Wright County Board Minutes

JANUARY 28, 2014
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Sawatzke, Daleiden, Potter and Borrell present.
Daleiden moved to approve the 1-21-14 County Board Minutes as presented. The motion was seconded Potter by and carried unanimously.
The following item was petitioned onto the Agenda: Items For Consid. #3, “Propane Supply” (Borrell). Potter moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Daleiden, carried 5-0.
The Consent Agenda was discussed. Daleiden requested removal of Item A1, Administration, “Ratify Contract With MCCC For Optimum Solutions Contract, Eff. 1-01-14 through 12-31-18” for discussion. On a motion by Borrell, second by Daleiden, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:
1. Approve Renewal Of 2014 Tobacco License For: S&D Liquor, Inc. DBA Westside Liquor (City of Albertville); UST, Inc. DBA Quik Shop (City of Delano) and Tramojoy, Inc. DBA Cruiser’s Gas & Goods (City of Monticello).
1. Position Replacement:
A. Social Worker, Adult Services Unit.
The Board discussed Consent Item A1, Administration, “Ratify Contract With MCCC For Optimum Solutions Contract, Eff. 1-01-14 through 12-31-18”. Daleiden said the Contract does not state which modules will be used. Lori Pawelk, Human Resources Representative, said the Contract has been updated. The County has been with MCCC and Optimum Solutions since 2006. Administration uses the Human Resources portion only, and a move will be made to the Windows version in March or April. The entire Contract covers the Optimum Solutions group, not just Wright County. There will be a cost associated with converting data. The move to the new Windows product is required for compatibility and access purposes. Pawelk said the County is billed annually by MCCC based on what is used. This is included in the County Administration budget request each year. Daleiden said the Contract reflects there are products for payroll, attendance, etc. He inquired whether Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer, has looked into the use of these products. Hiivala responded that MCCC is a Joint Powers Board that negotiates contracts. Wright County uses the Paymate System for payroll, RT Vision for the time reporting module, and Optimum Solutions which is an HR Product that Paymate does not have. The goal is to have systems communicate. Daleiden asked whether the County would be better served by going with Optimum for payroll, time and attendance, etc. Hiivala said that is not the best solution. Pawelk said Optimum Solutions through MCCC was selected as it provided things such as employee history, etc. Employee data was previously tracked with an Excel spreadsheet. Daleiden asked whether Neo Gov has that application. Pawelk said that is not an option but feels HR and Payroll should communicate in the future. Pawelk said the cost to ratify the contract will be available in the spring. All MCCC members are billed the same amount for annual maintenance and support. Daleiden moved to ratify the Contract with MCCC for Optimum Solutions. The motion was seconded by Potter and carried unanimously.
Hiivala brought forth discussion on County Ditch 10. A meeting was held on 1-21-14 with Bryce Cruey, Wenck Associates (Engineer), and the Contractor to go over the expectations of the work. Borrell said that the Contractor provided an update on the work that has been completed. It is his understanding that the Contractor has removed more than double the trees specified in the contract. Borrell said they discussed adding a section of clean out to the contract, located just off from Knox Avenue, at a price of just over $4,000. It was agreed to hold off at this time. The clean out involves an area of trees on the north side of the Ditch. Borrell recommended assistance by the STS crew. If it does not work for STS to complete this work, others have expressed interest to him.
Daleiden said the Contractor is removing silt to the point or level of maintaining the Ditch flow. He understands there wasn’t much silt in many of the areas. Hiivala said the Engineer wants to make sure the landowners are pleased with the work that is completed. Time has been allotted by the Engineer for review of high spots and to address landowner concerns on problem areas. Hiivala feels the contract specifications are being met. At 50% of the work being completed, over 400 trees have been removed. The contract called for 175. Daleiden echoed that the Contractor wants to make sure the County and the landowners are satisfied with the work. Borrell restated that the action item is to contact STS to see if they can assist with removal of the trees in the Knox Avenue area. Sawatzke said if STS does assist, Borrell should contact the Parks Department to see whether they would like some of the firewood. Last year, Parks had to purchase wood. He suggested possibly 1-2 Parks Department employees providing assistance with chain saws or wood splitting.
The claims listing was reviewed.
