Wright County Board Minutes

OCTOBER 8, 2013
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Sawatzke, Daleiden, Potter and Borrell present.
The following correction was made to the 10-01-13 County Board Minutes: Page 12, 2nd to last paragraph, line 7, sentence should read, “Sawatzke suggested we reference the Owner’s Committee Minutes which were taken at the time the Jail was built” (Sawatzke). Potter moved to approve the County Board Minutes as corrected. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Petitions were accepted to the Agenda as follows under Items For Consideration: #6, “Labor Management/Health Insurance Committee Meeting” (Kelly); and #7, “Reschedule 10-09-13 Building Committee Meeting” (Kelly). Potter moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Daleiden, carried 5-0
On a motion by Daleiden, second by Borrell, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:
1. Performance Appraisals: T. Huston, Ext.; J. Ahlm, C. Engel, S. Poirier, N. Roemer, Sher./Corr.
2. O/T Report, Period Ending 9-14-13.
1. Approve Abatement, PID #217-044-009010, 009020 and 009030, Michael T. French (Southside Twp).
1. Position Replacement:
a. Assistant Wright County Attorney.
1. Refer To 10-23-13 Personnel Committee The Request To Hire A Temporary Employee.
1. Position Replacement:
a. Financial Worker, Adult Financial Services.
1. Refer To Personnel Committee Discussion RE: Request For F/T Employee In Veteran Services/Nuclear Office.
Greg Kramber, Assessor, said a tax court petition has been filed by J & B RE Inc. (City of St. Michael). The years under appeal are for the 2011 and 2012 assessments. Kramber recommends hiring Clay M. Dodd, MAI, ASA, for professional real estate appraisal services with funding from Department 100, Professional Services. Fees for Phase I are estimated at $8,000-$10,000. If a Phase 2 appraisal is required for trial, the total appraisal costs would be estimated at $18,500 and would include the initial Phase 1 costs. Any pretrial meetings, and/or appraisal revisions, updates, upgrades, hearing preparation, and discovery would be billed at $200/hour. Testifying at trial would be billed at $275/hour. Associate appraisal time would be billed at $100/hour. Potter asked how far apart the values are. Kramber said the County has an approximate $13 million value. J & B’s tax representative has an estimated value of half of that. At a 3.5% tax rate, this equates to a couple hundred thousand dollars annually. Kramber said it is a property that is very difficult to find comparables for. He said Dodd is one of the best appraisers in the United States and thinks Dodd will do a good job representing Wright County in this litigation process. Husom noted that the cost for Dodd’s services would be about 10% of the annual tax. Borrell moved to approve the appraisal services and subsequent legal work by Clay M. Dodd, MAI, ASA with Patchin, Messner, Dodd & Brumm. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried unanimously.
Marc Mattice, Parks Administrator, said the Parks Commission met on 9-16-13 and recommends changes to the Parks Department 2014 Fee Schedule. The main reason for the proposed increases deals directly with moving forward with online camping reservations and credit card fees. The following is the proposed Fee Schedule:
Wright County Parks Department
2014 Proposed Fee Schedule
Item; Current; Proposed; Revenue Increase/(Decrease)
Camping Parks (Collinwood/Schroeder)
- Electric Sites/Night; $22.00; $25.00; $10.625.00
- Non Electric Sites/Night; $16.00; $16.00; $0.00
- Seasonal Camp Site; $1,900.00; $1,900.00; $0/00
- Group Camp Sites at Collinwood; $45.00; $45.00; Increased in 2013
- Camping Reservations; $3.00; $5.00; $1,800.00
- Boat Launch For Non-Registered Campers; $3.00; $3.00; $0.00
- Firewood Bundles/Bundle; $3.50; $4.00; $1.000.00
SUB TOTAL FOR CAMPING PARKS; n/a; n/a; $13,425.00
Minus Additional Contribution; n/a; n/a; ($7,000)
Minus Processing Fees; n/a; n/a; ($5,500)
Increase the contribution made toward the Campground Improvement Fund by $1.00 per camping occasion (for a new total of $6.00 /camping occasion) to offset ongoing cost of software maintenance, hosting fees, and payment gate way charges.
