Wright County Board Minutes

JANUARY 29, 2019
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Vetsch, Daleiden, Potter and Borrell present.
Husom moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Daleiden. The motion carried 5-0.
Daleiden moved to approve the Agenda, seconded by Borrell. The motion passed 5-0.
On a motion by Borrell, second by Husom, all voted to approve the Consent Agenda:
1. Appoint Marlene Stumpf-Johnson To Three-Year Term On The Wright County Community Action Board, Eff. 1-23-2019 To 2-15-2022
1. Authorize Signatures On Contract With Rooftop Anchor, Inc for Justice Center Roof Anchor Materials
1. Approve Charitable Gambling Application, Form LG220, 3 Of A Kind, Gambling Premises: Silver Bullet Saddle Club, 17363 County Road 7 NW, Clearwater, MN 55320 (Clearwater Twp.), Event Date 7-20-19
1. Schedule A Public Hearing On The Redetermination Of Benefits For Wright County Ditch 10 (“CD 10”) For April 2, 2019 At 10:30 a.m. Pursuant to MN Statute 103E.351
2. Acknowledge Warrants Issued Between January 16, 2019 And January 22, 2019
1. Approve Bid Opening Schedule For Bids To Be Received At The Wright County Highway Department Building On Friday, March 15, 2019:
A. 11:00 A.M., 2019 Pavement Preservation Program (Contract No. 1901)
B. 11:15 A.M., 2019 Seal Coating Program (Contract No. 1902)
C. 11:30 A.M., SP 086-070-017 Centerline Sinusoidal Rumble Strips - Hwys. 34, 35, 37 (Contract No. 1905)
D. 11:45 A.M., Seasonal Requirements (Pavement Markings & Bituminous Patching Mix)
1. Authorize Signatures To Extend The Archery Range Agreement Between Wright County And The Hasty- Silver Creek Sportsman’s Club Inc. For An Additional 10 Years
1. Approve Parks Commission Recommendation Updating The Departments Vision, Mission, Goals, Strategies, and Decision Making Principals
Recognition Of Karen Evans For Years Of Service
MacMillan recognized Karen Evans for her 26 years of service with Wright County. Evans is a Restorative Justice and Evidence Based Probation Agent in the Court Services Department. Evans’ work involves creating programs and coordinating activities in the criminal justice system to reduce crime, which results in a better system and a reduction in cost to the County taxpayers. The Court Services Department has realized a reduction in one juvenile agent since her tenure and because of some of the ancillary things she is involved with (i.e., Teen Court, Diversion Program, victim offender mediation in the community, and collaboration with law enforcement, school districts and municipalities when individuals commit crimes). Her role in restorative justice is to restore offenders and the community back to a whole. MacMillan said Evans fits that role and has done an outstanding job. She was named Wright County Employee of the Year in 2018 and has won numerous awards around the state. She also spearheaded the effort of the bench placement in front of the Government Center to raise suicide awareness.
Judge Geoffrey Tenney, 10th Judicial District, extended appreciation to Evans for her work. They have both been involved with Teen Court Meetings to help juveniles learn from bad choices. Evans trains on motivational interviewing, and Judge Tenney said this has helped him in his role as a judge. Evans was described as kind, patient, and someone who can be depended on.
Evans extended thanks to co-workers and said it has been an honor to work with everyone. In her position, she has been able to make a difference because of the ability to implement things she is passionate about.
Tammy Vaith, Chief Deputy Auditor/Treasurer, presented the Auditor/Treasurer agenda items.
Approve Order Scheduling A Public Hearing On County Ditch 29 (CD 29) for March 5, 2019 At 10:30 A.M. Regarding A Partial Abandonment That Was Approved On August 19, 1986
Matt Detjen, Ditch Coordinator, said County Ditch 29 records reflect that a partial abandonment was approved in 1986. Ditch records are vague regarding the abandonment, so the purpose would be to discuss the evidence of the abandonment. The legal description needs to be verified to decide how to maintain the ditch.
