Wright County Board Minutes

MAY 28, 2013
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Sawatzke, Daleiden, Potter and Borrell present.
Potter moved to approve the 5-21-13 County Board Minutes as presented. The motion was seconded by Daleiden. Daleiden made a friendly amendment to the motion to include a correction to the Minutes as follows: Page 1, 5th paragraph, 7th lines should read, “Norman said Stephen Michel has been the HR Director at Dura Supreme since 2006” (Daleiden). The motion carried 5-0 as amended.
Daleiden moved to approve the Agenda as presented, seconded by Potter, carried unanimously.
On a motion by Daleiden, second by Borrell, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:
1. Performance Appraisals: J. Borrett, M. Janzen, Assr.; L. Dixon, S. McCauley, Atty.; R. Hickman, D. Oliver, A. Wendorf, Bldg. Maint; C. Davis, Hwy.; D. Mingo, Parks; S. Bliven, K. Davis, R. Erkens, G. Gerads, S. Hegarty, S. Hoover, K. Kramer, P. Standafer, K. Yauk, Sher./Corr.
2. Claim, Madden, Galanter, & Hansen, LLP, $3,884.17 (Service For April, 2013).
1. Approve Renewal Of Annual On Sale 3.2 Malt Liquor License For Cokato Town & Country Club (Cokato Township).
1. Acknowledge 5-13-13 Wright County Parks Commission Minutes.
2. Acknowledge 4-05-13 Bertram Chain Of Lakes Advisory Board Minutes.
Capt. Pat O’Malley, Jail Administrator, requested the Board authorize signatures on a contract with the MN DOC for Sentencing To Service (STS) Crew Leader services. The two-year Contract covers the period of 7-01-13 through 6-30-15. The cost of the Contract increased by $160.88 per quarter or $643.52 over two years. The 2013 and 2014 Budgets will be able to absorb the increase in cost. The DOC will have to be consulted when the 2015 Budget is discussed as to what increase will be effective at that time. Potter moved to approve the Contract with the DOC for STS Crew Services, seconded by Husom. Daleiden requested an explanation of the services. O’Malley stated that Wright County funds 75% of the Crew Leader’s wages and the DOC funds the remaining 25%. The funding also goes toward a van, trailer and some tools, but 75% of those items belong to Wright County. The crew completes a lot of work for cities in Wright County and that falls under the County’s realm. The motion carried 5-0.
Marc Mattice, Parks Administrator, brought forth discussion on grant funding that was received for the Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park. The first request the Board considered was a motion acknowledging a $1,528,925 Grant from the Parks & Trail Legacy Grant Program for the Phase 6 land purchase. Included in the motion would be approval of a local contribution of $328,287.50 plus appraisal fees and closing costs associated with administrative actions required by the granting agency. The motion would include authorizing the signatures of the Board Chair and County Coordinator on Grant Agreement PL12-007 and authorization to proceed with negotiations. Mattice was asked to provide a brief history of the Project. In July, 2012, the County Board authorized Mattice to prepare grant applications for the Phase 6 purchase. Mattice said the County was successful in obtaining the $1,528,925 Grant and those documents came to him last week. The local match is funded through County dollars. The process involves formalizing the appraisal process and moving ahead with negotiations. The Bertram Chain of Lakes Negotiation Team includes two County Board members and two City Council members. Husom asked whether the $328,287.50 has been budgeted. Sawatzke stated that the County did not levy dollars for this in 2013. This Project is one of a number of projects that have been funded through the Capital Improvement Fund. The Fund is made up of levy or other revenue dollars, including turn back dollars from departments because of position vacancies and not spending all funds budgeted for a line item. Husom asked if the acquisition includes agricultural areas. Mattice said a small portion involves agricultural area but it is not part of the ball field complex.
Borrell asked whether there has been an appraisal completed for this project. Mattice said there were original and updated appraisals completed with the last update in 2011, so they do have an estimate of cost. The County has a fixed purchase price but that figure may need to be negotiated with the seller if the appraisal comes in under the purchase price. In response to a question by Husom, Mattice said the area outlined in blue on the map is reflective of the athletic complex. That is a different part of the grant. The City of Monticello will manage and operate that area. Land acquisition is split 50/50 between the City and County for the whole project. The City has obtained a grant for the area outlined in blue on the map, and approval has been received on the local contributions for the 40 acres. Sawatzke said it was made clear to the City at the onset that the County is not interested in running ball fields. Once the property is acquired, any funds spent toward construction of facilities or operation would be outside of the County’s realm. Husom asked if that area has been purchased. Mattice said it has not been acquired but grant and local contributions have been received. The purchase agreement has not yet been completed.