Item; Current; Proposed
Wood Cutting Permits; $15.00; Same
Picnic Shelters Rentals - Weekend/Holidays
- Otsego Park (Shelters 1 and 2); $50/Day; Same
Otsego Gazebo; $10/Day; Same
- Schroeder Park; 450/Day; Same
- Collnwood Park; $50/Day; Same
Collinwood Trail Head Shelter; $50/Day; Same
Collinwood Beach Shelter; $75/Day; Same
- Beebe Lake Park; $50/Day; Same
- Clearwater/Pleasant Park; $75/Day; Same
Picnic Shelter Rentals - Weekday
- Otsego Park (Shelters 1 and 2); $25/Day; Same
Otsego Gazebo; $10/Day; Same
- Schroeder Park; $25/Day; Same
- Collinwood Park; $25/Day; Same
Collinwood Trail Head Shelter; $25/Day; Same
Collinwood Beach Shelter; $35/Day; Same
- Beebe Lake Park; $25/Day; Same
- Clearwater/Pleasant Park; $35/Day; Same
$35 first four hours
Ney Park Center; $10 each additional hour; Same
Custom Programming For Environmental Education Programs;
$35 per hour/staff person regular hours plus supplies and materials; Same
$60 per hour/staff person after hours plus supplies and materials; Same
(End of proposed Parks Department Fee Schedule)
Mattice asked the Board to approve the fees that have no proposed changes so he can move forward with letting people know those fees. Sawatzke referenced the Camping Reservation fee increase from $3.00 to $5.00. Mattice said that relates to a one-time fee to hold a specific campsite when a reservation is made. It is a separate charge from the campsite fee. The revenue will be used toward software which allows for online reservations. Daleiden moved to approve the items in the Parks Department Fee Schedule with no changes and to refer those with changes to a future public hearing. The motion was seconded by Borrell and carried 5-0.
Steve Jobe, Surveyor, said the new plat books are being sold. Part of rolling out the new plat books involved a drawing for a large wall map. The winner is Kristi Kritzeck from Victor Township. Jobe said 125 plat books have been sold in 1.5 months. Plat books are also being sold at the Auditor/Treasurer’s Office. The last time he checked, approximately 10 had been sold. More books will be ordered later this year or early in 2014. The original order was for 200 books. It was suggested that a sample book be placed at the Lobby Receptionist desk in the Government Center. Jobe said he will defer that suggestion to the Auditor/Treasurer. This was provided as an informational update.
Potter requested the Board authorize his attendance at the 120th Annual Minnesota Transportation Alliance Membership Meeting on 11-07-13 in St. Cloud. Daleiden moved to authorize attendance by Potter, seconded by Husom, carried 5-0.
Husom moved to adopt Resolution #13-34 approving a Charitable Gambling Application, Form LG230, for the Knights of Columbus #4653, at the Rockford Township Hall, 3039 Dague Ave. SE, Buffalo MN, (Rockford Township) on 10-27-13. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Potter moved to schedule a Personnel Committee Of The Whole Meeting on 11-12-13 at 10:30 A.M. for the purpose of reviewing the elected department head salaries (Attorney, Sheriff and Auditor/Treasurer). The motion carried 5-0 on a second by Daleiden.
Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, said it is his understanding that the Ditch Viewers on County Ditch 38 are still awaiting instruction from the County Board (as Drainage Authority) on establishing the location of the Ditch before they finalize their report. Hiivala provided a map of County Ditch 38 reflecting the current benefited property owners and where County Ditch 38 runs. In response to Borrell, Hiivala confirmed that the map does not accurately reflect the layout of the Ditch. Hiivala said it is his recommendation that the Ditch Authority establish the Ditch at its original location, which is south of Highway 12 ending on the northeastern parcel. The Commissioners referenced outlying parcels on the map. Hiivala said those might be owned by the Township and may not be part of the benefited area. Hiivala said originally, Ditch 38 was established south of Highway 12 and that is where the weighted part of the benefits was.