Potter moved to adopt Resolution #19-15, approving the order to schedule a public hearing on County Ditch 29 for 3-05-19 at 10:30 A.M. regarding a partial abandonment that was approved on 8-19-86. The motion was seconded by Daleiden. The motion and second were amended to include setting this as a Ditch Committee Meeting as two of the Commissioners will be unable to attend. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Approve Out Of State Travel Request For Bob Hiivala, Auditor/Treasurer To Attend The 2019 GIOA (Government Investment Officers Association) Conference in Las Vegas, NV from March 20-22, 2019 And To Attend The 2019 GFOA (Government Finance Officers Association) Conference In Los Angeles, CA From May 19-22, 2019
On a motion by Borrell, second by Husom, all voted to approve attendance of the Auditor/Treasurer at the GIOA Conference and the GFOA Conference. Vaith indicated that MnCCC (Minnesota Counties Computer Cooperative) will reimburse the County for the GFOA Conference as Hiivala is representing MnCCC.
Approve A Resolution To Request An Advance Of State-Aid Funds From MnDOT
Potter moved to adopt Resolution #19-16 approving an advance of State-Aid Funds from MnDOT. The motion was seconded by Daleiden. Hawkins said this relates to the Hwy. 19/38 project that includes $4 million in federal dollars, however the County is not able to obtain funding until 2020. Potter added that this will allow the project to be done prior to the I-94 project in 2020. Hawkins said the Hwy. 19 and Hwy. 38 project were originally separate federal projects but were combined. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Approve Annual Resolution Regarding Spring Load Restrictions On The Wright County Highway System
On a motion by Daleiden, second by Husom, roll call vote carried 5-0 to adopt Resolution #19-17 approving the spring load restrictions on the Wright County highway system.
Potter spoke with Greg Pickard, Veteran Services Officer, who extended appreciation to the Highway Department for keeping the drive and garage door cleared of snow for the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) van.
Authorization for Feedlot Program Administrator to Travel Out Of State. The Tour At South Dakota State University (SDSU) Research Facilities Day Trip On 3-27-19 Is Included At No Additional Cost
Janikula explained one day of the MN Association of County Feedlot Officers Conference includes a tour at the SDSU Research Facility. Annual training is required for her position, and this will fulfill 20 points of credit toward that training. The Conference cost is the same whether she attends the SDSU day trip.
Borrell moved to authorize the out-of-state travel by the Feedlot Program Administrator, seconded by Daleiden, and carried 5-0.
At today’s County Board Meeting, Potter moved to approve the 1-22-19 COTW Minutes and recommendations. The motion was seconded by Daleiden. Husom referenced Committee discussion on the alternate for the Central Minnesota Emergency Services Board. She said they learned since the Committee meeting that only one alternate is allowed. Borrell said this topic is on the agenda for the Central Minnesota Emergency Services Board meeting this week. He will propose a change to allow more than one alternate. The motion carried 5-0. The 1-22-19 COTW Minutes follow:
I. Topics: Administrator Position, Meeting Structure and Advisory Board Assignments
Administrator Kelly identified the items that the Committee would be discussing today. The Administrator and
Assistant Administrator positions, meeting structure and the advisory board assignments.
Discussed the utilization of Workshops and Committee of the Whole (COTW) meetings. Workshops would be to address the broader items that face the county, such as strategic long-term planning, topics that may have a long term economic implication, or that may impact internal procedures. COTW would be for more specific topics were a defined outcome is necessary, such as AIS or a reorganization of a department.
Consensus was to hold workshops on the third Tuesday of each month, commencing in February. They would begin at 10:00 AM. Commissioners are to submit their topics to Administrator Kelly, Kelly will then set the agenda based on topics identified, those that are common between commissioners will rise to the top. It was further clarified that the workshop agendas will be posted, and summary minutes will be provided.
Discussed how the Board wants to proceed with Health and Human Services (HHS) Board meetings. It was the consensus to leave that structure as is currently. If down the road it makes sense to incorporate those meetings into a regular board meeting can do so at that time.
Potter stated that he would like to see Vergin sit in on some of the Board meetings, would free up time for Administrator Kelly to work on other matters, and it would keep Vergin informed as to what the county is dealing with. Kelly noted that he and Vergin have been discussing the transfer of duties with the changes.
Daleiden questioned if the HHS Board meetings should be streamed. The consensus of the group was yes, and if HHS Board meetings do become a part of the regular Board meetings they would be streamed. Kelly questioned if Planning and Zoning meetings should also be streamed. The Board concurred they should be as well. It was noted that videos are retained for one year. Kelly stated that the staff of those departments will need to be trained on how to stream meetings.
