Wright County Board Minutes

NOVEMBER 6, 2018
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Daleiden, Potter, Vetsch and Borrell present.
Vetsch moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Husom. The motion carried 5-0.
Potter moved to approve the Agenda, seconded by Vetsch. The motion carried 5-0.
Borrell requested that Item I1, “Planning & Zoning, Approve Septic Installation Bid For Point Of Sale Enforcement At 228 97th Street NW” be pulled from the Consent Agenda for discussion.
Borrell made a motion to approve the remainder of the Consent Agenda. Husom seconded the motion and it carried 5-0:
1. Refer Ag Inspector 2018 Annual Report And 2019 Appointment To The November 14, 2018 Ways & Means Committee
1. Claim - Madden, Galanter and Hansen, LLP, 09-2018 Services, $3,498.32
1. Approve Memorandum Of Agreement For The County Contributions For The 2019 Health Insurance Plans With The Wright County Attorney’s Association
1. Authorize Attendance Fredrickson & Byron Legislative Outlook, 12-06-18 @ 8:00 A.M., St. Paul
1. Approve Revisions To Section 711 (Acceptable Use Of Technology) In The Wright County Personnel Handbook.
1. Acknowledge Warrants Issued Between October 24, 2018 And October 30, 2018
2. Approve Renewal Of 2019 Tobacco Licenses For: City Of Albertville: Cardinal Enterprises, LLC DBA SuperAmerica #4899; City Of Cokato: Jack’s Of Cokato, Inc; City Of Delano: Hansoline, Inc. DBA Flippin Bill’s; City Of Hanover: Jonwall, Inc. DBA The Original Tom Thumb; City Of Monticello: AR Vapes, LLC DBA AR Vapes, LLC; City Of Montrose: Doug & Sally Roepke, Inc. DBA The Ugly Bar; City Of Rockford: Cardinal Enterprises, LLC DBA SuperAmerica #4898; City Of South Haven: South Haven Sports LLC
1. Refer To Personal Committee 11/14/18 The Request To Hire An Office Tech II Position
1. Refer to the 11-14-18 Technology Committee Meeting:
A. ERP Status Update
B. Office 365 Status Update
C. Microsoft Customer Immersion Session D. Project Portfolio
Consent Item I1, “Planning & Zoning, Approve Septic Installation Bid For Point Of Sale Enforcement At 228 97th Street NW.” Borrell asked Sean Riley, Planning & Zoning Administrator, to provide details on the request. Riley said in 2012, there was a property transaction without a point-of-sale document. Three years were spent with the current owner trying to have the certificate of compliance completed but it failed. It then failed a couple of times over the following three years. It is the recommendation of the County Attorney’s Office and Planning & Zoning to complete the septic upgrade and assess the cost on the property taxes. The original documentation reflects it is the buyer’s responsibility for the upgrade of the system.
Borrell made a motion to approve Consent Item I1, Planning & Zoning, Approve Septic Installation Bid For Point Of Sale Enforcement At 228 97th Street NW. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Retirement Recognition Of Sgt. David Nystuen
Sheriff Hagerty presented David Nystuen with a retirement plaque for 38 years of experience with the Sheriff’s Office, with 35 of those years serving as a Deputy Sheriff. Sheriff Hagerty said Nystuen has been Patrol Sergeant for the past 18 years, which involves making the hard calls. He is a top Explorer Advisor in the State. Hagerty recognized Nystuen’s skill set in handling the public and situations that arise. Nystuen said he is very proud of his service and will miss working for Wright County.
At today’s County Board Meeting, Vetsch moved to approve the minutes. The motion was seconded by Borrell. Daleiden said his request is to learn what software is being removed with the implementation of new software. The motion carried 5-0. The minutes follow:
I. ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, Update
Lee Kelly, County Coordinator, reported that the InfoTech ERP Kickoff meeting September 4th- 7th went well covering in detail the mega processes that the County is looking for from an ERP. The next phase goal is completion of an RFP (Request For Proposal) by mid-October. InfoTech has sent documentation back to the County based on compilation and review of the meeting in September. The County will be clarifying some items for InfoTech as well. After the RFP is corrected and reviewed it will be solicitated to 5-10 companies, with the next step to bring in 3 of those organizations to present. That presentation will be done late January and early February, as to not conflict with December Holiday schedules. Scott Weiland, IT Business Analyst added that this timeline will allow the committee members to see all possible vendors, as strongly suggested by InfoTech. Commissioner Mark Daleiden would like the ERP committee to take note of any possible State Contracts and / or Co-op contracts that the County could take advantage of. Adam Tagarro, IT Director, agreed that the committee would do their research on any available funding agreements.
