbing in the Human Services Center. The total project cost of $9,210.50 will be funded out of the Building Care and Maintenance Budget, Repairs and Maintenance Line Item.
III. Upgrade Security Camera System.
Norman handed out a four-page estimate from Russell Security Resource Inc. regarding this request (see attached). He originally brought the issue of building security doors and cameras to the Building Committee in February 2012. The Committee asked him to work with the Sheriff Office to conduct an audit of the camera security system. Kelly, Hoffman and Korbel received a proposal from Russell Security. Norman’s main concern is to eliminate blind spots between cameras in the Government Center. There are cameras posted that show both the east and west entrances, but other areas are not covered. This proposal addresses some of those blind spots and upgrades the current system.
Hoffman said the Sheriff Office is interested in recording incidents that occur within the building , and to monitor live events as they occur in the Government Center (GC). Since the Bailiff Court Security Offices moved to the first floor of the GC, the Sheriff Office would like to add several monitors to allow observation of live activities in the building. He mentioned a recent incident to which bailiffs could have seen and responded faster had there been cameras installed in that area. There have been incidents in the County Board Room when it would have been beneficial to have a camera monitor. Hoffman reiterated that the additional security cameras would provide monitoring of live events and after-the-fact documentation.
Mattson asked how much money was left in the budget for such an expense. Norman said this cost would use most of the remaining funds budgeted under the Site Improvement Line Item.
Norman said the Board received the last Revenue Expenditure Guidelines at the 10-23-12 Wright County Board meeting. There is $40,000 to $50,000 left in the Site Improvement Line Item budget. He added that some modifications to this proposal were discussed, including eliminating Camera 4 on Page 1 for $1,960. Kelly said there is currently a camera in this area, which was recently replaced at a cost lower than the one quoted in this proposal. There is no need for a new camera in this location.
Norman referred to Page 3 regarding the West Parking Lot Cameras for $10,270. Originally they were going to be mounted on poles in this parking lot, but the cost/benefit ratio is not sufficient . He added that there are cameras on the west side of the Government Center that provide views of the west parking lot. Kelly said there are occasional incidents in the west parking lot, as well as the ramp area. The cameras currently in place do not provide adequate coverage.
Norman referred to the last item on Page 4 for $2,500 regarding the option for a Camera Observation System in Sgt. Korbel’s office, including three monitors, a computer and video card for the monitors. The goal is to salvage these items from the Information Technology Department as they rotate equipment from other departments.
Mattson stressed the value of a good quality camera for providing useful information versus one that produces inferior images. Kelly added that there have been significant improvements in camera quality over the last few years. When evaluating the current system, Kelly said they targeted specific areas where there are blind spots or deficiencies in quality. The majority of security cameras in the Government Center will remain in use.
Norman said after the deductions mentioned previously, the proposal cost decreased from $56,305 to $41,575, or approximately $44,500, including sales tax. This expenditure would be funded out of the Site Improvement Line Item budget. He said today’s cameras provide better technology and images than the ten or twelve-year-old cameras at the Government Center. Norman said some of the cameras that quit functioning have been replaced.
Norman said several months ago the Building Committee recommended the County purchase a scanner for the front entrance of the Government Center at a cost of approximately $20,000. The decision has been made not to buy the scanner. He asked the Committee to consider that as part of this security upgrade.
Hoffman said they went to Sherburne, Anoka and Washington Counties to observe their scanners. The problem Wright County encounters is that the GC has two main entrances. The scanner would only cover one entrance. Hoffman said the big issue is that the scanner will not fit at the East entrance. Hoffman said it would cause gridlock and lines as people come into the Government Center. Several vendors looked at the area where the scanner would be located. Potential remodeling issues related to housing the scanner drove the price out of the range the County Board had authorized to spend. Hoffman said the scanner would be beneficial, but the cost is too high. Eichelberg asked if the other counties had security at their main entrances. Hoffman said primarily in the Courts areas. Their buildings were designed to allow areas to be blocked off.
Eichelberg said it was good to see some of the deductions Norman noted. He asked whether the security upgrades would be done this year. Norman said his hope is to get the item on the 10-30-12 Wright County Board Agenda and get the equipment installed this year.