Discussed the Assistant Administrator position. Administrator Kelly stated that he envisions the organizational chart to identity the Administrator, then the Assistant Administrator, followed by department heads, and that the Assistant Administrator would supervise the Administration department. Kelly further noted that the job description will need to be reviewed and pointed in order to set the wage, this will be done under the County’s current compensation structure. The Board agreed with moving this forward.
Discussed the current Committee and Advisory Board appointments. There are five primary committees which include Building Committee, Ways & Means Committee, Personnel Committee, Finance/CIP Committee and Technology Committee. It was the consensus that the current committee structure would
remain in place, but as the County moves forward can ease into making changes as needed.
Commissioner Borrell noted that they should have another alternative for the CM Emergency Services
Board, since there are times that neither he nor Commissioner Husom are able to attend. Will need to look at their bylaws to determine if the County can identify two alternative members. If yes, Husom would stay on
and another Board member would be identified as the other alternative. It was the consensus that if the bylaws allow for a third alternate that Vetsch would fill that appointment.
Staff will look into ensuring that the County has bylaws and joint powers agreements of all organizations and committees that the County is a part of. It was suggested that the repository for them be in OneDrive so that they are available to staff and commissioners.
Identified additional committee / advisory appointments that need to be added to the list, Safe Harbor, The Turn Steering Committee, Mayors Association, Township Officers Quarterly meetings, and Leadership Team Quarterly meetings.
Discussed that in order to be identified on the Committee Meeting / Advisory Board Appointment Schedule that the committee or board need to be for the betterment of the citizens of Wright County, and that the appointee when in attendance shall be entitled to receive a per diem. Collection of that per diem is at the discretion of the Commissioner.
1. Approve S. Vergin as Assistant Administrator, approve organizational structure, and have job description revised and pointed.
2. Establish the third (3) Tuesday of each month as Workshop Day, beginning in February with workshops starting at 10:00 AM.
3. HHS Board will continue to meet as they have, but will be required to start stream their meetings.
4. Planning & Zoning meetings will also be required to stream their meetings.
5. Update Advisory/Committee listing to include Safe Harbor, The Turn Steering Committee, Mayors Association, Township Officers Quarterly meeting, and Leadership Team Quarterly meetings.
6. Verify bylaws for CM Emergency Services Board for a third alternate, that would be Commissioner Vetsch. If third alternate is not allowed, will bring this back to the County Board for further discussion.
COTW Minutes submitted by: Sue Vergin, Assistant County Coordinator
(End of 1-22-19 COTW Minutes)
At today’s County Board Meeting, Borrell moved to approve the minutes and recommendations. The motion was seconded by Daleiden. Potter said the reasoning behind the change to the Southern Folger lock is to maintain uniformity in locks and keys. The motion to approve the minutes and recommendations carried 5-0. The minutes follow:
I. Justice Center Updates
Currie spoke about two hardware change requests. The first is a change from the original contractor bid of Brinks detention lock hardware to Southern Folger as it will then match the existing Jail for consistency in keying and for repairs. O’Malley spoke to using Southern Folger currently and would like to see the Justice Center with Southern Folger as well. He stated that it makes sense to be consistent and noted that custodial staff was recently trained specifically on the Southern Folger hardware system. O’Malley noted the benefits of not having to carry multiple sets of keys and not having multiple products to service and inventory. The current construction contract holder can source Southern Folger, not all contractors can or would have been able to bid on the project if it was specified in early bid docs. It was originally left open to allow for multip bids as the detention hardware is just a piece of the overall contract. Potter and Borrell agreed to stay consistent.
The second hardware request is related to 9 closers & locks that were specified as mechanical when they should have been electronic. They are to be electronic to allow for proper operation from master control and to make the sallyports & interlocks work properly. The cost for both changes totals $20,388.
Currie and Enright described a conversation with Stronghold (hardware company) after Stronghold refused to provide a requested credit and stated that they had a conversation with BKV at bid time resulting in a reduction of their bid materials. There is no record of such conversation and through a negotiation, Stronghold provided a credit of ~$8k. They were to include the materials in their bid, but said they did not at the direction of BKV. Contegrity and BKV held them to the bid docs.
Borell asked about the security components and cameras. Wilczek described the current camera project status and that details were being worked through with vendors and Contegrity to determine if the camera system would function properly with the jail security programming.
Paulsen spoke to 3-week schedule.
Concrete will pour on 3rd floor in the next couple weeks once the heat is on for that level. Heat is on 0 & 1 now, heat on 2 next and 3 to follow very soon.
