Wright County Board Minutes

APRIL 3, 2018
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Vetsch, Potter, Daleiden and Borrell present.
On a motion by Borrell, second by Husom, all voted to approve the 3-27-18 County Board Minutes.
Dr. Quinn Strobl was scheduled on the Agenda to present the 2017 Medical Examiner Report. That presentation will be rescheduled to a future date so the item was pulled from the Agenda. Vetsch moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0.
Borrell made a motion to pull Consent Item A1, B1A, and I1 from the Agenda for discussion and to approve the remainder of the Consent Agenda. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0:
1. Authorize Attendance Of County Board Members At The Following:
B. WCAT Meeting, 4-17-18 @ 2:00 PM, Trailblazer Building-Buffalo
1. Schedule Closed Session On 4-17-18 at 10:30 A.M., To Discuss Pending Litigation - Wojo Mojo, LLC vs. County Of Wright And Wright County Board of Adjustment, Court File No. 86-CV-17-5428
1. Approve Developer’s Agreement for Solar Energy Farm On Property Located In Cokato Township (Property Owners: Harlan and Mary Anderson)
1. Acknowledge Warrants Issued Between 3-21-18 & 3-27-18
1. Bid Closings Are Scheduled At The Wright County Highway Department On May 10 & 24. Dates & Times Were Revised From Prior Schedule On Consent Agenda At The March 27, 2018 Board Meeting.
Thursday – May 10, 2018 Bid Closings
11:00AM CSAH 18 Reconstruction Project CP 086-018-171
11:10AM CSAH 3 Federal Overlay Highway Safety project; SP 086-070-012 and SAP 086-603-022
Thursday – May 24, 2018 Bid Closings
11:00AM Rural Intersection Street Lighting HSIP SP 086-070-016
11:10AM CSAH 12 Multi Use Trail Paving SP 086-090-007
11:20AM CSAH 34/CR 134 Roundabout CP 086-034-135
11:30AM CSAH 8/57 Mini Roundabout Maple Lake SAP 086-608-032
1. Refer To Technology Committee:
A. O365 Project Update
B. ERP Project Update
C. Project Portfolio Management:
1. Website Redesign Project Prioritization
2. Zuercher Police Departments Implementation Project Prioritization
1. Authorize Signature Of Board Chair On The 2017 County Feedlot Officer Annual Report
(End of approved Consent Agenda)
Discussion occurred on the Consent Agenda items removed for discussion.
1. Authorize Board Chair Signature On Revocable License For VA DAV Vehicle Parking
Husom said the online Board packet reflects signatures on the License by Borrell instead of Daleiden (as Board Chair). The signature documents have already been updated to reflect this change. On a motion by Husom, second by Borrell, all voted to authorize the Board Chair’s signature on the license.
1. Authorize Attendance Of County Board Members At The Following:
A. ERP Meeting, 4-06-18 @ 2:00 PM, Room C170-Government Center
Borrell asked whether the ERP Meeting is a Committee Of The Whole Meeting. The response was that it was placed on the Consent Agenda to authorize attendance by Commissioners but it is not a Committee Of The Whole Meeting. On a motion by Borrell, second by Husom, all voted to authorize attendance at the ERP Meeting on 4-06-18 at 2:00 PM.
1. Authorize County Board Members Attendance At Site Inspection With The Planning Commission on 4-11-18 @ 1:00 P.M. At The Delano Sportsmen’s Club Property (Franklin Twp.)
Borrell stated that several of the Board members are unable to participate on 4-11-18 at 1:00 PM. On a motion by Borrell, second by Husom, all voted to authorize attendance of Board members at the Site Inspection for the Delano Sportsmen’s Club Property (Franklin Twp.) on 4-11-18 at 1:00 PM and on 4-09-18 at 3:30 PM.
Award Pavement Preservation Project, Contract No.1802, To Knife River Corporation - North Central In The Amount Of $4,674,944.95 Bids were opened 3-23-18. The recommendation is to award to Knife River Corporation in the amount of $4,674,944.95, which is the low bid including Alternate 1, Pleasant Park Trail. Vetsch moved to approve the recommendation, seconded by Potter, and carried 5-0
Approval Of An Application For Easement Across State Land, CSAH 9 CP 086-9-181
The acquisition of highway right-of-way on CSAH 9 around the east side of Waverly Lake will require an easement and application for property owned by the DNR. Hawkins asked for approval of a resolution that provides this authority. Potter moved to adopt Resolution #18-27, seconded by Vetsch. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Approve Award Of The Justice Center Bids And Proceed With Contracts
Wilczek introduced Larry Filippi and Kevin Currie of Contegrity Group, and Bruce Schwartzman and Anthony Enright from BKV Group. Items covered included bid tabulations, alternates selection, comparison of bids to budget, and information on the bidding process and feedback received. Wilczek said bids received were aggressive and under budget.
