Wright County Board Minutes

AUGUST 28, 2018
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Vetsch, Daleiden, Potter, and Borrell present.
The following correction was made to the minutes: Page 2, 5th paragraph, 2nd to last sentence should read, “Borrell said he will vote against the motion as he does not support roundabouts in a 55-mph zone” (Borrell). Borrell moved to approve the minutes as corrected, seconded by Vetsch. The motion carried 5-0.
The following items were petitioned to the Agenda: Timed Item B1, “Approve A 25% Landowners Match For Grants On County Ditch 10 For Water Storage Treatment Sites” (Greg Kryzer); Item For Consideration C, “Schedule Additional Budget Committee Of The Whole Meetings” (Vetsch). Vetsch moved to approve the Agenda as amended, seconded by Husom. The motion carried 5-0.
On a motion by Potter, second by Borrell, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:
1. Authorize Signatures On AIA Document With BKV Group For The Sheriff Department/FBI Range Project
2. Authorize Signatures On AIA Document With BKV Group For The New Government Center Building
1. Authorize Attendance, Commissioner Mike Potter, Washington D.C., September 26-28, 2018, To Solicit $10M In BUILD Grant (Better Utilizing Investments To Leverage Development) Funding For The I-94 Project, St. Michael To Albertville
1. Position Replacement:
A. Assessment Process Specialist
1. Approve $0 Net Levy Budget Amendment For A $14,500.00 MNCASA Grant
2. Position Replacement:
A. Office Manager/Election Supervisor
3. Approve Elimination Of Preliminary Plat Fee ($75.00, $2.50/PID over 30) Effective Immediately Per MN Statute 357.182, Subd. 2 And MN Statute 389.09, Subd. 1
4. Acknowledge Warrants Issued Between August 13, 2018 And August 21,2018
1. Position Replacement
A. Case Aide
Approve City Of St. Michael Tax Forfeit Land Resolution
Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy Attorney, said a tax forfeit parcel, PID #114-500-141200, was a result of the development during the construction of the one-way pair in St. Michael. The City would like to acquire the property, and it will be done as a purchase as the area will likely be re-surveyed. The value on the property is $1,600. For the County to sell the parcel it would likely require a subdivide of the parcel, and it is unknown what the future plans are for that area.
Potter made a motion to adopt Resolution #18-62 recommending the Minnesota Commissioner of Revenue convey to the City of St. Michael by State deed tax forfeit parcel, PID #114-500-141200, at market value as found by the County Board. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Approve A 25% Landowners Match For Grants On County Ditch 10 For Water Storage Treatment Sites
Hiivala said Ditch 10 repair is scheduled for 2019 and an opportunity to capture grant funding arose to coincide with the repair. Greg Kryzer, Assistant County Attorney, said the Wright Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) will apply for a Clean Water Grant. The grant deadline is 8-31-18. He said the County Board is involved in the discussion serving as Drainage Authority for County Ditch 10.
Handout material includes a map and cost estimates from ISG. Areas 2 and 3 on the map will be included in the grant application. Since receiving the cost estimates, Kryzer reached out to ISG as he does not feel the estimates are correct based on the preliminary estimates. He estimated the cost at $168,000 for Area 2and $400,000 for Area 3.
Borrell expressed appreciation to the landowners in this area, as their cooperation in making this happen will help improve the water quality of Lake Ann and allow better functioning of the ditch.
Andrew Grean, SWCD Wetland Resource Conservationist, said a 25% match is required with the grant. Cost estimates are over $750,000 for the repair when land acquisition costs are included. This would equate to about $180,000 that would be divided amongst the benefited landowners of the Ditch 10 system. In response to Daleiden, Grean stated about $170,000 in other grants have been received for this project and those funds are earmarked for the larger scale repair of the ditch. The Clean Water Grant being applied for will be used for larger scale ponds. Husom asked about public hearing requirements. Kryzer said that a public hearing will be scheduled after the repair report is prepared by the engineer. The bids for the ponds can be rejected if the cost is too high and can be re-evaluated later.
Borrell asked whether there has been communication with Fred Bengtson, Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Grean said that the DNR indicated they were looking to increase the water level for storage but that did not work because landowners did not support it. The DNR told Grean they will support the storage ponds if the SWCD can attain landowner approval. Grean said the SWCD is aware this is being worked on.
Kryzer said the goal in bringing this to the Board is so that they are aware that there will be a match requirement in January-February, 2019.
Potter moved to support the SWCD applying for the Clean Water Grant for County Ditch 10 for two storm water basins. It is understood that the grant deadline is 8-31-18, and the motion acknowledges the 25% match. The motion was seconded by Borrell and carried 5-0.