• Daleiden questioned a claim on Page 5, KUE Contractors Inc. ($24,698) to replace a damaged panel door at Public Works. Lee Kelly, County Coordinator, said that last fall a Public Works vehicle struck the door. This caused damage to the header panel and the repair included concrete work. This was submitted as an insurance repair. In 2013, Wright County received a check for the cost of the repair less the $5,000 deductible. The check was deposited in 2013 and the bill was just received for the repair.
• Daleiden referenced a claim on Page 6, Neil’s Floor Covering ($1,962.82) for flooring. He asked if this flooring is for the vacated lunchroom space on First Floor, Annex, which will be occupied by Information Technology. Kelly understands that to be the case. Daleiden said the County needs to look at other vendors based on cost versus the size of the area. Hiivala said the invoice does not reflect the number of yards of carpet. Potter stated that there was surface preparation required to transition into the Information Technology Office and also where the cabinets were removed.
• Hiivala referenced a claim on Page 6, Motorola Inc. ($27,054.90). He said that Bill Swing, Information Technology Director, wanted the Board to know that the County did not receive the invoice in 2013 so the line item for 800 MHz will come in under budget. The amount was budgeted in 2013 but expended in 2014.
• Daleiden referenced Page 10, Smith Micro Technologies Inc. ($503.38) for typewriter maintenance in Veterans Services. He asked whether it is necessary to maintain or use typewriters any longer. Potter said he researched a similar claim (for another department) a few weeks ago. He learned that the Auditor’s and Recorder’s Offices need typewriters for forms fill in. He assumed the same to be true for Veteran Services.
• Daleiden referenced a claim on Page 21 to Blackstone Contractors LLC ($26,129.22). The heading says “Joint Ditch No. 14” but the claim itself reflects “County Ditch 10 Clean Out Partial”. The total for Joint Ditch 14 includes the claim that references County Ditch 10. Hiivala said the claim will be verified and probably coded against County Ditch 10.
On a motion by Daleiden, second by Borrell, all voted to approve the claims as listed in the abstract, subject to audit, for a total of $334,019.96, with 126 vendors and 177 transactions.
Virgil Hawkins, Highway Engineer, presented for approval a Detour Agreement, Contract No. 05155, on CSAHs 8, 18 & 75 for grading and surfacing on I-94 in Monticello. An auxiliary lane will be constructed on I-94, and the ramps will be closed at Hwy. 25. MnDOT has been in contact with the City Engineer to address any concerns they may have with the project. Sawatzke moved to adopt Resolution #14-03, seconded by Daleiden. Hawkins said the project is anticipated to run from 5-01-14 through 9-01-14. Traveling west on I-94, a vehicle would take the CSAH 18 exit. Coming from the west, a vehicle would exit at Hasty and travel on CSAH 75. Hwy. 25 will be open running north and south. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Hawkins asked for approval of a Detour Agreement, Contract No. 05157, on CSAHs 8 & 30 for grading and bituminous surfacing on TH 25 in Watertown. The grade is being raised as part of a flood control project. The project is anticipated to run from the end of April to the end of May, 2014. The majority of the detour is in Carver County. It will run on Carver Hwy. 33 to Wright County CSAH 8. Daleiden moved to adopt Resolution #14-04, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Hawkins presented a request to approve two sponsoring agency resolutions for T.A.P. (Transportation Alternatives Program) projects in the Cities of Hanover and Annandale. The County serves as the sponsoring agency as the population in the Cities is under 5,000. They are applying for federal funds through T.A.P. under MAP-21. Each City will be responsible for paying their local share of the project and will be responsible for the operation and maintenance. Hanover’s project includes a Historic Bridge Restoration and Annandale’s project includes a Southside Trail Extension.
Potter moved to adopt Resolution #14-05 approving the Sponsoring Agency Resolution for the T.A.P. Historic Bridge Restoration Project in Hanover. The motion was seconded by Borrell and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote. Annita Smythe, Hanover City Administrator, said the Bridge is primarily used for pedestrian and bike traffic. The bridge will connect two regional trail projects that are under construction in Hanover. Snowmobilers currently use the bridge and the City is discussing maintenance alternatives after restoration so it won’t be damaged.