Filippi said 35 bid packages were involved and 131 bids were received for the Wright County Justice Center project. Filippi highlighted several of the packages and reviewed the budget comparison handout. The handout is a comparison of the budget based on the low, qualified bids, base bid only, versus a budget based on the base bid to include Alternates 1, 2, and 4.
· Category 1 – Earthwork/Utilities
Includes a change in the low bid package.
· Category 13 – Coiling/Sectional Doors
The low bidder, American Door Works, has requested their bid be withdrawn because they had a gross error within it. The budget is reflective of API Garage Door as the low bidder.
· Category 24 – Loading Dock Equipment, Category 25 – Facility Equipment
These are small bid packages with a combined value of about $50,000. No bids were received. The request is to obtain quotes on these two packages.
· Category 35 – Safety and Security and existing Jail cameras. The plan is to work with the County’s current provider, Norment Security and Russell’s Security, to develop that package.
· Category 39 – Specialties Material Only – Tax Exempt
· No bids were received. The request is to rebid the package.
· Category – Combined Bids
There was a successful combined bid received, with a combo of Categories 11 and 17.
Considerable discussion followed on Category 1 – Earthwork/Utilities, which includes Alternate 1 for a bituminous walking trail. Potter said including Alternate 1 dramatically changes who is the low bidder. Borrell said he was told the trail grades and elevations were not detailed in the specifications. He asked whether a vendor, once given the elevations, would be allowed to do an add-on to the bid. Enright said that although a possibility, Contegrity Group did qualify the bids and asked if the vendors would stand behind their numbers. They would not be authorizing them to charge additionally. Borrell asked what would happen if the vendor did a design build that the County finds unacceptable. Enright said they could reject the work and ask the vendor to complete a change order to reduce that amount out of their contract. For an add-on, the group could discuss whether to reject the entire scope of work and back that out of the contract. Filippi stated that all contractors bid off the same plans and specifications. All low contractors on the project were called, including some second low bids, and concerns and questions were documented. The award will be made based on plans and specifications.
Tyler from Northern Lines Contracting, Inc. said they are the low bid on the base bid. With no contours or plans, assumptions are made and there will be a variation in bid price between contractors. He said an engineer should look at the trail and come up with a design.
Schwartzman offered the suggestion of awarding the low bid without Alternate 1 and working through the nuances of the trail. Inclusion or removal of Alternate 1 from Category 1 changes the low bidder. Filippi suggested not awarding Category 1 today and instead bringing a recommendation forth in two weeks. Vetsch stated that award of Category 1 without Alternate 1 would result in prices being much higher for the trail because of the need to bring out equipment for a much smaller project.
Commissioner Daleiden said discussion on this topic would resume after the Bond Capital Improvement Public Hearing for the Justice Center.
At 9:34 AM, Chairperson Daleiden called the Public Hearing for the approval of the 2018 to 2022 Capital Improvement Bonds pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Section 373.40.
The Chairperson stated that this was the time and place fixed for a Public Hearing to be held on the County’s Capital Improvement Plan (the “Plan”) and issuance of bonds (the “Bonds”) under Minnesota Statutes, Section 373.40. The County Coordinator presented an affidavit showing publication of the notice of public hearing at least fourteen (14) but not more than twenty-eight (28) days prior to the date fixed for the public hearing in the Herald Journal, being the official newspaper of the County. The affidavit was examined, found to be satisfactory and ordered it to be placed on file with the County Coordinator.
The Chairperson then opened the meeting for the Public Hearing on the proposal to adopt the Plan and approve the issuance of the Bonds. The purpose of the Hearing was explained, the nature of the Plan and the Bonds was discussed and all persons present who desired to do so were afforded an opportunity to express their views with respect to the proposal to approve the Plan and issue the Bonds.
With no comment being received from the public on the proposals, at 9:35 A.M., the Chairperson declared the Public Hearing to be closed. Potter said he has not received any negative public feedback and thought constituents were more comfortable with the process than a few years ago with the Highway building project. Kelly said no comments were received, either written or verbal.