Hiivala is working with Houston Engineering. There is evidence that the Ditch was re-determined but the viewer’s report is missing. There is an assessment role, approved by the Board in the 1970’s, establishing where the Ditch was. Hiivala said the Assessor’s records are evidentiary proof that the Ditch was extended. He will rely on the original legal description of the Ditch. The Ditch location layout on the map being reviewed was completed by the previous Surveyor’s Office staff. It is unknown whether it was based on maps or legal descriptions. Hiivala said the blue line reflecting Ditch location should be disregarded.
Borrell said Ditch 38 ends to the east and north of Pat Salonek’s farm. It then connects to a natural creek about 1500’ further, and the description needs to be accurate to that location. Hiivala said the map reflects the benefited parcels. He referenced the parcel furthest to the east. He feels there is evidentiary proof that the Ditch is extended to this point. Hiivala said with Board direction, he will work with Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, and Kurt Deter, Wenck Associates, to draft a summary of findings of fact. Borrell said if the area by Pat Salonek is not included, it will not benefit him to have the water run to his property and not be drained.
Hiivala said the summary findings of fact will be based on the assessment role and evidence that a re-determination was completed. The viewers report from that time is not available. However, they will be able to establish a viewers report with this redetermination. Hiivala said a summary of findings of fact will be brought to the Board. He will work with Asleson and Deter to determine the proper layout of the Ditch.
Hiivala clarified that what he is looking for is instruction to draft a summary of the findings of fact, re-establishing the Ditch where it originally was designed ending in the parcel northeast of Clementa. Sawatzke said Hiivala should work with Borrell and Kerry Saxton, SWCD. Borrell and Hiivala said they have been working with Saxton. Potter asked whether Saxton is aware of the watershed district in relevance to this. Hiivala said that is correct. Sawatzke questioned whether Hiivala is prepared to draft something to be presented at the next Board Meeting. Hiivala said he is. Today, he is looking for the endorsement of the Board on where the Ditch should be established. Sawatzke said they want it to be established where the Ditch is. Hiivala said if that is the intent, he will draft the summary of findings and fact in that fashion.
Hiivala said the County currently holds a month-to-month contract with Solveras to provide credit card merchant services. The County has contracted with Solveras for four years. The Association of Minnesota Counties is endorsing credit card merchant Diversified Check Solutions. Hiivala interviewed Diversified and feels the County will achieve savings and be able to expand the application into other County’s systems. Currently, the service is only available in Court Services and Human Services. Hiivala stated the Auditor/Treasurer’s Office does accept credit cards for tax payments on the website. US Bank assesses a convenience fee to the consumer. Taxpayers using the e-check feature are charged $1. Hiivala said there is a State law which allows passing along the convenience fee at the License Bureau. Several years ago, he presented a scenario to the Board indicating the County could not absorb the cost of those credit cards considering the State receives the majority of the fees collected. Hiivala said there is an ATM Machine located next to the License Bureau. Borrell moved to approve switching of the Credit Card Merchant Service to Diversified Check Solutions, seconded by Daleiden, carried 5-0.
Hiivala said during the 2014 budget process, the need for a Capital Projects Technology Fund was identified to handle several initiatives that don’t line up with calendar year expenditures. Hiivala requested authorization to transfer $1,000,000 from the General Fund Reserves to the Capital Projects Technology Fund. Potter moved to authorize the transfer, seconded by Daleiden, carried 5-0.
The claims listing was reviewed. Sawatzke referenced a claim on Page 2, Pat Sawatzke, $50.00 for mileage reimbursement. He said that should be coded to Human Services. Hiivala requested the Board include payment of the claim with approval of the claims listing. He will consult with Human Services on the correct account code. Borrell moved to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit, for a total of $1,372,502.04, with 153 vendors and 224 transactions. The motion carried 5-0 on a second by Daleiden.