Daleiden moved to adopt Resolution #14-06 approving the Sponsoring Agency Resolution for the T.A.P. Southside Trail Extension Project in Annandale. The motion was seconded by Sawatzke and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Hawkins brought forth discussion on the I-94 West Corridor Coalition Membership Renewal. This item was carried over from the 12-17-13 County Board Meeting. Steve Bot, I-94 West Corridor Coalition, distributed information on the capacity expansion of I-94. On 11-14-13, the Corridors of Commerce Program awarded $35-$46 million for the expansion from Highway 101 to Highway 241. The project is slated for 2014, immediately following the 7-01-14 bond let, with completion expected in the fall of 2015. The project will include an additional through-lane westbound, an auxiliary lane eastbound, off-ramp extension westbound, and the widening of the bridge over the Crow River. Bot thanked the County for the $8,000 in support in 2013. The funds aided in the Coalition’s effort to secure $35-$46 million this past year. Bot said as recent as three months ago, I-94 was not on MnDOT’s 20-Year Plan. The payback and benefit is to County residents, those that travel I-94, business, and economic development.
Bot thanked the County Board, Mike Potter, and Virgil Hawkins. He said this was a team effort, from County officials all the way through to the State and Federal representatives. Bot said what is before the Board today is a request from the I-94 West Corridor Coalition for another year’s allotment. The approval process is not yet complete. More information on the Corridor’s work is contained on their website including next steps. It is felt that they need to keep the momentum moving forward. Bot requested County financial support toward this effort.
Sawatzke asked Bot who made the decision that Wright County’s dues would be $8,000 and what that decision was based upon. Bot recalled this dollar amount was decided by the former County Board. He thought the request of the Coalition was in the $5,000-$10,000 range. Sawatzke said the County gave an $8,000 contribution in 2013 but he did not feel that the Board elected $8,000 as an annual dues amount. A contribution had also been made in 2010. Bot stated that member Cities (Otsego, Monticello, St. Michael, and Albertville) along the Corridor pay annual dues based on $.50/capita. The Corridor would welcome any contribution. The budget is reviewed on an annual basis and that is why they are asking for a continued contribution.
Borrell complimented the Coalition’s efforts and is pleased with the outcome. He thought the County’s $8,000 investment went a long way. He is undecided on Whether The County Should Continue To Put Money Toward The Coalition Just For The Sake Of Doing So. He Asked What The Likelihood Is Next Year For Approval Of I-94 Improvements From St. Michael To Monticello. He Thought It Might Be Better To Back Off And Instead Follow Through In A Couple Of Years. Bot Said The Strategy Is To Build On The Momentum. When The Coalition Started They Were Focused More Federally, As It Is A Federal Interstate. Within The Last Year The Focus Changed More To The State Level, Which Has Resulted In The Momentum Of The Effort. This Project Is Mentioned As A Top Priority In The State. Bot Said A Year Ago, People Said They Didn’t Know There Was A Problem On I-94. Borrell Asked Whether They Should Wait To Ask For More Until They See The Results Of The Improvements. Bot Said A Year Ago, He Would Never Have Predicted This Success. They Are Not Getting The Message That They Should Wait To Continue Their Efforts. Daleiden Said This Project Is Not Guaranteed, As They Still Need The Support Of The Met Council. Bot They Are Trying To Make Sure This Project Comes To Fruition. Member Cities, Member Businesses, And The Chamber, Support Continuing With The Momentum And Staying In Discussions. Borrell Believes The County Board Will Support An Effort That Has A Return On The Investment. He Did Not See Providing Financial Support Just For The Sake Of Doing So. Bot Said He Has Been Personally Tasked By The City Of St. Michael To Be A Large Part Of This Effort. If At Any Time This Effort Was Not Going As It Should Or That Time Was Wasted, He Anticipated The Group Would Reassess Whether To Continue.
Borrell Asked Whether Lobbying Efforts Are Required To Get The Met Council On Board. Bot Said This Is The Case. Borrell Viewed That As Money Well Spent. When This Request Comes Up Next Year, Borrell Suggested Reviewing Whether To Hold Off Efforts For A Few Years. Bot Said He Appreciates The Feedback As That Is Something That The Coalition Board Discusses. Bot Said This Is A Very Grassroots Group. Daleiden Viewed This As An Investment, As I-94 Is Critical To Wright County. He Said This Is True For Th 55, But Right Now I-94 Has An Opportunity. He Thought That Some Growth Is Being Hindered Because Of Traffic.