Roof steel is being completed on area A today. Precast wall panels are currently being set and all precast for the site is expected to be completed in roughly a week. Wall panel joint caulking has been underway on the interior and will continue for the next several weeks.
Guys are currently working on mechanical penthouse framing, with work completed ahead of the roof membrane installation. Mechanical penthouses will be framed and sheeted, but roofs left off to allow for mechanical installation in early March.
Wood blocking is currently being installed on the roof perimeter, the insulation and roof membrane will follow as weather allows. Materials are currently on site.
Curtain wall frames will start to go in very soon and work will continue for several weeks. After the frames are in, the glazing will be wrapping up production and installation will begin on the west wall.
With heat on several floors, the contractor activity is ramping up with framing, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installation.
The project budget was overviewed by Currie, noting the contingency is currently at a balance of $1,833,255. 22% of the construction budget has been paid out and the project is thru 35% of the schedule. He stated the project is slighly behind schedule, but anticipates the time will be made up once the building is fully enclosed.
Currie walked high level through a change order list including PR8, 24, 16, 11R, 19, 25, and 26. RFI 098 was described as a missed specification for wire management racking and a need to upsize from what the contractor bid. 4” racks were originally included, however IT is requesting they be 8”. Contegrity and BKV are working through options and pricing for the change will be presented at a future meeting.
Currie noted that change orders to date total $225,723 of the budgeted $2,058,978 contingency. Extrapolating the current rate of change orders would leave $1,381,809 in contingency at the end of the project.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Approve hardware change to Southern Folger and changes in detention hardware to electronic locks. Next meeting 2/20/19 @ 1:00 pm.
Owners Committee-Courts Facility Minutes Submitted by: Alan Wilczek, Facilities Services Director
(End of 1-16-19 Owners Committee Minutes)
At today’s County Board Meeting, Husom clarified that the interim replacement for the Youth Services Supervisor will not be a 67-day position. The start date will be April 7, 2019 with an unknown end date, but at least until January 31, 2020. On a motion by Husom, second by Daleiden, all voted to approve the Personnel/Employee Relations Committee minutes and recommendations. The minutes follow:
Social Services Manager, Michelle Miller distributed to the committee members a memo explaining that one of the Social Services Supervisor will be on an extended military leave. Miller shared with the committee her concern of not having someone in this role for an extended period of time. She explained that this position attends a number of community and school related events on behalf of the County and oversees 15 employees.
She also shared that there have been discussions with our labor attorney and Human Resources Director, Schawn Johnson regarding the complexity and dynamics of posting a supervisory position that would be temporary in nature and what that might entail for internal and external candidates. Human Resources Director, Schawn Johnson added that there is a list of things to consider when hiring temporary employees.
Commissioner Christine Husom commented that in some cases, extension times for military leaves are very undefined and that we are not sure when the employee will officially return back to work.
Johnson stated that when the position is being advertised, Human Resources will make sure that the posting indicates clearly that it is a temporary position. Commissioner Mark Daleiden also suggested that staff reach out to peers form other counties that may know someone with the necessary qualifications for this position.
Both Commissioners Daleiden and Husom agreed that the position needs to be filled and agreed to post the position as a temporary position until the Social Services Supervisor returns from military leave.
Personnel/Employee Relations Minutes submitted by: Kathleen Brannan-Merritt, Administrative Specialist
(End of 1-23-19 Personnel/Employee Relations Committee Minutes)
At today’s County Board Meeting, Daleiden moved to approve the minutes and recommendations. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0. The minutes follow:
I. Office 365 Status Update
Adam Tagarro, IT Director, stated that IT is presently working with SkyNorth on a Proof of Concept for EMS and InTune, which replacement of the mobile security tool Airwatch, and multi-factor authentication. The engagement will begin in February with 25 test licenses. The vendor will assist in testing and the purchasing of licensing. The SharePoint – OneDrive online Hybrid project migration is continuing to make progress as well. Todd Hoffmann stated that there have been some performance issues that the Sheriff’s office has experienced while utilizing the new client, they have directed their staff members to keep an error log of the issues. Cheri Nelson, IT Manager, stated that IT can provide various solutions for issues based on a user’s unique setup and use of the applications and OneDrive.
RECOMMENDATION: Informational only.
II. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Update
IT Business Analyst, Scott Weiland, presented the ERP Vendor Selection Update. Proposals were received from 8 vendors; the ERP committee has narrowed the list down to 4 with the goal to single out two vendors to invite to present on site demonstrations in February. The group is ranking the vendors to determine who will be invited. Weiland stated that all vendors satisfy our core functions, the niceties are where the variabilities occur. The degree to which our IT team would be involved in implementation is being determined. Pat Spaude, IT Manager, stated, from prior experience, ERP implementation can become complicated due to integrations with various existing platforms, the business process, interfacing, and tailoring involved. Tagarro stated that the County has been advised to avoid customization with solutions as custom often leads to higher maintenance and support costs. Lindsey Meyer, Auditor-Treasurer Assistant Finance Director, stated that County business staff will also have a lot of time involved with the implementation of ERP. Weiland indicated that IT involvement will be needed, but the degree is still to be determined; the demonstrations will provide clarification to that question. Nelson advised when implementation of ERP does occur it would be a good idea to have a dedicated and experienced project manager, a person who is separate from the vendor, someone who is on our side, much like the Office365 Project manager now. Meyer added this person would also be helpful to reign staff in when necessary. Weiland replied that the ERP implementation will be a very large undertaking and will need more than one person to manage it.
During the discussion Commissioner Vetsch brought up the question of whether the present time is a good time to proceed with ERP. Vetsch commented that the County may want to hold off on implementation of ERP until the IT team is more robust, as Tagarro is leaving and there are several open IT positions. A full IT staff may be better ready to tackle the project. Vetsch also commented on the financial climate of the County with the various building projects, the class and compensation study, perhaps now is not the right time to pursue ERP. The committee discussed whether to hold the demonstrations, with Assistant County Administrator Sue Vergin guiding the committee to move forward with the demonstrations. Tagarro stated that the current project is ERP Vendor Selection, not ERP Implementation, he also advised to complete the vendor demonstrations. Commissioner Daleiden advised that it is difficult to make a decision without the demonstrations, as there are many variables that are yet to be answered, implementation cost and expected involvement of County IT staff. Vetsch also brought up that the full cost of a project manager or any needed contractors is unknown as well. County Surveyor, Steve Jobe, guided that completing the Demonstrations will allow the County to identify the pieces and the associated dollars of the ERP, utilizing that information would allow the County to plan what functions to implement and when based on a financial and staffing plan. Hoffman also advised that the full ERP cost will not be felt in 2019 alone as the implementation project will not be completed in one year. Meyer stated that as of right now 365 IT staff hours have been spent on the Vendor selection phase of the project, this doesn’t include business staff time, which is also great. She predicts that if the Implementation of ERP were to be held off for another year at least half of those manhours would be required again to restart. Weiland also stated that there is a lot of pent up demand for ERP. That many other projects are on hold as “it’s in the ERP”. If the ERP is stalled those other projects are still waiting for solutions. Daleiden stated that perhaps it would be wise to hold off on implementation until IT is fully staffed. In the end the Committee felt that the Vendor Selection Phase should be completed to the point of participating in Vendor Demonstrations, this providing everyone a better understanding of what costs and staff expectations will be.
RECOMMENDATION: Move forward with Vendor Demonstrations to find costs and IT impact. With those findings in hand come back to the Board late March, or after, with whether to move forward with ERP Implementation.
III. Event Scheduler Project
Britta Holland, IT, stated this project is being brought to the committee as IT has noticed several individual requests for a like product from various departments. Departments throughout the County have requested scheduling / signup capabilities for the Public to utilize. Some requests: a flu shot signup for HHS, Training signup from Risk Management, Election Official signup from Auditor-Treasurer, Parks events posting, and Recycling scheduling from P&Z among others. Sue Vergin stated that the project is a request for a service to the public to sign up for events using a slotting type of function. Pat Spaude commented that there are a lot of vendors who have products readily available to do this, it would be just finding the correct one based on our needs. Holland replied that the likely time commitment involved would be the analysis, inventory, discovery to find what those needs are. Steve Jobe suggested looking at products in use by other Counties and municipalities. Andrea Benedict, IT, stated that her research revealed that Hennepin County and others have applications that are unique to certain groups, that there is no enterprise solution. Christine Partlow, HHS, stated that HHS would be part of the user group but she is not comfortable moving this project ahead of Advanced Capture on the project prioritization list. Commissioner Vetsch stated that he would rather see one enterprise solution than 7 different applications. Holland suggested to work individually with departments, while having a master project to refer back to, addressing on a smaller basis and incorporating with departments if needed. After further committee discussion it was suggested by Vetsch to hold the decision till a further date.
