Wright County Board Minutes

JUNE 5, 2018
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Vetsch, Potter, Daleiden and Borrell present.
Husom moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Potter. The motion carried 5-0.
The following was petitioned to the Agenda: Consent Item D, “Refer Sheriff’s Office Range Project To The Building Committee” (Hoffman). Vetsch moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Potter, and carried 5-0.
Borrell requested that Consent Item B1 be removed for discussion. On a motion by Borrell, second by Husom, all voted to approve the remainder of the Consent Agenda:
1. Acknowledge Warrants Issued Between May 23 And May 29, 2018
1. Refer to the 6/13/2018 Technology Committee:
A. ERP Update
B. O365 Update
C. Project Portfolio
Consent Item B, “HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES, 1. Position Replacement, A. Public Health Nurse” was discussed. Borrell requested this item be sent to a Committee Of The Whole (COTW) Meeting for discussion. His opinion is that Public Health could be downsized through attrition when position replacements occur. It is also a topic that should be discussed at budget. Borrell made a motion to refer this item to a COTW Meeting, seconded by Husom. The motion was amended to instead refer this topic to the 6-11-18 Health & Human Services (HHS) Board Meeting. The motion carried 5-0.
Introduction Of New Employee, Doni Deters, Human Resources Representative
Johnson introduced Doni Deters who was hired as a Human Resources Representative in the Administration Department. Deters was welcomed.
Approval To Advertise For Applicants For Appointment To The Clearwater River Watershed District Board Of Supervisors
Hiivala explained Chris Uecker’s term ends in August 2018. Vetsch moved to approve advertisement for appointment ot the Clearwater River Watershed District Board of Supervisors. The motion was seconded by Potter. Husom said Uecker is interested in continuing to serve. The motion carried 5-0.
Recognition of the Diers Family as the Wright County 2018 Farm Family of the Year
Greder recognized the Diers Family for being named the Wright County 2018 Farm Family of the Year, selected by the Wright County Extension Committee. The Program exist to honor families for their contributions to the agriculture industry and local communities. The Diers family has a dairy farm near Waverly with dairy being the main enterprise but they also market grain and hay. A major project in 2017 to install a manure basin and runoff controls allows them to utilize their nutrient resources better and to protect the environment. This project and ambitious growth plans will allow the operation to grow into the future and possibly add a 6th generation. Members of the Diers family farm operation include Gary, Linda, Andy, Colette, Scott, Tracy, Malorie, Mikayla and Victoria. The Diers family was nominated by Commissioner Charlie Borrell.
Schedule Committee Of The Whole Meeting In The Last Week Of June For A Presentation By The Wright County Sheriff’s Office
Hoffman requested a COTW Meeting to invite Commissioners to the Sheriff’s Office for a presentation on services provided by the Sheriff’s Office. The meeting is expected to be about 2 hours in length.
Potter moved to schedule a COTW Meeting for 6-26-18 at 1:00 PM. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried unanimously.
Award Of Contract 1801 To The Low Bidder, Knife River Corporation of Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, In The Amount Of $504,912.50, SP 086-070-012, HSIP 8618(229) & SAP 086-603-022
The project includes Highway 3 mainline paving (state aid funds) and Highway 3 shoulder paving (HSIP safety funds and state aid funds). Contract funding includes $223,123.50 HSIP Safety Grant, and $281,789 State Aid Regular funds.
Potter moved to award the contract to Knife River Corporation of Sauk Rapids, MN, In The Amount Of $504,912.50, SP 086-070-012, HSIP 8618(229) & SAP 086-603-022. The motion was seconded by Vetsch and carried 5-0.
At today’s County Board Meeting, Vetsch asked whether the hire of the Senior Survey Technician at $32.00/hour causes any leapfrogging issues. Daleiden said there is one but Husom clarified that it is not a Senior Survey Technician position. Borrell said with the compensation study, the Board is looking to see an end to or dramatically decrease these types of issues.