Recommendation: Approve the Camera Security System Upgrade. The project cost of $44,500 will be funded out of Budget 100, Site Improvements Line Item.
(End of 10-24-12 Building Committee Minutes)
A Ways & Means Committee Meeting was held on 10-24-12. At today’s County Board Meeting, Sawatzke moved to approve the minutes and recommendations. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg and carried 5-0:
I. Parenting Through Divorce Contract.
Norman was in contact with Mary Ann Peterson, who administers the Parenting Through Divorce Program for Wright County. Peterson is in agreement to renew the Contract under the same terms as in 2012. The current Contract runs from March 1st through December 31st for $5,000 ($500/month). Peterson is entitled to the registration fees collected beyond that. Those fees range anywhere from $75-$100.
Recommendation: Authorize entering into the Parenting Through Divorce Contract with Mary Ann Peterson for the period of 3-01-13 through 12-31-13 for a total of $5,000 ($500/month).
II. Agricultural Inspectors Contract.
Norman said Ken Johnson is in agreement to renew the Agricultural Inspectors Contract under the same terms as in 2012. The current Contract runs from January 1st through December 31st for $13,281 ($1,106.75/month). Johnson is responsible for other expenses (i.e., mileage, conferences). Johnson no longer is the Agricultural Inspector for Sherburne County, as the function is now performed in-house.
Recommendation: Appoint Ken Johnson as the Agricultural Inspector for 2013. Renew the Contract for the period of 1-01-13 through 12-31-13 for $13,281 ($1,106.75/month).
III. Fees-For-Service Policy.
Norman said the purpose of bringing this Policy forward is to clarify what fees are required to go to a public hearing versus those set by State Statute. He wanted clarification on whether a public hearing is required when State Statute authorizes a county board to set a fee. That is a different scenario than when the State Statute reflects that a fee is set specifically by Statute. Norman’s interpretation would be that if the Statute authorizes the County Board to set a fee, a public hearing should be held and the fee set by that process. Norman asks Departments to submit, as part of their budget proposal, any changes to the Fees For Service Schedule. A public hearing is annually held in November so that fee changes can be effective January 1st.
Asleson said State Statute may reflect that a county can charge fees for services provided by a county department. There is a fine line on whether something is considered a service or not. In general, providing service is the function of most of the Wright County Departments. The only exception (except where fees are specifically set by Statute) is with regard to data practices. For example, in all Wright County Departments, copies are charged at $.25/copy for up to 100 copies. Beyond that, actual employee time may be charged. A fee for copies over 100 cannot be set that would apply to all Departments as the employee time may vary by Department.
Asleson said the better practice would be to follow the public hearing process when setting or changing fees. Asleson said there may be an occasion where a fee schedule change cannot wait until the fall public hearing. To allow for the possibility of holding a public hearing outside of the one held annually in the fall, he suggested the following language changes to the Fees For Service Policy Statement that was adopted by the County Board on 7-28-09:
• Item IIB, Public Hearings, should read, “At least one Public Hearing during the calendar year will be held in order to establish fees-for-service. A Public Hearing will be held in November with the fee changes being effective January 1st.”
• Item III, should read, “This Policy shall be effective as of July 28, 2009, amended 10-30-12.”
Recommendation: Follow the Policy Statement for Fees For Service. This includes holding a public hearing to set or change all fees, except when Statute specifically sets the fee. If the Statute indicates the County Board can set a fee, the fee should be referred to a public hearing. Approve the recommended changes to the Policy Statement with an effective date of 10-30-12.
(End of 10-24-12 Ways & Means Committee Minutes)
Sawatzke moved to schedule a Personnel Committee Of The Whole Meeting on 11-20-12 at 10:30 A.M. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss Elected Department Head Salaries. The motion was seconded by Russek and carried 5-0.