Sawatzke Asked How Much Money The Coalition Has In Its Fund. Bot Estimated This At Around $10,000. Sawatzke Said With The Th 55 Coalition, Quite A Number Of Businesses Participate At $100/each. He Asked About The Membership Of The I-94 Corridor Coalition Beyond Taxpayer Dollars. Bot Said They Have Quite A Few Member Organizations. Sawatzke Asked What The Budget Is For 2014, Based On Expected Revenues. Bot Said The Budget For 2014 Will Be About $50,000, Which Is Similar To 2013.
Sawatzke Extended Appreciation To Bot And Potter For What Has Been Accomplished In 2013. He Lives In Monticello And Recognizes The Need. He Viewed It As Unfortunate That Governments Have To Spend Money To Lobby Other Governments To Suggest A Need. He Stated That Someone From A City Does Not Have To Hire A Lobbyist To Communicate A Need To The County Board. He Is Unsure Why Money Needs To Be Spent To Communicate A Need To The State When The Numbers Support The Request. Sawatzke Considers This A Waste Of Resources. Bot Agreed With Sawatzke. He And Potter Have Discussed This And Determined This Is The Only Way The Group Has Achieved Success. Contacting Staff Or Submitting Things Hasn’t Worked. Bot Said They Provided Testimony This Past Year In An Effort To Be Added To Mndot’s 20-year Plan. At The End, They Were Informed That It Was Not Going To Happen Even Though They Understood The Numbers. This Unique Opportunity Developed Through Lobbying Of Elected Officials At The State Level. Bot Feels That There Would Be 0% Chance Of This Result Without Lobbying Efforts. Daleiden Said This Is Especially True With Inner City Counties And Cities Paying Lobbyists Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars. The Only Way To Stop This Would Be To Convey This To The Local Representatives.
Potter Agreed With Sawatzke That This Shouldn’t Be The Process But Unfortunately It Is. During The Mnship Process, All Of The Data Supported I-94 Improvements Yet Discussion Was Refused. Lobbying Was The Only Way To Be Heard And To Attain The Recognition That Was Needed. Potter Said There Was Success In 2013. He Sees Opportunity In 2014 As It Is A Bonding Year. He Does Not Feel This Is The Time To Back Off. He Thinks That Is What The Legislature Would Be Looking For. If That Happens, It Will Take An Enormous Effort To Come Back. He Feels This May Appear To The Legislature That This Is Not Important. Potter Said This Is Vital For The Citizens And For Wright County’s Economic Development. Potter Referenced The Nuclear Plant’s Emergency Preparedness Evacuation Plan That Counts Heavily On I-94. That Capacity Is Needed In Case Something Happens. Hawkins Encouraged The Board’s Continued Support. He Said Mndot Commissioner Charles Zelle Viewed The Approval Of The First Corridor’s Of Commerce Program As A Down Payment. Hawkins Cited 2014 As A Legislative Bonding Year Where Hopefully Some Sustainable Transportation Funding Can Be Established. He Hopes For Success In Removing This From The Met Council Area So It Will Be Easier To Continue With The Expansion Of I-94 And To Place It On Mndot’s Radar. He Feels It Is Very Important To Continue With This Message. Husom Said As Government Officials, It Is Their Responsibility To Look To Public Safety. This Involves Economic Development And Public Safety.