Borrell asked for the total purchase price for Phase 6. Mattice said that is $2.8 million. Husom asked about the time frame for Phase 7. Mattice said the Legislative Session ended last week. Once he has a grasp on the details of the Legislative grant funding, he will go to the Bertram Chain of Lakes Advisory Board with the information. He anticipates that Board will recommend to the County Board that Mattice apply for more grants. This could potentially occur this summer for acquisition in 2014 or 2015. Husom said that is another 324 acres. In response to Sawatzke, Mattice said for the acquisition next year the funding will be 5% County, 5% City, and 90% State. It will still be considered a regional park.
Borrell said with the next Phase, he would like the agreement between the City of Monticello and Wright County to be more than a Memorandum of Understanding. He suggests this with the mindset that he wants the two entities to continue in their good relationship. He will support the request today as it has basically been completed already. He stated he wants the agreement language for the next Phase addressed and voted on prior to any additional requests for funding. He viewed this as good for both the City and the County. He said the agreement does not need to be an elaborate legal document but it should be more reflective of the details of the purchase. Borrell understands this has been the intent all along but they have yet to see anything in writing. Sawatzke said it is in writing but it is in the form of a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU). Mattice said that document reflects that acquisitions are split 50/50 between the City and County. Anything that is operated in the County/Regional setting is the County’s responsibility, and anything in an active community type setting is the City’s responsibility. Borrell spoke with a Parks Board member who indicated there is agreement language that can be drawn up that is stronger than the MOU without getting into the technical, legal jargon. Borrell requested that the document should spell out and list things, including looking into the future as to issues that may come up. Mattice feels that is the direction the negotiation team has taken with a matrix that is being drawn up. Sawatzke said the items being reviewed today include two different grants for the same property. Husom said she can see how this purchase becomes part of the existing Park. She added that Phase 7 concerns her.
Daleiden moved to proceed with acknowledging the $1,528,925 Grant from the Parks & Trail Legacy Grant Program for the Phase 6 purchase for the Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park. This includes a local contribution of $328,287.50 plus appraisal fees and closing costs associated with administrative actions required by the granting agency. The motion includes authorizing signatures on Grant Agreement PL12-007 and proceeding with negotiations. The motion was seconded by Potter. Funding will be from the Capital Improvement Account. The motion carried 5-0.
Daleiden moved to acknowledge a $333,333 Grant from the Non-Metro Regional Park Grant Program for the Phase 6 purchase for the Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park. This includes a local match of $144,083.50 plus appraisal fees and closing costs associated with administrative actions required by the granting agency. The motion includes authorizing signatures on Grant Agreement RP12-001 and proceeding with negotiations. Funding will be from the Capital Improvement Account. The motion was seconded by Potter and carried unanimously.
Capt. Greg Howell, Sheriff’s Office, introduced Tom Pavek, Consultant for Public Safety Systems, Elert & Associates. Pavek said bids for the 911 Dispatch Intrado VIPER Upgrade and Maintenance were opened a couple of weeks ago for the 911 telephone system. Century Link is the existing vendor. Two bids were received including Century Link and IES. He said both bids were good and the differences between them are subtle. Pavek said bids were reviewed based on various factors, including price. Century Link provided a lower cost up front. The specifications were clear that the bids should be based on a five-year cost. He stated the County does want to obtain new servers in the process. IES included this in the base cost and then indicated the amount of the deduct. Century Link did not include this purchase but provided the cost of the add on. Pavek recommended this cost be included as he does not want to request an upgrade to the servers in two years. Pavek said the quotes were compared based on technology. The manufacturer put together a bill of materials that was used in both quotes. There weren’t any point differences in that area. Other things considered included giving Century Link additional points as they are the existing vendor. IES received additional points because they agreed to a shorter response time and to having all critical components in stock at their facility in Hutchinson. He said Century Link did not agree to that.