At 9:38 A.M., Sawatzke closed the bid process for County Ditch 10. Hiivala stated Wenck Associates indicated that ten local vendors were contacted on this bid process. Sawatzke referenced an email from Brad Fyle indicating he is not interested due to a different scope for the project. Hiivala stated that the scope didn’t change from the first bid process. The specifications were changed to reflect exactly what must be completed so it removed some of the bidder’s discretion. Borrell felt there was too much detail in the specifications. Hiivala said the issue in the past was that the specifications were not detailed enough. Part of that was addressing what to do with spoil material. The contractors needed to understand that they will be responsible for removing debris unless they have the permission of the landowner. Hiivala said that is a significant cost of completing the project. Hiivala opened the bids:
Bidder; Bid Bond; Total Bid
Blackstone Contractors LLC, Corcoran MN; Yes; $148,482.95
Minnesota Native Landscapes, Otsego MN; Yes; $189,747.90
GF Jedlicki Inc., Eden Prairie MN; Yes; $317,210.15
Hiivala said the Engineer’s estimate is $115,000. He asked that the bids be referred to Wenck Associates for their recommendation. Daleiden moved to lay the bids over, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0.
Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, brought forth discussion on the adoption of amendments to the Wright County Tobacco Ordinance. Also present were Joel Torkelson and Carol Schefers from Wright County Public Health. The County has received several inquiries from individuals interested in selling e-cigarettes at retail. While staff takes the position that such electronic delivery devices are already covered by the Ordinance, the proposed amendments would provide clarification, and a number of cities and counties have already taken such action with their ordinances. The text of the proposed amendments varies slightly from the text presented a couple of weeks ago. The new text is recommended by the Public Law Health Center in conjunction with the Minnesota League of Cities. Information on e-cigarettes was also provided by the Association for Nonsmokers-MN.
Asleson said the main change in the language relates to Section 3, Subd. 2, adding the definition of an Electronic Delivery Device pertaining to e-cigarettes. A phrase was inserted on e-cigarettes elsewhere in the Ordinance (requiring a license to sell, that it is illegal to sell to those under 18, etc.). Asleson mentioned to the Board several weeks ago that the County has received a handful of inquiries from retailers wanting to sell e-cigarettes only (without tobacco products). The Board has licensed at least one establishment to date. The main reasons for adopting these amendments is to clarify in the Ordinance that a license is required to sell e-cigarettes and to enforce the prohibition of selling to those younger than 18 years of age. Minnesota law, on the State level, was changed in 2010 making it illegal to sell these devices to those under 18 years of age. If the amendments are adopted, compliance checks will be completed through Public Health for the sale of e-cigarettes to those under 18, as is done with tobacco products. Borrell asked why the County needs an Ordinance if there is a State law. Asleson responded that the County is charged with enforcing State law. The State does not do anything in terms of enforcement. For tobacco, there is both the criminal charge for selling to minors, and through this Ordinance there are civil penalties. Asleson said the Ordinance language will place enforcement in a similar light with tobacco violations.
Borrell asked if the State passed a law making it illegal for those under 18 years of age to use e-cigarettes. Asleson said it is illegal to sell these products to those under 18 years of age and thought the law prohibits against use as well. Borrell asked where this will stop and whether it will include such things as nicotine gum. He asked if there is a problem with e-cigarettes. Sawatzke said his question relates to the use, whether it is predominantly used as a smoking cessation tool or whether it provides a gateway to tobacco and other drugs.
Torkelson said he can’t speak to specific numbers as this is a new issue. From what he has read about e-cigarettes, the product is not safe to be used as a cessation device for someone trying to quit. These devices are unregulated so it is unknown how much nicotine is contained in the product. He thought e-cigarettes may be more popular due to the increase in prices for cigarettes. People may believe e-cigarettes are safer as they are not being exposed to smoke. However, the long-term effects are unknown. The FDA is investigating this and will determine whether the devices should be labeled as a cessation device. Nicotine gum, patches, lozenges, etc. are labeled as cessation devices so Public Health doesn’t license places that do sell those products. Torkelson said they wanted to make sure this was defined in the Ordinance so it can be dealt with in the future.