Norman presented a request to place the new job classification of Human Resources Director on Class “E” of the Non-Union Salary Schedule, $70,881-$93,538. Trusight evaluated the Human Resources job description and assigned the position 488 points. They placed the job at Grade 23 which is the same grade as Attorney III. The Assistant County Attorneys are members of a collective bargaining unit. For that reason, Norman proposes the position to be placed on the Non-Union Salary Schedule with jobs that have similar points. The concern Norman has is that the recommended salary range of $70,881-$93,538 is significantly below the average of the salary range for the group of counties Wright County makes comparisons to at $79,597-$115,147. Russek moved to approve placing the Human Resources Director on Class “E” of the Non-Union Salary Schedule, $70,881-$93,538. The motion was seconded by Eichelberg. Sawatzke does not support the hire of the position but agrees with the proposal on where the position fits on the salary schedule and where it fits in with the other positions. Mattson stated that because of the job market, he would like the position hired at the lowest step of the salary schedule. Thelen asked whether Mattson is opposed to the motion. He responded that he supports the motion but at the lowest step of the salary schedule at this time. The motion carried 3-2 with Thelen and Sawatzke casting the nay votes.
Correspondence was received from MCIT requesting the County designate a Voting Delegate and Alternate for the election of three seats on the MCIT Board of Directors. The election will be held at the 2012 MCIT Annual Meeting on 12-03-12at 4:00 P.M. Eichelberg moved to designate Richard Norman as the Delegate and Jack Russek as the Alternate. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke and carried unanimously.
Bills Approved
Allina Medical Transportation 500.00
American Institutional Supply 724.50
Anoka County Corrections 4,660.00
Anoka County Sheriff 10,456.66
APA Minnesota 150.00
Aramark Services Inc 6,551.09
Bp Amoco 3,898.94
Buffalo Township 700.80
Bureau of Crim. Apprehension 120.00
Centra Sota Lake Region LLC 150.41
Central MN Mental Health 228.06
Clearwater/City of 804.60
Climate Air 840.61
Computer Integration Tech 5,000.00
Constellation Justice Sys. 1,440.00
Corinna Township 1,010.60
Creative Forms & Concepts 679.07
Crop Production Services Inc 285.75
CST Distribution LLC 1,203.88
Delano Rental Inc 521.02
Dell Marketing LP 116.27
Edocument Resources 1,995.00
Election Sys. & Software Inc 2,356.59
Emerg, Automotive Tech Inc 348.01
Franklin Township 1,835.13
Frontier Precision Inc 1,918.41
Fyles Excav. & Honey Wagon 175.00
Gabriel/Cathleen 200.00
Grainger 202.21
Hancock Concrete Prod. Llc 4,903.87
Hillyard Inc - Minneapolis 5,986.59
Janikula/Tracy 274.80
Johnson Larson Peterson PA 10,000.00
Kelly/Thomas N 253.50
Knife River Corp. - N. Cent. 19,262.70
Kustom Signals Inc 452.79
LaPlant Demo Inc 631.29
Marco Inc 3,815.74
Marietta Aggregates/Martin 114.93
McKinzie Metro Appraisal 3,400.00
Menards - Buffalo 525.45
MN Corrections Association 210.00
MN Counties Computer Coop. 294.83
MN Dept. of Labor & Industry 1,241.39
MN Native Landscapes 4,000.00
MN Rec. & Park Ass’n Inc 148.00
MN Secretary of State 120.00
Moore & Moore Advantage 150.00
Mumford Sanitation 129.87
Northern States Power Co. 1,074.82
Office Depot 3,906.60
Omann Brothers Inc 2,400.37
Richards/Thomas W 500.00
RS Eden 949.32
Ryan Chevrolet 878.32
Schedule Soft 3,170.00
Schmaltz/John 189.12
Shred Right 285.88
Sprint 7,533.74
St Cloud Fire Equipment Inc 116.00
Suburban Emerg. Assoc. PA 220.78
Trans Languages LLC 556.88
Twin City Labor Mngmnt. 678.00
Walker’s Body & Glass Repair 450.00
Wright County Highway Dept 894.93
Wright Hennepin Electric 1,210.96
Xcel Energy 588.14
29 Payments less than $100 1,418.28
Final total $132,010.50
The meeting adjourned at 10:08 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal Nov. 26, 2012

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