Pavek said it came down to price which is the difference between the two vendors over five years. They are requesting approval to negotiate a contract with IES, the low cost vendor that had the highest evaluated point total. Pavek is unsure how soon that contract will be presented back to the Board. He would like time to review the manufacturer’s bill of materials to make sure all parts listed are needed. He feels there may be some opportunity for savings. The other piece may be outside of the County’s control. The State is in the process of installing a Next Generation 911 System that will allow texting and videos to come to 911. An IP signal currently is converted to analog so it can be connected to the old system. The current system includes cards that are hardware pieces that connect to the old style network. At some point in the next several months, Pavek said the State will be able to go direct. It may make sense to delay the cutover for a couple months so the cards don’t have to be purchased. He did not suggest waiting a year, but a month or two may be worth negotiating to save additional funds. Once the final contract has been identified, it will be presented to the County Board.
Daleiden referenced Page 4 of the recommendation which reflects that user training will be provided by Intrado for both vendors. Pavek said both companies use Intrado to train. Intrado is the manufacturer of the equipment that IES and Century Link installs. Both companies bid based on the same bill of materials provided by the manufacturer. Daleiden asked why the County does not buy directly from Intrado. Pavek said they could but Intrado does not have local technicians. Borrell asked if there is another manufacturer. Pavek responded there are a number of different manufacturers for 911 systems. The quotes received are about 1/3 the price of a new system. Most of the software rights and licensing will carry over. Daleiden asked whether the current system will suffice with the new upgrade. Pavek said that going forward, there will be 5 years of maintenance costs guaranteed. In those 5 years, there may be additional software required once the standards are developed to accept texts and videos to 911. He expects a hardware upgrade in 5-7 years. If the software is kept up to date, there shouldn’t be any significant upgrades and should last well over a decade. Pavek said there will be upgrades associated with the Next Generation features. Daleiden asked why they don’t negotiate for these upgrades up front. Pavek stated the standards have not yet been developed. All standards are being developed before the software is written to make sure the data displays properly. Pavek said this may happen in the next couple of years. Husom asked whether additional towers will be needed. Pavek said the existing cell network will work. Daleiden asked if there is an advantage to texting to 911. Pavek cited two situations where being able to text significantly impacted the success of those emergencies. Borrell asked what happens if a text is sent to 911 in Wright County. Pavek said nothing. Many young people feel they can text 911. Another area that texting will assist with is for the hearing impaired. Daleiden asked about funding for the 911 Dispatch Intrado VIPER Upgrade and Maintenance. Capt. Howell said the upgrade is covered completely by the 911 Surcharge Account. Daleiden moved to approve the recommendation of Elert & Associates following review and to go forward with negotiations with the VIPER Upgrade and Maintenance System. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried unanimously.
Capt. Howell said the Board recently authorized the negotiation of a contract with Elert & Associates for the RFI and RFP process for the RMS/CAD (Records Management System/Computer Aided Dispatch) Systems Project. The Agreement with Elert was discussed during the Technology Committee of the Whole Meeting on 5-14-13. Today, Howell requested approval of the Professional Services Agreement with Elert & Associates for $33,000 to conduct the Request For Information (RFI) and Request For Proposal (RFP) processes for the Sheriff’s Office, to be funded from the 911 Surcharge Account. Husom made a motion to approve that request, seconded by Potter. In response to Sawatzke, Howell stated that the Contract is consistent with what was discussed at the Technology Meeting and the $33,000 is a not-to-exceed figure. Pavek said that he could come to the Board with an update between the RFI and RFP Phases. Daleiden asked whether Pavek will be back to ask for additional funding later on. Pavek stated no, that this is complete through the recommendation of which RFP to accept. It will be similar to the process just completed only it will include multiple vendors.
Sawatzke asked if Elert & Associates will no longer be involved with this project after the RFI and RFP process. Pavek said they will be recommending some sort of assistance through implementation for success of the project. Project management fees will be included as part of a line item, whether it would be through Elert & Associates or another vendor. This could be different depending on the vendor. For example if the County decides to pursue the hosted option, the amount of outside assistance on the project may be less than if the County buys its own system. A portion of the evaluation will include what vendor package is required (vendor resources, external resources, and internal resources). Sawatzke asked how the County can be certain that when the proposals are drawn up by Elert & Associates, that they are not being done in a manner that would create opportunity for more consulting work. Pavek said the County needs a customer advocate to oversee the project, and it should be someone with experience in this area. The contract is estimated at $80,000. Lt. Todd Hoffman said that the Sheriff’s Office is currently working on another technology project. They hired a consultant on the RFI and RFP process but did not continue with them through implementation. They do not have the expertise of the consultant and questions have arisen on contract language and process. Hoffman said the RMS/CAD project is large and he viewed it as prudent to continue with the consultant during implementation. Sawatzke said the County would be hiring someone to ultimately look over the shoulder of someone else. There would be an architect, engineer, contractor on site, and then someone else. Lt. Hoffman compared it to insurance. You hope you never have to use it but it is there if needed.