Borrell said the few people he knows using e-cigarettes are doing so to quit smoking. Borrell said there are people under 18 who are addicted to cigarettes and it might be a good way for them to quit. Asleson said the definition in the draft does contain an exemption for things approved by the FDA as a tobacco cessation device and states, “Electronic delivery device shall not include any product that has been approved or otherwise certified for legal sale by the United State Food and Drug Administration for use in tobacco cessation treatment, or other medical purposes, and is being marketed and sold solely for that approved purpose.” In other words, Asleson said this Ordinance would not apply to those devices once the stamp of approval has been provided by the FDA. As Torkelson pointed out, right now that is in limbo because no one knows how effective or dangerous these devices are. Sawatzke feels the devices are safer than cigarettes as there is no second hand smoke. Husom said it is unknown what is in them. As far as regulating sales, it makes sense to include the devices with items that should not be sold to those under 18 years of age. Borrell said the draft Ordinance goes further than that; it applies to the use of the product as well. Husom said when the FDA comes in with their findings, the e-cigarettes may be a mute point. Currently it is unknown if there is nicotine in the product. With products such as the nicotine patch, a prescription is required. Sawatzke said this Ordinance would only apply to the sale of the product.
Sawatzke asked for the cost of a tobacco license. Asleson thought the fee was $150. That fee has not been raised in several years. Sawatzke does not want the fee set too high if this is something that helps people quit smoking. He said e-cigarettes may be a better alternative. Sawatzke referenced Subd. 9 dealing with self service sales. Currently, a person cannot purchase cigarettes without the assistance of the clerk (they are physically located behind the sales counter). He asked about e-cigarettes being located on a shelf that is accessible to the public. He said Subd. 9 does not prohibit that. Asleson said the draft as proposed does not have the electronic delivery device named in the self service sales. Sawatzke said there is a limit to what providers can have behind the counter. He asked how the product is packaged. Torkelson said there are varying sizes but they are packaged similarly to cigarettes.
Torkelson said there are 8 counties and at least 12 cities that have included electronic delivery devices in their ordinances. The draft being presented only relates to sales of the product. Some places have banned the use of this product on their property due to potential health implications. Husom spoke with someone who had a person use an e-cigarette in their office and they did not know how to react. Torkelson said this has happened at the LEC and at the Government Center, and staff has been inquiring what they are supposed to do. Sawatzke asked whether chewing tobacco is allowed in the Government Center. Lee Kelly, Interim County Coordinator, said it is not. Sawatzke felt e-cigarettes would fall under that realm. Kelly said in the instances where he has been asked by departments, he has applied the Policy as the “act of smoking”. That is the direction he has given to the bailiffs in Courts as they have had several issues. Kelly has been working with Tammy Bigelow, Human Resources Director, on this subject. They are waiting to see if the amendment to the Ordinance is approved and if it is, they feel it is appropriate to change County Policy as well. Sawatzke asked whether bars and restaurants allow use of the product. Torkelson said it is up to the owner. Daleiden referenced the email received from a member of the Association for Nonsmokers-MN and the reference that other provisions of the Ordinance should be updated as they may be out of date. Asleson said he is unsure what they are referencing but can pursue that if desired. Daleiden said that it makes sense to complete all of the updates at once. Torkelson said the email does not outline any suggestions or specifics on amendments.