RECOMMENDATION: Decision for proceeding as a strategic enterprise project or individual discretionary department level projects will be held for 6 months.
IV. Website Redesign
Britta Holland brought the topic of the Strategic Website Redesign project before the committee to decide how it would relate in priority to another project, the Discretionary Text Message Retention and Archiving project. Andrea Benedict explained that the two projects are being worked on with neither making clear progress due to not receiving the needed time, her suggestion is to prioritize one over the other to improve progress. The Committee discussed each project’s importance to the County. Commissioner Vetsch brought up that presently text messaging has no mandated retention schedule in place, yet he sees the importance of the project. Benedict noted that there are accessibility issues with the Website, that Carver County was sued due to non-compliance. She, as well as Tagarro, noted that the website provider, CivicPlus has a clear understanding of the compliance issues that would need to be addressed and that updating the website would likely address them. Benedict stated that updating links and custom websites will be where the main work will arise, this being a lot of involvement with departments. IT involvement is perceived to be limited outside of custom content. Partlow stated that she is concerned with the Website Redesign moving forward while the present EDMS project is proceeding, the same staff working on EDMS would need to work on the Website Redesign. Presently the website does not have a very mobile friendly presence, which the redesign would help with. Sue Vergin stated that Communication Specialist Julie Fasching has been working on updating website content with departments. Todd Hoffman stated that Social Media could be addressed at the same time as Text Messaging, that there are products available to do both. It was noted that Administration decided to separate the two from each other. Discussion also involved use of Text Messaging by County Staff utilizing County Devices and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phones. There are departments who utilize text messaging as part of their work process. As the two projects are owned by Administration it was decided to have their department prioritize them, with the plan of moving the Text Message Retention and Archiving project to the Strategic list due to its enterprise nature.
RECOMMENDATION: Within the Administration Technology Committee, Administration will evaluate and prioritize the Website Redesign project in relation to the Text Messaging project. This evaluation and prioritization will be brought back to the Technology Committee to decide final project placement for said projects.
Due to time restraints the Project Portfolio Update will be tabled till the next Technology Committee Meeting.
RECOMMENDATION: Update tabled till next meeting.
Technology Committee Minutes submitted by: Jennifer Rasset
(End of 1-23-19 Technology Committee Minutes)
Lee Kelly, County Administrator, said a Closed Session of the Board was held earlier this month to discuss an offer on the property purchase. Results of that meeting were shared with the property owner who then provided a counter offer. Kelly stated that the Board will need to enter into Closed Session to further discuss.
Borrell made a motion to go into Closed Session to discuss the property located at 3785 Hwy. 25. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0. The Board went into Closed Session at 9:42 A.M.
The Board Meeting was reconvened at 9:59 A.M.
1. Daleiden referenced Consent Item G, “Approve Parks Commission Recommendation Updating The Departments Vision, Mission, Goals, Strategies, and Decision Making Principals.” He said this is a very good setup that was put together by the Parks & Recreation Director and the Parks Commission.
2. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Daleiden attended a recent meeting where the candidate pool was narrowed to three for ERP.
3. Albertville 100-Year Celebration. Potter attended a meeting on 1-28-19. A centennial celebration is being planned for September 2019.
4. Drug Court. Potter and Husom attended a recent Drug Court Meeting. They view Drug Court as a successful program and applaud the two recent graduates from the program.
5. Waverly 150-Year Celebration. Borrell said Waverly is planning a celebration for their 150th anniversary. He will provide more information at a future date.
6. AIS Advisory Committee. Husom and Vetsch attended a meeting on 1-28-19. There was discussion on the future of this effort, enforcement, cost, whether to allow an exemption for service providers, and inspection of ballast tanks. Vetsch said on February 12th, the County Board will discuss enforcement and charges for associated costs. This will include the Board’s perspective on whether enforcement will be through an hourly contract or sting operations. Discussion will also include whether to expand to include other lakes. Husom said that lakes have until February 11th to indicate whether they want to be included. Potter suggested the new DNR Commissioner be informed of these discussions in hopes that she will attend the meetings. The DNR’s mission is to protect the lakes.
The meeting adjourned at 10:17 A.M.
County Board Minutes Submitted by: Susan Backes, Clerk to the County Board
Published in the Herald Journal Feb. 15, 2019.