Daleiden asked what system the Sheriff’s Office is currently working on. Lt. Hoffman said Crime Mapping through Omega. It provides information to residents on crime rates for specific areas. It also provides crime statistics to Patrol Sergeants to assist with planning patrol coverage. He said the RMS/CAD project will help with that system. Crime Mapping is more of a map-based program compared to RMS/CAD which is a reports system. Lt. Hoffman said the hope is to have the RMS/CAD systems completed near the end of 2015. It will depend on whether CAD or RMS is completed first. Bill Swing, Information Technology Director, said that this is a complex project that was discussed at the Technology Committee Of The Whole Meeting. It will be interfaced with all peripheral systems, one of which is the Crime Mapping program. There will be some retrofitting to accommodate the Omega Group system. He stated that brings forth the argument why ongoing support of the consultant is appropriate to help guide the project. Part of what will be done internally is to discuss the roles of the IT Department, Sheriff’s Office, and the Consultant. To the extent possible, they will do what they can internally to reduce costs. The motion carried 5-0.
Bob Goede, MCIT Risk Management Consultant, presented the MCIT Member Report. After the overview, Goede responded to questions by the County Board. Daleiden asked whether the State is going to make reductions in workers compensation items. He recalled seeing something in the Legislature. Goede recalled a bill involving workers compensation but he did not understand that it will involve rates. Sawatzke referenced Page 3 of the Report relating to the Worker’s Compensation Analysis and questioned how the figures are calculated. Goede said an average of three years is used to develop each member’s experience modification. The figures in the Report are not based on an average of three years of workers compensation claims but rather it is based on the type of experience in those three years. Daleiden requested information on how Wright County compares overall. Goede said that Mark Nolan, Wright County Safety Director, asked for Loss Run copies a few months ago. Goede suggested the Board may want to meet with the Safety Director to review those. Daleiden asked if the County reviews that information every year. Norman said that is correct. Sawatzke said that MCIT recognizes counties annually. He thought it would be fair to say Wright County is on the list of counties with low usage relative to others. Norman said that is the case for property/casualty. He referenced the experience modification data and said Wright County has fallen a little behind in that area. Borrell asked for more information on the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Goede stated the Program offers access to professional counselors for support and advice on personal issues that may affect an employee’s work performance. It is voluntary, confidential, and delivered in a clinical setting or by phone to employees of MCIT members and their families. The service is provided as a part of the cost of membership. Introduced as a risk management tool to reduce employment-related claims, history shows this is accomplished when member utilization is 4%. Goede stated that Wright County’s utilization is 2.62%. Norman stated that utilization of MCIT’s EAP may be lower than some counties because our employees also have access to an employee assistance program through HealthPartners as part of the employee insurance coverage. Information on access to the EAP offered through MCIT is listed on the Intranet. Goede said it is important for supervisors and department heads to remember this service when an employee comes to them with an issue.
The meeting recessed at 10:23 A.M. and reconvened at 10:32 A.M.
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, presented the April Revenue/Expenditure Guidelines for approval. Daleiden moved to approve the Guidelines, seconded by Potter. Norman said that in June, budget transfers will be made from Personal Services to the various departments. That way, the Board will have the final figures before budgets are submitted. The County is awaiting an arbitration award and one bargaining unit is taking a vote on their contract next Tuesday. The motion carried 5-0.
Bryce Cruey, Wenck Associates, presented the draft bids and specifications for repair work on County Ditch 10. Maps were also distributed of the area. Cruey said there are 10 separate clean out locations. The bids and specifications have a 6-17-13 date for closing of the bids, with notice to proceed on 11-01-13. Mobilization would start on 11-04-13.