RECOMMENDATION: Informational only, Goal to complete RFP by mid-October.
II. Office 365 Update
Adam Tagarro, IT Director, stated that the Office 365 (O365) project is moving forward with OneDrive work. It was noted that the SharePoint Online Hybrid phase of O365 has been put on hold due to Microsoft coming out with a product that could possibly replace Nintex Workflow (found to be expensive as an online tool), an example Nintex use is the Public Online Homestead Application used by Assessors office. OneDrive uses the same backbone as SharePoint Hybrid so the O365 Governance Committee decided to move forward with OneDrive work. Presently OneDrive is disabled for County users. The O365 Governance committee has been discussing what parts of OneDrive to implement, along with the rules surrounding usage. OneDrive would replace our current G Drive giving users the ability to more easily access and collaborate on documents. Commissioner Vetsch inquired if OneDrive would speed up the process of accessing and working with documents off-site. Cheri Nelson, IT Manager, stated that OneDrive has online capabilities for applications and client usage, such as Word, Excel, etc. Documents and the clients themselves can be installed locally giving another option for access. In short OneDrive has several options for faster off-site retrieval of documents then the current process. Tagarro also noted that the O365 project manager is continuing to work through other SharePoint Hybrid remedial tasks while moving OneDrive forward.
RECOMMENDATION: Informational only
III. IT Project Portfolio Update
Adam Tagarro presented the portfolio update. Recent work involved Highway and Surveyor’s projects being scoped. Highway’s EDMS project has been broken into 5 smaller discretionary projects, with Highway planning to complete a lot of work in house. Surveyor’s EDMS project will stay the same priority level and be completed in phases. For September the major projects in order of largest to smallest IT time consumption were ERP, Firewall upgrade, O365 SharePoint Hybrid and OneDrive, Netmail Migration to O365, and HR EDMS. Discussion about Netmail migration ensued, IT management explained that litigation holds are creating additional work for this project. Looking to the Fourth Quarter IT is very close to closing several projects, some larger ones include VDI, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Voicemail enhancements, many EDMS projects, and the multi department efficiency project of Online Land Division Processing. Commissioner Vetsch questioned if we would be able to utilize voicemail to email applications. Nelson responded that it is being tested as well as work done on the back end to support. Commissioner Daleiden also questioned the total number of products being phased out as projects are closed. VDI will replace the Citrix product for remote work, Netmail will be phased out as well once that project is closed. Work continues with other products as well. As additional projects come in, IT continues to make progress on the total Project Portfolio.
RECOMMENDATION: Informational only
Technology Minutes submitted by: Jennifer Rasset
(End of 9-26-18 Technology Committee Minutes)
At the request of the County Board, Sheriff Hagerty provided information on recent arrests that occurred in Wright County and the successful apprehensions. One involved a person in a residential area with a knife and the other related to two people stealing tires from dealerships. Borrell extended appreciation to those officers involved with the arrests.
At today’s County Board Meeting, Potter moved to approve the 10-24-18 Committee minutes and recommendations. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0. The minutes follow:
I. ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, Update
Lee Kelly, County Coordinator, reported that the ERP Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have been discussing the priority of Mega Processes, with Lindsey Meyer, Auditor /Treasurer, and Scott Weiland, IT, facilitating. The documentation from InfoTech has been reworked to align with the County’s goals. It has been sent back to InfoTech to develop the RFP. Kelly stated that we are still on track for ERP vendor demonstrations in January.
RECOMMENDATION: Informational only.