Borrell moved to approve the 5-30-18 Personnel / Employee Relations Committee minutes and recommendations. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0. The Personnel Committee minutes follow:
I. Hiring of Senior Survey Technician
Steve Jobe, County Surveyor reported that he has interviewed four qualified candidates for the Senior Survey Technician position. He shared that the top candidate for this position had declined due to personal reasons. The second candidate decided not to accept the position due to travel concerns. The third candidate has expressed interest in accepting the open position. The third candidate is currently making over $33.00 per hour for another county. This candidate has a total of 7 years’ of work related experience. The Survey Department is requesting to offer this candidate a starting wage of $32.00 per hour.
Jobe added that this candidate understands that he will take a slight cut in pay to accept this job opportunity, but will also be granted the opportunity to obtain his surveying license through the County. Jobe commented that this would be an opportunity for the candidate to develop his management skills similarly to other staff members that have been promoted within the Survey Department over the years.
Charlie Borrell, Commissioner asked if there were any current employees that could fill this position and asked if there was any thought to using a consulting company to see if that option might be more cost effective.
Jobe said that they are doing the best they can to fill the open position and noted that the longer the position is open the more difficult it will be to fill. He added that with the growth of Wright County that it would be in the best interest of the County to stay in-house for providing surveying services.
Mark Daleiden, Commissioner questioned the maximum of the salary range and if there was any “leapfrogging” that would occur. Schawn Johnson, Human Resource Director replied that the top of the salary range for this position is $34.58. Jobe replied that there is a GIS Specialist that was hired in 2011 that will be leap-frogged compensation wise due to this recommended hire. Jobe stated that with the current Compensation and Classification Study underway that the findings of this study will hopefully minimize or reduce these types of situations in the future.
Jobe shared that he has heard reports from schools that offer surveying programs that there are roughly 100 job openings for 28 recent graduates this year. The surveying profession is looking at working on promoting and increasing the number of people interested in surveying careers.
Lee Kelly, County Coordinator agreed that the market is extremely competitive and that he does not want to see any leap frogging to occur but is supportive of the need to hire someone for the Senior Survey Technician position.
Borrell asked what are the educational requirements for a Senior Survey Technician. Johnson said the educational requirements for this position are a 2-year degree.
Recommendation: Approve to Hire the Senior Survey Technician at $32.00 per hour.
II. Performance Appraisal – Lee Kelly, County Coordinator
Recommendation: Performance Appraisal – Lee Kelly, County Coordinator; Based on five (5) performance evaluations received, the Committee recommends a rating of “Meets Expectations”.
(End of 5-30-18 Personnel / Employee Relations Committee Minutes)
Public Hearing To Amend The Wright County Code Of Ordinance, Ordinance Amendment 18-3, Relating To The Buffer Enforcement Jurisdiction Under Minn. Stat. 103F.48. Upon Completion Of The Public Hearing, The Board May Choose To Adopt The Code Of Ordinance As Amended.
At 9:32 A.M., the Public Hearing was opened.
Greg Kryzer, Assistant County Attorney, said Ordinance Amendment #18-2 creates Chapter 96 in the Code of Ordinances relating to the Buffer Ordinance. This is a requirement of adopting the Buffer Enforcement Jurisdiction Resolution in May, 2018. Kryzer was in contact with the Board of Soil & Water Resources (BWSR) who came up with the draft model ordinance being reviewed. Kryzer attempted some amendments specifically relating to Wright County and BWSR instructed him to change the draft back. The Ordinance as drafted complies with State law. There is an appeal process, an administrative process, and a criminal process to follow. Kryzer said the only township response received was from Corinna Township who supports the Ordinance.
Doug Triplett, Albion Township. Triplett owns a farm in Albion Township. He was surprised at the comment by Kryzer that BWSR said the language in the document should not be changed. He is aware that Stevens County made changes to their document and thought other counties were doing so as well. Triplett said BWSR retracted a statement they had on television which reflected that a person’s farm could be taken if their process was not followed.
Matt Detjen, Ditch Coordinator, responded that Wright County has elected a $200 penalty which is the lowest allowed by BWSR. It involves a misdemeanor charge or an administrative penalty imposed after an 11-month period and notice by the SWCD.