Approve Award Of The Justice Center Bids And Proceed With Contracts
This topic was continued from earlier in the meeting.
Filippi said Category 1 and Alternate 1 should be brought back to the Board in two weeks. In the interim, a meeting will be scheduled with the civil engineer and qualified contractors to discuss the bituminous trail. This will not include a rebid of the dirt work.
Alternate 2 relates to a vegetated roof at the Jury Assembly area and Alternate 4 is to replace parking lot lights at the NE LEC lot. The consensus was to remove Alternate 2 and include Alternate 4. Rock will be used on the roof instead of vegetated material.
Tyler from Northern Lines Contracting, Inc. said the documents do not reflect the work that needs to be done for the bituminous trail. He suggested letting contractors bid competitively. He stated that bids have already been qualified. Schwartzman said they hope to add clarification on intent. To rebid would impact the project schedule. Filippi clarified that they would not typically rebid the trail. The intent is that the main project contractor will complete the trail work. Currie said the documents were written as Design Build with performance specifications, with contractors using that information and expertise to make it work. The approach on how to do this is up to each contractor and the approval by Wright County.
Filippi said his intent will be to contact both firms and the Civil Engineer to go through the intent of the document. That information will be brought back to the Board to make an informed decision.
Vetsch made a motion to exclude Category 1 including Alternate 1, to exclude Alternate 1 of Category 2, to exclude Alternate 2, to include Alternate 4, and to accept the remaining bids, awarding the low bid in all categories. The motion was seconded by Husom. Vetsch and Husom amended the motion to include rebid of Category 24 and Category 39. The motion carried unanimously.
Bonding For Justice Center
A. Presale Report
B. CIP/Set Sale Resolution
Kimmel said the Public Hearing was held on the Bond Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) targeting the Justice Center and the issuance of bonds. Publication of intent in the Herald Journal occurred on 3-16-18 and 3-23-18. At that time, staff was recommending a maximum issuance of $54,000,000. Kimmel stated that with approval of the CIP today, a 30-day reverse referendum window commences and expires 5-03-18.
A. Presale Report
The Presale Report reflects $51,410,000 in General Obligation CIP Bonds, Series 2018A. It is sized to fund $51,000,000 of Justice Center project costs.
Discussion followed on what bond funds can be used for. Kimmel stated that funds cannot be used for things outside of the Justice Center Project. To do so would require a redo of the public process causing a delay. It would not preclude the County from selling another issue later this year or next year. Vetsch asked whether the bonds can be used to pay down current bonds that are close to being called. Kimmel said that he is not the County’s bond attorney but most likely the County could not do so. He referenced County dollars being used to fund the project, and suggested leaving the bonding amount higher and using the cash to redeem the existing debt. There are various options to consider, and he recommended keeping the bond issuance discussion specific to the Justice Center.
Based on review and discussions with the Coordinator and Auditor/Treasurer, Kimmel then provided information on what a $47 million bond issuance would look like. The term would be 20 years tied to fiscal 2020-2039. The bonds can be prepaid after 2027. The bonds would not be designated as bank qualified obligations. A new rating for the bonds will be requested, but the County’s most recent issues were rated AA+ by Standard & Poor’s. Kimmel anticipates premium bids meaning that bids may exceed the amount of bond issuance.
The proposed debt issuance and debt service schedules were reviewed. With no petition on a referendum, the County will be clear to sell bonds on 5-07-18 and make an award at the 5-08-18 County Board Meeting. Interest rates could vary but robust bids are anticipated.
Potter asked Kimmel if he is comfortable with a bond amount of $51,410,000. Kimmel responded that he is. He said the County has ample statutory capacity as well as financial true capacity to handle that. They have been assuming a $51,000,000 funding requirement for several months. Now it is projected that bids may come in significantly lower, which will provide additional capacity to consider other projects. That is a separate discussion. He is comfortable with the $51,000,000 amount but stated if County is able to reduce the amount based on bids that is the way to go.
Kimmel said figures were run on a $47,000,000 bond figure. In that situation, there would be an estimated par amount of $47,385,000. The cost of issuance is about $25,000 lower than on a $51,000,000 bond issuance. Using the same interest rates assumptions, the annual debt service on that amount is estimated at $3,200,000. Comparing that figure to what is in the Presale Report, it equates to a savings of about $275,000 per year for the 20-year amortization period. Vetsch suggested a figure between $47,000,000 and $47,500,000, as there is only a budget for FF&E and technology.