II. Office 365 Update
Adam Tagarro, IT Director, stated that the Office 365 (O365) project is moving forward with OneDrive work. Next week IT will begin rolling out OneDrive with IT Staff “G Drive” migrations, this will begin with training and then County Rollout in December. Every staff member in the county has a personal G Drive, though not all are using it. This drive will now be housed in the Cloud within the OneDrive application. This moves the storage requirements to Microsoft and off of our servers, providing fewer maintenance issues for IT. OneDrive also allows users to share links to a document instead of the document itself, this helps limit duplicate copies. Commissioner Daleiden questioned if his understanding that OneDrive usage will help with mobility of workforce was correct. Tagarro answered that OneDrive does allow for remote work, that IT will also need to implement Multi Factor Authentication, to provide extra security measures for remote work. Tagarro noted that use of OneDrive will be subject to department approval. The Sheriff’s office and HHS for example would rather their team members work out of team storage areas such as the F drive, OnBase, and SharePoint. Christine Partlow, HHS, stated that supervisors do use their G drives and will be able to utilize OneDrive, but use by other staff members will be limited. Tagarro added that using OneDrive provides staff with an authorized and secure platform for file sharing, instead of using dropbox or other cloud sharing applications. The O365 Governance Committee is also working on formalizing external sharing of files from OneDrive, which will be disabled at first. It was also pointed out that OneDrive will provide an improved platform to search for Data Requests when they come in.
Tagarro informed the committee that IT is moving ahead with OneDrive while exploring Microsoft’s workflow replacement for Nintex. Upgrading Nintex to SharePoint Online will be costly, the Microsoft Flow tool may be a quality alternative. IT is also looking at the Microsoft mobile device management tool InTune to possibly replace AirWatch. InTune would allow for a higher level of security features and content management tools.
RECOMMENDATION: Informational only, still exploring mobile device management options.
III. Office 365/OneDrive Training Requirements
The O365 Governance Committee determined that it would be wise to have required training for OneDrive. The sharing capabilities of OneDrive offers extra capability but at the same time introduces additional risk. They would like to have 80% staff completion before roll out in December, with 100% Completion by January 31st. HR has agreed that the training is in the best interest of the County, with Kelly stating that it is enforced as a performance expectation. Patsy Waytashek with Highway stated that they will be doing a group training (multiple topics) with Highway, Parks, and Surveyors departments with OneDrive training being added to it. Shawna Athman with Sheriff’s Office stated that they would also be interested in conducting group training sessions. Teresa Friedsam, O365 Project Manager, responded that group trainings can absolutely be done. Commissioner Daleiden asked the Committee if there was anyone against the training, no one was so the O365 OneDrive training as requested will be mandatory.
RECOMMENDATION: Office 365 OneDrive Training, assigned by IT through Lynda.com, will be mandatory for all County Employees.
IV. 711 Policy Language Change Recommendation
Upon reviewing security and policies surrounding technology and data use it was determined that updates were needed to the Personnel Policy Manuel Section 711 Acceptable Use in Technology. The purpose of the updates being made to Policy 711 are to both clarify and strengthen the need for IT training, as well as strengthen our policy language around data protection, which is a responsibility of all employees. This is key now that we are expanding our systems and placing more data into the cloud. Additionally, training for new products is essential for ensuring they are used properly, and reduces risk. The other minor update included updates to our E-mail retention policy to be in alignment with current practice. Schawn Johnson, HR Director, Adam Tagarro, IT Director, Brian Asleson, Attorney, and Lee Kelly, County Coordinator, reviewed the current policy and are suggesting the changes requested. See attachment for changes. Commissioner Daleiden questioned if USB language would be addressed at this time, Tagarro responded that those will be changed at a later date when USB usage is fully addressed.
RECOMMENDATION: The suggested Policy changes were approved to be made to the Employee Personnel Policy.
V. IT Project Portfolio Update
Britta Holland presented the Project Portfolio Update, beginning the discussion with a new project to be added to the list. EDMS – HHS – Public Health EDMS, Electronic Document Management System, Health & Human Services, is a newly identified project. The project has been labeled a level 3 project due to cost, $5,850 beginning charges for additional OnBase licenses as well as needing an estimate of 300 hrs of IT resources. Public Health would like to have OnBase integration with their PHDoc application. Commissioner Potter questioned if the work would be inhouse or outsourced, Tagarro responded that it would likely be a combination of vendor and internal work. As for project priority placement, Christine Partlow, HHS Manager, stated that the present HHS Social Services EDMS project was providing plenty of work for HHS as a department, that realistically they would not be ready to move forward with a new HHS EDMS project until the Social Service one was completed. Holland provided more project information for members to make an accurate placement, HR EDMS, Recorder EDMS, and Vets EDMS, projects are all nearing completion. Also, there is an EDMS Advanced Capture Module project that would be utilized by the Public Health project. Partlow would like this project to also be completed before the Public Health one is begun. Due to the present project situations the EDMS – HHS- Public Health project will be placed at number 19, on hold resource restraints, it is after EDMS Law-Legal Planning and OnBase Data Retention – Records Management Implementation.