Cruey said removal of trees for this project was discussed several weeks ago by the County Board. He referenced the bids and specifications document:
• Section 01010, Item 1.01, Bid Items, Measurement and Payment, Bid Item 4: Tree Clearing, Section 02030 and 02020. Item 1, states, “Basis of Measurement: Each removed larger than 6-inches DBH as flagged by Engineer.”
• Section 01010, Item 1.01, Bid Items, Measurement and Payment, Bid Item 4: Tree Clearing, Section 02030 and 02020. Item 2, states in part, “Basis of Payment: According to the unit price as stated on the Bid Form. Work includes all material, labor, and equipment necessary to clear trees as indicated in the field and in accordance with the Specifications. Work includes disposal of material within accordance with the Specifications.”
• Section 02020, Tree Removal, Item 1.01, Description of Work, Item A, states in part, “The Contractor shall cut, remove and dispose of trees within the Ditch right-of-way.”
Borrell asked whether the tree roots will be removed. Cruey said the document explains that the trees will be cut and treated. The trees will be piled within the right-of-way and not removed from the site. Daleiden said he agrees with this method as the farmer should have been taking care of the trees all along. Sawatzke asked whether the County has the authority to do this. Daleiden said they will be piled in the Ditch right-of-way. Cruey said it will be up to the farmer on what they want to do with the trees, whether they want to burn them or use them for firewood.
Husom asked whether the STS (Sentencing To Service) Crew can be of assistance as the work performed would be free. Cruey said he has not worked with the STS crew. Daleiden asked whether it would be better to wait to bid as the work will not be completed until November. If the bids are accepted in July, that will provide an opportunity to see what the STS crew can accomplish. Cruey responded that his experience is that contractors complete work in the fall after harvest. If the County wants the work done this year, he suggested that the bid process happen sooner than July so the project can be scheduled with the contractor. Sawatzke said the bid opening could be held in June. The STS crew could cut down trees in July and August to reduce costs. Cruey said the sites were walked and the number of trees was estimated by the engineer. The document reflects how many trees are to be removed per site. The contractor will not remove any trees unless they are flagged by the engineer. In response to Daleiden, Cruey said that the specifications call for any trees over 6” in diameter to be removed. Anything less than 6” would be considered clearing and grubbing. The contractor will remove anything under 6” and anything within one rod of the centerline of the Ditch. Husom said this clearing was discussed with the STS Crew Leader at a previous Board Meeting and he indicated he is trained on use of chain saws. Husom would like to have this pursued due to the cost savings that would result. Borrell does not want to hold up the project. The bids and specifications call for clearing of about 10 segments in the Ditch. He said the STS crew could work elsewhere in the Ditch and suggested they could start working from the outlet back. Daleiden supported the idea. Sawatzke said the project in its entirety is too overwhelming for the STS crew alone. There are some areas where they could work where equipment cannot be brought in. Hiivala said they could possibly help the farmers as well by cutting up what has been removed. Borrell stated that assistance from the STS crew to cut up some of the piles would be done next year. This year, they could work in areas of the Ditch that are not included in the 10 areas identified in the bids and specifications. Daleiden moved to approve the final Bids and Specifications document for County Ditch 10 as written. The motion was seconded by Potter. The motion maker and second agreed to amend the motion to include a bid opening on 6-18-13 at 9:30 A.M. The motion carried 5-0.