At today’s County Board Meeting, Borrell moved to approve the minutes. The motion was seconded by Potter and carried 5-0. The minutes follow:
I. Justice Center Updates
Currie opened the meeting and asked Paulsen to walk through the current work underway and the schedule.
Paulsen provided updates on the construction status. Structural steel in area B, floors 1&2 is up and decking is installed. Shafts for elevators 062 & 075 are complete, and the masonry Contractor has started on shaft 109. After today footings for area C will be complete, work on footings and foundation walls in area A is ongoing. The removal of the LEC lobby window to prep for the future tie-in has been completed. The next two weeks work will include continued construction of elevator 109 shaft, steel erection in area C, plumbing rough-in for area B level 1 & 2 decks, and placement of concrete on a portion of area B, level 2 deck.
Currie continued through the agenda with a review of the schedule and the budget. The project is on schedule. The current budget spreadsheet was reviewed. Change orders written through 8-13-18 have been posted. No significant items were identified as issues or concerns.
The change order log was reviewed, one new item was included, the anticipated extra top soil/fill work for $26,665.45, well below preliminary estimates. Pending changes were also reviewed. One significant change currently under review by BKV is for plumbing changes resulting from MN Dept. of Labor & Industry review of the project drawings. The total proposed change is for $42,246. Potter asked for clarification. BKV & CGI explained that changes resulting from DLI review are common and that the majority of the costs would have been in the plumbing bids had the code discrepancies been identified prior to bids. CGI is currently reviewing five additional changes totaling approximately $21,700. Currie commented that considering the project progress most, but not all, of the risk for unknowns resulting in costly changes is past.
Enright reported that along with CGI they are responding to a request from Wilczek to consider changing the space under the large area A conference rooms (which were added late in the initial project design) from earth fill to a usable storage space. Last week BKV forwarded preliminary design information to CGI which was distributed to the relevant Contractors. The review of the scope and pricing received is not completed, but it appears the cost could be in the $50,000 range. Borrell and Potter expressed support for construction of the additional space as long as the cost was determined to be reasonable. Other County staff present confirmed the need for additional storage space. Enright clarified that this option was discussed prior to bid but sensitivity to staying within the budget resulted in the option not being considered in the bid documents.
Potter commented on getting conduits in the floor slabs located properly. CGI responded clarifying that the slabs on deck were not to have conduit within the slab, they are only allowed in the slabs on grade. However, the documents do currently call for electrical “floor boxes” to be embedded in the slabs on deck in selected conference and court rooms. McPherson expressed concerns that judges’ chambers and courtrooms have electrical outlets that are coordinated with the planned furniture and furniture layout. BKV & CGI will look at changing from the current floor box design to a “punch-thru” design for the conference and courtrooms. The punch-thru devices are installed after the floors are poured allowing for a more accurate placement after confirmation the location of relevant furniture. A meeting will be arranged next month to discuss furniture.
Regarding buyout of remaining work packages, the specialties items are out for quote. Quotes are due 8-31-18.
RECOMMENDATIONS: None. Next meeting September 19, 2018.
Owners Committee Minutes taken by: Kevin Currie – Contegrity Group
Owners Committee Minutes Submitted by: Alan Wilczek, Facilities Services Director
(End of 8-15-18 Owners Committee Minutes)
At today’s County Board Meeting, Husom moved to approve the minutes and recommendations. The motion was seconded by Potter and carried 5-0. The minutes follow:
Recommendation: Performance Appraisal –Steve Jobe, County Surveyor; based on five (5) performance evaluations received, the Personnel Committee recommends a rating of “Meets Expectations”.
Personnel / Employee Relations Committee Minutes Submitted by: Schawn Johnson, HR Director
(End of 8-28-18 Personnel / Employee Relations Committee Minutes)
At today’s County Board Meeting, Vetsch moved to approve the minutes. The motion was seconded by Potter and carried 5-0. The minutes follow:
Adam Tagarro, IT Director, stated that Lee Kelly, County Coordinator, has been in contact with InfoTech for the scheduled September meeting. Plans continue, no update beyond this.
RECOMMENDATION: Informational only, InfoTech will be onsite for an ERP Kickoff September 4th - 7th.