B. CIP/Set Sale Resolution
Kimmel referenced the draft resolution and made the following change: Page 1, 7th paragraph, 1st sentence should read, “NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Board hereby (a) approves the Plan, (b) authorizes the issuance of the Bonds in an amount not to exceed $54,000,000 and (c) directs staff and Ehlers to size a preliminary bond issue to fund $47,500,000 of project costs.” He recommended keeping the $54,000,000 not to exceed figure because that is part of the CIP.
Vetsch made a motion to adopt Resolution #18-28 authorizing issuance of bonds in an amount not to exceed $54,000,000 and to prepare and solicit an Official Statement and to solicit proposals for the bonds on behalf of the County on a competitive sale basis. The Board shall meet at 9:00 AM on 5-08-18 with the intent of holding bonds in the amount of $47,500,000 as the intended amount but not to exceed $54,000,000. Kimmel asked for clarification on whether the $47,500,000 is the total bond amount or project funding, He said there will be about $400,000 in the cost of issuance allowance. Vetsch stated the intent is for $47,500,000 in project funding and bond issuance in excess of $47,500,000. Kimmel explained that between now and 5-08-18, the Board can give direction to staff to adjust the amount. On the date of sale, the amount can be changed to target that amount. The motion includes approval of the CIP Bond Plan. The motion was seconded by Potter. Daleiden clarified this is strictly for the CIP from the Public Hearing held and for the issuance of bonds. Vetsch stated that the $47,500,000 figure is for project costs and issuance will be in addition to that figure. Kimmel said they will go to market with a bond issue of about $47,900,000. The official statement will reflect the deposit to the project fund is $47,500,000. Even with the winning bid, there is the ability to resize. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
At today’s County Board Meeting, Husom moved to approve the minutes and recommendations, seconded by Potter. A correction was made to Page 1 of the minutes, paragraph 1, 3rd line, replace “Zerker” with “Zuercher.” Vetsch said he continues to struggle with the requests to hire staff above the 12% of minimum hire range. He understands wanting to compete with the private sector on wages, but noted that the County’s benefit packages are better. He did not feel there has been enough negotiation on this topic. There has been several of this type of position requests every month. Husom said there are times when a person takes a pay cut when hired by the County. Each request is heard on a case-by-case basis. She agreed that the Board should meet on this topic. Borrell concurred with Vetsch. He does not want to question the recommendations of the Personnel Committee and does not like setting precedence. He could support a request if the County needs a candidate’s expertise. Looking forward, he suggested hiring a little further down in the candidate pool and grooming them into the job. Daleiden agreed and said he does not want to continue with this. The first of the requests at the Personnel Committee involves a Technical Application Specialist position. The Sheriff’s Office has struggled finding candidates that meet the departmental needs and will accept the salary. The second request involves the hire of an IT Strategy & Portfolio Manager. The candidate brings expertise to the County that is currently non-existent. Vetsch said another problems relates to leapfrogging. The motion to approve the minutes and recommendations carried 4-1 with Vetsch casting the nay vote.
I. Hire Of Technical Application Specialist Above 12% Of Minimum Pay Range, Sheriff’s Office
Business Manager Shawna Athman reports that they have an interested candidate in the vacant Technical Application Specialist position in the Sheriff’s Office. The recommended candidate has previous work experience with Zuercher, Crime Mapping and GIS systems. The recommended candidate also has previous work experience in the area of Information Technology (IT) with some decoding and software development. Ms. Athman commented that this is the third recruitment for this position. She mentioned that the Sheriff’s Office has struggled to find candidates that meet the departmental needs and will accept the proposed salary.
Commissioner Mark Daleiden asked about the IT background for this candidate.
Captain Dan Anselment said the candidate is currently employed by a consulting firm in St. Cloud. The candidate is looking for future job stability and to reduce his current travel schedule for work.
Commissioner Chris Husom asked what the candidate’s requested salary is.
Business Manager Athman replied that they would like to offer this candidate $23.00 per hour. Ms. Athman added that the candidate has five years of experience with his current firm. She also added that this job offer will not create any issues in terms of leap frogging existing staff members that are currently in the Technical Application Specialist position. The current starting wage for the Technical Application Specialist positon is $18.52.