Holland moved the discussion to project updates. O365 SharePoint Online / OneDrive has been the highest use of IT resource time, Tagarro noted that this includes all of the time of the O365 Project Manager. Netmail, ERP, Credit Card Implementation, and EDMS HR were also all projects utilizing a higher amount of IT resource time. IT is on track to close many projects in the 4th quarter, as stated earlier. Commissioner Potter requested clarification of what completion means, specifically for the Veterans EDMS project. Holland clarified that project completion equates to the setup, training, and testing of EDMS being completed, that the department has everything, application and equipment wise, to proceed with digitizing their documents. Another project questioned was Guardian RFID, which was described as an inmate tracking project for the Sheriff’s department.
Holland then showed the committee a new system of project management methodology for the project intake process. IT will be having each project officially start with a Project Charter. This Project Charter will help to standardize projects, to allow anyone to look at the charter and grasp what the project is about, who is involved, and what the project is trying to accomplish. The Charter will include signatures of all those involved authorizing the project to start. It will include the statement of scope, objectives, named team and sponsor, and where the funding will be coming from. Holland will hold the demonstration of the Project Charter till the next meeting.
RECOMMENDATION: Prioritize EDMS – HHS – Public Health project at number 19. Holland will send out Project Charter example prior to next committee meeting.
Committee Minutes submitted by: Jennifer Rasset
(End of 10-24-18 Technology Committee Minutes)
Lee Kelly, County Coordinator, referenced prior Board action to schedule a Personnel COTW Meeting to discuss the 2019 salaries for elected department heads and the County Board. The meeting is set for 11-27-18 at 10:30 A.M. Kelly said the Auditor/Treasurer has indicated he is unavailable for that meeting. It was the consensus of the County Board that the 11-27-18 meeting date should remain as scheduled and to set a different meeting to discuss the Auditor/Treasurer’s 2019 salary.
Potter made a motion to schedule a Personnel COTW on 12-06-18 at 4:00 P.M. to discuss the Auditor/Treasurer’s 2019 salary. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Kelly said the 11-27-18 Personnel COTW will be revised to reflect removal of the Auditor/Treasurer from that Agenda and times may need to be adjusted for discussion of the salaries for the County Board and the other elected department heads.
Kelly said the County will move to the Administrator model effective 1-01-19. He said the Commissioners agreed in principle on the terms, but he would like to meet with them to discuss specifics.
Potter moved to schedule a COTW Meeting for 11-26-18 at 1:00 P.M. to discuss the Administrator position. The motion was seconded by Borrell and carried 5-0.
1. Fair Board Meeting. Borrell attended a meeting on 11-05-18. He said the new building has been constructed.
2. CR 9 Project, Waverly. Borrell said inclement weather has impacted the project. A tolerance testing will be performed prior to paving.
3. Daleiden and Husom met with unions to discuss 2019 health insurance.
4. Daleiden encouraged residents to vote. He said it is a privilege that many other countries don’t have.
5. Bertram Chain of Lakes Advisory Group. Daleiden and Vetsch attended a meeting on 11-02-18. Discussion included the study completed on Briarwood Avenue and preliminary grant information for the campground. A joint meeting will be held with Monticello Township in the future to discuss cost sharing.
6. Wright County Area Transit (WCAT). Vetsch said they are working toward transitioning from a joint powers board to an advisory committee role by the end of 2018.
7. Ditch 33. Efforts are geared toward making sure things are in place for 2019 repairs.
8. Transportation Alliance. Potter said it is the 25th Anniversary of the Transportation Alliance. The Annual Meeting will be on 11-08-18 in St. Paul. This is the nation’s longest road and transportation advocacy group.
9. Coordinator Updates:
A. Kelly said he mentioned at an earlier meeting about the effort of the MN Judicial Branch to clarify the relationship between the Bench and counties as far as responsibilities for county probation officers. The group met yesterday on a recommendation and is awaiting results. The information will be forwarded to the Commissioners once received.
The meeting adjourned at 9:51 A.M.
County Board Minutes Submitted by: Susan Backes, Clerk to the County Board
Published in the Herald Journal Nov. 23, 2018.