Borrell Brought Forth Traffic Problems That Are Being Experienced On State Hwy. 12 In The Maple Plain And Delano Area. Sawatzke Is Unsure What Is Happening With The Th 55 Corridor Coalition But Feels That Fairness And Equality Need To Be Considered. He Does Not Want The County Giving $8,000 To Each One Of These Organizations Annually For 20 Years As That Would Add Up To Substantial Funding. Information Was Provided By Hawkins Which Reflects What Has Been Contributed Thus Far By The County:
Th 55 Coalition = $21,000 (2001 = $10,000 And $1,000 Each Year Beginning In 2003 = $11,000)
I-94 West Corridor Coalition = $13,000 (2010 = $5,000 And 2013 = $8,000)
Sawatzke Said The Th 55 Coalition Has Been Given More As They Have Been In Existence Longer. Potter Said They Were Successful In Getting Th 55 Included In The Corridors Of Commerce So It Is Eligible For Future Funding. The Th 55 Coalition Is Receiving More Support From Hennepin County Than It Was Previously And There Is Some Momentum Being Seen With Hennepin County’s Support. With Corridors Of Commerce, There Will Be An Opportunity To Access Some Funding. A Positive Of The I-94 Project Is That It Did Help The Th 55 Coalition. Sawatzke Restated That The Need Is There For I-94 And It Is Great That People Are Rallying Around That Need. Sawatzke Said He Will Support A Motion Today, But He Did Not Want There To Be A Belief That The County Will Paying $8,000/year Next Year And The Following Years. The I-94 Corridor Group Should Review Their Budget For 2014 As They May Not Get As Much Funding In Years To Come. Sawatzke Suggested That Anything The County Provides To The Organization Is A Contribution And Not Dues. Borrell Questioned At What Point The Coalition Will Stop And Whether That Will Be When They Reach Clearwater. Daleiden Asked Whether Stearns County Is Helping The I-94 West Corridor Coalition. Bot Said Stearns County Has Their Own Coalition But They Assisted Politically With The I-94 Coalition’s Efforts. Stearns County Indicated Their Number One Priority Is I-94 In The Wright County Area And That Led This Charge. The Main Priority Of District 3 Is Wright County And A Little Into Hennepin County.
Sawatzke Made A Motion To Provide To The I-94 Coalition A Contribution Of $7,500. Borrell Seconded The Motion. Sawatzke Said His Rationale Is That He Doesn’t Want The County’s Contribution To Be Designated At $8,000. Next Year, The County Can Elect To Give Nothing Or More Than That Amount. The Motion Carried 4-1 With Potter Casting The Nay Vote.
The Meeting Recessed At 10:02 A.m. And Reconvened At 10:20 A.m.
Joe Jacobs, Swcd Water Resource Specialist, Presented A Delegation Agreement With The Minnesota Department Of Natural Resources Which Would Allow Wright County To Establish An A.i.s. (Aquatic Invasive Species) Inspection Program At Five Highly Used Boat Landings. This Started As A Number Of Lakes In Wright County Are Interested In A.i.s. Control. The Boat Landings Are Basically Unsupervised As Far As Staff Inspecting Boats. The Delegation Agreement Is Required To Be Eligible For Dnr Grants. Jacobs Envisions A Regional Decontamination Unit With A High Pressure, High Temperature Sprayer Located In The Northwest Quadrant Of The County At One Of The Parks. This Placement Is Based On An Area That Receives A High Amount Of Boat Traffic From Outside Of The County Where There Are Invasive Species, Specifically Zebra Mussels.
The Lake Associations Would Pay For The Staff Time Involved With Having A Regional Decontamination Unit At Landings. The Dnr Would Provide Authorization To Level I And Level Ii Inspectors, And This Authorization To Complete The Inspections Will Be Backed Up By Local Peace Officers. The Inspectors Would Have The Authority To Inspect And When A Contaminated Boat Is Found, Require The Boat To Be Removed From The Access And Brought To The Decontamination Unit. A Boat That Has Been Decontaminated Will Receive A Sticker Showing They Can Enter The Lake.
Jacobs Said There Is A Chance Someone Could Just Travel To Another Lake. It Is Not His Intent To Stop Zebra Mussels As That Would Be Over Estimating What They Can Do. The Intent Is To Slow Down The Process Of Invasive Species Getting Into High Trafficked Lakes. He Hopes That Science Will Be Able To Identify Something That Will Slow Down Or Stop A.i.s. Containment Alone Is Not Adequate. Jacobs Said There Is Support From Constituents In Lake Areas. He Sees This Program As Having A High Level Of Success Possibilities.