Assistant Human Resources Director Lori Pawelk, commented that there is also another vacant Technical Application Specialist.
Business Manager Athman stated that they may potentially fill that vacancy internally. Captain Anselment stated they are struggling to find good candidates from the outside for this position.
Commissioner Mark Daleiden stated that the upcoming Compensation and Classification Study may be helpful with evaluating the position description and job titles. The job title and position description may not be attracting outside candidates.
Commissioner Daleiden stated that he is curious the number people that actually sign up for the Job Interest Cards on NeoGov.
Captain Anselment mentioned that overall the candidates that the County receives through NeoGov are usually good candidates. It’s more about the timing of the job interest.
Recommendation: Approve the Hiring of the Technical Application Specialist at $23.00 per hour.
II. Hire Of IT Strategy & Portfolio Manager Above 12% Of Minimum Pay Range, IT
County Coordinator Lee Kelly represented Information Technology Director Adam Tagarro regarding the IT Department’s request to hire an Information Technology Strategy & Portfolio Manager at 12% above that starting pay rate for this position. County Coordinator Kelly stated that he attended the second round of interviews for the two finalists for this position. Mr. Kelly noted that that one of the candidate’s stood out from the other due to his 25 years of experience in the Information Technology field. The suggested candidate has worked as a manager, a strategy planner and is currently working with a consultant firm. Coordinator Kelly felt that this candidate has a firm grasp of what this job entails. He also added that this candidate has a project management certification.
Coordinator Kelly said the starting salary for this position is $69,900 per year for the IT Strategy & Portfolio Manager position. The selected candidate is requesting $86,000 per year.
Commissioner Chris Husom asked what the top of the range was for this positon. Coordinator Kelly replied that the top of the range is $97,000 per year.
Commissioner Chris Husom asked what the other two manager’s wages were currently making.
Human Resources Director Schawn Johnson stated that one of the IT Manager’s is currently compensated at $97,884 per year and the other IT Manager is compensated at $74,500 per year.
Coordinator Kelly stated that the selected candidate would bring a lot of experience and job related qualifications to the County and he believes that this wage would be an acceptable offer.
Commissioner Mark Daleiden and Commissioner Chris Husom stated that they were comfortable offering the selected candidate for the IT Strategy & Portfolio Manager a starting salary of $86,000 per year.
Recommendation: Approval of hiring of the IT Strategy & Portfolio Manager at $86,000 per year.
(End of 3-23-18 Personnel Committee Minutes)
At today’s County Board Meeting, Potter moved to approve the minutes and recommendations. The motion was seconded by Vetsch. Daleiden said the Zuercher issue relates to the movement of three local police departments to Zuercher. The cities have already paid Zuercher. The issue results to figuring this transition out on the County’s end. The motion carried 5-0. The minutes follow:
I. Office 365 Project Status
Presented by Cheri Nelson
The first big project for Office 365 of Email Migration is almost complete. Over 930 mailboxes were migrated with less than 1% failure rate. It was noted that end-users saw the impact as underwhelming, while this migration was foundation for all the steps ahead. The O365 Email Migration has a goal to be officially closed by the end of April. The Securence Spam filter and ZIX Email Encryption will be worked on in the next few weeks. The O365 Client (Microsoft Office applications), along with Skype for Business are the next project for Office 365 Implementation. Lynda.com training information for Client and Skype has been sent to all County Staff. High level training is also being sent to Departments, identified as Early Adopters, allowing IT to test for any issues, as well as prepare Departments to handle questions internally. IT will follow an 80% training completion schedule for pushing these new applications to end-users, which means that 80% of a Department’s staff must have completed the training to receive the applications. The first departments to reach this percentage will be the first to go with O365 client and Skype. There will be 4 rounds of this transition, beginning in April, after that the whole County will be moved, limited support will be provided, if training has not been completed. All County Staff email and WrightTrack are being used to communicate Office 365 changes. Department Technical Liaisons are also being utilized as a first person contact for questions and rollouts. O365 SharePoint Hybrid will be the next project, after the Client and Skype transitions.
Action: Informational update only
2. ERP Update
Presented by Lee Kelly
On March 20th the County Board held a Committee of the Whole meeting to discuss the ERP. This discussion was approved at the Wright County Board meeting on Tuesday March 27th. The COTW decided to move ahead with developing an RFP for an ERP solution for the County. It was noted, that InfoTech would be looked at to possibly develop the RFP. Kelly stated that a meeting for ERP will be held next week, where team roles will be assigned, and the business case will be reviewed once more. Kelly’s goal is to keep the ERP process moving along.