Daleiden moved to adopt Ordinance Amendment #13-02 adopting Amendments to the Wright County Tobacco Ordinance. The motion was seconded by Husom. Borrell stated he would vote against the Ordinance Amendments as there is not enough information at this time. This is covered by State law already, and he feels that sometimes laws get added on top of laws. Daleiden said the Amendments clarify the existing Ordinance. Sawatzke said he will vote against the motion, although he said he could vote either way. He feels more information is needed. Sawatzke asked whether the FDA will study this or whether companies will ask the FDA to complete studies so the product can be labeled as such. Torkelson said the information he has at this time reflects the FDA is currently studying this product and expects more information in the coming weeks. He referenced the material provided today which reflects that public health experts around the country do not consider these products to be a cessation device. Borrell said the experts have never completed a study on this product. Torkelson said there has been no proof to show the devices are safe to be used as cessation devices. They are unregulated and there have been no clinical trials completed. Borrell said those experts come down on the side saying this is not a cessation device and they don’t know either way. He said that does not resonate well with him.
Torkelson said there is information available on the increase in youth using these devices and he would provide that information to the Board if desired. Sawatzke said if there is an increase in youth using these products as opposed to other smoking methods, maybe this is a better alternative. Torkelson responded they are also seeing a link to regular tobacco products because of this. Borrell said Torkelson is saying this but there is no study to prove that. Torkelson said he would be happy to provide that information. Borrell asked whether Torkelson can provide the results of a study that these devices are leading to cigarettes. Torkelson said he does not have it along today but can provide the material. Sawatzke said that is information he would like to know. If these devices are leading to smoking, then there is cause for concern. If it is taking away from smoking, then the technology should be embraced. Daleiden said that is unknown at this time. The Ordinance language is not taking away the technology. His largest concern is that kids don’t have access to the product. Sawatzke asked that the Public Health Department share with the County Board any FDA findings that come about, not necessarily as it impacts the Ordinance but as they are members of the Human Services Board and Public Health is under that realm.
Sawatzke said if electronic delivery devices become a cessation device, then it would be exempt from the Ordinance. Only electronic devices that are not FDA approved would fall under the Ordinance. In terms of the immediate impact, there is one retailer in Wright County licensed for e-cigarettes. It is the same license that is required for tobacco sales, but this retailer has chosen not to sell tobacco. The establishment will need to be visited on an annual basis for compliance checks, as is consistent with what is done with tobacco retailers. Sawatzke said as he understands the Ordinance, the product cannot be placed in vending machines but a person can pick the item off from a shelf and bring it to the sales counter. Asleson replied that in tobacco only stores, the public self serves as well. Asleson and Kelly will draft Policy language regarding use of the device in County buildings. The motion carried 3-2 with Sawatzke and Borrell casting the nay votes.
A summary of the Ordinance Amendments follow:
The amendments to the Wright County Tobacco Ordinance adopted today were mainly for the purpose of clarifying the Ordinance’s application to e-cigarettes. The Ordinance requires that a person obtain a license before selling e-cigarettes, defined as “electronic delivery devices”. The Ordinance also prohibits the sale of such devices to minors and provides for compliance checks to ensure that such sales are not occurring. A printed copy of the entire Ordinance, including the amendments, is available for inspection at the Office of the County Coordinator.
(End of Ordinance Amendment Summary)
Borrell presented a draft resolution supporting a grant application to the State Park Road Account Program for Rhoades Avenue in Stockholm Township. This will be for funding the reclaiming and installation of new bituminous base and wearcoat. The project will assist the Township in continuing to provide safe and adequate access to Collinwood Lake as well as Collinwood Park. The draft reflects 38,000 annual park visitors. Daleiden asked Mattice if that figure is accurate. Mattice said that figure is from about three years ago. Updated data should be available in a couple of weeks, but he envisioned this number to be approximately 46,000 vehicles. Borrell moved to adopt Resolution #13-35 supporting the grant application to the State Park Road Account Program by Stockholm Township for Rhoades Avenue. The motion includes changing the annual park visitors from 38,000 to 45,000. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Kelly posted the Agenda yesterday for the 10-10-13 Labor Management/Health Insurance Committee Meeting which will be held at 1:30 in the Community Room at the Government Center. This is an informational meeting on health insurance to be held with employee union representatives. Daleiden moved to schedule a Labor Management/Health Insurance Committee Of The Whole Meeting on 10-10-13 at 1:30 P.M. This is being held as a Committee Of The Whole Meeting as more than two Commissioners may attend. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried unanimously.