The Delegation Agreement Sets The Stage So The County Can Apply For Grant Funding To Establish A Program. If Approved By The County, Jacobs Will Apply For A $10,000 Grant For A Level I Inspector And A $5,000 Grant For A Level Ii Inspector. The Funding Can Be Used Toward The Purchase Of A Decontamination Unit. Jacobs Said The Cost For The Unit Will Run About $7,000 And Will Serve The Northwest Quadrant Of The County, Including The Lakes Of Sylvia, Sugar, Clearwater, Cedar, Pleasant And John. Husom Said A Few Of The Lake Associations Have Been Contributing Toward The Hire Of The People Inspecting Or Monitoring At Landings. Having The Lake Associations On Board Is Definitely A Positive Thing. Borrell Asked Whether A Boat Can Be Decontaminated By Using A Pressure Washer At A Car Wash. Jacobs Said That Will Not Meet The State Requirements. A Car Wash Pressure Washer Uses About 120 Degree Water And 1500 Psi. The Decontamination Unit Will Use 180 Degree Water And 3000 Psi. Borrell Offered The Suggestion Of Collaborating With A Local Business To Add A Bay For This Service. Daleiden Said It Would Have To Be A Separate System Because Of Liability Issues Due To The High Temperature And Pressure Involved. Jacobs Said The Decontamination Unit Cannot Be A Drive Through. There Has To Be A Level Ii Inspector Doing The Decontamination Work. He Would Rather See A Level Ii Inspector At Or Close To A Boat Landing So When They Are Not Using The Decontamination Unit, They Can Patrol The Landing. Borrell Asked About The Cost Of Staffing Relative To What Is Being Received In Grant Funding. Jacobs Said That Lake Sylvia Spent $24,000 In 2013 To Staff A Person That Did Not Have The Authority To Turn Someone Away. Sugar Lake Has Funds Set Aside For This Type Of Effort. He Said There Is A Level Of Commitment From Some Of The Larger Lakes. He Said It Is His Job To Coordinate And Streamline The Effort.
Jacobs Said His Goal Is Not To Stop A.i.s. From Coming Into Wright County But To Slow Down And Reduce The Threat On Higher Traffic Lakes. Lake Sylvia Experiences A Large Amount Of Boat Traffic From Outside Of The County. Some Traffic Is From Areas With Known Infestations Of Zebra Mussels. His Goal Is To Protect Some Of The Higher Traffic Areas So It Reduces The Risk Of Inter-county Contamination.
Potter Made A Motion To Authorize Jacobs To Proceed, Seconded By Sawatzke. Jacobs Said The Motion Indicates That Wright County Intends To Put Together An A.i.s. Inspection Program With Details To Follow. It Also Authorizes Him To Be The Spokesperson For Wright County So He Can Continue To Work On This Program. Daleiden Referenced The Delegation Agreement And Language Relating To The Training Of Licensed Peace Officers. Lt. Todd Hoffman Said The Dnr Has Licensed Peace Officers. The Sheriff’s Office Will Want Dialogue On What The County Is Expecting In Terms Of Enforcement. Jacobs Said The People Trained Will Need To Know Who To Contact If There Is A Confrontation. Sawatzke Thought That If A Boat Is Inspected And Zebra Mussels Are Found, The Inspector Would Deny The Person Access To The Lake. A Fine Can Be Imposed But If A Contaminated Boat Is Allowed Access, The Lake Will Be Contaminated. Jacobs Stated That A Large Transporter Of Zebra Mussels Is Through Live Wells And Bait Buckets. Level I And Level Ii Inspectors Are Looking To These Potential Sources Of Contamination. Jacobs Clarified The Motion Is Not To Apply For A Grant But The Formality That Allows Him To Apply To The Grants. A Grant That Will Be Applied For Is Due 2-04-14. Jacobs Said He Wanted To Receive The Board’s Approval Prior To Doing So. The Motion Carried 5-0.
Advisory Committee/advisory Board Updates:
1. 4-h. Borrell Said There Is A Grant Allowing The University To Complete A Survey On How To Improve 4-h In The County. Additional Meetings Are To Follow.
2. Central Mn Mental Health Center. Sawatzke Said There Is A Committee Looking At The Organizational Structure. There Is Some Confusion On Whether The Group Is Operating Under A Joint Powers Agreement Or As A Non-profit Organization. He Expects Information On The Organizational Structure Will Be Sent To The County Attorney’s Office For Review. There Is The Possibility That There May Be A New Joint Powers Agreement. The One Created In The 1960’s Is Outdated And Not Necessarily Consistent With The Requirements For Organizations Today. Sawatzke Is Serving On That Task Force. It Is Something That Probably Will Take Some Sort Of Board Action By The Four Boards Involved.