II. Office 365 Update
Commissioner Vetsch asked for an update on the number of additional Office 365 licenses that will need to be purchased. Cheri Nelson, IT Manager, stated 30 additional licenses were found to be needed. Adam Tagarro, IT Director, brought the conversation to the next steps of O365 which are SharePoint Online Hybrid and OneDrive. Both projects are part of our O365 licensing, impacting Cloud based work and collaboration. Tagarro stated that the SharePoint Online Hybrid project will involve a full inventory of the current SharePoint environment. Discussion also surrounds certain add-on applications such as Nintex workflows, if we continue to utilize various applications or discontinue. Per Olga Strobel, IT Manager, the current annual maintenance fee for Nintex is $8,000 a year, the Online version is $40,000 a year. Chief Deputy Todd Hoffman requested that a decision on this be made sooner than later, that even if the change is made a year from now, at least they can start making internal changes now so that when the time does come they don’t have to change again. In effect that any new workflows that are presently created are done with the future transition and the capabilities it will support in mind. Tagarro stated that a decision will be made quite soon on which way the County will go concerning the add-on applications. Andrea Benedict, IT Business Analyst, also stated that she will be working with departments in the very near future reviewing their current SharePoint environments.
Tagarro introduced another option that works in tandem with the Microsoft environment, Intune, a secure mobile device management application, similar to AirWatch. IT is looking at Intune as a replacement for AirWatch, as it would provide a more seamless integration with O365, as well as extra security offerings. Commissioner Vetsch questioned if it would provide protection for Cloud Data, Tagarro stated IT is still researching all of the capabilities of the product. Chief Deputy Hoffman questioned the cost of the product, Nelson answered that it would cost more. Mike MacMillan, Court Services Director, asked why the process is taking so long as it sounds like it is a decision that needs to be made, Tagarro responded that with the project workload the delay is more of a timing issue than an implementation issue, of when do we get to it? More information will follow on the Intune application.
RECOMMENDATION: Informational only
Britta Holland, IT Project Portfolio Analyst, began the discussion with IT Project Site Permissions. As Holland has been working with the site she has noticed that those who can access projects sites (have Permissions) are in a more random than organized fashion. IT would like to utilize SharePoint Groups to create more consistency in site Permissions. For example, if an HHS Office Technician, OT, becomes a Social Worker then that staff member would be removed from the OT group and be placed in the Social Worker group. Any project or site within SharePoint that the Social Worker group has access to this staff member would immediately be able to utilize, likewise they would no longer be able to access OT sites (if any exist). If a group was not utilized for permissions this same staff member would need to be manually added and removed from each associated site, in nature this creates voids where someone may forget to add or remove the site access. Strobel further clarified that for the IT Project Site each project group has its own members group, even within department projects; for example Deputy Hoffmann may not (but probably should be) a member of every project for the Sheriff’s Department. MacMillan understood the use of groups for larger departments, but questioned the use of them for smaller departments, where perhaps a group would include all or none for department members, is that style really useful? Chief Deputy Hoffman questioned if current groups would be utilized or if new ones would be established, as there are several established groups already. James O’Dell, HHS Technology Supervisor, questioned if perhaps it would be beneficial to give departments, key staff members, the ability to add / remove permissions from the sites. MacMillan agreed with this sentiment. IT members present preferred to keep IT staff as Owners, holding the ability to set permissions for the Project site, the Members role will not have the ability to edit permissions but otherwise will have full access to their sites. The Visitor Role would be given read only access. IT questioned if the Commissioner’s and County Coordinator / Administrator would be interested in having this (Visitor) access to the Project Site. Commissioner Vetsch stated that at the least the County Administrator should have that access, that additionally it would be nice for Commissioner’s to have access if they wished to have a closer look at a project. Commissioner Daleiden wanted to ensure that Department Heads had access to their projects as well. Holland concluded the Project Site Permissions discussion by stating that IT will move forward with their present plan, being mindful of the natural variations in staff of each department.
Holland next reviewed IT Project progress. There have been 35 projects closed year to date, with 42 new projects opened year to date. The current project list sits at 79 total projects. Holland reviewed projects that were closed this month and some that are being opened. One new project discussed was Text Message Retention and Archiving. Tagarro stated that Administration is developing a plan to retain text messages that are records. Commissioner Daleiden questioned if this was for County Owned and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phones, it was confirmed that both would be affected. MacMillan stated that Court Services utilizes text messaging as part of their daily work, their department has capabilities to retain messages. MacMillan stated he will have his department contact Administration about it. James O’Dell added that there is a grant available to encourage the use of text messaging in HHS activities, as it has been found to be advantageous to services. He will put HHS Director of Public Health Sarah Grosshuesch in touch with Administration. Another project was presented as a reminder for Department Heads in attendance, IT will be rolling out a Security Time Out and Disclaimer, as previously approved at Technology Committee. Computers will lock out at 10 minutes, prompting the user to log back in. IT Staff and Commissioners currently use this policy on their devices. Those in attendance questioned public terminals which Nelson stated IT will work with departments on specifics. Holland continued with her project review going over projections for quarter three and four.