Daleiden said the intent of the Ordinance is to allow more local control. Husom agreed and said it allows them to work more effectively with constituents. Triplett said he appreciates the response on local control.
John Uecker, Albion Township. Uecker said water flows from his property onto the Triplett property. Uecker supports local control.
Eric Mattson, SWCD. Mattson said his job is to track compliance in Wright County and to report it to the elected jurisdiction. If the County retains jurisdiction, notice would be sent to Wright County and to BWSR. The compliance rate in Wright County is in the high 90th percentile. Relative to public waters, there are about 107 landowners that may not meet requirements and of those, there are about 40 landowners who have not responded. With public ditches, there are about 70 landowners that do not meet requirements and about 33 landowners who have not responded. The compliance date is November 2018 so Mattson expects more to have resolved by then. Potter requested that Mattson inform County Board members of those that are not in compliance, as it will provide an opportunity to work with the landowners ahead of the compliance deadline. Mattson said the list will be provided to the County once jurisdiction is elected. At that point, the SWCD and the County will try to contact landowners again. An 11-month compliance period will follow, followed by another period for resolution. There will be ample time for landowners to comply.
On a motion by Borrell, second by Husom, all voted to close the Public Hearing at 9:52 AM.
Vetsch made a motion to adopt Ordinance Amendment #18-3, Article I – Buffer Ordinance, Chapter 96. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0. Kryzer said procedurally, the Ordinance Amendment will be sent to BWSR for final review. A summary of Ordinance Amendment #18-3 follows:
Summary of Ordinance 18-3. The Buffer Ordinance, number 18-3, was approved pursuant to Minnesota Statute § 103F.48, the Buffer Law. It is the purpose and intent of the County to:
(1) Provide for riparian vegetated buffers and water quality practices to achieve the following purposes:
(a) Protect state water resources from erosion and runoff pollution;
(b) Stabilize soils, shores and banks; and
(c) Protect or provide riparian corridors.
(2) Coordinate the implementation and enforcement of the water resources riparian protection requirements of Minn. Stat. §103F.48 with the shoreland management rules and ordinances adopted under the authority of Minn. Stat. §103F.201 to 103F.227 and the management of public drainage systems established under Minn. Stat. chapter 103E where applicable; and
(3) Provide efficient and effective direction to landowners and protection of surface water quality and related land resources.
The Buffer Ordinance provides several new definitions and the outlines the jurisdictional requirements of the Buffer Ordinance. The ordinance provides the requirements and alternative practices for any required buffers. The ordinance also allows for the County of Wright to enforce the ordinance through either a criminal or administrative process.
(End of Summary of Ordinance 18-3)
1. White House Conference and White House Residence Tour, May 31, 2018. Husom, Vetsch, Potter and Hiivala traveled to Washington DC for the White House Conference and Tour. They also attended the National Association of Counties (NACo) briefing held on May 30, 2018 which included a briefing and a snapshot of services. The White House Conference provided information on how to connect local government to the federal level. Information was obtained on funding and contact information. The Board was very impressed with the information received and encouraged others to attend in the future if the occasion arises.
2. Trailblazer. Vetsch attended a Trailblazer meeting on 6-04-18. A Joint Powers Agreement with an effective date of 1-01-19 will be presented to the County Board in the next couple of months. The WCAT Group would become an advisory committee at that time.
3. Overpass in Monticello. Potter said an overpass is being planned on Fallon Avenue just east of TH 25 in Monticello. The overpass could alleviate 3500 cars/day off from TH 25. The overpass will buy MnDOT time to work with the TH 25 Coalition to devise a better future solution to deal with the traffic issues as the population increases. Vetsch said the overpass is expected to be completed this year.
4. County Fair. Borrell said the County Fair will be held July 18-22, 2018 at the Wright County Fairgrounds.
5. Coordinator Updates:
A. Sue Vergin, Assistant County Coordinator, said the Communication Specialist in the Administration Department will start work on 6-11-18.
The meeting adjourned at 10:07 AM.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Backes, Clerk to the County Board
Published in the Herald Journal June 22, 2018.