The claims listing was reviewed. Daleiden referenced Page 3, MN Monitoring Inc. ($1,900.00), for missing equipment. He asked for further explanation on what the claim relates to. Hiivala will need to review the original invoice to provide more detail. Since the claim is dated 5-07-13 and the terms are Net 30, he will pull the claim and resubmit it next week. Daleiden referenced Page 6, Anoka County Sheriff ($25,704.57). He inquired why this expense is listed under General Government and not the Sheriff’s Office. Hiivala stated that when budgets were set, this expense was placed under Budget 100, Professional Services. It was the consensus today that discussion regarding the appropriate budget for this expense will be addressed during the 2014 budget sessions. Daleiden referred to claims on Page 22 coded to the “Human Services Exp. Dump Fund.” He inquired whether that account could be renamed. Hiivala said he will change the description to “Human Services Expense.” Daleiden referenced Page 6, Monticello Auto Body ($926.21) for damages to a squad. The claim is coded to Budget 100 as well. He inquired whether these expenses should be more appropriately listed under the Sheriff’s Office. Norman said that would not be the case. This type of expense is covered under the Liability Insurance line item. Norman said annually when he estimates the budget for the next calendar year, he takes the premium figures received from MCIT in August and analyzes the deductibles to help determine the total estimate for that line item for the year. Claim deductibles are funded from that line item. Sawatzke referenced the claim on Page 10, 2nd Wind ($443.75) for repair of exercise equipment, coded to Repairs and Maintenance in the Sheriff’s budget. Sawatzke asked whether the exercise equipment was paid for with taxpayer dollars. Norman is unsure. Sawatzke said he thought that the equipment was to be outside of the levy. Potter and Husom recall being informed that it was purchased with vending machine proceeds. Sawatzke said if the equipment wasn’t purchased with taxpayer dollars, it shouldn’t be repaired with taxpayer dollars. He asked Hiivala to pull the claim and ask whose equipment is at the LEC and when and how it was acquired. He thought that was done with money outside of taxpayer dollars. Sawatzke asked Norman if he recalls ever purchasing any exercise equipment at the Government Center location. Norman did not. Sawatzke was unsure whether employees were going to equip that area on their own. Hiivala said the details of this claim allow it to be pulled and resubmitted next week. Daleiden moved to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit, for $163,356.60, 151 vendors, and 206 transactions. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Bills Approved
Ameripride Services $377.26
Anoka County Sheriff 25,704.57
Aqua Green Lawns 170.00
Aramark Services Inc 6,630.56
Black Box Resale Services 225.00
Bohnsack/Jacob 136.00
BP Amoco 3,766.37
Center Point Energy 1,532.21
Central MN Mental Health Cent. 289.27
CenturyLink 122.20
CenturyLink 400.00
Chase On The Lake 223.50
Climate Air 220.90
Commissioner of Transportation 516.76
Crow River Org. of Water 8,353.00
Crow River Tools 532.05
Cub Foods 1 38.32
Dell Marketing LP 329.15
Diers Electric Inc 102.37
Eulls Manufacturing Co Inc 125.88
Fastenal Company 143.04
General Office Products Co. 1,445.66
Gilbarco Inc 240.00
Grainger 242.94
Granite Electronics 365.61
Granite Pest Control Services 419.55
Howard/Jolanta 400.00
Interstate Battery Systems 655.36
J & J Marine Inc 107.85
Jeddeloh & Snyder PA 1,200.00
Keaveny LTC Pharmacy 1,734.77
Marco Inc 2,932.79
McQuay International 2,778.00
Menards - Buffalo 252.02
Metro Group Inc/The 7,341.92
Milana P Tolins LLC 100.00
Miller/Nathan 360.00
MN Chemical Company 1,050.03
MN Counties Ins Trust 300.00
Mn County Attorneys Association 150.00
MN Dept. of Labor & Industry 685.85
MN Office of Enterprise Tech. 145.00
Monticello Auto Body Inc 926.21
Moore & Moore Advantage 450.00
Morries Parts & Service Group 1,652.36
Motorola Inc 13,527.45
Neopost Great Plains 1,058.94
Office Depot 1,432.12
Pacelli/Michael 153.00
Performance Kennels Inc 101.00
Persian Business Equipment 104.74
Pts of America LLC 854.10
Ramacciotti/Frank 100.00
Royal Tire Inc 3,113.75
Rs Eden 1,787.34
Russell Security Resource Inc 416.36
Ryan Chevrolet 246.08
Sawatzke/Pat 297.00
Setter/Randi 200.00
Sherwin Williams 242.55
Sprint 6,972.99
Sprint 3,177.28
Sprint 3,177.28
Stericycle Inc 1,188.12
Stockholm Township 405.80
Stoll/Brian 188.00
Total Printing 180.89
Towmaster 276.36
Vance Brothers Inc 514.87
Walmart Community GEMB 101.29
Walmart Store 01-1577 1,240.37
Waverly/City of 248.47
Windstream 114.76
Wright County Highway Dept 40,728.17
Wright Hennepin Electric 1,683.17
Wright Soil & Water Cons Dist 372.27
Xcel Energy 1,079.81
Zarnoth Brush Works Inc 632.70
9 Payments less than $100 1,472.24
Final total $163,363.60
The meeting adjourned at 11 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal June 17, 2013.

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