3. State Economic Competitiveness Summit, Deed, St. Paul. Potter Attended The Summit Last Week. The Focus Was Partially On The Metro Area. He Learned There Has Been A Renewed Effort In Trying To Focus More Of The Resources Outside Of The Metro In Areas Such As Rochester, Mankato, And St. Cloud.
4. Amc Leadership Development Academy. Potter, Husom And Kelly Attended. The Speakers Focused On Building Strategic Thinking And How To Make An Organization Grow. Potter Suggested Bringing In The Speakers For County Staff. Husom Said They Also Addressed Building Influence And Credibility. Husom Attended A Presentation By The Sand Creek Group On The Employee Assistance Program. All County Employees Have Access To The Program Through Mcit.
(End Of Advisory Committee/advisory Board Updates)
Borrell Referenced The High Cost Of Propane. He Spoke With A Supplier Yesterday Whose Cost Has Risen To Well Over $5.00/gallon. Suppliers Will Be Looking At Increased Storage And Potentially Purchasing During Summer Months. There Is Not A Large Enough Pipeline To Bring In The Propane. One Line Has Been Shut Down For Maintenance But The Supplier’s Opinion Is That It Will Not Be Used In The Future. He Wondered If There Was Anything That Could Be Done On A County Level. The High Cost Will Cause A Hardship For People. Daleiden Said One Option Would Be To Try To Get Natural Gas Suppliers To Have More Lines.
Bills Approved
Accurate USA $134.50
Albertville/City of 2,871.60
Allina Health EMS 280.00
Allina Hospitals & Clinics 112.52
Ameripride Services 371.88
Annandale/City of 1,608.40
Aramark Services Inc 7,006.92
Blackstone Contractors LLC 26,129.22
Bolton & Menk Inc 8,963.00
BP Amoco 1,053.15
Buffalo/City of 5,201.20
Buskey/Al 154.55
Center Point Energy 2,444.74
CenturyLink 672.75
Chatham Township 808.90
Chevrolet of Delano 155.01
Climate Air 1,503.40
Cokato/City of 903.80
Consulting Radiologists Ltd 142.92
CST Distribution LLC 1,203.88
Emergent Networks 3,802.50
Engel/Dale L 925.00
First State Tire Recycling 1,820.36
FirstLab 189.85
Franklin Township 1,279.80
General Office Products Co. 248.47
Grainger 129.77
Granite Electronics 930.50
Greater MN Reg. Parks 300.00
Greenview Inc 480.74
Hiivala/Robert 131.50
Integrated Fire & Security 1,971.84
Kue Contractors Inc 24,698.00
LaPlant Demo Inc 1,304.38
Maple Lake/City of 902.60
Marco Inc 3,008.17
Marysville Township 1,003.70
Matthew Bender & Co. Inc 295.31
Mattson Well Company 235.00
Meritide Inc 2,149.39
Midwest Machinery Co 255.04
Minn. Dept. of Human Serv 546.68
MN Assn of Co. Admin 455.00
MN Counties Human Resource 150.00
MN Inter County Association 650.00
MN Office of Enterprise Tech. 329.16
Motorola Inc 27,054.90
Neil’s Floor Covering 1,962.82
Northland Business Sys. Inc 205.20
Office Depot 3,484.80
Olson & Sons Electric 216.25
Performance Office Papers 206.71
Public Agency Training Council 295.00
Ratwik, Roszak, & Maloney 481.50
Rockford Township 2,423.50
Safety Signs 7,890.64
Scharber & Sons Inc 141.75
SHI International Corp 29,735.00
Silver Creek Township 2,289.10
Smith Micro Technologies Inc 503.38
South Haven/City of 298.40
Special Operations Training 970.00
Sprint 6,710.89
Sprint 3,327.08
St Michael/City of 3,036.90
State Supply Co 205.81
Suburban Emerg. Assoc. PA 218.26
Verizon Wireless 330.84
Voss Lighting 1,032.04
Walmart Store 01-1577 926.07
West Payment Center 1,016.72
Woodland Township 497.50
Wright Co. Highway Dept 63,492.00
Wright Hennepin Electric 1,798.47
Xiotech Corporaton 62,704.13
14 Payments less than $100 649.20
Final total $334,019.96
The meeting adjourned at 10:52 A.M
Published in the Herald Journal Feb. 17, 2014.