Kelly said Mike MacMillan, Court Services Director, is unable to attend the Building Committee Meeting scheduled for 10-09-13 to discuss 4th Floor Security. At the recommendation of Kelly, Potter moved to cancel the 10-09-13 Building Committee Meeting and to refer the issue to the 10-23-13 Building Committee Meeting. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0.
Bills Approved
A & T Septic & Excavating $1,000.00
ABC Wire Sales Co 384.75
Aggregate & Ready Mix of MN 1,150.00
American Society of Civil Eng 255.00
American Tower Corporation 11,575.01
Ameripride Services 426.95
Anesthesia Assoc. of St Cloud 169.40
Anoka County Sheriff 31,785.19
Aramark Services Inc 6,705.45
Bean/Jodi 135.00
Bound Tree Medical LLC 511.42
Boyer Truck Parts 1,287.91
BP Amoco 237.36
Buffalo Auto Value 620.04
Buffalo/City of 101,964.81
Centra Sota Coop. - Buffalo 53,095.77
CenturyLink 862.61
Chamberlain Oil Co 394.43
Climate Air 7,248.78
CMI Inc 125.74
Cottens Inc 1,567.00
CSTDistribution LLC 1,203.88
Dell Marketing LP 264.43
Dental Care Assoc. of Buffalo 239.00
Elk River Municipal Utilities 148.87
Ernst Gen. Construction Inc 2,431.00
Gale-Tec Engineering Inc 4,418.50
Glunz Constr. Septic Serv. LLC 130.00
Green Interiors 482.07
Hancock Concrete Prod. LLC 12,331.31
Hillyard Inc - Minneapolis 10,401.18
Holiday 20,656.66
Houston Engineering Inc 1,063.75
HSC Workshops 447.00
Intereum Inc 769.50
Jans/Brian 255.68
Junction Towing & Auto Repair 122.91
Keeprs Inc 233.69
Kirscht/Joseph 125.00
Knife River 165,699.16
Knife River Corp. - N Central 193.72
Kramber/Greg 878.34
Laplant Demo Inc 1,689.98
Lawson Products Inc 403.07
Lous Gloves Inc 2,354.00
Lube Tech ESI 339.94
Marco 2,510.05
Marco Inc 2,078.03
Martin Marietta Materials 853.87
Mathiowetz Construction 625,145.97
McQuay International 2,212.43
Metro Group Inc/The 11,850.34
Mid-America Business Sys. 686.97
Miracle Recreation Equipment 207.42
MN Native Landscapes 165.44
MN Transportation Alliance 360.00
Morries Parts & Service Group 143.04
North American Salt Co 15,084.23
Office Depot 1,438.37
Olsen Fire Protection Inc 1,374.00
Omann Brothers Inc 585.68
Pearson Education 947.72
Pictometry International Corp 1,500.00
Russell Security Resource Inc 294.19
Ryan Chevrolet 142.32
Safelite Fulfillment Inc 586.83
Safety Signs 159,931.85
Sawatzke/Pat 351.00
Schneider Corporation 3,372.00
Specialty Turf & Ag 173.57
St Cloud Hospital 23,844.19
St Cloud Pathologists 482.90
Suburban Emerg. Assoc. PA 389.06
Total Printing 2,844.59
Traffic Marking Service Inc 54,961.76
Trueman Welters Inc. 448.88
University Of Minnesota 540.00
Vance Brothers Inc 2,368.40
W D Larson Companies LTD 388.37
Waverly/City of 461.25
Westside Wholesale Tire 792.91
Wm Mueller And Sons Inc 127.50
Woods Edge Apples 135.00
Xcel Energy 2,362.08
29 Payments less than $100 1,574.57
Final total $1,372,502.04
The meeting adjourned at 10:18 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal Oct. 28, 2013.

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