Action: ERP Core Team meeting next week.
3. IT Project Portfolio Update
Presented by Britta Holland
Holland began with a short review noting the Project Portfolio Glossary, where terms could be quickly identified, if there were any questions. She also stated that there are presently 74 projects on the list, which was a cause for notation as it’s the first time it has been under 80 in quite some time. Holland then reviewed the prioritizing method used, noting the ranking allows room for movement between projects during the prioritization. She then presented the list where the committee left off previously.
Commissioner Daleiden identified the Website Redesign project prioritization as a starting point for the discussion. Strobel noted that the project stakeholders were not present at the meeting. She noted that the redesign is included in our contract with CivicPlus at no extra charge. The redesign sub-committee has been meeting for some time, but does not presently have a finalized project plan. Public Survey results have been reviewed with a focus on concerns, easier searching, and a fresh look. The previous redesign was brought up, which Strobel noted the intensity of that was much higher due to the fact, that the site was being taken from a custom, in-house product to a vendor supported product. This time CivicPlus will still be doing data migration, but the underlying work itself should not be as intense, as data migration will be taking place between CivicPlus templates. Kelly & Daleiden both inquired if there was a deadline to utilize the redesign opportunity. This was unknown, so it was requested that this information along with an estimation of IT work hours be brought back to the committee. This project prioritization level was left as is for the time being.
The Attorney Records System Replacement Project was looked at next. It was noted that it was in the Active Planning phase, as the department is researching the product that best fits their needs. Project Priority was left as is, as it was still in the planning stage.
The O365 SharePoint Online Hybrid was discussed next. The discussion revolved around it’s usefulness for Telework, which the County was going to be testing with the Human Services Department. Strobel stated that it is path to O365’s OneDrive application. OneDrive allows for an improved access to work documents off-site and collaboration with external partners. Jim O’Dell also noted that HHS has a specific immediate need for online storage of training videos, which this project would apply to. O’Dell noted the tool itself would be very useful to their initiatives in the future as well. Kelly stated that the O365 SharePoint project has a larger scope of impact and should be prioritized higher than Attorney Records. The O365 SharePoint project was reprioritized.
The Public Address System project was addressed by ConnieMae Cooper. This system will allow our Risk Manager, Tim Dahl, a quick way to address all sites with one emergency message. The Infrastructure work is progressing with network configuration being done. Management software is planned to be installed for end-users. It was noted that the priority for this project needs to be reconsidered, based on project payment status. This project was moved up in the priority list.
The Everbridge – Code Red Replacement project was reviewed by Cheri Nelson. She stated that it is near completion. Code Red is no longer being used for emergency notification only. Public Health staff are planning on promoting Everbridge as a tool for notifications. There will be separate future projects that will come out of this project, but in it’s present state Nelson would like to close it in the next few weeks. Due to the close completion of the project it was decided to move it higher on the list to finish it.
The EDMS 1⁄2 Section Maps for Planning & Zoning was reviewed by Cooper. She stated that this began as a department project, but with analysis it was identified that it could be utilized by multiple departments. Cooper used this knowledge to carefully plan and execute the project. She stated that the project, in it’s form for Planning & Zoning, is 95% complete. She also noted, that the groundwork has been laid to integrate other departments, when they are ready. Other department integrations will require to be separate projects. Due to the present state this project was moved up in the list, to aid in the completion.
The EDMS – Veterans Services Scanning project was discussed next. Through the project process it was identified that due to the confidential nature of the documents, being stored OnBase was the most appropriate repository. OnBase is also robust enough to handle the size and multitude of the documents being stored. This project is presently stalled due the project load that IT is presented with. For the time being the Vets office is utilizing the VIMS application for new cases. VIMS works for the Vets office, but they know and would like to utilize OnBase instead. Strobel noted that there is an urgency with the usage of VIMS. It is an Access-based system that is built to handle a capacity of only so much, once this capacity is reached a solution will need to be found. Due to this constraint the IT team feels there is an urgent need to work on this project. Strobel and Cooper stated that the Vets office is willing to move forward with the EDMS project, but the priority of this project is in the Technology Committee’s hands. Until then the Vets will continue to utilize the VIMS application. Due to the urgency discussed, the Committee moved the project up in the list.