RECOMMENDATION: Informational only
Technology Committee Minutes submitted by Jennifer Rasset
(End of 8-22-18 Technology Committee Minutes)
On a motion by Borrell, second by Husom, all voted to cancel the 10-02-18 County Board Meeting due to five Tuesdays in October.
Vetsch requested additional Budget COTW Meetings as he does not feel there will be adequate time to address the staff requests being presented at upcoming Budget COTW meetings. Lee Kelly, County Coordinator, said that by statute, the County must adopt the preliminary budget by 9-30-18. The resolution to adopt the draft budget will be placed on the 9-25-18 County Board Agenda. Potter noted that once the preliminary budget is set, it can only be reduced.
On a motion by Potter, second by Vetsch, all voted to schedule Budget COTW Meetings on 9-17-18 at 1:30 P.M. and 9-18-18 at 10:30 A.M. with the following Agenda items:
1. Five-year Outlook
2. Debt Service
3. Current CIP Levels
4. Taxpayer Impact
1. Farm Bureau Annual Banquet. Borrell attended the banquet celebrating the 100th Anniversary.
2. Wright County Community Action. Borrell and Daleiden attended the annual meeting in Buffalo. Volunteers were recognized. Ideas were presented to help lower income residents in Wright County with the goal of helping them to be productive and in the workforce.
3. Lake Pulaski Association Meeting. Husom attended. The Association continues with efforts to keep aquatic invasive species (AIS) inspectors at the Griffing Park lake access. There are many boaters who are trying to access the lake with weeds on their boats.
4. Drug Court Graduation. Husom attended and said one person graduated with 500 days of sobriety. Success stories are provided by participants in the program. Congressman Tom Emmer and Representative Marion O’Neill attended as well.
5. Water Task Force Meeting. Daleiden attended a meeting on 8-23-18 in Annandale which provided an opportunity to see the Regional Inspection Station. There was a pontoon that came out of Clearwater Lake that had many zebra mussels. If that pontoon had gone to another lake, it would have contaminated it. Daleiden said there are inspections occurring at lakes that are not involved in the regional inspection program, and it is interesting to find out how many contaminants are being found. It appears the education piece is working. State law indicates plugs must be removed from boats while traveling. Wright County had 3% of boaters found with plugs in while the State-wide percentage was 5%.
6. AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) Task Force Coalition Advisory Group. Vetsch and Husom were part of this group that met last week. The Task Force is being formed to see collectively where efforts will go and what the County’s efforts will be to combat AIS. This was a preliminary meeting but there will be more meetings to come. The group will include representation by those using lakes, those helping to fund treatment, and the Department of Natural Resources. Husom said the goal will be to identify solutions. Vetsch said there is the AIS group that is part of the Water Management Task Force, but that group does not include the same representation as the new Task Force.
7. Meeting with Xcel Energy. Vetsch and Potter attended a meeting with Xcel Energy on 8-27-18. They are keeping close watch of proposed legislation relating to the nuclear plant which could result in closure of the plant by 2030. Daleiden asked for impacts if legislation passes. Vetsch said Xcel Energy is taxed at a value of about $908 million with $800 million based on the plant operating. If the plant is not in operation, the County would lose the tax assessment on that $800 million. This equates to about 9% of the tax revenues for the County. For the City of Monticello, 78-79% of their tax revenue comes from Xcel Energy. Vetsch said that 2030 will be the latest date for closure. Xcel could opt for earlier closure as opposed to replacement of major parts at the facility. License renewals from the Public Utilities Commission generally do not occur for most plants that are 60 years old. Last year, only 1 of 6-9 plants received an extension beyond the 60-year mark. Vetsch said he would like to enter into an agreement with Flaherty and Hood P.A. to assist with the Xcel Energy piece and other issues. Vetsch anticipates the agreement to be presented for Board approval.
8. Coordinator Updates.
A. Lee Kelly, County Coordinator, attended the Association of County Administrators Executive Committee Meeting on 8-21-18. Presentations were made by the County Association of Assessing Officers and discussion occurred on legislation.
B. The AMC Executive Committee met and is making a few changes to their structure. Information has been received on 2019 dues.
C. Wright County has been asked to present at the Administrator’s Conference, sharing the model on how the County has handled email and data retention.
D. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Sessions will be held September 4-7, 2018.
The meeting adjourned at 9:56 A.M.
County Board Minutes Submitted by: Susan Backes, Clerk to the County Board
Published in the Herald Journal Sept. 21, 2018.