EDMS – HHS Social Services was discussed next. O’Dell presented the project, highlighting that the main concern is that Department Divisions are split with half of the group using EDMS & half not using EDMS. The same thing is happening with sub-divisions as well. This has created an environment of both paper and paperless, which is creating inefficiencies, where HHS would like to see cross-unit service delivery modules, presenting a full customer service experience for clients. O’Dell stated that HHS has been doing the required backend work of consolidating forms type/content/ process to make the transition to EDMS easier. HHS is hopeful that this project could be complete by end of year 2018. HHS would like to see project movement begin again in April. Cooper brought up some background to the project. The half & half situation with staff was created as agency restructured. When paperless pilot was launched, staff were organized as one Unit. HHS underwent a reorganization where Units were split, with sub-units and groups added as well. This created the split staff in EDMS environment that is present today. Strobel added further explanation of the project as a whole. She explained that there have been 4 projects completed under the umbrella of Human Services EDMS. Financial Assistance was first with an 18 month completion timeline. Child Support was next with a 1 to 1.5 year completion timeline. Child Protection unit was the Social Services Division pilot for paperless environment, this took 2 years to complete. The pilot revealed a need for remote technology development for mobile workforce, which did not have the access needed to process the work outside of the office. The last project completed under this umbrella was Social Services Remote EDMS, which was closed in September of 2017. Child Protection unit was selected as a pilot due to the least number of forms and paperwork they were processing among other Social Services units. Launching paperless in other units might require more time, than it took in Child Protection, as they have larger paper case files. IT understands the advantage of the paperless environment and noted that the project has been progressing, as Strobel discussed. The Committee decided that the project would be moved up in the prioritization list due to it’s impact on staff and clients.
The Zuercher project was briefly discussed, noting that it is active, a status report was requested for the next meeting.
Projects relationship to ERP was questioned which Holland stated that distinction exists and can be added to the view. Prioritization discussion will be continued in the next meeting.
Action: Continue Prioritization of Strategic Projects at next meeting. Review Zuercher and Website Redesign
(End of 3-28-18 Technology Committee Minutes)
Potter made a motion to schedule a COTW Closed Session for 4-17-18 at 1:00 PM. The motion was amended to change the time to 12:30 PM. The motion was seconded by Borrell and carried 5-0.
1. Township Officers Meeting. The meeting is scheduled for 4-05-18 at 7:00 PM at the Southside Township Hall.
2. Central MN EMS Region. Husom attended a meeting on 3-30-18. Sherburne County will withdraw from the group effective the end of 2018 and will join with the metro.
3. Sheriff’s Citizen Academy. Husom said the application for enrollment has a 4-13-18 deadline.
4. Buffalo Area Dementia Friends Community Event. Husom said there will be a “Sweet Moments in the Making” event on 4-15-18 at 2:00 PM at the Zion Lutheran Church in Buffalo.
5. Joint Ditch Meeting, Glencoe. Husom and Daleiden attended the meeting. Counties involved in the meeting included Carver, McLeod, Meeker, Renville, Sibley and Wright. Joint agreements are to follow ditch law. There will be a couple of changes in the JPA with the other counties. Carver is talking about joining the group.
6. 911 Planning Committee. A meeting is scheduled for 4-10-18 at 1:00 PM. As Husom has a conflict with attending, Potter will attend as an alternate.
7. Coordinator Update.
A. Kelly said a conference call was held to discuss the CEDS (Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy) JPA between Benton, Sherburne and Wright counties. The revised JPA will come forward at the 4-17-18 Board Meeting for approval.
B. Kelly attended a meeting with the City of Buffalo regarding the storm water pond parcel at the Justice Center location. A JPA is being drafted.
C. Kelly extended condolences to the family of Mark Nolan, a former Wright County employee, who passed away last week.
8. State Auditor lawsuit. Daleiden asked for an update from Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney. Asleson has not heard anything on the lawsuit which was argued just after the first of the year. Matters heard by the District Court have a 90-day window for rulings. This case was heard by the Supreme Court and is not subject to the same rules. Regarding reimbursement for associated costs, Asleson said an application has been made to the legislative committee on claims. The first years’ costs were deferred due to pending bills. This year’s costs will be dealt with after the final decision by the Supreme Court.
The meeting adjourned at 10:58 AM.
Published in the Herald Journal April 20, 2018.